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Have you noticed???? OMGoodness – since the beginning of the year – passing through that Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Turn of the Decade night on 1/1/10 the vibration has really stepped up dramatically into a whole new zone of joy, lightheartedness, laughter, and can we say virtually INSTANT manifestation???? 

We’ve had the whole past decade to awaken, remember who we are, and begin to practice and hone our ability to manifest more and more rapidly.  Now we are in a vibe that is exponentially higher and more responsive to our every desire.  Thus it is vital that all those lessons that we’ve been learning about what it is we don’t want are now integrated at every level.

On New Year’s Day I was visiting with a friend in upstate New York – we had a beautiful cold, snowfilled day by the fire – filled with sacred ceremony, healing and setting of intentions.  It was suggested to me that I might want to consider creating a vision board and I hesitated – why?  Well deep within me I KNEW (my primary mode of “receiving” divine guidance is Claircognizance) that if I actually sat down and created a vision board that I would be tapping into my deep and profound POWER to create and I’d better be darn sure what it was that I wanted to create before starting.

This knowing has proven to be incredibly accurate – that part of me KNEW that THIS YEAR and particularly right now at the beginning of the year when the “opening note” of the year is being sounded the manifestation would be fast and furious!  What has happened already? Well IMMEDIATELY, the day after I manifested something on my board – and the next day, and the next and the next – it’s been truly astonishing to me (even though I knew it was there energetically) how instantaneous the process of manifestation is becoming!  At the rate I’m going it’s going to be a lot less than a year before everything on that board is manifested!!
So what does that all have to do with consistency and focus??? Well for one thing – the vision board is allowing me to CRYSTALLIZE (read manifest) my desires – it’s providing me with a FOCUS, a focal point, a diving board shall we say that allows me to jump into the deep end of the pool – into the dark sea of awareness – into the void of creation – and begin to attract, draw forth and magnetize to myself all that is in the vision.  It also allows me the grace of staying consistent to myself and my goals, dreams and desires.  It’s a VISUAL ALTAR and a constant reminder to my subconscious, conscious and superconscious mind that this is what my heart desires right now.  I am able to keep myself CLEAR from distraction and to very quickly discern if something is showing up in my field that is NOT what I want so that I don’t waste any time, energy or life force engaging with what is not in alignment with my vision for my life at this time.

This makes it EASY!  Easy to shed, clear and remove what doesn’t serve – and Woo HOO Lucky for us we are also in Mercury Retrograde – a PERFECT time for re-ordering, re-organizing, re-prioritizing and re-leasing!  This led me to getting a lot of clarity on the activities that I was engaging in that are sustaining the vision and making the commitment to consistently focus on those and to RUTHLESSLY let go of anything that is going to drain me or create an obstacle to attaining the vision.

Re-organized my office to more clearly re-flect my new desires too – here’s a little video of that:

My whole life I’ve been an achiever, and I’ve also always felt a bit (ok sometimes more than a bit) out of step with the rest of the collective consciousness – for a long time I carried the secret fear that there was something wrong with me – but the truth is that I was in many ways ahead of the people and circumstances around me and just didn’t have a clear vision of where I was in relationship to the all.  Each of us has a unique and distinct gift to share – each of us contributes to the whole – (have you seen the movie AVATAR – Run and see it asap if you haven’t  – it ROCKS!) and each of us comes into our harvest in our own uniquely and divinely destined time.

Sometimes we do get knocked “off track” though – what we dreamed for ourselves turns into something else when we engage in the collective illusion of “how things are done”.  If you are feeling like you are ready to create your next grandest vision of your life and where you want it to go – if you are ready to step in to the drivers seat and take your power and if you are feeling (like I was before making my board) more than a little hesitant – if you are caught in a FEAR STORM or maybe if you are just ready to make a leap and needing that little extra BOOST of energy that will get you out of your “seat of do nothing” – I’d like to invite you to apply for a strategy session with me – there are a limited number of slots available this month as I am traveling for continuing education myself – so please contact my team for an application if you are feeling the “vibe” to get a strategic overview of your lifepath and business options for the year ahead!  Please request an application by sending an email with the subject line – Send me an App! to

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WOW – what a year 2009 was – a whalloping end to an incredibly transformative decade – the first 10 years of this millenium certainly portend that things are going to be different and in a very big way – the breeding ground for the explosion of a whole new consciousness paradigm and for the massive deconstruction of old concepts, mindsets, emotional patterning and self and cultural definitions.
We have seen the rise of a wholly new level of transparency, a resurgence of Spirituality and an awakening to higher forms of life in the form of angelic beings who are guiding us and assisting the birthing of a whole new species of being – the homo luminous.

If you are connecting with this posting – in all likelihood you have either already been awakened to your higher potentials or the seeds that have been lying dormant within you are beginning to germinate.  The journey of a germinating seed is not always the most comfortable of experiences – but there is a deep drive, a deep thrusting forward towards the light that can not be denied and will overcome all obstacles because it is the drive towards LIFE itself.

Many who are connecting to this missive have made the passage or are well in progress with their germination process – if you are still “in the dark” not to worry – the fire within you will continue to propel you through your growth and into your higher aspects.  Your destiny will draw you forth – like a giant hand from the future reaching out to bring out the best in you.

As we stand here at the end of this decade we are called to bring to completion all that we have left in the form of unfinished business – calling forth those past life and present life experiences that may still be holding a “charge” and inviting that energy to be released from our fields and consumed by Mother Earth.

I invite you to take this sacred time to truly sit in silence – to enjoy this pause in the “between” time – and to allow all the density that may still be lingering in your energy field to release you now.  It is time to complete.    If you have been laying the foundations for what your next steps will be on the journey it’s time to come to completion with that as well – it will not serve you any longer to continue to tweak this or that to get the foundation into some form of perceived perfection – it’s time now to FRAME your house.  The foundation has been laid – it’s time to say – “Good Enough” and move on.

Trust that the most solid foundation is your connection with Earth – make sure that connection is strong and present at all times and the “temporary” foundations of your creations will be just fine – they will serve you as long as they need to and then they too will pass away as new creations call to be born.

As you complete this foundational work – realize that the “etheric blueprint” for your journey – for the “place where you will live now”  is already accessible to you and is easily re-worked if you wish to make any changes or additions along the way!    One of the themes that is coming through energetically at the moment along with completion is the need for congruency.

