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I received the notification from the lovely lady in Michigan who decided Archangel Haniel was going to live with her!

Bye Bye to the old and HELLO to the New!

Here’s what she said:

“She is here! And, she is so beautiful. Thank you Amethyst!”

As promised I wanted to share all three of the channelings from my book Celestial Voices – so here’s the last one:

Archangel Haniel

I AM the Archangel Haniel.  Relax and open your sensory body to my presence.  I bring you reminders of your deep capacity to sense and feel the environment and the web of life that surrounds you.  We must practice together for so many of you have forgotten the fine art of opening, receiving, and enjoying the sensory delights that are ever present for you here in the Garden.  Open and receive.  Attune to the magical, mystical and material realms.  Let us begin. 

Take a moment dear ones and breathe with me, opening the heart, opening the lungs and opening the nostrils to receive.  Breathe in. Breathe in through the nostrils.  Sense, if you can, the slightest of vibrations, as the life force, the breath moves into your body at the edge of your nostrils.  Take a moment.  Concentrate.  Breathe in, breathe out. 

Feel the breath as it enters the body, expanding the body, enlivening and illuminating the body, nourishing and nurturing the body as the body opens and relaxes into receiving and releasing.  Release, let go, surrender to this breath, to this moment, to this sensation.  Now rest.  Rest in the sensation and mastery of your own capacity to draw in the life force and to release and relax into being. 

As you relax and surrender further and further into being allow yourself to notice.  Notice sensation.  Notice the scents, the sounds, the vibrations, the visual stimulus within your environment, within your present moment, within your sacred space.  Notice and if you can, focus, focus on one stimulus.   Focus your attention on one thing within your present moment that has attracted you.  Perhaps a sound, perhaps a scent, perhaps a texture, perhaps a sight. 

Now, in this moment, allow yourself to fully explore, to completely investigate, to the exclusion of all else, everything there is to discern about this stimulus. As you proceed with your investigation, see, if you can, whether you are able to also hold an awareness of yourself as the observer.  How has this stimulus affected you?  Are you able to maintain your concentration upon the stimulus while simultaneously attending to the awareness of your own response to the stimulus and your capacity to concentrate.  Therein lies mastery Dear Ones, mastery of this plane of Duality.

For at the deepest levels of Truth and through this practice of dual observation the Oneness of all Creation emerges.  As you master Duality, the Unity is revealed.  Be present for yourself and be patient for this truly is a practice, and an ancient one at that, that has been lost to you for quite some time.  Give yourself time and practice to re-ignite the atrophied muscles of observation.  Open and receive.  Relax and release. 

Practice and play with your re-discovered capacities.  Allow yourself to be guided into the stillness that will re-inforce and re-inform you.  Inhale the life force and relax into Being.  Open your Heart, open your sensory and extrasensory fields and be informed by your whole environment.  Allow all aspects of nature, both the seen and the unseen, permission to enter into your awareness.  For this is the home and place of guidance for you on your sacred journey.  Stop a moment and rest.  Take a breath and get your bearings.  Directions to your next phase of the journey are awaiting you. 

Merely invite your own presence to slow down, stop and observe.  Know that your full apparatus for navigating this journey is fully functional and awaits your use.  Call upon me and my brothers and sisters in the Celestial Realms to assist with fine tuning.  We are ever present and always at your service.

Open to receive our love and guidance.  Invite us in to play and practice with you.  Know that our love is ever present around you for you are truly one of our own, embodied angels.  Materialized and formed from the elemental particles of Mother Earth and glued together by the life force energy of the Great Spirit.  Universal, Intelligent, Creative and Alive in the truest and best sense of the word – the meeting place where matter and spirit merge, the crucibles of miracles, the channels of the highest vibrations. 

Be at peace and remember who you are as we journey joyfully into and through the evolutionary spiral of Lovelight, laughing and singing all the way.  We are the champions of the World.  I AM the Archangel Haniel and I Love you.

I hope you enjoyed this message – comments are welcome, visits to the art website are welcome – I do still have other originals available check them out in the GALLERY   and if you are looking for a reproduction on canvas or framed and matted giclee or as a greeting card then you can stop by my other online gallery at FINE ART AMERICA where you’ll find some pretty rocking awesome photographs too!

Pure Potential, Limitless Beauty!

