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Identifying The Seven Monsters that EAT your Self Worth!

When we are born we come to the world with a soul that is carrying lifetimes of experiences.  We choose to incarnate in order to fulfill some purpose – everyone and everything in creation has a purpose!  Sometimes we find ourselves feeling like we’ve been  “born into the wrong family” (or culture, or social system) and we feel at odds with everything around us.  We may experience lots of hardships, traumas, dramas or just all around hellish experiences that leave IMPRINTS on our soul. These imprints can cause us later on in our life time to suffer greatly, to question our value and to suppress our natural born ability to create the life we are dreaming of living.  These IMPRINTS can be tracked in the anatomy of the soul and healed with appropriate guidance and medicine.  The soul or Luminous Energy Field contains all the imprinting from your present life as well as your previous or parallel lifetimes – so  sometimes even if you were “born into the RIGHT family” you may discover that you are facing challenges that just don’t even make sense given the circumstances – in this case it’s probably a karmic or even ancestral, cultural or archetypal imprint that you are challenged with.

Imagine the soul is like playdough – every time a trauma or heavy experience occurs an impression is made on or in one of your major energy centers – the Chakras or it may even pervade your entire luminous field (sometimes called the aura).  Here are 7 distinct fears or imprints created by wound/traumas that will absolutely eat up your self worth and the energy centers where these “monsters” live:

Fear of Not Having Enough – Lives in your ROOT or Base Chakra – Survival Issues and Lack

Fear of Not Being Good Enough – Lives in your SACRAL or creative Chakra – Self Sabotage/Overdoing

Fear of Power/Success – Lives in your Solar Plexus or Power Chakra –  Boundary/Control Issues

Fear of Being Abandoned – Lives in Heart Chakra – Excessive Grief/Depression Feeling Empty

Fear of Speaking Your Truth – Lives in Throat 0r Creative Expression Chakra – Unable to Express Needs

Fear of Betrayal – Lives in Third Eye or Brow Chakra – Broken Dreams, Disbelief, Doubt, Distrusting

Fear of Loneliness/The Unknown – Lives in Crown Chakra – Fear of Being the Leader/Responsibility

Starting with the BREATH, there are certain techniques which are specifically and precisely designed to get to the core of your soul and your issues around self worth, to clear out these monsters and to Build a BRIDGE that restores your soul to it’s original Divine Blueprint of perfection.  When healed we are able to Thrive, Create, Be in Right Relationship with others, Love Unconditionally, Express our Needs and create beauty in the world with ease and grace, Dream BIG and Manifest and Lead ourselves, our families, our communities and our world into a future of bright promise.  We become able to recognize our true worth to the world as co-creators of this reality and can bring through and fully embody our Divine Wealth and exchange it for material wealth through embodying our unique and magnificent souls!

Women it’s time to Build the Bridge between the Spiritual and the Material realm and to help women to REALIZE (bring into reality) the fact that they are WORTHY of WEALTH  which is why I’m joining Kiva Leatherman of the Wise Women Network on September 29th to present a complimentary Teleclass called Worthy Of Wealth – won’t you join us?

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Have you ever had one of “those” days where something happened to set you off and you ended up ensnared in a huge emotional turmoil?  Had one of those yesterday – months of “holding it together” finally fell apart and it was MESSY!!!

I’m not one who enjoys the crying process – I do understand it’s benefits and I am fully aware that tears loosen the soil of a hardened heart but who ever had the bright idea that “You’ll feel better after a good cry” was smokin something funny let me tell you.

I had an afternoon, evening and into the night crying extravaganza yesterday.  I got started and just could not stop – not for anything – even when I went out to get a much needed self care massage appointment and it was so stinking cold that the tears were freezing to my face.  I couldn’t stop on the massage table – and you know when you get in to that face cradle thing? – I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all and things were getting pretty dribbly in that area too – yuck.

By the time the crying jag was finally over about 10:44 last night I still couldn’t breathe and my head was pounding and my face felt like it had been hit by a sledgehammer.  So much for feeling better after a good cry!