After the “shake ups” of this decade – much needed and catalytic for the creation of the new – it’s time to take a good look at what the new will be for you and to get very very clear on what your focus and concentration will be on going forward.  It’s really important now to be congruent – to put form to your work – to map out a rough plan of where you are going and how you want to get there and to give yourself just enough form to allow yourself to function but not so much that your creativity and openness to Spirit is stifled.

It’s important to be congruent – to have things line up in a way that they make sense somehow – to have your actions be in alignment with your intentions.  When you settle into a space of feeling safe  you are able to feel free to create and serve with abandon.  As stated above the ROOTING into the Mother is your surest and most beneficial way of cultivating that feeling of safety and security  – settling in – spiraling in to Mother – is not the same as settling for – you are called now to SHINE your GREATEST LIGHT – that means NOT SETTLING for anything less than you absolutely deserve to receive in the form of respect, being valued, in relationship, in your work, & of course most importantly in how you treat yourself.

It’s time to create the NEW – complete what doesn’t work any more and clear the slate for new creations, new experiences, new adventures, new levels of service, new connections, new beginnings, new relationships, new life!  Enjoy the blessings of the peace that is in you!  Enjoy the thrill of the adventure!  Enjoy the journey of joy that you are embarking upon!  Be the light that you are and remember always to shine fully and completely in congruency with the highest aspects of your sacred self!

If you are a high achieving healer, artist, performer, author, speaker or Passionpreneur who’s really ready to take your game up to the next level, if you are ready to hone and refine your edge and serve and deliver more effectively and accurately than ever before then perhaps it’s time for you to have a little strategy session to help you map out the next best steps for you on your journey!  Applications are now being taken for complimentary sessions with me – please make a request to for the form!
Blessings of the season to you – Love LIGHTS US – Peace is IN YOU….


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I don’t know if you were aware or not but we have passed through not just one but two 11:11:11 gateways here at the tale end of 2009 and along with the energies of the entry into the Mayan Sixth Night we have been transported to the place where everything that’s hidden in the dark is going to be pushing it’s way quite forcefully into the light.  Many times we “hide” that which we fear to share – and when it goes into that hiding place – energy starts to build there.  The longer we try to hide, the longer we try to suppress the more volatile the energy becomes and the more damaging and explosive the eventual release of that energy is.  At a global level we are seeing over and over and over again that the desire to hide and to keep in the dark is being surpassed by the energies that support total authentic expression and transparency.

The recent revelations in many areas of interest from the scientific community with the exposure of “doctored” facts about Global Warming to the world of sports with the recent “taming of the Tiger” the truth is surfacing whether those who have chosen to hide it behind webs of illusion like it or not!

What does this mean for you?? Well of course it’s time for you too to get ever more transparent and ever more clear on what is truly meaningful to you and what is just a false front that you are creating in hopes that the world will see you in the way you would like to be seen.  If you are a healer or expert in the field of transformational coaching or training and you have issues in ANY area of your life where things are out of balance it’s time NOW to take an active and participatory role in coming clean – first with yourself and then with any beings that you feel would be positively impacted by your transparency.  I have found for me this means being really open and clear about my business and life and sharing my stories and experiences as authentically as possible.  When I share with you – my prayer is that it will help you to feel safer, more confident, stronger and more fearless in exposing yourself and your own areas of challenge so that you can release the energy that you are using to create the “mask” that you are showing to the rest of your world.  Additionally my prayer is that by sharing these stories you will see that you are not alone in your feelings, your experiences and your desires for shifting and growth.

Culturally and societally we’ve been intensely conditioned to create a “false front” to keep things hidden and in the closet.  We’ve been shamed and punished and persecuted and perhaps even executed in more than one lifetime for expressing ourselves authentically and naturally and expectedly we’ve created psychic shields and defense mechanisms to give us some sense of safety and security but those walls are now coming tumbling down – there is no longer any energetic support for that which is not your highest truth to be expressed.   When you try to withhold that truth, when you try to escape it in any way, deny it or bury it deep behind a façade there are bound to be consequences on the physical level that will impede your capacity to be able to manifest and have any kind of lasting impact or effect on your creation.

Authentic expression requires that you give yourself the time and the space and the permission to get incredibly clear on what you have already created for yourself.  It’s time to take a live inventory and really examine closely and concretely all that you have going on in your world.  Are you in your dreams? REALLY??? Or are you still in the dreaming – pretending that ONE DAY you’ll have what you want and in the meantime settling and pretending that what you have is what you want when in reality there are some things that really need to change and fast.  Are you physically ill – are you tired and exhausted all the time – is your body speaking to you in any way that things are out of alignment??? This is the best place of all to start because when things have gotten to the point that the body is reflecting them back to us you can be pretty sure that the wound can be surfaced and is really really ready to go.

Are you unhappy in your emotional life?? Do you have strong friendships and relationships outside of your work and family?  Is your family life chugging along smoothly or is there a speedbump every minute?  Are you engaged and present for those you love the most or have you withdrawn into your own world to avoid the hurt and pain of connecting with people who you feel don’t REALLY love you or support your needs and desires? Is it possible you believe this because you don’t REALLY love yourself?  Have you submitted yourself to a life of servitude and hopelessness because you feel you made a commitment that you can’t break even though inside you are dying?? When was the last time you shed some sacred tears for yourself?
At the mental level are you still carrying on a WAR of words inside your head that says you are a lousy this that or another thing /being? Do you go through the rollercoaster of speaking positive and thinking negative?  Is your head so full of “to do’s” that you have created the illusion of absolutely NO TIME to be???  Are you saying one thing and consistently finding yourself doing another and then catching yourself and wondering why am I back HERE again?  Are you whining to your self in your inner dialogue?  Why Why Why?  Are you constantly cycling through the Victim, Rescuer, Perpetrator roles keeping that energy of trauma/drama going strong because it’s the only time you really feel like you have some sort of a reason for being here? Oh and by the way does THAT get you some of the attention that you feel you deserve to have from others in your world – regardless of what kind of attention it is (and most often it looks positive on the surface and then turns to crap when you’ve spent a little time really getting to know the other person) .   Did you know that your thoughts can be read?  Does that make you feel scared and exposed to know that there are those who have been activated to see right through you and your machinations to make things appear or seem different then they really are?  Are you lying to yourself every time you set an intention to change, grow or shift out of these old patterns when you know at a deeper level that you’ve barely got the energy to get up in the morning because you are beat, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?  Are you a liar?  Are you lying to yourself about anything at all – because if you aren’t in your integrity the jig is up!