Last week I had a sweet surprise in my inbox – someone had an angel reading and Haniel came through for her – she’d never heard of Haniel before so went looking online and lo and behold she discovered my rendition of Haniel in full BLOOM and immediately took decisive action to buy and bring Haniel to Michigan!  She found Haniel at my old online gallery where I still have a number of my originals out there for sale.  I’ve also got prints available in newer online gallery at Fine Art America.

What I love about my Vibrational Power Paintings is that they were intentionally created to carry a healing vibration with them wherever they land – right now I have all the Goddesses hanging in a local Curves – healing and inspiring women as they take care of their bodies.   There is something so JOYFUL that happens inside my heart when a sacred steward comes along and claims one!  It was especially fun to reconnect with the wonderful woman at the Postal Center where Haniel was packed and shipped – we got to laugh and chat and talk about what has unfolded in her life (she got a divorce and is now happily learning Portuguese and how to do Brazilian Dance) since we last connected.  She was very excited to see me and Haniel and took good care of the details of getting Haniel ready to go on journey.

To celebrate this momentous occasion I’m posting all three of the channeled messages that came through from Haniel as her contribution to our book Celestial Voices – An Invitation To Ascension from the Archangels – (no more print copies are available at this time – but you can purchase this as an ebook if you like!)

Here’s the 2nd Channeled message for your pleasure and delight!

Archangel Haniel

I AM the Archangel Haniel, Lover and nurturer of the Natural world.  Seeds from heaven and the Archangelic Realms are being planted now.  Seeds of Love.  Seeds of Light.  Each seed lovingly placed, carefully and perfectly deposited into every human heart.  Seeds that will be activated, vibrated, accelerated over the coming weeks, months and years. 

As each seed begins its germination process, higher and higher levels of light will manifest in your Earth realm.  Gaia herself is quickening too with the multitude of seeds that have been planted within her heart.  For you dear children, you Light bringers, you Beacons, you have come to bring the living light into the Heart of the World and to shift all of humanity with your mere presence.  Yes Dear Ones – You! 

And truly the term Light Worker can now be deleted from your vocabulary.  Yes, it’s true! For there is now upon you a time where this “work” is no longer “work” shall we say?  No indeed, now dear children it is the time for play!  Joyous, exuberant, passionate, fully engaged, glorious, exciting, stimulating, enchanting, enticing, magical play! 

Play, play, play all day!  Play to your Heart’s content.  Know that in your joyous and full expression of the “Lighter” side of your selves that you are serving so perfectly and precisely to shift the entire vibrational matrix of the planet to the realm of peace and light.  You dearest Light Bearers are truly the models and your actions and your attitudes, your positive loving thoughts and deeds are truly the catalysts for deep and profound and perfect transformation. 

Let us look at that word shall we?  Trans-form-ation – Actively changing form.  Precisely!  You are actively changing the form of each and every construct, each and every relationship, each and every system, each and every pattern, throughout your entire realm.  Every ONE.  All that you have been told up until now, all that you believe to be “true” is turning upside down and inside out.  Being de-constructed, leaving behind only the sacred core of eternal truth which is Love.  Everything else must go. 

A clean slate, a fresh canvas, a blank page is now in formation.  That’s right!  The deconstruction process proceeds apace of the in-formation process.  For everything in the universe is mutable, and nothing ever can disappear from the Universal matrix for all that is, was or ever will be is here, now and always will be!  Just a magnificent panorama of ever changing form.  As the forms change, You! You! YOU! have the joy, the pure pleasure, the total abandon of conscious co-creation with the essential Source and Force that IS the I AM.  The central organizing principal of the Universe – LOVE.  Yes children that is what we call this core.  LOVE. 

So children open your hearts, open your minds, open your bodies.  Welcome the de-construction.  Welcome the in-formation.  Be open, give and receive, enter with all of your being into the pure, unadulterated, clear consciousness of LOVE.  I AM the Archangel Haniel and I LOVE YOU!

Please let me know how you receive this message – where does it touch you – how are you activated – does Haniel speak to you?
In passionate service,


Original Vibrational Power Painting of Archangel Haniel @2006 by Amethyst Wyldfyre

I’m SO excited – today someone from Michigan acquired Archangel Haniel! Haniel is traveling to a new steward to bless and heal and ignite and blossom the hearts and beings of the people who will view her! In celebration I thought it would be nice to share some of the channeled messages that came through from Haniel after creation. Three written and one audio – over the next few days/weeks!

