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Wowza what a week it’s been!  I’ve been busy like a bee all over the airwaves talking and sharing this week – I had lots of speaking opportunities that manifested all in a clump so I went for it!

This week in addition to hosting Ann Convery on my own Radio Show Blazing Forth The Light – I had the pleasure of speaking to two communities – hosted by Eva Gregory and Nancy Knettel – Eva’s group received my talk “Put the POW Back in your POWER and the WOW Back in your Work” and Nancy’s people got to enjoy “From Cinderella to CEO – 5 Power Point Practices to Burn Your Broom and Break Through the Glass Ceiling”.

I had lots of fun on BOTH calls – today though is a SUPER Saturday!  I’m on SOUL ART TV with Laura Hollick AND I’m speaking on Sheri Kaye Hoff’s Winter Success Summit!

TV seems to be UP this year – I have some thoughts on why which I’ll share with you in a later post – but for NOW I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to had you check in and check OUT SOUL ART TV – it’s STUPENDOUS!

Love to hear YOUR Thoughts on what you are seeing and hearing out there in the world about the CREATIVE SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION !


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Day 2 of the Ultimate blogging Challenge for me  (Interested in boosting your BLOG??? Sign up at – here’s my energy evaluation for my day today:


My son didn’t go to school again today – he’s been in and out of school almost non-stop this quarter – manifesting health expressions repeatedly – today and yesterday severe headache and stomachache – the system is NOT working for him – and he’s definitely not wanting to work with it either.  Had plans for a call at 11 but my Divine Business Partner sent out an email with the incorrect number – funny the number that he sent was a Mississippi exchange rather than our teleconference line (my 2nd husband/now ex/ lives there) and so our call got rescheduled.  The early part of the day was just kind of weird energetically for me and I felt like I was working on about a 4 kind of day – then things started to shift!

I was part of two launches today – first this morning’s book launch with Marci Shimoff  of her latest book “Love for No Reason”  followed by the  launch today of SOUL ART TV – I’m SO excited about this and delighted to be a part of it – the launch happened at 11 PT and so right as we were all sending out our emails I was actually delivering service to clients in my signature group CORE PATH – Energy Foundations for Divine Wealth Intensive.

Today being the 1/11/11 gateway as we moved through 11 am and again through 1 pm the energy was shifting and there was a distinct sense of EXPANSION and EXPANSIVENESS that I was feeling which shifted my vibe up to around 7.5 peaking at about 8 when the Soul Art TV launch happened.

Lovely Laura!

Overall today averaged out for me at about a 7 again which is what I’ll plot on my graph – you do remember that we’re graphing here right?  (See yesterday’s post about the exercise we’re up to!)  Gotta run – snow predicted for tomorrow and I have to still get groceries in – feel free to check out the launch links and let me know what you think – especially about Soul Art TV – Laura Hollick ROCKS!

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Please comment on this post to if you are inspired to do so!  I appreciate your feedback!

What’s not working? What I’ve been discovering over the past several weeks, actually months now – pretty much since mid June – is that there is a LOT of stuff that is NOT WORKING in my business – and a lot of STUFF I’ve been DOING and expending my time and energy on without getting a return. It’s felt almost like an extended Mercury retrograde over here – as I’ve been in the process of digging deep into every thing I do and tossing out everything that just hasn’t been serving. I’m getting down to the essentials now and I’ve been asking myself a LOT of Magical Questions.  Many of them have been QUITE revealing.  It’s started with how do I want to organize my life – because you see – life was getting a bit more complex than it needed to be.  The Universe gives us lots of signs – sometimes we listen with the first message – sometimes it takes the COSMIC 2 x 4 to get ourselves out of the habits, patterns and routines that are comfortable but stagnating and sapping our energy.

One of the most important things I did for myself was I began to get a better grip on what my priorities are.  I’m still a mom – I have a 15 year old who almost needs me as much now as he did when he was a toddler – it’s a different kind of needing for sure but the fact is he is still very much a priority in my life.  I realized too how important my environment is to me – and that my home – my environment needs me too – it needs my time, attention and loving care.

My business has been getting a lot more of me than I have been giving to any of the other aspects of my life – and I have become BOOB (Badly out of Balance) in relationship to my business.  As I’ve been reviewing my priorities I realized that I too need my time, attention and loving presence.  I need to make space in my life for creating art, for walking in nature, for tending my flowers, for painting my walls, for being present for my child, for reading, and tea with friends, for parties and mini-retreats.    Not only do I NEED all this but I want it too.