Now I work with energy and I teach my clients to do their best to hold the transformations that they are experiencing at the energetic level – however the teacher has not been following her own guidance lately because if I had I would have noticed the subtle signs, the little cracks in the foundation and the movement towards change that was already in the works.  I would have “tuned” in and ASKED FOR HELP from the “upstairs team” and from my earth team of supporters.

Alas that was NOT the case and so I turned into a blubbering mass of mucous and saline yesterday and woke up this morning looking like one of those ladies in the BEFORE picture for plastic surgery with GIGANDAMUNDO bags under my eyes and a still throbbing face ache.

Thanks God for energy work though!  After finally getting myself in motion this morning my partner and I were hosting the final call for this month in our Bridge the Gap Program and after he opened the call it was time to open the lines for interaction which I was figuring I would lead and would allow me some additional space because ostensibly some of our clients would be talking!

Original Vibrational Power Painting of Master Hilarion @2007 by Amethyst Wyldfyre

Well of course on today’s call nobody wanted to talk – in fact my guess is there weren’t that many on live – most of our people may be listening via the recording later so what do you do when that happens? Here’s this big open space unfilled and no body is talking and it’s my turn and I’m having this “health expression” of headache, coughing, runny nose going on which was part of the PHYSICAL clearing of density that I have been accumulating in my field (good energetic HYGIENE is as important as dental HYGIENE – ESPECIALLY for someone like me who is working with people all the time who are releasing).

What to do?  Well here’s what I did.   I stopped thinking about what was going to happen next.  I let go of my need to control the situation and “show up looking good”.  I allowed myself to be where I was at.  I got quiet.  I listened.  I OPENED my channel and lo and behold – who was there but Master Hilarion – the Chohan of the Emerald Ray of Truth and Transparency.  So I channeled him on through and it was an AMAZING gift – to the listeners and to ME.

By the time the call was complete and with the assistance of that magnificent Emerald FIRE I felt a LOT better.  Throughout the channeling I was still coughing and sniffling and in fact it was actually getting worse during the transmission so I KNEW that the Emerald Ray was working on my light body really thoroughly!   Maybe whoever it was who said you feel better after a good cry was working with Hilarion and just didn’t know it.

I feel now like yesterday’s cry (coupled with another biggie from December) were the outward evidence of the inner breakdown that has to happen when you are calling in a whole new level of showing up in the world.  Time will tell.  It always does.   Meanwhile – just in case – I stocked up on Puffs Plus (with lotion) tissues this morning…..

What do you do when you reach your end point?  Have you ever gone “over the edge” with yourself?  Did you know that lack of self care and inability to honor your own needs is a pattern of behavior that can show up and wreak havoc in your BUSINESS too?  If you are a Passionpreneur – you are PASSIONATE of that there is no doubt and passion is an emotional body state that can carry you away.  It’s a beautiful thing to be carried away by passion.  It’s also a beautiful thing to find your way home to peace, harmony and contentment.  Finding your way sometimes requires a little (ok sometimes it requires a LOT) of help.  Have you asked for help for yourself lately?  Have you been getting YOUR needs met?

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"Off with her Head!"

6 today! 

I so hope you have been enjoying these posts – I’ve now created and posted 22 into the Ultimate Blog Challenge so I’m more than “caught up” with the program – that feels good to me – I don’ t know about you but sometimes I get “ahead” of myself and other times I feel like I’m “behind”.  Are you the kind of person who prefers to be ahead or do you prefer to hold back a bit and be more methodical, precise, cautious?

