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Having just completed a weekend of teaching – I thought it would be great to do another honey party with one of my students – I had a honey on the counter that I hadn’t opened yet that was made in Germany and it turned out that Miriam is of German descent – in fact she is the first of her family who was born on American soil!

The class that I taught was the Munay-Ki – The Nine Great Rites of Initiation of the Peruvian tradition of shamanic medicine work.  It’s been a little less than 2 years since I myself took this class through The Four Winds Society.   During the course of the weekend my students learned to teach as well as to give the 9 Great Rites and in the process of participating they all catalyzed some deep healing at every level of their being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  The energies of the Munay-Ki provide us with the opportunity to step beyond the wounds of our past, our social and familial conditioning, karmic, past life and ancestral wounds and to not only heal and release them but also to create a clean, clear, radiant, luminous energy field into which seeds are planted to catalyze the evolutionary process that moves us from homo-sapiens to the new species that is emerging – the Homo Luminous.

These powerful transmissions ground our beings here onto this plane with a deep and strong connection to our Mother the Earth being fostered throughout the experience.  Truly this experience gives us the energetic resources to create the return of Heaven On Mother Earth in our own lives which can then radiate out into our world enabling others to do the same!

Whether you are called to a transformational workshop or class of this type – that is working at the level of Spirit or you are interested in practical classes or workshops about how to do business, or perhaps an opportunity to improve your physical health – NOW is the time to engage in the work of growing beyond where you find yourself at present.  As we approach the Vernal Equinox with Spring right on our doorstep, isn’t it the perfect time to consider “growing” yourself??  Only you can plant, germinate, cultivate and grow the seeds of your becoming.  By choosing to step into your next learning and growing opportunity you open the door for Spirit to take you to your next level of success!
Here are some classes and workshops that I will be offering this coming Spring:

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LIVE:  The Crystalline Reunion Workshop – 4 days of intensive connection with the Crystal Kingdom – Includes Crystal Meditation, Crystalline Communication, Crystal Gridwork, Healing with Crystal Energies, Crystal Readings and Crystal Co-creating.   Includes at least 4 Crystalline Attunements.  Contact me directly for more information or to register via email: or phone 603-594-2744.  Starts March 31 – Every Tuesday through April 21!

LIVE:  Munay-Ki – 9 Great Rites of Initiation – May 15-16-17 – Flyer Here

Some Classes and Workshops being offered by people I recommend (note I receive an affiliate commission if you sign up using my links! – Thank you for trusting in my recommendations!)

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And of course for those of you who like to plan WAY IN ADVANCE – I want to share with you that I’ll be  working with Eric Lindemer of Skye Institute this August when he hosts an EXCLUSIVE (Limited number of attendees!!) Lightworker’s Conference & Retreat in beautiful New Market NH (Close to the Seacoast) at the Aryaloka Buddhist Center  – Additional DETAILS HERE Register SOON!
As always if you are interested in working with me on a one-on-one basis I am taking appointments for sessions of all sorts by phone or in person – I look forward to supporting you on your journey to success!

Honey:  Breitsamer Honig – Rapsblute – Herzhaft (which means loosely translated expanded heart) – this honey was crafted using the traditional methods of 3 generations of beekeepers in honor and alignment with the beekeeping tradition of the Breitsamer family  (how appropriate as we experienced the Rites of the Peruvian Tradition t0 celebrate with Honey that was crafted traditionally!)  I think I bought this honey at Shaws!  It was around Christmastime so I’m not exactly sure if they still have it on the shelf.

Here’s some photos from our Traditional Fire Ceremony which is a part of the Munay-Ki experience!

