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Sometimes it seems as if the weight and the speed of the planet is more than any single being can bear….. When you have those moments where everything is going so fast and you feel like you can’t keep up – or when everything is going sideways and you just can’t seem to get it together this is the invitation….. STOP – BREATHE.


The energies of transformation are swirling in and gusting around like a good strong March wind in the spring time – clearing out all the density, most particularly in the mental body for many who are on the path of light.  You may have noticed that those old creepy thought forms filled with negativity, harsh and critical to the sacred self have been arising uninvited in the mental body.  There is a stirring of the melting pot of the mind and those old stuck thoughts are now surfacing for intentional awareness and release.  The persistent and recurring thoughts that reduce you inside to a quivering, fearfilled, unproductive heap  are being brought up, uP, UP!    For many there will be a sense of frustration and futility that also arises – you may even begin to ADD to the negativity even further by beating yourself up for even having these thoughts – REALIZE THIS – You are connected in an inextricable matrix with the entire collective.  These thought forms that are coming – may or MAY NOT be your own….. Realize that a part of your mission and purpose as a light being is to be one of the conduits through which the healing of humanity takes place.  You are the sacred witness to the massive releasement of the underpinnings of the fear matrix – these negative, self defeating, fear inducing thoughts!!
What to do??? What to do??? –

Number One – BE AWARE – Realize that these thoughts – emerging as it seems from nowhere and everywhere – are being fed and energized even further when there is mass “agreement” on their supposed truth.  – So do your best to stay de-tached from the collective energy that is generated through the news media and other forms of “information” broadcasting.

Number Two – BE AWARE – Realize that you have a CHOICE – do you wish to ADD your energy – to energize, perpetuate and ruminate on these thought forms – to speak about all there is to “fear” and share and commiserate with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc.  about how “bad” things are getting “out there”.  Or would you prefer to withdraw your energy, storing it and directing it for your highest good in productive or meditative practices that leave you with a clear mind and a sense of empowerment and satisfaction in doing what you are able to do in THIS moment.

Number Three –  BE AWARE – notice, check in, monitor, be vigilant about your OWN energy field.  Feeling GREAT one minute and down, heavy or disheartened the next??? This is something you do have CONTROL over if you stay aware and there are many things you can do to RESHIFT your energy back to it’s NATURAL state of JOY, BLISS, PEACE, HARMONY and PRESENCE.  Time in Nature at the very least is a POWERFUL shifter.  There are other practices as well including meditation, exercise, journaling, deep breathing, hot salt baths.  Figure out what works for you – USE IT!!

Number Four – BE AWARE – Take EXCELLENT – No EXTRAORDINARY, EXCEPTIONAL, EXQUISITE Care of YOURSELF!  Get a LOT of rest – walk away from the computer, drink plenty of pure fresh clean water, eat LIGHTLY & ORGANICALLY, exercise, sleep some more, sit in mediation or prayer, be EXTREMELY Gentle with yourself.

Archangel Jeremiel $450  Fresh as the wind, clearing, lightening, opening the mind, Jeremiel blows powerfully through your auric field. Embedded with Lapis Lazuli this Vibrational Power Painting equals 555.

Archangel Jeremiel $450 Fresh as the wind, clearing, lightening, opening the mind, Jeremiel blows powerfully through your auric field. Embedded with Lapis Lazuli this Vibrational Power Painting equals 555.

The whole month of March leading up to the Equinox is expected to be quite energetically blustery – moments of intense energy surges, followed by lulls, followed by frenzies of activity and moments that may feel like you are approaching madness.  It will be good to be very clear on boundaries during this time and to practice holding your personal center and clarity.  Less will be more – anything that you initiate during a surge moment will have the impact of 10 times the effort that you are expending – anything that you attempt to move into being during a lull will be nearly impossible to budge – be GENTLE with yourself – BE AWARE.

Less is MORE – LESS IS MORE!!  Give yourself an IMMEDIATE TIME OUT if you start to feel at all frustrated and hampered in your forward progress – because that’s exactly what’s happening you are being hampered by UNIVERSAL forces that will leave you feeling like a beached whale if you try to oppose them.  When the surge comes – RIDE IT!! With GLEE!! Let out a whoop and a hollar and have FUN by GOD!  By 20 March equalizing will begin and you’ll feel like you have just come of the Crack the Whip at the carnival – maybe a little dizzy – but having had quite a ride.  Enjoy the journey!

Spring is a GREAT Time to Clear Out Your Spiritual Closet – a shamanic healing session – illumination or extraction work can be highly beneficial in removing the “hooks” in your electromagnetic field (lightbody) that get you caught in the whirlwind and spit out on the shore.  These sessions are wonderful either in person or over the phone – the work is equally effective either way.  Phone sessions not only allow you to save fuel but they are also recorded in the event that you’d like to revisit the work.

Crystal Singing Bowl work is also highly effective at clearing and aligning during tumultuous times – the bowls provide beautiful harmonization and vibrational healing work and are delighted to be of service.  Relaxation is vitally important to your well being – decoupling from the fright or flight response allows your body to deeply rest, restore itself and repair from the harmful overabundance of stress hormones that can be activated when you lose your balance and ability to think clearly.