Wow – a LOT of closet cleaning there – and let me tell you – there’s an easy way and a hard way to do that cleansing.  Did you know that you are an energetic being at the highest levels of your existence and that “bugs” in the program – energetic “short circuits” created by drama/trauma in this life, in your previous lives and in the lives of your ancestral lineage are directly tied to all that “gunk” we just surfaced that is created by us and weaves the collective web of illusion that we are all engaged in supporting with our thoughts, emotions and actions in our world.  This stuff – all this stuff is rooted in FEAR – and the greatest fear is fear itself as Winston Churchill would say – the FEAR of being “found out” is a biggie.  Finding out that YOU are an incredibly, infinitely powerful creator and that you’ve been creating this gunk for yourself all along places you squarely in the position of responsibility.  You can not create a world of dreams from a place of FEAR.  Only by moving THROUGH fear – by making a journey that is a RITE OF PASSAGE can you create that world of your dreams that can only come into being when you are AUTHENTICALLY and at every level expressing who you really are.

Thankfully there were ancestors, teachers, healers and carriers of the lineage of light who have held the technologies and tools for humanity’s awakening through aeons of time and in to the present.  Thankfully there are  – like the old Led Zeppelin song –  two paths you can go by….  There is an easy way – are you ready to surrender to easy???  Is it time to surrender and let go of all your self created suffering?  Are you ready to engage at the soul level to clean out those closets once and for all and take up your birthright and divine power to create a truly magnificent reality of peace, harmony, goodness, truth, beauty, justice, equality, freedom, and unity?  There’s still time to change the road you’re on.

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May your new year be filled to overflowing with prosperity and purpose.

Peace and infinite blessings of light,

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Recently I’ve been in a place on my Journey where I’ve been called out of my home environment and been guided to re-engage and re-connect with the larger world in a variety of different locations and experiences.  In the last month and a half I’ve traveled more than I have in 7 or 8 years attending various live events and participating as a presenter at one.  What I’ve been noticing is that the energies are really supporting this outward movement and there have been a number of opportunities for making soul – brother and sistar connections and activations as well as earth healing and portal and vortex openings and clearings.

As a result of these travel engagements  during which I’ve been exposed to a much broader spectrum of the continuum of energies that are “out there” then I have been in my comfortable little “nest” at home I’ve discovered a few things that I feel are of great importance to share in this report.  First off – you may have noticed that I have not posted a report in several weeks – in fact the last report was as we stepped through the 11 11 gateway.  There was a real sense of separation from the old and leaving behind of the disintegrating paradigm energies as we passed through that gateway and immediately following the passage a sweet and powerful taste of the potential for sharing in the co-creation of the new.  This experience of  bright clear, centered, empowered, directed and focused energy that created near instant results was followed by a very rapid expansion and creation cycle, then a pull back and review.  The cycling through this process is markedly and exponentially greatly accelerated from the creation cycles we’ve become used to and have been playing with up until now.

The 11:11 marked a real turning point even more profoundly powerful then I was expecting.  There is a deep urging now to all Lightworkers to let go of the old thoughts of “I don’t know what I’m doing”.  You know VERY WELL what you are doing and it’s time NOW to literally “grow up” and use your intent, your power, your skills, your abilities to manage  & direct energy, your passion and your great gifts in service to your own Divine will, to the planetary matrix and to your ultimate destiny.  We are being asked, no URGED, to LEAP fully into our potential.  To embody at every level and to be in full alignment with the divine blueprint that holds all of our power and capacity to create.  We are CREATORS.  Creators – step forward now and CREATE!

The power of the paradox that I refer to in the headline of this post is this – YOU and YOU alone have available ALREADY within you to create whatever it is you desire AND paradoxically there are OTHERS with whom you are destined to connect with who will awaken, remind, illuminate, and assist in transmuting for and with you both all that you are and all that you are NOT.  You are an energetic being of light, take your power.  Take it NOW.  Stand in that power and be fearless.   Be a leader.  Take YOUR personal stand in whatever area you have been called to serve.   Be OPEN to receive.  Be OPEN to receive the gifts that OTHERS have been uniquely designed and activated to share and to give to YOU.  We are ALL ONE and no one is an island unto themselves.

This is important – so please pay attention here:  It is TIME to LET GO of scarcity consciousness and EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF thinking.  It’s TIME to share our gifts and EXCHANGE energy with each other.  It’s time to open and allow yourself to RECEIVE the gifts of others and to let your gifts also flow.  If you are still stuck in the “survival” mindset, the fastest way out is to start by finding one area of specialization that will SUPPORT you in moving forward with your light work, your business, your life plan.  Personally – I have taken a HUGE leap in the last two months in terms of investing in my self and in my chosen and destined vocation.  I am HERE to be a beacon of light, I am HERE to serve, I am HERE to activate, to initiate, to awaken, to validate, to translate and to facilitate for those who are called to be leaders.  I have taken the leap very concretely by freeing up what I had been characterizing as the “last of my reserves” “my safety net” in the form of the equity in my  home to support a RAPID and accelerated expansion experience of both learning and simultaneously HEALING in those areas where I have not been successful with my business and my life.