Munay-Ki Students At the Fire

Munay-Ki Students At the Fire

Fire Ceremony - Orb Photo

Fire Ceremony - Orb Photo

1visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline Time keeps on Slipping Slipping Slipping into the Future….. (so says Steve Miller Band – remember that song??)  Well maybe it’s time now to fly like an Eagle!  We all still wrestle quite a bit with time and patience.  Time is a gift to us that allows us the opportunity to unfold our dreams and desires in a graceful, natural, beautiful way.  As magical co-creators with Spirit though we have the capacity to bend, shift, twist, expand, contract or move time any time we  wish!  Surely you’ve experienced a time when things moved SO SLOWLY – you may have felt “lost in time”.  Other times things seem to be going so fast you feel as if you can barely keep up – yes?

Well time has started to get even more slippery than it was back in the 70’s when Steve and the band wrote and performed this prophetic song.  Musicians and artists of all sorts are often best able to tap into the pulse of the Universe and see/feel/hear their way into the future – bringing back important information to plant in the collective so that when the time arrives the seeds will burst forth and flower bringing the gifts of change that were intended by the artist.  Remember that you too are an artist – you are a creator and you too can move back and forth through time and step outside of time if you so desire.

We can sometimes get “caught” in the belief that there isn’t enough time and this is a very dangerous trap – sometimes we need to allow for a time delay.  When you begin to manifest – to co-create with Spirit – time allows you the opportunity to “tweak” your manifestation/creation process so that things don’t show up in your space that were unintended.  Being clear about what you want, about what you desire to manifest can take some time – can you give yourself the gift of taking the time to slow down, take a look at where you are, take a look at where you have been, take a look at where you are headed and more importantly to look both up (to Spirit) and in (to your heart) to see where your deepest calling or desire is leading you now?  Can you appreciate the journey from here to what’s next?


On Grandfather's Clock it's always 6:05!

Appreciating the time delay is all about bringing gratitude in to every moment – can you be grateful when you are in the middle of a big project (perhaps you are writing and you are totally “in the flow”!) and all of sudden the computer locks up, shuts down and you suddenly lose everything that you’ve just been working on?  Can you appreciate that it’s maybe just not the right time for that information to be shared? Can you trust that whatever you need to know, share, experience, receive, give, create will emerge exactly on time?  Do you believe that time is your friend or is it your enemy?

When you transcend time – when you move outside of time and beyond space – to your eternal self – to your Eagle nature – you can see that time is an illusion and a wonderous and magnificent tool that we use for our lessons, our experiences, and our gifts to the greater evolution of all of Creation.  Appreciate the Time Delay – notice what’s happening in this moment – be grateful – allow yourself the gift of sweet time – notice how it slips and slides – identify what time line you are traveling on – skip over to another if you like!  Move back and forth like the hummingbird – up, down, all around – be in time and be timeless.  What time is it in your world?  What is it time for you to be doing?  Is it time for you to simply be?  Make time – you know  you can!

Is it Time for You To Remember Who You Are?  The Munay-Ki Rites of Passage will activate the codes to awaken you to your Luminous nature – Two opportunities this spring to receive the rites and to learn how to teach and pass them on to others – St. Augustine Florida & Nashua NH – Register today!

Set Up for a Sound Healing - Love how the Heart Bowl is Illuminated!

Set Up for a Sound Healing - Love how the Heart Bowl is Illuminated!

Sound Healing can take you outside of Time – Book a Session today and let yourself RECEIVE!  On a budget?  Try listening to my CD – Divine Union – could be a life altering experience!

Are you Strapped In?

Are you Strapped In?

Well it’s been wild to be sure – the last several weeks of Mercury Retrograde have given us all a wonderful opportunity to tune in and turn ourselves inside out!  Yesterday Mercury went direct and for me anyway the best way to describe the energy was like walking through a Cosmic Bumper Car Ride!

Energetically there is a lot of chaotic shifting, changing, and a multitude of opportunities arriving  for great growth and creative action.  The shifts are in some cases extreme – we are being asked to not only leave behind a great deal of old thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, patterns and ways of doing business – all quite suddenly but we are also simultaneously being CALLED FORTH.