Clarity Coaching can be highly beneficial when you are caught, lost, confused, or just cloudy on what your next steps are.  Working with your “upstairs team” as well as offering practical advice for your life journey!  I’m now booking appointments for all sessions at least 2 weeks out so if you are looking for some SPIRITUAL SPRING CLEANING – now is the time to set something up for yourself in my schedule!

Remember too that I make energetically supportive Spirit Essence Necklaces and Amulets for men or women to assist you in navigating this particular leg of your epic journey!

Like my art?  Original is for sale at my art gallery site AWGallery Direct.  Prints at FineArtAmerica!  Like to have art that is practical and useable – AA Jeremiel pictured above is available as a mousepad!  Try shopping at my Cafe Press Store!

Are you Strapped In?

Are you Strapped In?

Well it’s been wild to be sure – the last several weeks of Mercury Retrograde have given us all a wonderful opportunity to tune in and turn ourselves inside out!  Yesterday Mercury went direct and for me anyway the best way to describe the energy was like walking through a Cosmic Bumper Car Ride!

Energetically there is a lot of chaotic shifting, changing, and a multitude of opportunities arriving  for great growth and creative action.  The shifts are in some cases extreme – we are being asked to not only leave behind a great deal of old thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, patterns and ways of doing business – all quite suddenly but we are also simultaneously being CALLED FORTH.

What does this mean to be CALLED FORTH?? Your DIVINE Destiny is calling you now – the TIME is NOW like never before for you to drop all your false pretenses, to drop all the striving and straining and stressing, to let go of anything that might be less than the fullness of who you really are in all your infinite glory and to STAND in your TRUTH.  Reaching down deep into the very HEART CORE of your being you are asked now to admit – not just quietly and secretly to yourself and maybe a selected few “trusted” friends, relatives and aquaintances – but to admit – to the whole world, freely and in complete integrity that you REMEMBER who you are!

REMEMBER that you are Divinity Embodied, remember that you have the full creative capacities of the One Source!  Remember and admit that you have multi-dimensional capacities  – seeing, hearing, knowing, and feeling energy – reading minds, communicating telepathically, synchronistically intersecting with those with whom you have made “Cosmic Dates”.

IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME – We are the ones that we have been waiting for!  Drop the veils, break through the illusion of fear, lose your mind, find your heart!  Know that you will experience through your physical, emotional and mental bodies an intense FALLING AWAY of every single thing, every bit of energy, every particle and proton, every quanta of light that does not support your truth.  You will be asked to step forth and to claim your true heritage.  You are asked to proclaim to all that will hear that you are indeed an ARCHANGELIC BEING who has EMBODIED in physical form to activate the Evolution and Ascension of Humanity.

For so many this time of instant awakening will also bring forth an almost instant requirement for reconciliation – for many there will be a CALLING FORTH for support, guidance, assistance, help with navigating these GREAT CHANGES.  Many of you have navigated the awakening and ascending process ahead of the curve – know that you are preparing now for the great wave of awakening  of all of humanity and that the time is imminent for you to begin providing all the support and assistance that you have been training for through your own process over these last several years.   This will be a year of major waves of souls transitioning over to their next plane of reality – many will be called to be witness to and to prepare these beings for their Death Journey.

Detached compassion is the key to these times and an intense connection with your inner core power, your inner wisdom as well as extreme self care.  You can not be of any assistance to any one if you are down for the count yourself.  Take CARE of the BODY!! The BODY is your Vessel – it is your TEMPLE.  It will give you INFINITELY CLEAR signals when it needs to rest, reset, recover, release or retreat from the wider world.  Create time and space within your life to regularly care for yourself each and every day and remember to connect with and ground all excess energies into Mother Earth.  The more you can cultivate a deep and profound connection to the Mother the easier your movements in the world will be.  All is EXTREMELY well!! All is unfolding perfectly and magnificently according to plan.  Remember that this is a process still – even though it is now greatly accelerated you are all still in a PROCESS – give yourselves time to PROCESS.

Give Yourself TIME!

Give Yourself TIME!

Remember to call upon your “upstairs” team and also upon and team/support/guides on this level of reality who are here to provide you with services, sessions, validation and affirmation of your remembering process.  Remember too to BREATHE – to bring the Breath into your body – to BREATHE IN THE LIGHT.  And to BREATHE it out once more – with each and every breath bringing higher and higher quotients of light into your physical body and into this plane of reality.  Thank the Mother Earth for her assistance with grounding and dispersing the energy that you are all being now asked to channel – SHARE with the Mother – there is absolutely no need to “hoard” the energy or to worry if you “take a break” that the energy won’t be there – oh don’t you worry about that or ANYTHING else!!  Use your energy instead to care for yourself, to cement your connection to Earth and to dream the highest vision for yourself and your Sweet Mother that you have inside you to dream.  Peace, harmony, beauty, truth, goodness, abundance, health, love and light!