Do you find yourself really stuck in one or the other end of the spectrum?  We’re always moving and our energy and our “status” at any particular time is going to be somewhat random – but we do have patterns – that’s the purpose of this evening energy evaluation process (please go back to the first few posts in this series to see what I mean) .  Once you are AWARE of patterns you can use them to your advantage or make a conscious choice to change them!
The whole “ahead of yourself” thing I am sensing has a connection to our mind – our “Head” that is always chattering away at us – convincing us of what might happen, what needs to happen, what we aren’t doing right, and generally is always spurring us on in some way to keep us on some kind of an edge – in that state of anxiety and fear that are the cornerstones of the entire fear matrix – we each contribute to the fear matrix whenever we succumb to fears and over -react or speculate on what MIGHT happen!  Sometimes we’re so FEARFUL of LOSING OUR HEAD that we fail to recognize that our HEART has something valuable to offer to the picture – and often (actually ALL the time) when we are in our HEART space (our TRUE HEART space) and we allow our heart to guide and lead us – we are being led by LOVE!   How about realizing that no matter WHAT happens it’s all Divinely PERFECT!

I’m choosing lately to shift my pattern of overage – over committing, over doing, over promising, over whelming myself and my teammates!  I am choosing to slow things up a bit – put things on the back burner – let stuff simmer – leave well enough alone for a while – let things grow organically in my life and my business.   When I stop “getting ahead of myself” I can be SO much more powerful and impacting because I’m actually HERE in the present MOMENT which is where we have the greatest amount of power and capacity to create and to grow!

How do you manage and modulate your own flows of power and energy? Do you ever think about your own power, your own energy flows?  Do you ever apply your awareness and intent to coming into full PRESENCE in the present moment of NOW??  I’d love to hear how your energy evaluations are going…..

Loving your light,



First Bath

Energy Mastery – the act of being a master of your own personal power is a lifelong journey – and for most of us consists of a lot of speed bumps along the path!  We come into the world shiny – bright – connected to source – ready to love and be loved – the embodiment of love in fact!  I mean really have you looked at, smelled or held a newborn lately??? We also come in pretty POWERLESS – powerless to get our needs met and put into the hands of people who may or may not be prepared themselves in every way to serve us into our becoming as powerful, divinely gifted contributors to the planet.

What happens more often than not is we are born into some kind of situation where there is drama – sometimes really HIGH drama – being played out.  We start off by taking on the role of the Innocent.  As we travel through our life we move through various experiences and transformations – and in our modern culture there are very few “ritual” rights of passage.  The ritual right of passage is a community wide recognition that you have moved on from one role to another.  When the culture has no real clear boundary lines between these stages of life what happens is you end up confused, energetically as well as psychologically about who you are, why you are here and what you are supposed to be doing with yourself and your energy.

From this confusion a lot of drama ensues – you become trapped – energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally in the Triangle of Trauma(Drama) – you move around this triangle playing the roles of Victim, Perpetrator or Rescuer – perpetually.  And you tell yourself stories that keep you in the triangle rather than get you out.  You may not ever want to think of yourself as playing the role of Perpetrator but I can assure you we play all three – most often we “perpetrate” upon ourselves because we don’t have clear boundaries – we don’t have signposts and models for moving in and out of roles and we don’t have any kind of training or significant understanding of our own energy and power.

I would like to encourage you to notice where the “story” is showing up in your life – what role are you playing?  Find where you are playing each and every role and see if you can track the origins that keep you trapped in this story, in this role.   If you are stuck – in any way – that means you are in the story.  You are in the story and you are not moving or if you are moving you are just going round and round in (or corner to corner!) in the triangle!

Sometimes you are playing all three roles simultaneously – this is the juggling act!  Maybe in your relationship with one of your parents you are playing the role of VICTIM.  Maybe in your relationship with the planet you are playing the role of RESCUER.  Maybe in your relationship with your children or spouse you are playing the role of PERPETRATOR.  Check out your story.  What is the story line?  Are you happy to be juggling – do you want to keep this plot going or is it time for you to “STOP THE WORLD”.  What would happen to your world if you did that?  What are you afraid might happen if you just decided – right now – that you aren’t playing that game any more?

Juggling fire can get you burned…..Or it can be HIGHLY entertaining.   Sometimes we feel so disconnected from our Source – so disconnected from who we really are and why we are really here that we like to DISTRACT ourselves with this HIGHLY Entertaining activity.  This consumes our energy.  Consumes our Personal Power.  Consumes our gifts and we are left at the end of it all – completely consumed – having left not much behind other than the perpetuation of this story line.