What does this mean to be CALLED FORTH?? Your DIVINE Destiny is calling you now – the TIME is NOW like never before for you to drop all your false pretenses, to drop all the striving and straining and stressing, to let go of anything that might be less than the fullness of who you really are in all your infinite glory and to STAND in your TRUTH.  Reaching down deep into the very HEART CORE of your being you are asked now to admit – not just quietly and secretly to yourself and maybe a selected few “trusted” friends, relatives and aquaintances – but to admit – to the whole world, freely and in complete integrity that you REMEMBER who you are!

REMEMBER that you are Divinity Embodied, remember that you have the full creative capacities of the One Source!  Remember and admit that you have multi-dimensional capacities  – seeing, hearing, knowing, and feeling energy – reading minds, communicating telepathically, synchronistically intersecting with those with whom you have made “Cosmic Dates”.

IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME – We are the ones that we have been waiting for!  Drop the veils, break through the illusion of fear, lose your mind, find your heart!  Know that you will experience through your physical, emotional and mental bodies an intense FALLING AWAY of every single thing, every bit of energy, every particle and proton, every quanta of light that does not support your truth.  You will be asked to step forth and to claim your true heritage.  You are asked to proclaim to all that will hear that you are indeed an ARCHANGELIC BEING who has EMBODIED in physical form to activate the Evolution and Ascension of Humanity.

For so many this time of instant awakening will also bring forth an almost instant requirement for reconciliation – for many there will be a CALLING FORTH for support, guidance, assistance, help with navigating these GREAT CHANGES.  Many of you have navigated the awakening and ascending process ahead of the curve – know that you are preparing now for the great wave of awakening  of all of humanity and that the time is imminent for you to begin providing all the support and assistance that you have been training for through your own process over these last several years.   This will be a year of major waves of souls transitioning over to their next plane of reality – many will be called to be witness to and to prepare these beings for their Death Journey.

Detached compassion is the key to these times and an intense connection with your inner core power, your inner wisdom as well as extreme self care.  You can not be of any assistance to any one if you are down for the count yourself.  Take CARE of the BODY!! The BODY is your Vessel – it is your TEMPLE.  It will give you INFINITELY CLEAR signals when it needs to rest, reset, recover, release or retreat from the wider world.  Create time and space within your life to regularly care for yourself each and every day and remember to connect with and ground all excess energies into Mother Earth.  The more you can cultivate a deep and profound connection to the Mother the easier your movements in the world will be.  All is EXTREMELY well!! All is unfolding perfectly and magnificently according to plan.  Remember that this is a process still – even though it is now greatly accelerated you are all still in a PROCESS – give yourselves time to PROCESS.

Give Yourself TIME!

Give Yourself TIME!

Remember to call upon your “upstairs” team and also upon and team/support/guides on this level of reality who are here to provide you with services, sessions, validation and affirmation of your remembering process.  Remember too to BREATHE – to bring the Breath into your body – to BREATHE IN THE LIGHT.  And to BREATHE it out once more – with each and every breath bringing higher and higher quotients of light into your physical body and into this plane of reality.  Thank the Mother Earth for her assistance with grounding and dispersing the energy that you are all being now asked to channel – SHARE with the Mother – there is absolutely no need to “hoard” the energy or to worry if you “take a break” that the energy won’t be there – oh don’t you worry about that or ANYTHING else!!  Use your energy instead to care for yourself, to cement your connection to Earth and to dream the highest vision for yourself and your Sweet Mother that you have inside you to dream.  Peace, harmony, beauty, truth, goodness, abundance, health, love and light!