Should you require assistance during this time I am available for private phone sessions and readings and I also have created a wide variety of transformational tools as well “medicine” jewelry that will support your ascension process!   Be sure to access the FREE attunements and consider the series of paid attunements that are also available for those who are ready to step into the embodiment of their Divinity NOW!
I will also be teaching twice in the next few weeks – the Munay-Ki – 9 Great Rites of Initiation of the Peruvian Tradition of Shamanism

St. Augustine Florida – February 20-22

Nashua, NH  – March 6-8

During the next few weeks I will be slowing down a bit on the blogging and social networking as I will be out of the office for quite a bit of the last half of February receiving some additional training myself – Next week I will be at Julie Ann Turner’s Power Arc Live Intensive in Dallas TX.   If you think you might be drawn to join me there explore AMAZING AWAITS and tell Julie Ann I sent you!

This Honey Party I had a special friend come to visit me – Yo Mish (Michele Mahoney) is one of my fave people in the world to do “mental gymnastics” with – we love to bounce ideas, brainstorm, talk about energy, share our experiences and just laugh, laugh, laugh together – Mish is one of the funniest people I know – the way she tells a story – especially stories about herself  – is HILARIOUS – she knows how to laugh at herself very well and helps everyone who listens to her to connect with their vulnerabilities too and to see them in a new light.

We have been chatting for a while about how she can use her many skills and connections in the corporate world to effect change and to champion global sustainability.  One of the best ways that we can improve our chances for success is by making connections and by working with others to explore multiple perspectives and possibilities to advance our individual dreams as well as our collective desires.

Do you have some friends  or colleagues in other fields that you have hesitated to share your ideas with because you just didn’t think that they might be interested?  Sometimes when you put together multiple perspectives you create something that is so much more rich, varied, successful and sustainable than you could ever develop on your own.
One of the things that I have started to notice for myself and also have noticed is a “vibe” that is increasing in volume in the larger collective is the awakening of masses of people to their multidimensional (psychic) gifts.  More and more people are starting to “come out of the closet” so to speak – to not only bring together their spiritual gifts and their work but to really unite all the varied aspects of their lives, becoming more transparent and more authentic in everything they do.

There are so many opportunities to share and combine energies, ideas, and skills now – yes for many these appear to be challenging times – however it is in the most challenging of times that we are called upon to access our Inspiration, to tap into all our Resources, to surrender the “old” ideas and ways of doing things, and to come together as a collective to generate and cultivate new ways, new ideas, new solutions and new combinations that have never been tried before!

Explore the many possibilities that the Universe has to offer you – share, brainstorm, explore, invite all your gifts to come forth and begin again in each moment to dream your new world into being!  You are definitely a Success!  Don’t forget to Celebrate!!

If you are “Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet” and would like some validation, assistance, guidance, or grounding – I can definitely support you in your journey!  I have lot’s of products and services including my newly added service “The PsyCHIC Workout!” that can help you no matter where you are on your path!  Be sure to explore my website and if you know others who could be served as well please pass my info along!  Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook too for regular updates & Tweets!

Oh and yes – I realized after the fact that my husband Ross was in the background of this video as we were making it – Hi Ross! – working hard at his computer – think I might need to put a backdrop up next time – opinions anyone?

Honey for Episode #22 YS Organic Bee Farms Antioxident Power Honey!!  Pure!  Raw!!  Purchased at Earth Energies in Nashua, NH

Recently on Twitter (follow me on Twitter @AWyldfyre) I “met” a wonderful Goddess who had some amazing words about valuing your work – whether you are an artist, a healer or anyone else who is self employed I feel that these words were quite valuable to contemplate – so I invited her to be a guest blogger – let me know what you think (comments are VERY welcome!)   leonieavatar1

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Abundant Goddess: Sacred Pricing

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

Today I got an email from a beautiful soul who is starting on the path of selling her artworks, and wants to know how on *earth* to price them. Do you pull a number out of thin air? Work out your costs + projections – deductions + profits x headaches induced by lefty-brained logistics = perfect price?agoddesshergypsyheartgoodsmall

And I started thinking about how this isn’t just about pricing artwork. This is about every time we need to put a number value on our work. You don’t have to be an artist to have this question. Maybe you’re a healer. Or a massage therapist. Or a babysitter. Or a designer. Or any kind of businesswoman, really.

So let’s circle… and talk Sacred Pricing.

The time I didn’t honour Sacred Pricing.

So, once upon a time, Leonie didn’t sell her artwork. She gave it away. Whenever anyone mentioned they liked her artwork, she gave it to them. Even relative strangers.

Why did Leonie do this?
Because she thought that was the nice thing to do.loveistrue
Because she loved making the artwork, so she wanted to share it freely.
Because she was uncomfortable with putting a price on her gifts.sacredpricing

All the above is true. In fact, I gave artwork away up until four years ago. I felt fairly okay about the whole arrangement – but I had little bits of sadness about it. Like the part where I felt a little bit used up by it. And the part where I felt like I hadn’t honoured my paintings properly. And like I’d just given away my babies to families that I wasn’t really sure about.

I was starting to feel in my soul that maybe this wasn’t the right way to do it anymore. Like there had to be a better way for me, for my spirit, and for my art.

The words that changed me.