I am excited that I have made some really positive choices for myself and my life and my business in the past few months.  I’ve gotten a LOT clearer on why I am here and who I am to serve.  I’ve stepped into DIVINE Business Partnership with Mikael Sami-Kumara and I’m letting go – at first it was a struggle – a big self-induced dramatic struggle – and then I saw that I was doing that to myself.  I’ve decided to make an alternative choice.  I’ve decided to let it go easily.

One way I have been supported in this letting go easily decision is by working the Signature System that Mikael (my Divine Business Partner) and I have developed to SCORE Spiritually Energized Entrepreneurial Success.  The system we use is a powerful toolbox that empowers our passionpreneurial clients to be able to let go easily too – and not only to let go but also to fully energize and power up those aspects of their life and business that bring them the greatest joy and the highest access to Divine Wealth.

By applying the SCORE System to my own business I have had a lot of the imbalanced areas revealed to me – and have been able to make conscious choices about how and where I want to spend my energy – and what has just GOT TO GO!  We also use the Magical Questions minibook – a resource that I realized I had already created – to support our clients on the personal side of their journey into power and wealth.  It’s amazing what you can discover when you are called to create the time and space to do so.  You don’t have to wait for the Cosmic 2 x 4 though – in fact it’s a lot less painful for you if you listen early to any warning signals that you may be either straying from your path or have missed a turn that was designed to propel you in a positive direction.

Support is available for your passionpreneurial journey – support that allows you to SCORE both in your personal and your professional life – support that allows you to Dance in Divine Partnership with your business so that you can co-create together a legacy of Divine Wealth that supports positive and profound changes in your world for you and for generations to come.

We’d love to be able to equip you with tools for the journey – and we have developed some very precise criteria for embarking on the path – we understand the importance of traveling with “soul” family when you go in really deep and we want to make sure that the group and the work is a perfect fit for you.  If you are feeling the desire to join us on the journey – we invite you to visit our CORE Path – Energy Foundations for Divine Wealth Intensive information page here and apply for an opportunity to speak with one of us to determine if this work is right for you: scroll down to the bottom for the application button!  Love lights you, Peace is in you, Wealth is in You, Joy is your Birthright!



Greetings and blessings of love and light to all who are receiving this message!

You know we are in a time of great change – you feel it – you experience it and you may even be a conscious catalyst for the changes yourself!

Old paradigms and ways of being that now no longer serve are falling away. New paradigms are being born – and you have a choice.

You can choose to hang on with all your might overwhelmed by fear of losing what is known and comfortable for you or you can choose  to embrace the changes or even dare I say INITIATE them!

We are at the 10.10.10 gateway. The last year or so since the 999 has been a year of completion – of wrapping up and integrating all the lessons of the decade just passed. Now we are at the portal again – another portal that initiates the next phase of our evolution.

The 101010 marks the entryway to a time of even more accelerated growth and even more rapid awakening of the global consciousness. Those who are poised now to serve the awakened ones will be co-creating and stabilizing new structures, new systems, new beliefs, new thoughtforms and newly synthesized mergers of ancient knowledge that has been distilled to it’s essence and re-combined to create deeper understanding of our soul and our purpose for being here.

Conscious (awakened) entrepreneurs are leading the shift and the entrepreneurial journey itself is a vessel for creation and presentation to the world of messages and paradigm shifting missions and movements.


Mikael Sami Kumara


As many of you who have been following me know – my own journey has been one of continuous change, growth and refinement. The time for consciously creating change has arrived for me too and I stand at this gateway letting go of the old and welcoming the new right along with all of you! I want to thank you for being a part of my journey and a member of the Energy Journey Community. I am happy to announce that I am now going to be Joyfully and DIVINELY partnered in my mission with a business partner who has been working with me behind the scenes since the beginning of this year to co-create and solidify our Signature Program the Core Path Intensive and our unique branded system – the SCORE your Spiritually Energized Entrepreneurial Success System.

Mikael Sami Kumara and I held a day of ceremony yesterday – cementing our relationship at the energetic level, with the intent of moving toward greater balance and unity. We co-created three different despachos (gift/prayer bundles for Mother Earth) which were burned in fire ceremony last night to welcome the new moon.