Very specifically for me the areas of  SALES, MARKETING, and MONEY have been areas where I have NOT been seeing any adequate or even FAIR return & results in my life and business.   I am tired of trying to figure this out – really I’m done with it.  Clearly there has been a huge block – an inability on my part to “Get it” and so it was time to me to seek out MASTERS to help me in these areas where I’ve gone as far as I can go with what I have been able to learn and teach myself on my own.  I have personally taken the risk and made these investments in the last two months ONCE Again to answer my mission’s calling.  For the last several years I’ve been learning and honing my skills as a healer and now it’s time to take the leap and learn and hone my skills as a genuine, authentic and WYLDLY successful entrepreneur  – because the fact of the matter is I have not quite yet mastered the skills for running a profitable business – and I‘ve been working on that one now for 7 plus years!  I’m at the end of  the reserves and its NOW or NEVER time! As a result of my choice to surrender my ego around those areas where I’m clearly NOT an expert, and to surrender the cash to pay for training to get more expertise and to surrender the need to do it all myself which resulted in my engaging a team of web based experts to help in those areas that I have just got zero desire to learn about, I had an almost INSTANTANEOUS response from the universe and from the INNERVERSE that allowed me to surface and clear blocks and trauma energy that would keep me from full embodiment and grounding of the gifts that I DO have and DESIRE to share in ABUNDANCE with the people who are here to receive from me!  Simultaneously I  MANIFESTED on the physical level an almost instant flow of cash back into my business that signaled that the Universe was responding to my new found desire to take this whole thing much more seriously and to really be a Big Girl about my capacity to CREATE.  We are HERE TO CREATE.  The challenge is to CREATE from desire – to get infinitely clear on what it is YOU WANT – in all aspects of your being – and to share in the act of both giving AND RECEIVING.  This whole giving and receiving thing is a TWO WAY STREET.  It’s an action of CIRCULATION and without CIRCULATION the only thing that can happen is STAGNATION.

So I urge you to open up and to receive.  To receive and to EXCHANGE energy in the very concrete form of MONEY for services.   There was a time for exchanging through barter and that trade model can still operate from time to time and in very specific circumstances but if you have been holding out – in FEAR – sitting on your little NEST EGG and holding on for dear life to your “Savings” or equity thinking that this is going to be a means of your survival through this economic transition you are dead wrong and in fact you and your business or practice of light work is also probably dead in the water and going nowhere.  Now is the time to FACE FEAR and to WALK RIGHT THROUGH THAT ILLUSION that says as a healer you have to give all the time and if you are charging that you need to give it away for peanuts.  Take off your blinders and use all your resources to CREATE a THRIVING business, to MODEL being a THRIVING LIGHTWORKER.

How does this happen? By CREATING with INTENT what YOU want!  And by being acutely aware of YOUR GREATEST STRENGTHS and YOUR WEAKNESSES – there is NO SHAME in not knowing how to Do Every Blessed Thing (remember my post about D.E.B.T.) When you try to do that you DILUTE your own great gifts, you take away from your companions who are here to serve in those capacities, you do NOT add to the collective up leveling of the planetary vibration and you are in all likelihood acting in MARTYR Mode.  Stop right now.  Figure out where you want support.  Look around and see who is present in your world that is capable, skilled, perhaps even a MASTER at that area that you’ve identified as a weakness and GO PAY THEM TO HELP YOU!  You are not going anywhere until you do.  You are STUCK on your Journey and sinking fast into the muck of heaviness, depression and fear.  You are not in alignment with your destiny and you are kidding yourself if you think that suddenly out of nowhere you are going to have it all snap into place when you wouldn‘t know a sale or a financial report or a marketing message or how a back office shopping cart system is supposed to work (or whatever it is that you’ve identified as your business issues) from a hole in the ground.  Spirit sends help in the FORM OF OTHERS.  If all of this has stirred up some energy in you – if you are feeling like there is something there – some story, some trauma, some familial pattern or karmic contract underneath your inability to “get things together” in some area of your life or business then by all means GET SOME HELP from someone who are poised and ready and PAY THEM to do that work with you.

Remember – whatever is going on with you is also going on with your business.  Do you want to be a thriving light worker?  Are you really and finally ready to ground your greatness and to step into your highest level of service?  Is it time you got some HELP to do that quickly, easily, gracefully, and openly?  Are you ready to see financial as well as spiritual RESULTS in every act and every thing that you choose to do?  I am now enrolling only those who are ready to make the LEAP.  I have 8 places left in my telephone based (no traveling, planes, hotels, meals etc.) virtual CORE PATH intensive.  Surround yourself with success.  Join the class(soul)mates who have already aligned with the blockbusting vibration and intention and GET ON TRACK NOW to CREATE a THRIVING enterprise that supports YOU, YOUR CLIENTS and THE WHOLE WORLD with such power and ease you’ll laugh yourself silly when you look back at why you waited so long……  Here’s the link – The CORE Path .  We start December 15 and finish January 12 so that you can begin 2010 with your act together both energetically and entrepreneurially!

In loving service,

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Well here we are once again at another 11:11 GATEWAY!  This time we are really being called forth to LEAP LEAP LEAP into our highest levels of service.  The work of the last decade has been building up to this moment – all the pieces are in place and what remains for many of us who are lightworkers and have been actively and consciously applying ourselves to deep self transformation as well as earth healing is merely a refinement of our own spirits (Buff and Polish time!).  We are poised and have been the builders of the etheric architecture that is going to be the “safety net” that will support all those who are going to now be experiencing SUDDEN AWAKENINGS.  Waves and waves and waves of energy are now pouring forth that are going to be awakening, activating and initiating our brothers and sistars who are still embedded, engaged and entrapped in the dissolving paradigm.  The dissolution of course will continue and may be substantially more amplified in the coming year.

The calling for the LEAPING LIGHTWORKER is to really FULLY embody all the light that you presently have access to and prepare your body to be even more capable of holding even higher frequencies.  Consolidating energy, concentration and focus are all UP.  Pull back from EVERYTHING that is draining.  Take OUTSTANDING care of your physical body.  Remember who you are and that you are amping up.  Amplifying the frequency creates an exponential effect and many of us are now being called into our divine partnerships,  triads, families and communities.    Just in the last few days as we passed into the Mayan 6th night there have been high level messages coming forth from “STAR COMMAND” in the dreaming as well as bleeding through into the 3D physical realm.  As the frequencies and the STAR Transmissions increase we are asked to finely tune our channel – to get rid of all the static and to be ruthless and courageous in stepping forth each and every time we are given the guidance to laugh in the face of the illusion and make the leap into the dreaming that we have been weaving for so long.visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline

Many of us are now perfectly poised and positioned to service the multitudes – realize that this service can take many forms and it is NOT necessary to think or imagine that this service is on a one by one basis – although that may be the path for some.  How to best LEVERAGE your LIGHT and your gifts and talents is something for you as a lightworker to begin to contemplate or if you have already begun this process to really step/leap more fully into this act of leveraging.  The more leverage you use, the more people you impact, the more light that you spread, the more peace and joy begins to be embodied and the greater your connection to (as well as your community’s connection to) the endless infinite limitless boundless source of abundance and creative energy.