Is it time for you to STEP OUT OF THE STORY?  What would you like instead……

I have been shown that there are 4 women out there – you know who you are – you know as you are reading this that your time is now – you know that you are complete with the old story and ready to take up your power and create something beautiful out of your life.  You are ready to reclaim your gifts and to fully invest in the shifting of an entire system of belief in your chosen field of service.  You are ready to be fearless.  You are ready to lead.  You are ready to be reconnected to your highest aspects.  You are willing to invest the time, energy and money to make the leap.  You are hearing the calling….. You know who you are.   May I serve you?  I have a few openings this month in my calendar for a complimentary SEE session – please do not apply unless you are truly feeling called and ready to make a significant change in your story.  The Divine Wisdom, Divine Worth, Divine Wealth Intensive is reserved for the truly committed.  Here is the link to apply:  SEE Session Application



Back in December I had the pleasure of attending the Millionaire Prodigy Intensive in San Jose California with Kelly O’Neil.  One thing that has become increasingly clear to me over time is that there is NEVER an event, experience or occasion that I engage, enroll in or attend that doesn’t have a seed (often a whole HARVEST) of soul growth potential within it.  My main focus and my intent is to extract that lesson, gift of power or spiritual initiation above all else.  Even when it “seems” like what I am there to do (where ever there is) may be the furthest thing away from the spiritual, because of my intent – there it is – always – WHY I AM THERE is always a bigger piece of why I am there if you know what I mean!

So there I was with Kelly and a gathering of several others who had come together for three intense days of laser focus on our businesses.  Kelly is incredibly gifted in the business aspect of things that’s for sure – but she also comes to the table with the added gifts of training in Hypnotherapy and NLP along with her natural and powerful intuitive abilities and she’s not in the least bit hesitant to bring ALL her tools to the party in service to getting to the transformation that the client is looking for.

My intent and focus and purpose for being there was multifold – first of all back in October while at Lisa Sasevich’s Big Mission, Big Sales, Big Life event I was given VERY CLEAR guidance from the “upstairs team” that in 2010 I would be working with the wealthy – that a big part of my mission in the coming year would be assisting those in the wealthy segment who were “awakening” to their higher spirituality, consciousness and gifts and to aid and assist them in shifting their energy, grounding their newly realized psychic and multidimensional capacities and clearing the way energetically for them to fully realize their soul purpose and to manifest it rapidly leveraged by their already accumulated wealth.  This was not at all what I myself was expecting when I opened up for the Mission in Mission Bay – but there it was and so I stepped into accepting that and it seemed like a very natural choice to then enroll in work with Kelly who’s specialty is marketing to the affluent.  Who better to teach me the subtleties of that then Kelly? Secondly – I clearly wanted to connect with the teachings that Kelly had to offer of course as I believed that her experience in this area would be most valuable.  Thirdly – I wanted to actively engage in and begin to birth forth the practice of creating a business that is going to thrive which will subsequently place me in that space of thriving financially as well.  It was time for me to fill up the well again – and to learn from an expert.

The group was fairly small which gave each of us plenty of time on the “hot seat” and as each person landed in that spot – it was clear that this event was going to be what I’m beginning to call a “hybrid” – part business, part spiritual/emotional/mental shifting.  Kelly (and others) call that piece mindset shifting and the way the weekend shaped up we were fairly well split – half of us received deep focus on our business, the other half ended up spending most of the hot seat time doing the mindset shift work.  My thoughts when it was my turn (and Kelly’s too for that matter) were that I was going to be having most of the focus on the biz stuff since I am deeply engaged almost on a continuous basis on the spiritual/energetic and mindset shifting work.  Well of course you know we plan and Spirit laughs – when it was my turn – Kelly asked me one question – the one word she’d written on my file – RECEIVE!  “What’s your problem with receiving?” or something along those lines was the first thing out of her mouth.