Here is the first: *(Excerpted from the book Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the Archangels- available now only in EBOOK form here:

Archangel Haniel

“Beloved children of the light, enjoy the quickening of the Beautiful Mother here in the Northern Hemisphere as Father Sun returns to warm the soil and loosen the earth for planting. Now is the time children, now is the time. Think and act with great care and clear intention for your dreams are manifesting at a most accelerated rate!

We in the Archangelic Realm are gently watching over and working with you as you grow, grow, grow, into the light of the New Day. Know that you are well and truly loved by your Creator and that all of heaven is surrounding you with Love-Light. Play beautiful music, surround yourself with early spring flowers, clear your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual space for the coming of the Golden Rays which will begin to penetrate your atmosphere and intensify your growing process so very, very soon.

Keep your hearts tuned to the light and remember that all is well and that peace prevails as you hold the vibration of peace within your matrix. I thank you for your beloved attention and send you angel kisses and wrap you in wings of love. Beloved Haniel, Archangel of Nurturance and Growth.

Let me know what your thoughts/feelings are as you receive this message – allow the frequency of Haniel’s words to echo through your soul – let yourself be in Divine Union with the natural rhythms and cycles of the Great Mother!

Peace is in you,


Icy Fingers 2 - Original Photo - @2007 By Amethyst Wyldfyre

My angels have been talking to me lately – they want me to get out more – see the thing is that I’ve been head down, nose to the grindstone, hiding out in my pjs, sitting at the computer for FAR TOO LONG.   Now I love my computer, and I love my life, and I LOVE that I get to share my dreams and visions and speak my truth on the telephone on a regular basis and I ADORE working with my Divine Clients on the phone, and I love my home and I spent most of this summer, fall and early winter repainting the entire interior but at some point the ICE-OLATION takes over and we become closed down and too inwardly focused and then everything starts to freeze up……

Finding that delicate balance between knowing when to act and when to be still is a life long journey.  Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Doo Doo Doo Doo (Remember the Jaws theme? Oh – maybe you are too young for that music – or too old – or maybe it just doesn’t matter at all – the point being – is it time to come out of the closet?)

What I’ve discovered this past year is that if you are overly FOCUSED on one area of your life – whether it’s your business, your relationship with someone or picking the lint out of your own belly button for endless hours – you lose focus on what is vital.  And you can actually ENERGIZE an already unstable, unhealthy or imbalanced situation and MAKE IT WORSE!  Yikes!!!

So the word on the street is get your BUTT out of the house.  Meet new people, go new places, dance, have some fun, play – be light, be joyful, be exploratory.  Find out what’s changed while you were in hiding……

Take this weekend for instance – my boy – who is 15 and suddenly enamored of the “plant” people was supposed to be at his Dad’s for the weekend – now I’ve been working this little experience of momming – letting go and holding space and holding on and setting boundaries (argh the paradox!!) simultaneously since April when I made this discovery.  I’ve been picking up the rope, putting down the rope, trying to control, losing control and searching desperately for the return of the Magic that was our relationship up until this year – but alas – as HE has changed and I have changed the call NOW is to establish a NEW way of relating!! And what that means too is figuring out what the new guidelines are for not only relating but also for how much of my time, personal presence and attention is warranted and how much I need to ALSO give to myself as I navigate these sometimes choppy waters.

Anyway back to THIS weekend – when he’s supposed to be at Dad’s those have been the times that I’ve “fed” myself – either by doing stuff I wouldn’t do with him – or by just trying to get caught up with my work or more importantly with my REST so that I can be ready for another week.  I’ve been staying home, on alert and walking in fear for a good part of this year and it has NOT been pretty.  As I stepped in to this NEW Year I made more than a resolution – I made a commitment to making a SIGNIFICANT change in how I am showing up in this relationship.

What I decided was that the best thing I can offer him is a mom who is able to walk in balance herself – to demonstrate a healthy regard for my OWN needs – to acknowledge that at 15 he is old enough and I’ve made clear enough what the boundaries are for me to be able to go out and enjoy an evening and leave him at home.  The angel cards Friday morning were BELIEVE and TRUST. 

So I did – left him on his own – last night and went out to an event where I was an Award Winner (Healthy Living Magazine Awards! – Thanks!!) for an act of sound healing that I offered several years ago freely to a woman who came to my booth at a Holistic Fair when I was making the rounds.  She turned out to have a healing release that was so significant that it opened up her remembrance of some sexual abuse in childhood and further opened up her desire to share that story to benefit others by writing a book!  She nominated me for the award because of that moment.  Love how what you put out there comes back – later in forms that you wouldn’t even imagine!