Leap to that high level – get out of the way of those who are your students, understudies, proteges, let them step into the role that you have been playing, invite it, prepare to launch yourself out at light speed.  You may have received a WHOLE NEW MISSION in the last few weeks – you may have only received a slight, or a moderate course correction but doubtless if you are reading this you are being asked to look right now at this gateway and realize you are moving to a WHOLE NEW SPACE.   In this new space you will need to be incredibly clear and strong about your boundaries and you must remember that you have MOVED and there are places, experiences, work, relationships and interactions that you are no longer supposed to be engaging with – for several reasons.

One thing that I wish to share with you is this  – you need to have a really accurate perspective of the level at which you are presently vibrating – the amount of light that you are able to embody, ground, hold and use with intent is MUCH MUCH higher than it used to be – you have a VERY HIGH frequency pattern that may cause you to be “invisible” to some or more often BLINDINGLY LUMINOUS.   Imagine that Big Transformer where the energy from the electric company moves through and gets “stepped down” so that it can be usable in your house, once it goes into your house it lands in the Circuit Box and gets “stepped down” again so that you can plug your appliances in at the wall.   I invite you to consider where you might be in this.  Are you a BIG  TRANSFORMER who is trying to interact with toasters??  Are you the POWER PLANT itself and you’re trying to interact with the circuit box?  It’s important for you to be really aware of this and to leap in to your most appropriate present place in the system.

The Mayan 6th night is going to last from now until this time again next year (early November 2010)  and brings us the energies of really grounding and feeding our roots.  In feeding our roots we are simultaneously preparing our fruits – this past year (the 6th day of the Mayan Calendar) was the time of flowering – the 7th day which will begin a year from now will be the time of fruit.   How we feed our roots NOW – and that definitely includes how well we engage in supreme self care and self awareness – will be a direct determinant of how well formed, nutritious and delicious our fruits will be!    At the same time that the frequencies are being raised ever higher the energies are also there to support an even deeper grounding – as one of my mentors said recently in another context stand your ground – even if it’s only an inch wide – let it be a mile deep.  I would add that we’ll be going a mile high in terms of frequency too! We are invited to take a lesson 045from our friends the tree beings and the Apus (sacred mountains) – to notice how they root deeply and reach for the stars simultaneously.   Holding that high frequency, grounding it in to Mother Earth, embodying our highest light through the body, being where we need to be, giving ourselves permission to leap and getting the heck out of the way of those people who are ready to step into the foot prints that we’ve left to illuminate the path.

My new “mission” info is that I’m now being asked to help leaders to FEARLESSLY leap into their next level of service – which of course is what I too am being asked to do!   I am being called to withdraw into a deeper inner sanctum and to serve at a new, different and much more intimate level with a different segment of people who are now calling for the work that I am here to perform.    I am in the process of taking down from my various websites all opportunities for individual  private work with me and going forward will only be doing one -on – one work by application or following a strategy based screening process. I am preparing a few proteges to serve clients in various ways who have trained under me and am also in the process of creating several Self Healing audio products that will allow people to access the work at varying levels of investment.  I’m preparing to launch a radio show “Blazing Forth The Light” – the inaugural show is planned for 11/20 at 4 PM ET and I invite you to tune in (this is a way of leveraging my time and spreading light to more people over a long period of time since the shows will be archived and can be listened to at any time in the future as long as we are still using these technologies!) and finally I’m going to be launching a new site strictly focused on The Energy Journey – Energy Mastery for the Evolving Entrepreneur.

If you are a leader, if you are ready to make that leap, if you are feeling ANY fear AT ALL in any area of your life, if you are hearing the call that it’s time to make a move and you are feeling stuck then I would like to invite you to consider joining an intimate group of passion-preneurs who will be gathering together starting this December to clear, open, receive and energize on the C.O.R.E. Path.  Here is the link – I am only taking on 12 people for this small group coaching and energy shifting program.  1 slot is already taken and I’m confident that most if not all will be filled in the coming week as I move into the EVOLVE  Live Event that is happening next weekend in Phoenix.  If you are called to invest in your transformation NOW – you will know –  you will feel this deeply in the CORE of your being – and you will make that choice because you know that it’s the right time and you will be connecting with exactly the right people – of that I have no doubt whatsoever.


Interested in one of my self healing audio products?  The first one that I created was with Nicole Whitney of News For the Soul – Together we used the ancient shamanic healing technologies to move through a series of blockages around Money with the intent of assisting folks to reconnect to their own Wyld Abundance!   If you are feeling financially pinched why don’t you try it?  Wyldly Abundant is available for your access HERE

bucketfountain4aWow!  Last week there was a palpable shift into new directions for many of us.  I myself spent the week in “Mission” Bay in the “Mission” Ballroom and now unexpectedly was given a new mission.  For the past year it was clear to me that my work was to step into a specific arena of influence, connecting with highly visible and high level leaders in that arena and serving as a channel for activations to come through in the context of working with the leaders either directly one on one or within a larger context of group events and experiences within which I along with other Light Pillars were anchoring a higher vibrational matrix within which the “real world” experience was occurring.  The charge for me which came through a channeling from Archangel Michael at the beginning of 2009 was to assist in the “shift” of energies so that more and more of these highly influential leaders who have substantial followings would be opened and “come out of the closet” so to speak with their spirituality.  According to my upstairs team that mission has been accomplished and I’m being redeployed into another context for the coming year – another “Market” shall we say for the Spirit to be activated.visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline

I am being asked to urge you to check in with your “team” to see if this isn’t also the case for you.  You may be getting the message in much more subtle ways – however if this resonates and you ask outright you’ll get a clearer idea about this.  One of the things that I realized for myself and which may be true for you is that as Lightworkers we are being asked NOT TO GET ATTACHED.  Not to get “stuck” in one way of connecting or delivering our services.  In fact if you’ve been following my work for any length of time you will have noted that I’ve been called to “morph” my services, presentation and offerings repeatedly.  Each time I have felt that I’m at a place where I could sink in and settle down for a while I’ve been called forward to the next level.  My mom had a saying she used to share that was something like “The rolling stone gathers no moss”.