Should you require assistance during this time I am available for private phone sessions and readings and I also have created a wide variety of transformational tools as well “medicine” jewelry that will support your ascension process!   Be sure to access the FREE attunements and consider the series of paid attunements that are also available for those who are ready to step into the embodiment of their Divinity NOW!
I will also be teaching twice in the next few weeks – the Munay-Ki – 9 Great Rites of Initiation of the Peruvian Tradition of Shamanism

St. Augustine Florida – February 20-22

Nashua, NH  – March 6-8

During the next few weeks I will be slowing down a bit on the blogging and social networking as I will be out of the office for quite a bit of the last half of February receiving some additional training myself – Next week I will be at Julie Ann Turner’s Power Arc Live Intensive in Dallas TX.   If you think you might be drawn to join me there explore AMAZING AWAITS and tell Julie Ann I sent you!

My 4 year old nephew joined me for this episode.  He’s quite something, all blond hair and big eyes isn’t he?  A little smart one too!  He came by to get his Christmas presents and received a “band in a box” from us this year.  His Dad said “buy him an instrument” so we were lucky to find a delightful gift for him that included several instruments which we purchased back in September in Chatham NY on our journey to visit with Don Franscisco the shaman from Peru.

mosok-rites-journey-10-08-050 During that journey I once again had the opportunity to be in Sacred Space with one of the members of my lineage who we call out to when opening sacred space during ceremony or when I’m doing my healing/shamanic work.   A beautiful piece of our teachings is the honoring of those who have gone before us and who were brave enough and courageous enough to not only navigate their own personal journey but who were wise and generous enough to distill the wisdom for us and to codify it into a set of teachings that include both prophesies and processes to assist us in navigating times of great transformation in our personal and collective lives.

The gift of teaching is one that is very, very precious to me.  Every time I have an opportunity to teach, to share, to pass on the wisdom and to create a sacred space for learning and growth I too am receiving.  I always feel that the class or workshop is a co-created effort – not just between me and Spirit but also between myself & my students.  Without the students there would be no vessels to contain or collect the stream of information, guidance, wisdom and teachings that flows forth.  One of the things I love to teach about (and also offer sessions of)  is Sound Healing – I have a workshop called Introduction to Sound and Sound Healing that is really quite enjoyable and very interactive for the audience and it’s exciting to me to see how interested in Sound my nephew is – I will definitely continue to encourage his explorations in this area for sure!

When contemplating how teaching connects with success I have to say that some of my most successful experiences have involved either teaching or receiving teachings.  This sharing of the wisdom is such an enormous gift.  Many messengers and teachers are being called forth at this time.  There is much that is dis-integrating in the outer world, much which is passing away.  There are teachers both great and small who have ancient and timely knowledge to share to assist all of us in navigating these Great Changes successfully with ease, grace and great love for ourselves, our communities and our planet.   I urge you to consider how important receiving teachings can be in fostering your own success.  I also urge you to carefully and honestly consider what teachings you may have to share with others – with your brothers and sisters on this planet – and to come out of the closet NOW, let your light shine forth and begin sharing the gifts and the teachings that only you can share.  The nectar that you’ll receive from being on both sides of this process will be sweet beyond compare!

Honey Info for Episode #19 – Airborne New Zealand Rewarewa Honey purchased as a Christmas gift for my brother from Cooking Matters in Nashua, NH

Are you interested in stepping into a supportive and highly energizing process of transformation?  Is it time for you to initiate your own process of evolution?  Are you ready to Leap into the New Year and become a New You?  If so I’d love to have you join me in my virtual class room –  9 Weeks to a New You group teleworkshop starts on January 6!  There is still time and a limited number of openings left for this magical and magnificent opportunity to step into your becoming.   I’m also teaching the Munay-Ki January 9 – 11 live in Nashua, NH – still time to register and attend this life changing weekend of initiations that will jump start your evolution to homo luminous.

Yesterday I happened across a blog post about the Earth’s Magnetosphere and how scientists are baffled by a massive breach – here is the LINK

Now I’m not a trained scientist (although science is one of my most fave subjects) but I am a trained shaman and I have a perspective on what’s happening with this breach and what it means for all of us.  If you read through the article you’ll notice that the breach is letting solar wind in to our planetary matrix – this is electrical energy from the sun.   I believe that the Mother Earth is moving through her Ascension process and is opening to receive more light/energy/information from the sun.  This light/energy/information is activating many people on a planetary scale to move into our next level of evolution.