This is what emerged for me – as a child my mom (who I believe now probably had undiagnosed borderline personality disorder) was EXTREMELY unpredictable.  I’d come home from school every day – braced for the very worst – and then if she was sweet and kind it was a gift – but if she was having a bad day (pretty frequent in my world) then I was ready for it.  What used to happen is she would go after me hysterically and out of control.  There was an ever changing kaleidoscope of physical/mental/emotional/spiritual abuse – and in retrospect I see that I was the “container” for a lot of her stuff – some of which was as a result of being married to my alcoholic father who had his own thing going on (see prior posts about Jamesons and the Fulact Fia) – some of which was her own stuff that came from an abused childhood of her own.  Anyway getting back to the receiving thing – regularly after a major blow out  – my mom would go shopping – and bring things home for me – she’d bring home a new outfit or several and that would be her way of “making up” – never an acknowledgment of the crazy making stuff – just this offering of clothing  or some other material goods – 90% of which was unfashionable for my age group (remind me to tell you the story of the red & white checked gingham dress sometime!), that I didn’t even like and which caused hoots of derision from some of my less than friendly classmates.  For me receiving was just energetically NOT GOOD – because there was this unresolved and unacknowledged wounding that could never be healed by material goods.

When we moved through that Kelly asked me to look at money and that’s where the garbage trucks came in – this was really interesting too – the garbage trucks (Money) were overflowing with stench and hazardous waste.  I connected this to a couple of experiences – when I was 18 my parents bought a piece of property that ended up being contaminated with hazardous waste – their entire life savings was poured into the property and eventually they lost it to foreclosure after spending every dime they had on remediation and attorneys.  The other piece of this was the relationship I had in and through my 20’s and 30’s with a very wealthy mentor who also was an incredibly angry, rude and explosively tempered man.

I actively worked the transmutation of all of this on the energetic level as Kelly led me through a process of cleansing it all with her NLP/Intuitive/Hypnotherapy skills.  First I put all the money/garbage trucks into a bath tub to cleanse it – then I filled the tub with Rose bubble bath – then the water in the tub shifted to Hot Cocoa and the bubbles became Turkish Delight.  Money is now YUMMY!!!  And that’s a VERY GOOD THING – because if you are trying to run a business, you definitely need to do two things – one – be able to receive (if we are giving all the time – and not receiving we will eventually run out of fuel in our tanks and we’ll continue to perpetuate scarcity mentality and experiences) and two – be able to ESPECIALLY receive MONEY!  Not just receive it but keep it around for a while too – at least long enough to feel like we are in a place of thriving and have moved beyond surviving.

Coming home from the event – I made some shifts for myself – first I went to the store and bought several varieties of hot cocoa – then I ordered some Turkish Delight on line and finally I obtained a whole variety of rose scented body products from bubble bath to salts to some delicious lotion that I’m applying almost daily.  As I stepped into letting myself receive, into taking better care of myself – and to actively equipping myself with these symbolic representations of YUMMY MONEY there has been a dramatic shift in my business and more importantly at the soul level.  I’m feeling SO much more able to be present, to serve my own purpose, to engage in my mission, to help others move through their stuff around money, relationship, entrepreneurship and the overall management and mastery of their personal energy fields and I’m certainly now much better able to have a clear, open and mutually giving and receiving conversation with the affluent clients that are now manifesting all over the place and are ready, and excited to invest in their own transformations through the work that I am here to offer.  I’m grateful.

Do you have “Stuff” that is blocking you? Have you done the physical shifting, the emotional therapy, the mindset changes and you STILL are feeling stuck?  Energy shifting takes the work right to the CORE of who you are.  It could be that you are caught in past life, karmic, or ancestral patterns.  Are you ready to engage in the Great Work of stepping in and seeking change for yourself or your business?  I’m now enrolling for February for the CORE PATH Intensive.  Please visit The CORE PATH and make application if you are “called” to shift your energy and fire up your business! (For Transformational Coach/Trainers, Artists, Performers, Speakers, Authors and Alternative Healing Professionals)  I look forward to serving you!