The other thing that has come into my awareness about this constant shifting is that as we go forth and activate and initiate those with whom we make contact they begin to step onto the journey, the path that we have been on for a while and so we as “Light LEADERS” need to get the heck out of the way in order to make room for the next contingent to come in.  So for example one of the things that I stopped doing this year was going to live local events and expos.  My guidance was to take my self out to other locations in other parts of the country – so I’ve been to Las Vegas, New York twice, San Diego and am enroute to Phoenix in less than two weeks with the possibility of another California trip also on the horizon for December.  When I stopped doing the local events and expos – room was created – a vacuum where I once stood – that was available to be filled by someone else – someone who’s now come along to that place in the path where they are ready to step out of their home or office and get into the public eye a little more than they have been.

As I was contemplating what to write for this report today while out raking the autumn leaves in my back yard the guidance that came through was to discuss the idea of flow and moredroplet specifically flow regulation.  One of the indicators that it’s time to do something different is the pace and richness of the flow coming in and through you.  Be assured that the Universal Flow is ALWAYS present.  The degree to which you are accessing that flow is an indicator for you about where you may need to make some energetic shifts and also some “real world” adjustments.  So look at your flow – are you in a no flow zone? a low flow zone? or maybe you are in an overflow zone?  The objective is to move into a graceful easy flow – learning to foresee the shifting vibes, preparing for them, regulating your own activities and degree of openness to the flow – allowing of course for some occasional ebbs and course corrections which if you are paying attention and tuning in to your highest essence will be adventurous, exhilarating and irresistible.

Change has been vilified for so long and has accumulated a density about it that is not at all necessary.  If you are resistant to change – or you are struggling through your transformational processes – step back, take a clear look at how you view change.   You may need to shift the energy in order to embrace it and since you are undoubtedly a Light Worker if you are reading this you may want to consider that every act of yours creates change in the world around you through the people you touch and the experiences you create.  So if you have heavy energy wrapped around the concept of change – you are sending that out in the world in every moment.  Throughout my most recent journey to San Diego – to Mission Bay the Led Zeppelin song Stairway to Heaven permeated my consciousness – and that line – “there are 2 paths you can go by but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on…..”  Remember we are here to create a new world – one that is free from suffering.  Flow regulate and look for the ease and grace.  Challenging doesn’t have to be damaging.  Change doesn’t have to be traumatic.  Allow your self to just flow – “gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…. Life IS but a dream…..

Look for another post just before the 11:11 gateway.  Get ready for the next adventure – coming to a galaxy near you sooner than you think!

I am now taking applications for Energy Strategy Sessions.  If you are interested in applying to review your current energetic state and explore possibilities for creating a shift – please forward me a request via email to  You must indicate the following information – full name, age, current relationship status, current employment status – please note if you are self employed, current financial status, current health status, areas where you may be feeling challenged or blocked (i.e. relationships, career, finances, etc.), what if any energy work you have experienced and your results from that and what you would like to see shift in your life right now.   Please also include a day time and an evening phone number, the time zone where you are located and your ideal time/day for contact.  Please be advised  that not all applicants will be contacted for a session.

DSC_0094_tSeems that we are in bit of a ‘lull’ energetically at the moment – after all the activity of this year including through the powerful September we just experienced it seems almost weird to not be feeling powerful impacting waves of energy pouring through and at us.

Enjoy this time – it’s IMPORTANT time – it’s like what happens after you come through a big destructive storm (and of course for those brothers and sisters in the Philippines and some other parts of the world they actually lived through that in the physical).  You come out of your house or shelter, look around, see what’s been ripped apart, determine what is left that is salvageable and begin picking through the pieces to re-create your world.  visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline

This is the time that we are in right now – a time that feels like pregnant pause.  For many of us who are light workers the feeling may be one of almost complete disconnection from our source.  Everything that has “carried” us up to this point has suddenly taken a little vacation.  You know the Hopi saying – that we are the one’s we’ve been waiting for – well we are being asked to really get quiet now and take this sacred time to get intimately and closely connected with our OWN individual still small voice within.

Best way to do that?  Well if you are used to listening to your “upstairs team” and counting on that presence for your daily “guidance” then start listening even more closely to your very own HEART.  The Heart center is your DIRECT CONNECT with the highest aspects of who you are – you are now ready – if you choose – to embody those aspects right here and right now on this plane, in this body.  Many of you are I’m sure familiar with the practice of anchoring “Light Pillars” wherever you go – if not let me know and I’ll write more about that in another post.  Now you are asked to be a living, breathing, walking and ANCHORED light pillar yourself!  You have the capacity, and the ability to do this – using your impeccable intent.

Many of you may have thought you were headed in a specific direction, in fact you may have made quite a bit of progress along a particular path only to have a lot of what you had dreamed into being get deconstructed.  It’s time to slow down, in fact if you are familiar with another practice – “stopping the world” then please do so – stop, breathe, look around, see where you are, count your blessings, your assets, your gifts, your possessions, your relationships.  Take a personal inventory, decide what it is you’d like to do with what you have and begin to dream again.  Make those minor or perhaps major Course Corrections that your soul is calling for right now.

When we consciously choose to evaluate and actively choose our next best steps – with or without the assistance of our “upstairs team” we marshal incredible powers that are instantly at our disposal to be used to manifest our will and desires.  Co-creation is all about Partnering with the Forces of the Universe.  If you waste this time on uselessly pursuing the goals that the ego may be trying to convince you are most important then you will undoubtedly experience a major course correction that may not feel all to wonderful!  Better to exercise those consciousness muscles that we’ve been building for most of this decade and start going in, slowing down, dreaming deeply and intending a new reality co-created for ourselves, our brothers and sisters in light, our children, our children’s children.  The one’s that we are becoming are drawing our destiny from and through us if only we will stop and listen…..

Would you like some assistance with clearing any blockages that may be “up” for you around deeply connecting with the voice of your own HEART?  Ready to hook up with the Healer within?  I have a limited time (through the Winter Equinox) Blockbuster Shamanic Healing program available and have openings for a few more one on one clients who are ready to do this work – please visit the shamanic page on my site to learn more about shamanic healing and about the blockbuster.  A convenient payment plan is available if you need to budget your expenses!

1visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineThis week’s vibe report is in response to the Sweat lodge deaths in Arizona this past weekend.  Personally I do not watch the news however I’ve been asked by a number of people about my thoughts on the event and was requested to be on News For the Soul to comment about it the day that it happened – however I was out of the office and in sacred ceremony myself this past weekend as the news unfolded.