As they say – when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. One twilight, I was driving back from a labyrinth. It had been my first outing with my women’s circle, and I was bundled up in the back of a car with my two mentors in the front. {I’ll use totem names here, as I’m more comfortable with that today}.goddes-melly

Eagle Woman turned to the older Jaguar Woman and said “Leonie’s been having problems charging for her artwork. I told her you would be the right one to speak to about that.” Jaguar Woman is beautiful – silver white hair, wide blue eyes. She turns to me, and in her Scandinavian accent asks me “What is this problem Leonie? What are you charging right now?”

I blushed. And stammered. I tend to do this when caught off guard by honesty. “Ummm… nothing. I give my art away.” “And why do you do that?” “Because it’s… easier. I don’t have to think about it then. If people want it, they can just have it.”

Our headlights glowed along the stretch of road. We were driving through a large paddock, kangaroos and farm houses and old trees visible through the soft light. Jaguar Woman began to speak, and I listened.

“You must charge for your art. In everything – everything – there needs to be an exchange of energy. An equal one. One that fills me up. One that fills you up. If I give you a massage that nourishes and sustains and relaxes you, I ask you for money to nourish and sustain my life too. We must both be involved in the exchange, otherwise it is one sided. We must both be invested, so we both receive value. If I do not allow you to pay money for my service, I do a disservice to myself, but also to you. You must contribute too, in order to be fulfilled. You will value the things you pay for more. And my life will be better because I have helped your life be better. And your life will be better, because you have helped my life be better too. Everything – everything – must be an equal exchange of energy. It is sacred. Money is the manifestation of energy. Money is sacred too.”

Pricing to sustain and enrich you…

Since Jaguar Woman spoke those words to me four years ago, my mindset has been changed about money, and charging for my gifts and services. It is continually being tweaked, changed and evolved – as most things are in life. As we evolve, so do our attitudes and our insights about the things around us and in us.

My advice in pricing is this – price your services and products so that it sustains and enriches you. Price so that you feel happy selling at that price. Price so it feels like a true energy exchange – that what you are giving to another – they are giving the same value to you. Price so your life will feel joyful from it.artimitateslife1

Leonie’s tiny bit of pricing practically…

From a practical level, make sure you include all your costs in, and then work out if the profit number sustains you.

I remember selling prints a couple of years ago. I forgot to work out prices of postage for the kind of tube I was sending. In the end, I lost $4 for every print I sold. That profit number obviously didn’t sustain me. 🙂

Just remember – every sale has a cost. Write up a scratchy list of them, so you know what energy you are truly giving out and receiving in.

A little note on gifting.

I’m so not anti-gifting. What I’m into is giving when it feels conscious and energy-filled from both ends.

Sometimes I still *gift* artwork to dear friends and family – but now I only do it because I WANT to do it. Not because I’m uncomfortable with the putting-a-price part of it. Not because I think I SHOULD. I do it when it’s true for me.

Passing the talking stick…

Over to you, gorgeous goddesses, if you’d like to share your experience or questions about sacred pricing… All words are held in a container of love.

Just like you.

Wishing you deep abundance always ~

Byline ~
Leonie Allan is a Goddess Guide, artist, writer and photographer of spirit. She runs Creative Goddess e-Courses and Circles to help women all over the world embrace their creativity and spirituality. You can find her at

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The energies of release and the dying away of old paradigms have been incredibly intense.  There is a building, growing, amplifying awareness that much of the “way things are” is undergoing rapid & sometimes violent change.   Can you feel it?  Are you caught in the cleanse?  There is a toxic river that has been flowing for far too long and the time has come for it to be cleaned up and cleared out.  This is showing up throughout our world in many, many ways.  Each of us is navigating a bit differently.  visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineLightworkers as a whole have been doing their own very sacred and personal inner work of house cleaning, cleansing and allowing to fall away and die all that no longer serves for quite some time now.  Many of us have been called – over and over again – to take massive leaps of faith – to create something for ourselves that’s totally new- out of seemingly nothing and then almost immediately to let it collapse as we are moved on to the next level of light.  For some of us it is as if we have lived two, three, four or more lifetimes in just this last few years.  And the pace is accellerating. The closer we come to the end of time and the speed of light the more rapidly we are going to be manifesting.  Our manifesting powers are becoming so rapid for some of us that mere thoughts will create a near instant physical response in our surroundings.

We are being really deeply called to become ever more impeccable, impeccable with our thoughts, our words, our actions and our emotions.  The faster things go the more easily you can navigate by slowing down.  It’s vital to be clear, balanced, open and fluid.  We are being presented with continual opportunities to get virtually “instant” feedback from each choice that we decide to energize in any way.  Use your wisdom, fall back on your faith, trust in your inner guidance and really release the mind and the old ways of thinking and believing.  A massive cleanup of the collective consciousness has been activated.  The energies are pouring forth to support this cleanse.  Let GO.  It is SO important to LET GO.  If you hold on you will not float above the churning, swirling, decomposing energies – you’ll be sucked in to the deep of it, wallowing in the toxicity, the negativity and the intensity of the collective purge.  You must LET GO and LET GOD.  God/Spirit/Creator/Universe is a benevolent force and is activating this deep cleanse in preparation for an amazing quantum shift that is unfolding right before our very eyes.