Peace is in you….. Love Lights Us!!


Recently I wrote a pretty extensive post about a shamanic ceremonial weekend that I engaged in during a brilliant weekend in October in New York.  As a shaman, a woman of medicine and a wounded healer I am constantly attending to and honing my own Spirit in addition to adding additional “tools” into my toolbox so that I may continue to enhance my abilities to be of service to those who are called to engage in their own deep inner work with me.

One of the things that has evolved for me over the past year is a clarification of exactly whom it is I am here to serve at this time – Evolving Entrepreneurs – like me – in the areas of interest that I myself have explored over the last several years – transformational coach/trainers, artists, speakers, performers, authors, and practitioners in the alternative healing arts.

In order to serve this segment of the marketplace and to further enhance and enrich my abilities as an evolving entrepreneur myself I’ve also taken to “honing my Spirit” in the area of entrepreneurship and to exploring those areas within my own business that I desire to strengthen and improve.  In the incredibly fast paced world we live in and in the arena of Internet marketing where I have chosen to engage in order to spread my message and share my services I’ve discovered there are LOTS of areas of learning that have come up for me to enroll in!

Over the past year (2009) I’ve explored Perfect Platform building with the multi-talented and undisputed expert of creating a solid foundation and web based presence Read the rest of this entry »


It’s coming close to the end of 2009 – and I have been guided to ask
you “Where are you on your journey?” – if the answer is anything but
“moving along with ease and grace thank you very much” I’d like to
offer you some time to connect with me for a complimentary strategy
session about your life and/or business to see if there is a way we
can assist you in getting moving again.

If you are feeling:

  • Blocked/Stuck
  • Trapped
  • Like Your Hands Are Tied
  • Choked
  • Unable to Move
  • Ready to Give UP
  • Stopped Dead in the Water
  • Sad
  • Empty
  • Confused
  • Exhausted
  • Unfocused
  • Unable to Generate Ideas or Income
  • Unable to See your Next Steps
  • Frustrated
  • Angry
  • Depressed
  • In a Fog
  • Like A Piece of You is Missing or Dying

NOW is a GOOD Time to take advantage of the opportunity to get some
guidance and strategy around how you are going to get yourself
moving again.

Since this is the holiday season I only have a limited number of
complimentary slots available – 20 in all so I would like to offer
the first opportunity to take advantage to the  loyal subscribers to this blog who have been journeying with me for some time.

If this post is striking a chord in you and you feel like you might
want the chance to be one of the 20 please email the A Team at and we’ll get you an application form
right away.  The sooner you fill that out and return it to us the
more likely you’ll be one of the 20!

Here we are at the “darkest” day of the year in the northern hemisphere – we now turn in celebration towards the light – where there is darkness let’s illuminate it together and help you to see your next best steps on your transforming life path!  Thank you so very much for your support and for taking the time to consider this post carefully as you contemplate your life
and business at the end of the first decade of the new millenium!

Many blessings & infinite love and light,

Amethyst Wyldfyre

bucketfountain4aWow!  Last week there was a palpable shift into new directions for many of us.  I myself spent the week in “Mission” Bay in the “Mission” Ballroom and now unexpectedly was given a new mission.  For the past year it was clear to me that my work was to step into a specific arena of influence, connecting with highly visible and high level leaders in that arena and serving as a channel for activations to come through in the context of working with the leaders either directly one on one or within a larger context of group events and experiences within which I along with other Light Pillars were anchoring a higher vibrational matrix within which the “real world” experience was occurring.  The charge for me which came through a channeling from Archangel Michael at the beginning of 2009 was to assist in the “shift” of energies so that more and more of these highly influential leaders who have substantial followings would be opened and “come out of the closet” so to speak with their spirituality.  According to my upstairs team that mission has been accomplished and I’m being redeployed into another context for the coming year – another “Market” shall we say for the Spirit to be activated.visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline

I am being asked to urge you to check in with your “team” to see if this isn’t also the case for you.  You may be getting the message in much more subtle ways – however if this resonates and you ask outright you’ll get a clearer idea about this.  One of the things that I realized for myself and which may be true for you is that as Lightworkers we are being asked NOT TO GET ATTACHED.  Not to get “stuck” in one way of connecting or delivering our services.  In fact if you’ve been following my work for any length of time you will have noted that I’ve been called to “morph” my services, presentation and offerings repeatedly.  Each time I have felt that I’m at a place where I could sink in and settle down for a while I’ve been called forward to the next level.  My mom had a saying she used to share that was something like “The rolling stone gathers no moss”.

The other thing that has come into my awareness about this constant shifting is that as we go forth and activate and initiate those with whom we make contact they begin to step onto the journey, the path that we have been on for a while and so we as “Light LEADERS” need to get the heck out of the way in order to make room for the next contingent to come in.  So for example one of the things that I stopped doing this year was going to live local events and expos.  My guidance was to take my self out to other locations in other parts of the country – so I’ve been to Las Vegas, New York twice, San Diego and am enroute to Phoenix in less than two weeks with the possibility of another California trip also on the horizon for December.  When I stopped doing the local events and expos – room was created – a vacuum where I once stood – that was available to be filled by someone else – someone who’s now come along to that place in the path where they are ready to step out of their home or office and get into the public eye a little more than they have been.

As I was contemplating what to write for this report today while out raking the autumn leaves in my back yard the guidance that came through was to discuss the idea of flow and moredroplet specifically flow regulation.  One of the indicators that it’s time to do something different is the pace and richness of the flow coming in and through you.  Be assured that the Universal Flow is ALWAYS present.  The degree to which you are accessing that flow is an indicator for you about where you may need to make some energetic shifts and also some “real world” adjustments.  So look at your flow – are you in a no flow zone? a low flow zone? or maybe you are in an overflow zone?  The objective is to move into a graceful easy flow – learning to foresee the shifting vibes, preparing for them, regulating your own activities and degree of openness to the flow – allowing of course for some occasional ebbs and course corrections which if you are paying attention and tuning in to your highest essence will be adventurous, exhilarating and irresistible.

Change has been vilified for so long and has accumulated a density about it that is not at all necessary.  If you are resistant to change – or you are struggling through your transformational processes – step back, take a clear look at how you view change.   You may need to shift the energy in order to embrace it and since you are undoubtedly a Light Worker if you are reading this you may want to consider that every act of yours creates change in the world around you through the people you touch and the experiences you create.  So if you have heavy energy wrapped around the concept of change – you are sending that out in the world in every moment.  Throughout my most recent journey to San Diego – to Mission Bay the Led Zeppelin song Stairway to Heaven permeated my consciousness – and that line – “there are 2 paths you can go by but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on…..”  Remember we are here to create a new world – one that is free from suffering.  Flow regulate and look for the ease and grace.  Challenging doesn’t have to be damaging.  Change doesn’t have to be traumatic.  Allow your self to just flow – “gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…. Life IS but a dream…..

Look for another post just before the 11:11 gateway.  Get ready for the next adventure – coming to a galaxy near you sooner than you think!

I am now taking applications for Energy Strategy Sessions.  If you are interested in applying to review your current energetic state and explore possibilities for creating a shift – please forward me a request via email to  You must indicate the following information – full name, age, current relationship status, current employment status – please note if you are self employed, current financial status, current health status, areas where you may be feeling challenged or blocked (i.e. relationships, career, finances, etc.), what if any energy work you have experienced and your results from that and what you would like to see shift in your life right now.   Please also include a day time and an evening phone number, the time zone where you are located and your ideal time/day for contact.  Please be advised  that not all applicants will be contacted for a session.

Promised (made a commitment, set a goal) yesterday that I’d share with you today what to do to break away cleanly from those commitments/goals that you set without fully exploring the ramifications of your decision.