So what I discovered when I went out was that it was WAY PAST time for me to be out and about again – connecting with my local community – and being GIFTED by the SURPRISES that I would find there!

This past week I was on a Telesummit – Your Brand In Bloom Telesummit – hosted by Ally Piper who I found on Google when I was searching out opportunities for speaking gigs and discovered – would you BELIEVE – lives practically in my back yard (Concord is only about 30 minutes away!)  Ally has a great free report on her site about LOCAL marketing – so I’m really getting it team – seriously I HEAR YOU!! Get out and get connected LOCALLY!

Anyway back to last night’s event and what happened for both me and for my kiddo – while I was out – down in Randolph about an hour away – I was RECEIVING – I received a card reading, an acupuncture session, a zero point therapy session, connections with new peeps and re-connections with peeps I hadn’t seen in a while and in addition to the Award – I received the MOST AMAZING experience of HEART OPENING from the performer at the end of the event – who ROCKED MY SOCKS!  This guy Tony Vacca was the REAL DEAL – a man in his prime – fully ALIVE – fully engaged in his passionate purpose – fully RADIATING his PRESENCE and bringing it for the handful of people who stayed all the way to the end – I LOVED his performance and his POWERFUL MESSAGE of LIGHT.   Thank you angels – there ARE Angels Among Us….

Check out this vid of Tony from another event he did that is posted on YouTube: 

Oh and guess what – while I was out – the kiddo worked hard through the night to get his Rough Draft of his research paper done….. Gotta go out for Rhythm and Flow more often!!

Where are YOU STUCK??? If it’s time for you to change the world – why are you still on your BUTS??? (But I have a kid, am a single mom, have limited funds, have a mortgage to pay, don’t know what I’m doing, am unskilled, am afraid to be big, am confused about my direction, am going around in circles, have lots of ideas but many aren’t manifesting, am too busy doing stuff that isn’t really meaningful, whatever YOUR but is I know it – been there – done that – got the T shirt!)  Come out of the CLOSET – get out of your ICE-OLATION – Let somebody help you, ASK and YOU shall Receive!!

Ready?  Is it time??? Put your fingers on the keyboard and fill out the SEE Session application that you can find HERE – we’ll SEE if what we have to offer in the way of our unique brand of HELP might be a Fit for you!

Oh and By the way you can……..

I promise….. Everything is Well… Really!  It’s OK for you to come out and really really PLAY – FULL out!

Please let me know what you think of this post – comments are WELCOME (asking here – expecting to RECEIVE please!)

Oh and if you enjoy the photos above some are my originals (not the closet!) and Icy Fingers 2 can be made available for purchase on my FINE ART GALLERY site if you like it!  Please let me know and I’ll set it up – I have lots of photos – and can upload them there if people are interested – so that you can have an original in your home – this one was juried into a gallery in Lawrence a few years ago – one of the first times I had a piece juried and officially could call myself a “juried” artist!

DSC_0094_tSeems that we are in bit of a ‘lull’ energetically at the moment – after all the activity of this year including through the powerful September we just experienced it seems almost weird to not be feeling powerful impacting waves of energy pouring through and at us.

Enjoy this time – it’s IMPORTANT time – it’s like what happens after you come through a big destructive storm (and of course for those brothers and sisters in the Philippines and some other parts of the world they actually lived through that in the physical).  You come out of your house or shelter, look around, see what’s been ripped apart, determine what is left that is salvageable and begin picking through the pieces to re-create your world.  visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline

This is the time that we are in right now – a time that feels like pregnant pause.  For many of us who are light workers the feeling may be one of almost complete disconnection from our source.  Everything that has “carried” us up to this point has suddenly taken a little vacation.  You know the Hopi saying – that we are the one’s we’ve been waiting for – well we are being asked to really get quiet now and take this sacred time to get intimately and closely connected with our OWN individual still small voice within.

Best way to do that?  Well if you are used to listening to your “upstairs team” and counting on that presence for your daily “guidance” then start listening even more closely to your very own HEART.  The Heart center is your DIRECT CONNECT with the highest aspects of who you are – you are now ready – if you choose – to embody those aspects right here and right now on this plane, in this body.  Many of you are I’m sure familiar with the practice of anchoring “Light Pillars” wherever you go – if not let me know and I’ll write more about that in another post.  Now you are asked to be a living, breathing, walking and ANCHORED light pillar yourself!  You have the capacity, and the ability to do this – using your impeccable intent.