There is a lot to digest about this event – clearly we are being called to step in to mastery and impeccability with our energy work – it’s about holding things lightly and easily but also about taking the work seriously and especially about honoring the traditions of our ancestors – the ceremonial space was not set up in the traditional way from what I understand based upon the reports in so far and from medicine brothers whom I have consulted – the use of plastic tarps was not in the traditional design of course since plastic isn’t an indigenous natural material.  Whether or not the plastic has any direct correlation to the deaths and hospitalizations I don’t know since all the facts have not been discovered and disclosed yet.   Having never attended a sweat myself I really can not comment any further than that about the set up._46526504_jex_479567_de27-1

It is certainly not for me or anyone to judge what happened or to point fingers or lay blame –  I can speak only about my own beliefs and practices.   Clearly this is not what anyone would want to unfold in the creation of this sort of an event or experience.  I’m quite sure that Mr. Ray has been deeply impacted along with all who attended and especially those who lost loved ones.

Energy work is powerful and must be practiced with respect.  This is why I always open sacred space either verbally or with intent prior to engaging in medicine work and why I and many of my medicine brothers & sisters also spend time, significant amounts of money and personal time and energy on continuing to hone our own practice and spirit and to connect with and honor the medicine teachings, ceremony, rituals and soul family on a regular basis.

One of my first medicine teachers was a man who runs lodges all over the world and has walked the red road for a number of years – what he taught me was a vital lesson – and that is that there is no hierarchy among medicine people – we all have something to both teach and learn from one another.  He was also one of my very first “clients” (like maybe the 3rd or 4th client I ever had) – when I had no real idea or experience with what I was doing (from this lifetime anyway!)  and was just beginning my practice – he put his energy field and faith in SPIRIT working through me to help him to come back into balance with his path. As a result he taught me that I should honor my intuition as much as the teachings that I had received from my physical teachers and that I should trust that SPIRIT would work through my medicine as long as I honored my allies and walked in humility.

What happened in Arizona is going to put “the work” into the spotlight for sure and as a result will perhaps create more interest and desire to connect with spiritual practices & practitioners.  Discernment is very important for everyone to practice when it comes to making the choice about how to spend your money and your time when you are investing in your spiritual growth, soul healing and transformation.  Remember too that having credentials is not always the mark of a great practitioner – there are some incredible naturally ordained healers and healing professionals that I have worked with that haven’t taken one course of study and yet are intuitively gifted and spiritually guided in incredibly powerful ways.

It’s an opportunity to choose too -to put our work – our abilities back in to the closet because we are afraid of our power or the backlash that might be created from this event or to step forth and claim our power with humility and gratitude for the source from whence it comes.  Similar to what happened after 9/11 – we had to choose to get back on those airplanes – Mr. Ray will have to make his own choice about how best to respond to this experience as will we all – I can tell you that I don’t believe he had malicious intent when this event was created.  I can also tell you that people have a deep craving for spiritual food and they are demonstrating that they value these experiences by their willingness to substantially invest in themselves and their personal healing in this way.

One of the big taboos that is up for discussion, debate and hopefully reframing – is how do we appropriately value our spiritual teachers – in our “modern society” there is no model in place that would “provide” for our teachers/healers/medicine people/visionaries they way the sacred communities or tribes used to do.  In the old ways the shaman held a very high status and was completely and abundantly  provided for by the community – wholly (holy?) supported to do the sacred work for him or herself and on behalf of the whole tribe. Much to think about.

Join me please in sending healing light to the families of the deceased. A call too  for those who are skilled in assisting in the dying consciously process or death rites to assist those souls who have left the body to pass into the light as I will do in my meditations around what happened.  May those who have departed rest in peace.

1visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineThis particular Mercury Retrograde commenced with a HUGE rush of energy – the full moon first and then 2 days in the 9 9 9 Gateway – a massive surge asking us to COMPLETE COMPLETE COMPLETE.  Have you been feeling it?  There is a deep clearing in the air – a deep and intense calling to let it go – let it ALL go – every little bit that doesn’t serve – every little thought – every old dangly hanging on pattern of behavior – all that we have been “working” consciously, unconsciously and superconsciously is UP for us to face and decide.

For me this has manifested in a Highly PHYSICAL experience- both in my immediate surrounding and simultaneously through my physical body and more specifically through my root chakra.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working with Sarah Elizabeth Whitcomb, my craniosacral energy medicine massage therapist extraordinaire, and we’ve been going to the DEPTHS!  We have now down three marathon sessions together – working with each other – both giving and receiving and it has been a truly illuminating as well as liberating experience.samshands

So I want to talk a bit about the physical body and my own experience with this deep cleanse – for about 3 1/2 weeks I have been experiencing pain and great discomfort in my body – and more specifically my lower back, hips and derriere have been what I would characterize as “a mess”!  What I know from having traveled this energy journey for a bit is that what shows up in our physical body is pretty entrenched energy.  I do my very best to keep my work at the energetic – and this is what I’ve also been trained by my own teachers – keeping it at the energetic will allow us to continue to navigate in our day to day world with greater ease and grace – however – sometimes – as has happened in the last few weeks – stuff just pops up into the physical.

Popping into the physical is a huge sign for me of a couple of things – first – I have lost consciousness – awareness of where I’m at energetically allows me to “catch” things and clear them at the energetic before they manifest in the physical.  Secondly – that whatever is UP is really big, really deep, really ancient and/or really close to home.  This time it was all of the above.

Now I could have chosen to energize this back pain in a different way – I could have chosen to take drugs or go to the doctor, to call myself sick – but I KNOW that this is just energy – energy that is calling for my attention, and energy that is popping to the surface for me to work with it, release it and free myself and my energy field from being trapped in the density.  At one point the pain and the discomfort was SO great that I was experiencing back spasms and didn’t know whether I’d be able to get out of bed and walk.

Thank GOD for Sarah Elizabeth and her deep body wisdom (and for me too because I am WILLING to go THERE).  We have transmuted density in Ancient Egypt in the Pyramids, in The British Isles around the Templar/Knights mythologies and in a multitude of past life conflicts and war casualty experiences  as well as conflicting familial issues in both of our own personal present incarnation.   Twice we’ve cleared out implants and we’ve also worked with the sacred oils of the Bible in addition to sound, divination, hands on and talking therapy.  The energy has been running around both of our lower bodies – last week my right side – this week my left – and both of us have “birthed” out huge amorphous gelatinous intrusions in our Sacral/Root areas as well.  It’s been mighty interesting to say the least!