In this request to you to LET GO – this means of EVERY THING.  Relationships, careers, places of residence, family ties, your belief systems, ways of thinking, ways of relating, feelings, possessions, EVERY THING.  NO attachment.  Cultivate the fine art of detachment.  You will be given a multitude of opportunities to practice this art.  One such opportunity may find you in the form of conflict within your personal relationships or you may discover that you are the target for another’s projections as they are moving through their own healing process.  Be clear, BREATHE, observe.  What is truly meaningful to you?  Do you wish peace and harmony.  Be peace and harmony.  DO NOT ENGAGE.  Many of us are being asked to move into learning this practice of detachment in our most intimate and close relationships.  This practice, in your very own hearts and  homes is designed to strengthen your ability to navigate with calm, compassionate and clear detachment as the larger collective begins to move through it’s “healing crisis”.  Be grateful for this opportunity to practice as practice makes perfect.  Be impeccable.

Let no heavy, dense or negative energy accumulate or sit with you or in your field of being for very long without moving to your toolbox and connecting with the practice or practices

Spirit Essence Necklace Made for Satya Amma Anela Avelokitasvara

Spirit Essence Necklace Made for Satya Amma Anela Avelokitasvara

that most serve you to assist you in clearing.  Your practice will pay off in honing your skills at doing this so that you can then teach it to others who will be POURING forth from the collective to seek your assistance and guidance.Many of you now have accumulated all the tools that you personally need to do this work – some are still in the process of their own final personal clearing and are encouraged to take whatever steps you are guided to take to collect your own tools – this can be in the form of instruments, stones, teachings, healing sessions, jewelry etc.  You will know – trust that you will know.  This is a true preparation for the incredibly high frequency vibrations that are imminent and will begin to flow in quite rapidly by the end of the coming Mercury Retrograde period which will commence on 1/11 and end February 1, 2009.

Appointments are available for individual sound healing, activations, attunements, initiations, light transfusions, clarity coaching and more.  Please visit my site in order to book a session.  Archangel Ascension Audio Attunements are also on my site – 3 are available for no charge and the remainder for a small fee that helps to offset the cost of hosting, maintaining and updating my site.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with a lovely young man Michael Neeley who is a fellow Shaman currently in training in the Healing The Light Body School and also a student of mine who is taking Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Basic Healer and Master Teacher workshop with me this month.  I was thrilled that he brought a little surprise with him  yesterday!  Yes!! A NEW honey to try – this was Washington Buckwheat Honey by the BeeRaw people and let me tell you it was totally amazing.  His gift inspired me to do another episode of the Honey Party – and this one is all about SHARING.

Success by itself can be really quite sweet but there’s something really special about sharing your successes with someone else – whether it’s just one friend (like Michael and I yesterday) or your family, or maybe a whole group (any excuse for a party works for me!) – one of the sweetest things to do is to share that good vibration – the positive energy that is generated when you succeed.  As we approach the end of 2008 and head into the heightened activity of the holiday season it’s time to look at your successes from this past year.  It’s also time to look around and see who you’d like to share with – Brighten their day and your own by having a little Honey Party yourself!

Michael and I had a wonderful day yesterday – not just sharing the honey but also sharing energy – He’s learning to teach Shamballa and one of his tasks yesterday was to set up our altar and a vortex of energy into which we could release any energies that were no longer serving us.  Here’s a photo of what he did – quite extraordinary I think – don’t you?

Notice the Orb by Michael's Hand?

Notice the Orb by Michael's Hand?

So right in the middle of writing this post – the phone rang – and out of no where – who was calling??? MTV CANADA!!!  I’ve been asked to come on in January to do readings for two of their show hosts and make some predictions for the year ahead.  Thank goodness my brother is here  (he’s working on finishing my basement) – I could barely contain my excitement  –  MTV CANADA!! OMG!!! I ran down stairs and we did the happy dance together – and now I’m sharing with you!   Wow what a way to end my 2008 – I’ve been blessed in so many ways – thank you all for being a part of my journey – celebrate your own success – share with someone you love – give gratitude to yourself for being brave and risking trying new things, to your friends and family for supporting you along the way, to your “upstairs team” for their loving guidance and assistance.  Remember to keep your feet firmly rooted in the Mother Earth (just like the Sacred Apus) and keep reaching for the stars!  Shine your light and be a beacon for others to shine their own…… May you be blessed with endless successes.

Please visit my websites if you are interested in a psychic reading, shamanic healing session, a piece of Spirit Essence Jewelry, some fine Artbooks or CDs.  If you enjoyed this post please feel free to share it with others who you think might be interested and feel free to comment – comments are great because the “webcrawlers” find them and help to increase the visibility of these messages – so if you think this message could benefit others adding your comments here will help others to find it!  Thanks so much for your kind and generous support of my journey!


In today’s episode I talk about creating Sacred Space for your success – I was on the phone last night to one of my oldest friends Michele who owns Victory Sport Horses in Gainesville Florida and also is a photographer with her husband Dave Mullinix who goes all up and down the East Coast photographing horses at horse shows and other events.  

She has, in recent years, been opening up to her creative side and recently she’s started to write.  On the phone last night she was expressing her concerns that there might be something wrong because all she wants to do is close her self in her room and write.