Many of you may have thought you were headed in a specific direction, in fact you may have made quite a bit of progress along a particular path only to have a lot of what you had dreamed into being get deconstructed.  It’s time to slow down, in fact if you are familiar with another practice – “stopping the world” then please do so – stop, breathe, look around, see where you are, count your blessings, your assets, your gifts, your possessions, your relationships.  Take a personal inventory, decide what it is you’d like to do with what you have and begin to dream again.  Make those minor or perhaps major Course Corrections that your soul is calling for right now.

When we consciously choose to evaluate and actively choose our next best steps – with or without the assistance of our “upstairs team” we marshal incredible powers that are instantly at our disposal to be used to manifest our will and desires.  Co-creation is all about Partnering with the Forces of the Universe.  If you waste this time on uselessly pursuing the goals that the ego may be trying to convince you are most important then you will undoubtedly experience a major course correction that may not feel all to wonderful!  Better to exercise those consciousness muscles that we’ve been building for most of this decade and start going in, slowing down, dreaming deeply and intending a new reality co-created for ourselves, our brothers and sisters in light, our children, our children’s children.  The one’s that we are becoming are drawing our destiny from and through us if only we will stop and listen…..

Would you like some assistance with clearing any blockages that may be “up” for you around deeply connecting with the voice of your own HEART?  Ready to hook up with the Healer within?  I have a limited time (through the Winter Equinox) Blockbuster Shamanic Healing program available and have openings for a few more one on one clients who are ready to do this work – please visit the shamanic page on my site to learn more about shamanic healing and about the blockbuster.  A convenient payment plan is available if you need to budget your expenses!

Wow I was STUNNED yesterday morning!!! Had an awesome surprise in my email inbox $$$ from ITALY!! Archangel Sandelphon has found a new home and is enroute at this very moment to ROMA!! Whee!! I’m SO excited….

Archangel SandelphonSo this actually happened to be one of my own personal favorite paintings – Archangel Sandelphon is the angel of sound and music and has graced my healing room since I moved in to my present house.  This particular painting has certainly been INFUSED with sound and healing energies!!

One of the things that is so TOTALLY cool about the internet is that I have the excitement of sharing my love, art, works, words, music, and teachings with people from all over this beautiful planet!  My most recent clients have come from Denmark, South Africa and the other day I worked with not one but two! people from Australia.  Truly amazing!

I still have a number of original Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ascended Mothers and Faerie Vibrational Power Paintings for sale – each has been embedded with crystals and infused with Reiki & Shamballa energies and has been toned by the crystal singing bowls and all but for Azrael have received a breath of intent from me that they bring forth healing in to the world (Azrael = being the Angel of Death didn’t receive the breath because death is when we no longer have the breath so it seemed fitting).  The paintings can be viewed at my little online gallery –

Archival quality prints of my paintings as well as a few of my photos (still working on getting more of those up online) are available at

Bon Voyage Sandelphon!!! I’ll miss you but know that you will be ENERGIZING Italy soon!!!

Meet Kathy Williams – owner of Sullivan Farms – who graciously granted me permission to film in her orchard.  Now this is a woman who is ROOTED – she used that word all by her self!  How rooted are you?  You know it’s ok to move around – but you should always make sure that your energetic roots are connected to Mother Earth.

One of the pieces of medicine I’ve done with people in the last week has been working with past lives within which several of my clients were burned at the stake and when I examined their etheric body blueprint the feet were shriveled.  Masters and angelic beings came forth to assist my clients in re-wiring and re-forming a new blueprint for their feet – and then we worked on connecting them energetically to the earth.

I’ve found that it’s really important to unwind generational and cultural patterns that are connected with specific pieces of property or with “homelands” for some of my foreign born US clients.   Following this unwinding the guidance has been to ROOT to the heart core of the Earth herself.  This is very wise guidance – that way you will always feel grounded and stable no matter where you are on the planet!

Shamanic medicine work is such an amazing gift – I’m honored to be a part of the lineage of healers and to carry the seeds of light that the ancestors, teachers, and medicine people have stewarded through time.   I use shamanic as well as sound therapy techniques with my clients and in all my classes and workshops – I’ll be doing a free call Everybody Channels and You Can 2! in October – register soon – the last time I ran this call I maxed out the phone lines!!

Are You Tuning In??

Are You Tuning In??

Just last week I did an AWESOME call with over 100 people signed up called Everybody Channels & U Can 2!  to promote my upcoming summer workshop Opening to Channel for Fun & Profits!