One of the things we’ll be doing in the coming months is going through all of what I have created and deciding what needs to die and what needs to be reborn with the addition of his energy and creativity to better serve more people to shift their energy and come into a conscious, active and aware relationship with their own personal power and capacity to create change in the world.  That will include some re-design and re-alignment of the Energy Journey site to better reflect how we stand now in the world in Divine Partnership.

Together we are actively serving evolving entrepreneurs through The Energy site and we invite anyone who is visiting to please join our list there! We welcome you to help yourself to our GIFTS  by visiting the site’s gifts page HERE! –  where you will be able to subscribe to our ezine The Energy Edge and we also have a nice audio meditation there for you, as well as an opportunity to apply for a  complimentary SEE Session (Strategic Energy Evaluation).

You will be receiving another notification in  the next few days inviting you to an open call on 10/14/10 introducing you to Mikael – we’ll be opening the lines for your questions about energy and about the changes we are all initiating now at the energetic level as we move through this 101010. Later this month we’ll also be hosting another complimentary call to re-present “Everybody Channels and U Can 2!”. If this resonates for you – we look forward to your presence.

Thank you so much for your presence on my journey!

Peace is in you – Love lights us – Joy is your birthright!


PS:  I am also sitting with and wondering about this particular blog site and am open to feedback as to whether the content that has been appearing here is of value to you – I need to decide where best to invest my time and energy – as I am now going to spending some of my time just sorting through and working out how to do business with a partner!  That being said – I do enjoy a place to creatively express my own thoughts – separate from our business – so I may continue with this blog – in any case I’d love to hear whether it has been serving you!

As you may or may not know for the last several months I’ve been moving through a process of breaking, healing and recovery from breaking my right wrist in February – the day before Valentines Day while skiing at Waterville Valley.  During this time I was fortunate enough to receive from Spirit an answer to my prayer for administrative assistance in the form of Kelly Santos a charming entrepreneur and personal home organizer whose business is called of all things… XTra Hands!


Organizing the BIG Picture!

When Kelly first came in to work with me things were quite WYLD to say the least!  I had committed to a series of telesummits and other speaking opportunities, had several trips planned and had an inbox overflowing with email as my business got a sudden shot in the arm from one of the summits I did about Sound Healing with Jennifer McLean for her Masterworks Community.

For most of the first 2 months that Kelly was working with me we were mostly in Jaguar Up the Tree mode (aka Fight or Flight) just trying to keep some semblance of order in the chaos as my little world went Pachacuti (Upside Down) and took a huge leap in growth and expansion.  When this happened of course much of what had been working (i.e. me doing a WHOLE LOT of administrivia) wasn’t working any more.  There was so much that I had to just admit that it was time for me to release and bring in others who could support the growth of the business and my own personal growth into another level of service to the business, to my clients and to myself.

I had to make the LEAP into LEADERSHIP!! My new favorite word is DELEGATE – and even though I have been delegating to my awesome team in Canada at BSETC for about 6 months when this happened I discovered SO MUCH MORE that I want other people to be doing now instead of me.  I’m grateful beyond words that I have been fortunate enough to attract some really great people to work with me on the “A” team and I’m especially grateful to Mikael Sami who stepped in shortly before my wrist break to co-facilitate the delivery of service that we are offering together through my Energy Journey site.

When the dust finally settled after returning from my many travels this spring – one day a few weeks ago Kelly and I actually had a few hours to look at ORGANIZING which of course is her specialty!  We tore apart the office – threw out a bunch of stuff and I was even inspired to paint over the builder white walls with a tri –color theme of beautiful FRESH AIRE paints from Home Depot in Sacred Soil, Canyon Pebble and Summer Dragonfly.

Office Reorg

Prepping for Painting Office BEFORE Pic

One thing that I discovered in the organizing/clearing process was that there were two big areas in my business that were what we called “Hanging Blobs”.  They were the piles of papers and other assorted materials that make up my “Creative Ideas/Content/Commitments” stuff and my “Continuing Ed/Personal Development” stuff.