I assured her that it was vital to her well being to answer the “call of the muse” and do her writing when it’s coming through and I also validated for her how important it is to honor and value yourself and your creative expression enough to make the space and time for it to happen.  Sometimes that means saying to your family members that they are on their own for dinner tonight – sometimes it means letting go of connecting with your friends or colleagues for a bit – sometimes it means using the magic word “NO”.  As my colleague and magical medicine sister Nancy Marmolejo said recently in one of her blog posts NO is a complete sentence!  When you successfully complete whatever your next brainchild is you may want to hook up with Nancy for some great and super current marketing advice like this marketing tip from Crazy Horse from recent blog post of hers.

Setting boundaries for yourself is a useful thing to do in all areas of your life.  It’s important to be clear about what you do and do not want to show up in your world.  Boundaries aren’t meant to block the flow – rather they are meant to create a container within which the flow can be captured – kind of like the way the basin of the lake holds the water allowing the element of water to transform itself into something more – the lake!

A good boundary is like a clear window pane – You can see out, the light can come in but the dust and debris, the cold or the hot air, the sounds of traffic etc. are kept out of your space.  No judgment either – it’s not about judging what’s outside of your boundaries as bad and what’s inside as good – it’s about knowing what’s good FOR YOU, claiming it and leaving everything else out.

So make sure you create some sacred space today – it will do you a world of good and will help you to focus and concentrate on YOUR SUCCESS!

Interested in learning more about creating space or getting clarity in your life?  Perhaps a Clarity Coaching session would serve.  I promised I’d give you some more of the honey info which I’ll do below – but before I do did you check out my new necklace in the video???  Very Egyptian wouldn’t you agree?  I made it on Friday from beads that I picked up in September on my way back from a week of Shamanic Medicine Work.  Maybe you’d like to order a Spirit Essence Necklace and call upon the energies, wisdom and assistance of the Crystal Kingdom to assist you through your present transition on your personal journey.  I went to the International Gem Show this past weekend and brought back a SLEW of new beads that are just jumping to serve!  Here’s what a medicine brother had to say about his new Spirit Essence Necklace:

Oh My…..Goddess!!!  I received the package and sat with it for about a half hour. I got my Mesa, Rattles, Feather and Spirit Water. I felt the need to create a ceremony to bring this Beauty into my life. I headed outdoors and found one of my favorite places to perch. I came to stillness and began unwrapping the package. The Beauty that emerged was breathing taking…..I was speechless….overwhelmed with feeling. My initial instinct was to put it on but when I went to something stopped me……I had not honored this Beauty. I placed the Spirit Essence on my Mesa and began to rattle above it facing South and going through the Medicine Wheel I turned, honoring the Directions, Pachamama and Inti Ti and as my gaze rose towards the Heavens 2 Hawks circled above me…..the time was Now so I placed it around my neck and I Walk in Beauty.  I Feel It……..

May You All-ways Walk in Beauty and Bliss.

Munay, Frank”


Ok – On to the honey-  6 more today –

Episode #7 Manuka Honey Bio Active 10+ from New Zealand  – bought this at Earth Energies in Nashua, NH (Remember this is MEDICINE honey – Very Intense but totally terrific for colds and sore throats!)

Episode #8  FiordiMiele Acacia Honey – Italian bought at Earth Energies – My personal absolute fave honey – totally delicate – totally amazing – like the nectar of the Gods – Or probably the Goddesses!

Episode #9 – Y.S. Organic Bee Farms Raw Honey with Phyto Foods – Papaya, Grapefruit, Mango & Passion Fruit again purchased at Earth Energies, Nashua, NH

Episode #10 – FiordiMiele Wild Flower – Italian Honey from the Abruzzo Region Award Winning!  Bought at Earth Energies, Nashua, NH

Episode #11 – Meadow Clover Honey from the Golden Angels Apiary PO Box 2 Rd. 752 Singers Glen, VA 22850 – brought to me as a gift from my husband

Episode #12 – Really Raw Honey Pesticide Free Totally Unheated and Untreated – bought at Earth Energies but I also found MASSIVE jars of this for sale at Earthward on 101A in Amherst NH and online

In today’s episode I’m congratulating a woman that I met “virtually” back in early 2004 during the very first teleworkshop I attended which was called The Self Help Author’s Crash Course. The workshop was hosted by author and coach Suzanne Falter Barnes who wrote the NY Times Best Seller “How Much Joy Can You Stand”.  At the time I had just “channeled” my first big down load of written material – an inspirational card deck – and I signed up for the class to learn about the publishing world.  It was a DYNAMITE workshop and I took oodles of notes and have used a lot of Suzanne’s advice over the years in various ways as I have been “building my platform”.

One of the best pieces of advice that she gave in that workshop was to capture everything that comes through – at the time she talked about having notebooks everywhere she went and all over her house.  That little tidbit alone has served me very well.  The card deck is still sitting in that pile on the desk behind me – it hasn’t yet made it to print but like all my creative work I’ve discovered that the act of expressing what’s inside is what is most important. 

It’s not about whether I get on Oprah or make a million dollars (although I wouldn’t turn my nose up at either!), it’s about joyfully and without reservation expressing and creating what I’m inspired to create in each moment.   Sometimes that’s Jewelry, sometimes it’s Art, sometimes it’s Writing, sometimes it’s Music, sometimes it’s Audio Workshops, and ALWAYS it’s inspired by guidance from Spirit!