Remember your History & Pre History teachings?  Remember that once upon a time a species known as Homo Erectus & Homo Neanderthalensis walked the Earth?  Then out of (where?) the blue Homo Sapien emerged and from there Homo Sapiens Sapiens?  (See Wikipedia for more on Human Evolution) .  So all through out history – creation has been constantly growing and evolving.  Did we think that the Creator was done with Homo sapiens sapiens?  What’s next?? and When?

In the tradition that I have been trained in there are prophesies and processes that have been preserved through centuries of time by the high medicine people of the Andes and the Jungles of the Amazon in Peru.  These prophesies talk about a time when a new human would appear – a human that some are calling Homo Luminous (others use the term Homo Spiritus like David Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force).  I believe – as do many others – that these prophesies are true and that we are living in monumentally transformative times munay-ki-jan-09and more importantly that the processes that were preserved by these high medicine people will help us to “make the leap” of evolution to the next level.  We are morphing as a species – right here, right now.  We have the opportunity to activate our light bodies to be able to not just survive but to thrive as the New Earth emerges.  We are able if we wish to access these higher energies and to attune to receiving the light from Father Sun and to transmit  that light through ourselves to our planet and to our brothers and sisters who wish to become activated.

In January I’m teaching the Munay-Ki – these are the 9 Great Rites of Initiation.  These rites help to clear, activate and prepare the light body for the tranformation from Homo sapiens sapiens to Homo Luminous.  More information about the Munay-Ki can be found at the Munay-Ki site

This work is POWERFULLY transformative – if you are called to it you will know of that I have no doubt.  The time is now to choose your path of destiny – will you make the leap?  No matter the choice – remember that you are eternally loved and supported by Great Spirit and that your soul will guide you perfectly to the place that will be most in alignment with your personal path of soul growth.

If you find yourself called to take this workshop and you are not in this area (Southern NH) you can find teachers from around the world listed on the Munay-Ki site.  The class I’m teaching will be held on January 9 – 11.  Please contact me by email at if you’d like the flyer/registration information.  And if you feel that this information would be useful to someone else – please feel free to share this post and my contact info.

Connect deeply with the Mother Earth – during these transitional times it is vitally important to have a deep, solid and clear connection with her – she is our “space ship” as well as being our Mother who loves, nourishes and supports us energetically as well as physically with all we need to not just survive but to THRIVE!

visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineThe 12:12 Gateway opening at the end of this week is an opportunity for us to choose – to choose to align with our highest soul calling, with our deepest path of service or to remain in a state of denial about why we are here – this particular gateway is aligned with the energies of the Christ Consciousness and the choice becomes – do I wish to EMBODY – here and now the Consciousness level of the Christed Being that I really am at the core of my essence. 


Calling forth that level of consciousness/energy and literally embodying it in the world is the direction we are all heading towards.  So as you choose for yourself in each moment – ask – is this choice bringing me closer to my divine destiny or further away?


Full Moon supports this choice in “fully” embodying the Twin Flame aspect of your being in Divine Union of Sacred Masculine/Sacred Feminine qualities/energies merging and flowing into Oneness/Unity within  – as this union occurs perfect balance  is restored in both the inner and the outer worlds.  This happens – moment by moment, choice by choice. 


As each light body begins to activate and hold the higher frequencies of light and love we are approaching critical mass – the tipping point from my perspective occured on 6/6/6 and with each gateway more and more light quotient from the upper levels of the Celestial Realms is pouring forth – activating and attuning us to our highest channelable frequency.  The increasing light levels will continue to amplify with each successive gateway from now through the 11:11:11 which will occur in 2011 as we enter into the Universal stage of the Mayan Calendar.  You are now being asked to truly release anything that would block you from full union with your Divine I AM Presence.


