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Identifying The Seven Monsters that EAT your Self Worth!

When we are born we come to the world with a soul that is carrying lifetimes of experiences.  We choose to incarnate in order to fulfill some purpose – everyone and everything in creation has a purpose!  Sometimes we find ourselves feeling like we’ve been  “born into the wrong family” (or culture, or social system) and we feel at odds with everything around us.  We may experience lots of hardships, traumas, dramas or just all around hellish experiences that leave IMPRINTS on our soul. These imprints can cause us later on in our life time to suffer greatly, to question our value and to suppress our natural born ability to create the life we are dreaming of living.  These IMPRINTS can be tracked in the anatomy of the soul and healed with appropriate guidance and medicine.  The soul or Luminous Energy Field contains all the imprinting from your present life as well as your previous or parallel lifetimes – so  sometimes even if you were “born into the RIGHT family” you may discover that you are facing challenges that just don’t even make sense given the circumstances – in this case it’s probably a karmic or even ancestral, cultural or archetypal imprint that you are challenged with.

Imagine the soul is like playdough – every time a trauma or heavy experience occurs an impression is made on or in one of your major energy centers – the Chakras or it may even pervade your entire luminous field (sometimes called the aura).  Here are 7 distinct fears or imprints created by wound/traumas that will absolutely eat up your self worth and the energy centers where these “monsters” live:

Fear of Not Having Enough – Lives in your ROOT or Base Chakra – Survival Issues and Lack

Fear of Not Being Good Enough – Lives in your SACRAL or creative Chakra – Self Sabotage/Overdoing

Fear of Power/Success – Lives in your Solar Plexus or Power Chakra –  Boundary/Control Issues

Fear of Being Abandoned – Lives in Heart Chakra – Excessive Grief/Depression Feeling Empty

Fear of Speaking Your Truth – Lives in Throat 0r Creative Expression Chakra – Unable to Express Needs

Fear of Betrayal – Lives in Third Eye or Brow Chakra – Broken Dreams, Disbelief, Doubt, Distrusting

Fear of Loneliness/The Unknown – Lives in Crown Chakra – Fear of Being the Leader/Responsibility

Starting with the BREATH, there are certain techniques which are specifically and precisely designed to get to the core of your soul and your issues around self worth, to clear out these monsters and to Build a BRIDGE that restores your soul to it’s original Divine Blueprint of perfection.  When healed we are able to Thrive, Create, Be in Right Relationship with others, Love Unconditionally, Express our Needs and create beauty in the world with ease and grace, Dream BIG and Manifest and Lead ourselves, our families, our communities and our world into a future of bright promise.  We become able to recognize our true worth to the world as co-creators of this reality and can bring through and fully embody our Divine Wealth and exchange it for material wealth through embodying our unique and magnificent souls!

Women it’s time to Build the Bridge between the Spiritual and the Material realm and to help women to REALIZE (bring into reality) the fact that they are WORTHY of WEALTH  which is why I’m joining Kiva Leatherman of the Wise Women Network on September 29th to present a complimentary Teleclass called Worthy Of Wealth – won’t you join us?

Amethyst Wyldfyre – The Speakers Shaman and Divine Destiny Mastery Mentor is an EMPOWERED Messenger!  A Multidimensional Visionary Speaker, Author, Teacher and Artist, she specializes in serving visionary leaders and conscious entrepreneurs who want to feel Safe, Powerful and Ready to LEAP fearlessly into their highest level of service and who want to profit handsomely from following their Spiritual path.  She can be found at please help yourself to some free gifts for you at

Attitude – or our alignment and focus with a certain vibrational harmonic is coming forth to be recognized as a powerful manifesting and co-creative tool.  What we project is what we receive back from the Unified Field of Consciousness.visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline  Are you sending out messages of WANTING or NEEDING around abundance – be wise with your messages – if you are WANTING OR NEEDING you may just get back an ABUNDANCE of Wants and Needs showing up in your environment.  Instead if you can recognize what you have and have FAITH that what you desire is ALREADY IN EXISTENCE in the Universe then you will realize that you are surrounded by and blessed endlessly with what my friend the Faerie of Fun and I have identified as our new Mantra:

“More Than Enough, All The Time, Every Day for Every One”

Say that a few times and see how you feel.  As we navigate the dismantling of the matrix of “manufactured lack” some may be caught up and polarized in the process.  This is an opportunity to fully and completely examine your thoughts, emotions, patterns and choices around money, abundance, giving and receiving and anything to do with eating, feeding, being fed, nurturing, your body, mothering, and most importantly your connection to the Earth.

NOW is the TIME to release any negative, heavy or dis-eased thoughtforms, emotions, or experiences around your earthly connections and your physical manifestation in form.  If you experienced any trauma in your childhood associated with your Mother or with a mother figure you may feel a great disconnect from your Mother the Earth – there are so many highly sensitive beings who have been “walking” around half out of their physical bodies – because of trauma in this life OR in a previous life that created a disconnect in wanting to BE HERE NOW. 

Invite in your personal team of guides, angels, and spirit animal helpers to assist you in grounding in to your physical body IN JOY.  Being in a state of joyful acceptance of your physical body and of your physical existance will greatly enhance and (if things are sideways or upside down in your life) correct any difficulties you may be experiencing with acknowledging the abundance that is ever present in energetic form just waiting for your attention and creative focus. 

All the building blocks for anything that you desire to manifest are available to you HERE NOW.  Using your focused intent and holding an attitude of gratitude for all the abundant elemental materials that are available for you to create from will enable you to birth forth the world of your dreams.

Synchronicity and almost “instant” manifestation is “up” right now – we are finally at the point of having enough experience with discerning what we’d like to create that we are getting more and more adept at “making it happen” pretty immediately.  Monitoring all thought forms and replacing any that don’t serve with new one’s or with a mantra – like the one above unless you prefer a more traditional mantra or have received one from a teacher or guru – is highly beneficial now too.  We can create anything we desire.  Be in gratitude for all you have created so far – notice what you’d like to change – align yourself with your highest vibrational matrix – attune to gratitude and make miracles!
Sometimes we need an “extra set of eyes” or another’s point of view to be able to “see” something that has been blocking us, tripping us up or keeping us trapped in old behavior patterns.  I had that experience myself last week when a medicine sister came to visit – we were working on something that I’ve been wrestling with for 10 years – and even after all this work on myself there it was up for me to look at AGAIN – the frustration of having to work on this one more time was almost more than I could bear – thankfully she was present and could see what I’d been missing all along – she could see in the “blind spot” and with just a few words and guidance I immediately felt this energy leaving not just one chakra but every single chakra in my light body – physically I felt like the whole front of my body was being “alka seltzered”.  Oh what sweet relief to be able to FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY let this go at every single level of my being. 

Don Francisco with Amethyst

Don Francisco with Amethyst

I am very grateful – words can not even begin to express my gratitude – for the teachings that have been brought to us by Dr. Alberto Villaldo and even more importantly from the medicine men and women of the High Andes who have stewarded these teachings for aeons nurturing them and passing them down generation after generation – going into the high mountains into hiding when the Spanish came in order to preserve these teachings for just this time in our evolvement – Thank you thank you thank you to my lineage of light.

Shamanic Healing works just as well over the phone as in person – save fuel, save energy, clear old patterns, illuminate your light body, experience past life and karmic clearing, entity extraction, soul retrieval, chakra clearing and balance, light body cleanse and more.  Now booking appointments for the second week of December and beyond.

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