So today I really wanted to CELEBRATE and CONGRATULATE my fellow SHACC (Self Help Author’s Crash Course) classmate Nancy Marmolejo who I have followed as she has morphed through a beautiful transformation process going from having a simple coaching practice – Comadre Coaching – back in 2003 to this week being selected as one of the TOP 50 Most Powerful and Influential Women in Social Networking. 

Nancy is gifted with a magical and beautiful combination of being a business, marketing and information age dynamo and at the same time a powerfully spiritual woman who has deep roots into her Aztec heritage and is not afraid to share her indigenous & spiritual experiences with the world. 

I have learned a WHOLE lot from this generous being who has an endless fountain of free or inexpensive information on her website and blog.  Every day Nancy has wonderful, creative, practical and useful ideas and she shares them easily and generously.  It’s no wonder she was selected for this honor.  Awards and recognition are great no doubt but I think Nancy does what she does for the sheer joy of it more than anything else too!  Congratulations Nancy and Thank you for your generosity, wisdom, good humor and great example of not only how to be successful in business but how to be successful in life!

I’m taking off for the next week to finish my training with the Four Winds Society, my last master’s class in order to be a certified graduate of the Healing the Light Body School.  Working with the Sacred.  It should be a great week.  At the end of the month October 31 – November 2 I’m teaching the Munay-Ki – The Nine Great Rites of Initiation of the Inka Tradition – here in Nashua, NH.  Please contact me by email if you’d like to register!

Look for another episode of Sharing Sweet Success when I return!

Well I’m at it again – working on this fun little Honey Party Project.  I’m really enjoying playing with this – it’s funny and sweet and in the moment and very joyful! 

Have you checked out the necklaces I’ve been wearing?  They are personal medicine pieces that I’ve created for myself.  In Episode 1 I have on my latest creation – the Golden Harvest necklace – a splendiforous display of multicolored amber beads highlighting three amazing natural maple leaves that have been dipped in metal – preserving the outline of the leaf for posterity!  Connecting me with the energies of the tree people for sure and reminding me of my first visit to KRIPALU center which is a magical place for transformation, personal growth and expanding your awareness.

I had my very first visit to Kripalu exactly 6 years ago this weekend – it was Columbus Day weekend and the trip to Lenox, Mass was a celebration and gift to myself for finally completing my divorce from my first husband.  I remember that weekend vividly – I had booked myself for R & R and one of the workshop presenters was Christine Warren – what a wonderful gift to the world this woman is!  Anyway during the workshop which was called Navigating Change I think, the issue that came to the surface for me was control.  A powerful issue to wrestle with – I remember having to come to terms with how having to control every thing was incredibly damaging to my life, my mental and emotional well being and was even showing up in my physical body as back pain.  I also learned that there were a lot of gifts that came with control.  It’s so important to look at both sides and not get polarized into thinking anything is either good or bad.  Finding the balance around control was what the point of the whole workshop was for me anyway.

When things are out of control (or seem that way) the inner work is all about finding the balance, getting to that sweet spot deep within  yourself where everything is stillness and you hear the voice of the Wise One within.  At the end of that weekend I went to the woods for a walk and was taken with the abundance that was revealed all around me.  Mother Nature is incredibly abundant and what I took away from that walk was that like the falling leaves that were all around me, above me and below me underfoot, that the Universe is filled to overflowing with creative ideas and inspiration and that it’s OK to let some or even MOST of them go.  I don’t have to manifest every single idea that I come up with and I certainly don’t have to beat myself up or hold myself to such a high level of expectation and perfection when I don’t manifest every little creation that comes to mind.  In fact in the letting go of a lot of great ideas – like the falling leaves I make a nice, nourishing, nuturing mulch pile that feeds the TREE of ME and out of which the brilliance of perhaps only one great idea will manifest!  It’s all good.

So if you are enjoying these videos please let me know – I’m having a LOT of fun making them!  I’m also fully stocked with a massive array of NEW BEADS that I picked up when I was on my Western Mass & Upstate NY journey last week including BROWN LAVA which is incredibly yummy.  Think I’m going to make like a bee and go down to my studio and wallow in the beauty of the beads and see what I am guided to create.  Maybe you’d like to have a customized, personal medicine piece to support you wherever you are on your journey presently.   Spirit Essence Necklaces or Amulets are great for this work – the stones are very present for us now and assisting many in making their transformational journey. 

Vibrant Colors - Breathtaking Hm?

Vibrant Colors - Breathtaking Hm?

By the way – I mentioned that I sent out my Autumn Events Calendar so if you are in the New England area or maybe thinking about a visit to see all these beautiful leaves falling and changing color maybe you’d like to come by and see me at one of these:

Autumn Events Reminder!
Hope you are enjoying this bountiful harvest season!! If you are in the New England Area for leaf peeping be sure to visit me at one of these events!

* October 14 – Circles Of Wisdom 90 Main Street Andover MA Celestial Voices Book Signing *FREE EVENT* followed by An Evening of Channelled Messages from the Archangels with Amethyst Wyldfyre $35 – Get more info or register at or call 978-474-8010 Festivities start at 6 PM!