It is my perspective that the awakening and the commencement of the re-configuring of the Divine Feminine aspects of self took place from 2000 – 2006 within and through primarily those incarnated in female bodies.  The awakening and commencement of the re-configuring of the Divine Masculine aspects commenced on 6/6/6 and is proceeding apace – we are now about 1/2 of the way towards the full re-configuration of the Divine Masculine in preparation for Divine Union of the Twin Flame Essence within your individual heart chakra.  Re-configuration of course requires some dismantling of old paradigm thouightforms and creations that no longer serve.  To hold onto what is collapsing now is futile.  Breathe and allow and re-member your own innate capacity to create beauty, truth and goodness in the world.    You are endlessly supported by your Earth Mother who provides all the elements that you require for an easy and thriving existence as you walk in your true path.


Each of us is at varying stages in this process- some are just now awakening to the idea that there is a process underway – others have yet to awaken and will be on the expedited track – facilitated, coached, guided, loved and supported by those of us who have moved ahead on the trail making maps and carrying beacons for the rest to follow.   Surrender to the process and active participation in the releasing of old thoughts, emotions, patterns of behavior, karmic and past life connections, will allow the process to unfold for you with ease and grace.  The ideal is to engage at this process at the level of Spirit – at the energetic – rather than letting things show up in the mental, emotional or physical for releasing.  The most leverage is available at the level of the energetic.  You are now able to choose the timeline/destiny path that is your highest possible destiny if you are ready to do the work of letting go and surrendering up to Spirit everything that is not in alignment with this path.  


Following this 12:12 the full activation of the merging of the two poles is initiated.  Birthing forth a balanced new Earth that is harmonious to all of life and restoring Heaven on Mother Earth NOW.  Take each moment – as this is more and more a moment by moment choice and bring the light of your consciousness to what you are doing/choosing/creating/co-creating.  Is this activity bringing more peace, harmony, beauty, truth and goodness to all whom you serve?  Ask deeply and ask often.  Archangel Michael is overlighting this message and invites you to lay down the sword now of the Spiritual Warrior and take up the Calla Lily of the Spiritual Knower. 


Breathing in the Light I AM at your service and flow blessings of the Violet Spectral Ray to surround and engulf you now to burn away all the dross, heavy or negative energies that are being ejected from your field.  In love and peace, I AM that I AM.





If you desire to have energy movement/psychic surgery/re-wiring/chakra cleansing & balancing/karmic clearing/soul retrieval/sonic deeksha/mastery attunements or any other service that I may be able to offer or guide you to – please visit my website






Munay-Ki Meditation

PHOTO OF THE MUNAY-KI Crystal - Amethyst & Roselight in Meditative Pose forming the 11:11 Gateway around the crystal

11:11 Gateways have been opening since 1999 – each November we pass through another and will right up through the 11:11:11  each gateway is a dimensional and energetic shift into a whole new frequency of energy.  This particular gateway coincides with moving into the 6th day of the Galactic Cycle of the Mayan Calendar as discussed in my previous Visionary Vibe Report blog post.  So energetically we are moving out of the 5th night – a night (the last 360 days) of great shifting, clearing, cleansing, releasing, dismantling of the old systems, exposure of what no longer works, and now we are stepping forward into a time of right use of power and ethics.


The full moon is about shedding and releasing –  today/night through Saturday evening is a magical and marvelous time to really take a thorough personal inventory of all the old dusty, crusty, musty parts of you that no longer serve, that you’d like to let go of and release from your energy field.  We are in the energy of the full moon from about 2 days before until 2 days after the actual time of perfect fullness.