If you have a few moments to spare you might want to check out the call – a great message came through from AA Gabriel too…..

Here is the LINK for the call!

The Opening to Channel Workshop starts on July 22 – hope you will consider joining me and AA Gabriel it should be a most excellent adventure into reclaiming your true gifts!


A couple of years ago I had to come to a very tough decision – after 2 years of trying to make a “go” of it with my Art Gallery/Healing Arts Center the time came to let it go and move on to what the Universe and my spirit had in store for me next.  What I discovered was after making the decision to let it go I had a sudden and enormous FLOOD of creative juice and began to paint again.  Funny how that works you know – I opened the store as an art gallery to display and sell my own work initially along with the work of a lot of other artists (31 to be exact) and I ended up not painting at all for most of the time I had the store open!

Decorated for FIREFest 2006

Decorated for FIREFest 2006

Anyway – as soon as I made the decision – paintings started to come – A LOT of paintings – 45 in a two week period – and they were unlike any others I had ever done before – these paintings had some really special characteristics!  Each of them are embedded with crystals, have been infused with reiki & shamballa multidimensional healing energy,  have a “resonant” number and every one has been infused with the sound vibrations of the crystal singing bowls and with the breath of intent for healing blown into them  (with the exception of the Angel of Death who received no breath).  Representations of various celestial and etheric energies – 15 Archangels, 17 Ascended Mothers,  7 Ascended Masters, 11 Fairies and 12 Peace Prayers all emerged eventually and then when the painting flow ceased the words started to come!


ISBN 978-0-9815594-8-3

Out of the ashes of The Amethyst Wyldfyre Gallery & Healing Center, a book was born entitled Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the Archangels and along with that birth I stepped into and claimed my role as an author.  I wrote and channeled these beautiful messages over about a six month period – 45 messages in all – each designed to assist, activate, ground, facilitate and guide your individual Ascension process. 

Then I went on to learn about self publishing and all that entails finally producing my first book – which includes 15 full color plates reproducing for the reader all of the original Vibrational Power Paintings that started the whole thing off to begin with!

Celestial Voices has already created some powerful shifts for people like Wendy Stevens of who says this book is her “Spiritual Rock on Paper”! Read more about Wendy’s thoughts on the book HERE.   Susan Sloane, author of Adam Awake, says on the back cover that Celestial Voices is “….an invaluable handbook of comfort, support & understanding as our reality transforms….”

Here is an excerpt from the book from ArchAngel Raguel (ArchAngel of Transformation among many other things) which is just one sample of the many ways the ArchAngels love us, support us, and guide us through this book:

Atomic fusion in action Raguel brings you transformation at the essential level. Embedded with Clear Apophylite, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 555,555.

Atomic fusion in action Raguel brings you transformation at the essential level. Embedded with Clear Apophylite, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 555,555.

“Faith the size of a mustard seed can indeed move mountains and more.  Have faith Children – Faith in your Creator, Faith in Creation, Faith in the Universal Cosmic and Sacred Laws of Love and Light.  Most importantly, HAVE FAITH in your own unique and perfect ability to Create all that you desire.”…

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book it is available in both printed and e-book format and may be purchased on my website HERE – or on HERE.

I highly encourage retailers to carry this book as it is an essential tool during this unique time of tremendous growth, shifting and changing. Please inquire directly by phone 603-594-2744 or email me at ISBN#978-0-9815594-8-3.

Interested in purchasing the original painting?  Please visit my online gallery site or for archival quality reproductions visit my gallery page on Fine Art

By the way if you enjoy visiting my website – Wendy from Gardenplum is the wonderwoman responsible for it’s beauty and flow – if it’s time for a new site for you maybe you should check her out….

Had a great weekend learning all about how to make slide show “movies”  – I’m on a ROLL!! It’s been so fun I ended up making three of them – and my first which I posted up on  the Slideshare site on Saturday was selected today as a Showcase pick by the editors for the Spiritual Catagory!! How do you like them apples?  I was pretty psyched…. Thought I’d share my fun here – Comments on the blog and/or the slideshare are MOST welcome!!!



REMEMBERING (This was the “Showcase” pick!)


Tree Vessel

Tree Vessel

Celestial Voices

Celestial Voices


Celestial Voices

<——- By the way – I still have a few copies left of my first printing of this book – get em before they are all gone!!  Buy HERE Mention that you saw the video or read this blog post and I’ll give you a special deal – free shipping – only while they last!!