 * October 16 – Open Doors 395 Washington Street, Braintree, MA Intro to Angels and Angel Card Reading $59 starts at 7 PM. Contact or 781-845-8224 to register or for more info!

  * October 31 – November 2 Munay-Ki – Receive and Learn to Transmit the 9 Great Rites of Initiation of the Inka Tradition 3 Day workshop – contact me by return email to get more info or to register!

 * November 9 – Angels & Trinkets Holiday Fair Holiday Inn Northeastern Blvd. Nashua for more info – I’ll be doing readings!

 * November 16 – Seacoast Better Living Expo Frank Jones Center Portsmouth NH – for more info – I’ll be doing readings!

One final question for you….. Is There a Book Inside of You? (or in your desk, your computer, the bottom drawer, your bedside table?) be sure to check out – get to it before October 15 for super savings!

Enjoy the Crisp Autumn Air, the smells and sounds of the falling leaves, the beauty and the bounty of the Harvest – Love and light,  Amethyst
Oh and enjoy a free gift from me if you like – visit Answers From Your Angels and sign up for 30 days of Answers From Your Angels for *FREE*
Eric Lindemer with the Purple Fruits of the Harvest

Eric Lindemer with the Purple Fruits of the Harvest

Well I’m back from my medicine journey to Upstate NY and have been spending today just getting back on the ground, clearing my desk, sorting and following up on any number of items that were calling for my attention.   It’s been an interesting few weeks into this retrograde period which started back on the 24th of September and will end on the 16th of October.  So what has been happening has been very interesting and I want to share in this post so that you will have some validation for whatever you have been experiencing.

The first word that I want to focus on is RE-CONNECTING – for me there has been a real SURGE in reconnecting energies.  It started for me the day after retrograde began with a visit from a medicine brother, student and teacher on the journey, Eric Lindemer of Skye Institute who graced me with his presence after several months on the road.  Here he is with an offering that he brought to me – what a sweet gift – look at all these magical purple fruits from the harvest.   He told me of his journey from Georgia to Oklahoma along the Trail of Tears and the many blessings and ceremonial healings he performed along the way.  Immediately I was inspired to create and what you see around his neck is a Spirit Essence Necklace which incorporates Turquoise, Lava, and a deer bone which was a medicine gift from another brother that I just “knew” needed to be placed into a necklace. 

My Spirit Essence Necklace with Arrowhead from Eric (Walking Flame)

My Spirit Essence Necklace with Arrowhead from Eric (Walking Flame)

Eric (Walking Flame) gifted me with a most MAGNIFICENT arrow head which has the most amazing color green which also promptly landed in this necklace that I made for myself.  In both necklaces I really felt the strong desire to incorporate “tear” shaped beads to commemorate and symbolize the story of his healing work along the Trail of Tears that inspired both pieces.  Eric’s necklace has tears of Turquoise – for wholeness.  My tears are made of Seraphinite which holds one of the highest healing vibrations possible on the planet in a stone at this time, bringing in healing from the Celestial and Angelic Realms.  The balance of the stones in my necklace are Kombaba Jasper which I believe carries the same energy as the Seraphinite only in a very grounded format which really links the Earth and the Heavens in a union of healing vibrations.  Of course both of us were actively in the mode of RECEIVING – the second word that this post is exploring.  All too often we refuse to allow ourselves to RECEIVE.  Letting yourself RECEIVE is one of the greatest of gifts.  When we fail to RECEIVE we shortcircuit the natural flow of energy that governs the universe, in which everything is in circulation – a beautiful flow of giving and receiving.  In cutting ourselves off from receiving we stop up the flow and then we wonder why when our finances, our relationships, our creative juices all dry up. 

Worthiness is a big component of this practice of receiving.  So if you have been questioning your self worth, either consciously or not so consciously, now is the time to realize that you are WORTHY – that you are a child of God and that God doesn’t make ANY junk!!  These old negative messages that we tell ourselves, “I’m not good enough”  “I don’t deserve that” “I don’t need any help” “I can make it on my own”  all those old tapes that we play that we might have heard from a misguided parent, teacher, relative, spouse – it’s time NOW to RELEASE these.  It’s no wonder that our financial systems are a mess.  Collectively we are all carrying old thoughts, patterns of behavior, emotional traumas and incorrect perceptions of our selves, our worth in the world and our deservedness to be fruitful and multiply.  So the final word RELEASE comes into play now – what can you release from your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual matrix?  Can you let go of all these thoughtforms that no longer serve you?  How about creating a ceremony – make a list of all these junky thoughts and burn that list in a dish or in the fireplace.  Clear your head, heart and home of anything that you no longer need in your sphere of influence.  Then RELEASE, let yourself RECEIVE and RECONNECT with the benevolent Universe which will always provide for you exactly what you desire if only you can remember that you are worthy. 

If you desire some assistance with the clearing process at the energetic or mental/emotional body levels then perhaps you might let yourself receive a Shamanic Healing or Clarity Coaching Session.  Give yourself the gift of healing – phone and in person appointments are available.  Phone sessions are great – they save on fuel – and you get a free recording of the session to review later if you like!