We are all doing this internal cleansing but we are also connected to a larger whole and may be (most likely you are) transmuting for the global collective and not just for ourselves.   So have a great ceremony – release and honor all that you have experienced – harvesting the golden nuggets of wisdom about yourself and your journey so that you don’t have to EVER repeat the lesson again.  Bring those nuggets into your heart –seeding your destiny and energizing you for the flowing, flowering, fabulous year ahead.  360 days to the next turning – when we’ll enter into the 6th night for more integration.   We are in a rapid ascension process now and between now and 2012 we’ll see transformation on a global, galactic and universal scale.   Re-membering  the Angel that you Are! 


New moon is the time to plant those seeds and this year coincides with our Thanksgiving here in the US.  The time of new beginnings connecting with the time of gratitude is very auspicious in my mind because I believe that gratitude is the currency of the Universe.  It’s a wonderful time for us to reflect on all that we have – all the abundance, all the delicious and wonderful people in our lives, all the creative ideas and inspirations we a gifted with, what a wonderful time it is to be alive!  Thank you for being a part of my journey.  May your passage through this dimensional doorway be smooth and easy and may you find blessings of abundance, peace, harmony, happiness and more on the other side.


Peace and many blessings,



Amethyst Wyldfyre



Author of Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension

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“In the Moment that I transform one person from being

wounded to being healed and that person is me then I have

transformed the world!”  – Amethyst Wyldfyre





PHOTO OF THE MUNAY-KI Crystal – Amethyst & Roselight in Meditative Pose forming the 11:11 Gateway around the crystal – Photo by Maryann McFarland Photography –


Let’s talk about being willing to take a risk – to try something new – to courageously choose to “jump off the edge” – to make a flying leap into the unknown.   You know – everything that has ever been created started out as a thought or an idea – initially in the mind of the Creator – and now through us as the Creators that we are.  We all have access to the Universal Mind Lattice and from this mind we receive thoughts, ideas, impressions, inspiration all the time!

Are you open to it?  Are you open to receiving and more importantly are you open and willing to acting upon what you receive.  Successful people are willing – always – to try something new.  To “Go where no man has gone before” is the heart and soul of our epic quest as humanity.   Can you step into your destiny?  Are you willing to leave the comforts and conveniences of the known to embark on an adventure that will leave you breathless and astounded by the beauty of your own becoming?  Will you risk it all for the passion and the vision that is embedded like a tiny seed/flame in the core of your heart? 

Was watching Happy Gilmore with my son last night.  What a great story about being willing to try something new – and about finding what is really meaningful to you – what really makes you happy.  It’s interesting too that in this story Happy spends most of his life living the dream of his father – it’s only when he’s willing to step outside of that dream and into unknown territory that he’s able to succeed doing something that he turned out to be gifted at doing.  I had a whole new appreciation for the game of golf and for Adam Sandler when I finished watching the movie. 

Another interesting thing I noticed was how during the unfolding of the movie – Happy (who was really quite ANGRY) ended up through the process of his journey becoming more and more refined and more able to come to peace within himself – focus, determination, a goal, willingness to make a fool of himself, willingness to learn, and the ability to tame his own inner demons were some of the many themes that played out in the movie.  In the end Happy was a Sweet Success. 

Movies are great ways to connect to the larger myths of our society and ourselves as humans.  Sometimes – even if you have done a huge amount of personal healing – you find that you are still repeating patterns that aren’t serving you and you feel bound and trapped playing out the same theme over and over.   If this is the case in your own life you may be caught in a mythic archetype at the soul level.   As part of my most recent and final training class with the Four Winds Society I learned and practiced the art of unbinding the soul from an archetypical pattern so that it can be free to move forward on it’s epic journey.  Shamanic Medicine Work is an incredibly powerful opportunity to move energy at the level of the soul – once moved – like a dominoe effect – transformation for the better shows up in all aspects of your life!   Now taking private appointments by phone or in person.

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Tonight we are all waiting to see who the next President will be of the United States of America.  Through the connections that we all have with the internet the world feels like a much smaller place.  It’s important to realize that just like a stone being cast into a still pond, what happens here does have a ripple effect throughout the world.