I’m all about personal responsibility and so often when we set a goal we feel obligated to fulfill it – but what happens when we do it mindlessly is that we end up over committing, over doing, over burdening, over whelming and over re-acting when the whole thing starts to blow up in our face as it will inevitably when we act from conditioning rather than from free will.  We can do this to ourselves over and over and over again and often do because we are “caught” in what we have been taught.IMG_0642

When I look at the luminous egg (or luminous body) of someone who has repeatedly done this I “see” a number of different things – usually I’ll see cords, bindings, shackles, ropes, and ties – these can be from this lifetime – but often this “habit” or pattern is carried forth lifetime to lifetime – that’s why even though you may “know better” you are energetically preprogrammed to keep making the same bad choices or unconscious decisions until you are able to “clear” this program at the energetic level.  In the hands of a skilled practitioner of the healing arts you can make a huge difference in your life and shift energetically to a place of total integrity when these old (often ancient) contracts are surfaced and eradicated or re-written to serve you in the present and future in a much more harmonious and clear way.

When we loose these binds our energy is freed – we are freed – and in our freedom we can discover that there is a LOT of energy at our disposal to now pursue the objectives of our heart.  So let’s just take a quick look at this lifetime and keep in the context of this thread of conversation that I started the other day – let’s say you’ve set a goal for yourself – let’ say it’s something really simple like vacuuming the dust bunnies from your closet floor (ok I’ll admit it I’ve been on a cleansing FRENZY in the last few weeks and I tore apart my closet – moved all my stuff over to the other side as well as released two bags of clothes, shoes and purses that just aren’t mine anymore) and you made that goal over a week and a half ago and you STILL haven’t gotten the vacuum up to the 2nd floor yet.  What do you think happens EVERY TIME YOU GO IN TO THE CLOSET???? – I think you can tell me now can’t you?? You think about that little goal you set that you still haven’t fulfilled.

What happens when you think about it?  What happens when that thinking leads to you feeling a certain way? (guilty, beating yourself up, talking bad in your head to yourself…) What happens to your energy? You are USING IT UP – and on what?? Dust BUNNIES of all things – never mind world hunger or creating peace on earth – how can you address any of those bigger issues when you are consuming your energy on something as silly as a little goal that you set about cleaning up the DUST BUNNIES for God’s sake??? Speaking ofdust3 Peace on Earth – remember that song? Let there be Peace on Earth and Let it begin with me?  Well when you can LET GO (surrender, release, erase, cancel, clear, delete) of all the little titchy unconsciously created goals that get up under your skin like a bee in a bonnet and just flow with life – then and only then will YOU be at peace with yourself and your world – and maybe then we can have some peace in our lifetime.  (Be sure to check out Lynne Hazeldon’s site for more on this Peace In Our Lifetime thing ‘K?).


Are You a Passionpreneur? Someone with a big, burning, heart centered desire to serve your clients and the world?  Need some help in Energetically releasing all that no longer serves you from ANY lifetime?  Want to get clear on what your goals REALLY are for your business and your life.  Let’s talk – send me an email ( we’ll schedule a BEE (Business Energy Evaluation Session) – just you and me and of course the BEE!  It’ll be fun – I promise!

By the way I’d love to invite you to join in this conversation with me – make a comment or two – pass along the ideas to others – see what emerges for you!  Thank you for reading and I enjoy and appreciate your support and attention – you have just consumed some of your energy in the reading and receiving of this work – my prayer is that I have served you!  I believe that I have – because Spirit would not have brought you here to receive this if you didn’t need it right here and right now!

Psst…. Did you hear….??? The Energy Journey is coming……

Be Like the Apple Tree 2 – Are You Having Faith in the Seeds YOU’VE Planted?

Heavy with Fruit? Time for your Harvest??

Here’s the second in the Apple Tree Series – keep tuning in – more to come…..

Cultivation of patience is a vital aspect of the faith and manifestation process! Choose what you need weed, what you need to release, what you need to fertilize! What are the seeds you planted? A spiritual Harvest is About to Happen!

Love and infinite light,

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Enjoy being Wyldly Abundant – !!

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