Tomorrow is the Autumnal Equinox – and so a balancing is at hand – a time of equivalencies – equal daylight/nighttime – Yin/Yang – Masculine/Feminine.  If you’ve been experiencing shifts of equivalent magnitude I am here to validate that for you (and of course if you are hearing the call to work with me in helping you to transmute).  One thing I’ve really learned at a very deep level from the work that we’ve been engaged in is this – I am OVERFLOWING with gratitude that Sarah-Elizabeth has been there to partner me through this work.  Sometimes you can do it yourself – but when it comes to the HEAVY lifting – it’s really best to find a fully capable, trained, confident and expert PARTNER!

I invite you to consider where in your life you could use a real partner – if it’s in your energy journey – I hope you will consider partnering with me!  Be sure to visit my website – there is a lot of re-arranging that is going on over there as well – including a new sound therapy session link – you might want to hook yourself up with a STAR Treatment!

beeonflower1 Are You a Passionpreneur?  Deeply committed to your soul’s purpose and expressing it through entrepreneurial activities?  Remember your business is an energetic extension of YOU and as such issues that may be present in your energy field will often and very likely show up in your business – staring you in the face and asking for resolution.  Even if you aren’t actively engaged in your soul purpose as a business activity yet – if you are hearing that calling it’s a great time to begin to CONSCIOUSLY engage in the Energy Journey work that will aid you in becoming a clearer channel for your soul’s purpose to emanate through.  Why not consider scheduling a BEE for yourself – a Business Energy Evaluation Strategy Session will help you to gain a better perspective on where you are at, what obstacles you may be facing, what your strengths are and will lay out a map to get you to where you are dreaming you’d like to be in your business and in living out your soul’s purpose and deep mission.  BEE appointment slots are available on Wednesday afternoons starting September 30.  Please send me an email to outlining where you feel you are at in your business and where you think you see that the journey is taking you along with your phone number and if I determine that a BEE is the right fit for you I’ll be in touch to schedule some time together!

There's a PERFECT Place 4 U!

There's a PERFECT Place 4 U!

Hello beautiful PEOPLE!  It’s been a while since my last Vibe Report – I’ve been on a bit of a blogging break as the energies of the present moment have been supporting a LOT of realigning with what is for the highest good.

Right now we are in the middle of a Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde, 999 Gateway sweep!  It’s been a powerful few weeks leading up to this transition point and as we fully enter into Retrograde tomorrow (the 7th of September) as I’m writing this the invitation is to get up and RIDE the wave!

visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineThere is a powerful force for cleansing that is revving up and we are being urged to Co-create with this force.  In times past it may have seemed that we were “at the mercy” of the energies – and in some ways we were – because we were being asked to let go of things, people, situations, patterns, beliefs, systems, and thoughtforms that the more dense aspects of ourselves were REALLY attached to.  Now we are facing the completion gateway – the 9 9 9.

999 is the number of completion – should you choose – you can use this time – these energies to be done – for good – for ever – with all that no longer serves you and you can CONSCIOUSLY choose to step in and co-create this release with Spirit as your guide.  What this means is that you are no longer allowed to be in the “victim” mode (i.e. “The energies caused this”).  Now you are being given the opportunity like never before in your experience of time, to step forward and CLAIM YOUR TRUE POWER as a CREATOR.  You get to call upon and begin the process of embodiment of the highest and brightest aspects of who you are.

If you have been carrying around a lot of “stuff” energetically – you must realize that this is a process – this is the gateway that you will step through – right here and right now to begin your personal ascension process – bringing the fullness of who you are right in to your physical body.  This is also a time for realizing that what we have called or considered “miracles” in the past were only a faint glimmer of our true potential as the seeds of light that we really are.

There are many awakened and awakening ones who are at differing stages in their personal processes.  Some are what you would call “trailblazers” those of us who have gone ahead and created pathways of light from our own experiences that will allow others to pass through this moment with greater ease and grace.  Some are the “follow alongers ” – those who can see the possibilities and are willing to walk the paths that have been forged – there are so many of these beings now – they are looking to the “trailblazers” for leadership and continued guidance and personal embodiment of the luminous way and they are the representatives of the shifting of the mass consciousness.  Finally there are the “please hold my handers or even better do it for mes” – and there are many of these beings as well – and it is for these that we must hold the highest level of faith in their own ability to step into their empowerment.  We can provide what we have to share – our messages, our services, our products, our programs, our experiences but we can NOT walk the path for them.  The whole point is for all to step in to their personal empowerment and their birthrights as creators.  Patience, compassion, and a very good sense of boundaries as well as humor is called for when approached by the “please hold my hander/do it for mes”.

As all the puzzle pieces are now being revealed and the bigger picture of peace, harmony, abundance, clarity, creativity, honor, unity and oneness continues evolve we now are called to “find our fit”.  When we cleanse and let go we can be left feeling adrift sometimes but be assured that there is a perfect place for your piece of the puzzle to fit into this Great Unfolding.  The place where ONLY your piece can fit and where it will only fit if you are willing to step forth into your GREATNESS and fully shine your light.
Many beings are available to provide loving service and support through various modalities of energy healing, teaching, and facilitation.  Because we are in fact all one – when we gather together for work with each other – no matter who is in the ‘giver’ role and who is in the ‘receiver’ role – both are equally impacted and benefit from the experiences shared.  We grow together.

I have been guided to begin the process of creating tools and programs for those who are stepping in to new roles as Passionpreneurs because an integral piece of the blossoming of the luminous way is being engaged in your life purpose/passionate work.  One of the things that you must do as a Passionpreneur is communicate your work to others.  To that end I’m going tob e offering a Healing Energy Journey Experience called Speaking Right UP! starting September 15 – to find out more about this offering and to enroll please visit my info page —–> HERE

I Want a PEA!

I Want a PEA!

Oh and by the way – it’s still summer until the 22nd of September so my contest to win a free PEA (Personal Energy Assessment)  is still on!  (Since I skipped a week of writing – I’ll be picking 2 winners this week!)  Be sure to contact me by email at if you wish to be entered into this contest – put I WANT A PEA! in the subject line of the email!

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