I want to take a moment to salute all the candidates for their courage to run, for their investment of time, energy and money, for their choice to be of service to their community and to the larger world.  Thank you for being willing and excited to serve as our collective representatives. 

In tonight’s video I talk about how important it is to have clear goals, to connect with our heart’s desire and to take action on what we are dreaming for ourselves.  Each step that we take is a reason to celebrate.

To celebrate the success of another is a beautiful thing – it’s even more beautiful to be able to witness the coming together of a long held dream that someone has, to be able to see something manifest right before your eyes that was once only a thought is magical indeed.  So tonight I think it’s appropriate to also celebrate the success of my husband Ross who a little over a year ago began the process of bringing into reality (manifesting) a dream that he had as a child of working with a giant crystal and sharing about energy. 

This weekend, he will be debuting his artistic and energetic creation – the Munay – Ki Crystal at the Angels and Trinkets Holiday Fair in Nashua, NH.  Here is a glimpse of this giant: 

Meditation with the Munay-Ki Crystal

Meditation with the Munay-Ki Crystal

PHOTO BY MARYANN MCFARLAND www.maryannmcfarlandphotography

To fully appreciate the magnitude of what he has accomplished as an artist and as an engineer the crystal must be seen in person but for those readers who are too far away to come to Nashua for the crystal’s debut appearance here are some facts: 

This double terminated crystal weighs close to 4000 pounds on its own.  It is set in a mobile sculpture that acts as a “setting” (and brings the total weight to about 5500 lbs) which allows the crystal to be moved, rotated and transported through an opening as narrow as 3 feet.  When erect in it’s setting the crystal’s height exceeds 7 feet.  It is 91 inches around.  The engineering of the crystal’s setting allows for a single person to move something that weighs as much as a small automobile.  It is illuminated from within with energy saving LED lighting and has a stage built all around it for easy public access.  The fabrication of the setting, the stage  and the mounting of the stone took over a year to complete.  The crystal is estimated to be 150 to 200 million years old.

And it all started as a dream.  So dream big, because if you can dream it you can do it.  Success is all about the journey.  Journey Joyfully!

Hope to see you on Sunday, November 9 at the Holiday Inn in Nashua, NH.  I’ll be doing Crystal Readings as well as selling my book Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the ArchAngels, my CD Divine Union – A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey, and will be performing a Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Experience Concert.  For more information and directions

Getting ready to leave town tomorrow morning for a week long journey to upstate NY for work with Don Francisco a Shaman from Peru.  It should be an illuminating week and I’m looking forward to the time for inner work, reflection, rest and reconnection with members of my “medicine” family. 

Our work – our deepest mission now – is our own internal healing.  Even though I have traveled the healing path for quite a while now and have had some incredibly intense sessions I find there are still moments where I’m touched by Grace and more comes for releasing, healing, reconciliation and integration.  Today I was gifted with the presence of Bindy Johnson – a LUMINOUS being if I ever saw one!!! We had a date to play our crystal singing bowls together and we traded healing work with each other.

Beauteous Bindy

Beauteous Bindy

I’m still vibrating from the power and the intensity of the work that we shared.  The work for me today was about judgement and releasing judgement of self and others on every level, opening the doors for compassion, love and light to enter into my heart and allowing myself to receive.  The work was truly transformative and started with a simple washcloth.  (More on that later….) 

Right now I’m feeling very blessed and grateful to have the gift of life in this moment and to be able to be of service.  I wanted to post this short note to let you faithful readers know I’ll be back soon so look for my return early next week!!

If you have an interest in the energy and medicine of the Peruvian Tradition – I have a class coming up at the end of October – 10/31-11/2 – the Munay-Ki – Receive, learn to teach & transmit the 9 Great Rites of the Munay-Ki – Be as Thou Art.  Contact me directly by email if you are interested in the logistics, pricing or to register at

Enjoy the week!