One project in the Creative Ideas pile was also a Commitment I had made at the beginning of the year to write a chapter for Volume #3 of Debbi Chambers’ Manifest Success series.  When I committed to this it was late January or early February and I thought NO PROBLEM – I can EASILY have this completed by June 1 if not beforehand.  Well THAT didn’t happen – because of course typing one-handed was reserved for only the most pressing of priorities.


Simplify! - Simply Beautiful - After Pic New Office Colors

So what happened was this chapter had taken on the energy and the density of a HANGING BLOB!!  When I finally sat down to make myself write it – it was May 31st – Memorial Day and I just really wanted to get it out of the way and out of my inbox.  I had a pretty poor attitude about it when I sat down to write to say the least!

Of course – the “upstairs” team was NOT going to let me get away with writing this chapter with THAT kind of energy attached to it – and so they sent me a few messages – first every time I typed out a paragraph or two I would somehow “accidently” push GOD KNOWS what button on my netbook and the whole (or a good part of) darn paragraph would vanish.  This happened at least three times before I finally called UNCLE and just stopped everything to get CLEAR, PRESENT and FOCUSED on what it was that I was being called to do in the moment.  Next thing you know – who shows up and plants herself right on my folder of papers??? A big ole fat MAMA BUMBLE BEE.

There she sat – looking RIGHT at me…… Then what do you know – she started to actually RUB HER HANDS TOGETHER as if she was getting ready to give me a good talking to!  I got that all right – the core essence of the message was WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING??? How DARE you sit out here on the porch on this BEAUTIFUL CLEAR SUNSHINY DAY with THAT attitude!! Get your self TOGETHER GIRL and REMEMBER WHY YOU ARE HERE and WHAT IT IS YOU ARE HERE TO TRANSMIT.  IT’S CERTAINLY NOT THIS JUNKY ATTITUDE – BY GOD GIRL YOU ARE WRITING FOR A SUCCESS BOOK OF ALL THINGS – AND ABOUT THE ENERGY YOU TRANSMIT BEING THE ABSOLUTE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS – EXACTLY WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING???

Busy Bee

(MAMA Bee can be VERY Forthright and Confronting – not a bad ally to have when one needs a good talking to!)

She adjusted my attitude and my energy BIG TIME and of course the story itself became a teaching tool in my chapter!  Here’s what I had to do to make the shift:


I Let go of my resentment towards myself.  I Let Go of the Time Pressure I was putting myself under.  I Let GO of the investment that I had made in becoming a co-creator with Debbi and the other authors in this book.  I LET GO of the thoughts that I had about what I SHOULD be writing.  I LET GO of expecting that this particular piece of work was going to be bringing ME something.  I LET GO of HAVING to do it.  I just flat out surrendered right then and there.

What do you know – within moments my channel was CLEAR!! I began to RECEIVE!! Mama BEE was there to HELP and TOGETHER we co-created that chapter and EXACTLY ON TIME too!  I sent it off to Debbi by email later that day – haven’t even heard back from her yet as to whether it was received, accepted, approved, when and whether the book is moving forward and you know what??? It DOESN’T matter.  In the end – the whole experience served me (and I hope YOU) much more in the present moment than I ever expected – Funny how that works isn’t it?

So What about YOU???

Where can you let go of the “hanging blobs”? Are your actions in alignment with your intentions? Are you struggling or is your work easy and fun? Have you decided that there is an area of your work or your life where you need help, coaching, mentorship? Do you have positive allies in your life like the Mama Bee who will show up and give you a gentle yet powerful kick in the butt when you need an attitude adjustment? Can you take care of yourself better in any way? How are you expending your energy? How can you save, conserve or concentrate your energy? Are you all over the place or are you focused on what it is you truly desire to be creating? Do you know what it is you want? Have you already accomplished many of your goals and now you are in the ‘waiting’ room not clear on what is next for you? Can you allow yourself the time and the space to stop all the activity for a change and just beeee? Is there some aspect of the “way things are” that just doesn’t sit right with you in the larger world that you can devote your time and talents to?

I would so love to hear your thoughts and comments – please share!

Love lights us… Peace is in you!


I Want a PEA!

PS:  PEAS are being harvested now!  If you are ready for a PERSONAL ENERGY ASSESSMENT – please apply for the opportunity to receive from either myself or my colleague Mikael Sami who assists me in these assessments when there are a lot of applications!

Recently I wrote a pretty extensive post about a shamanic ceremonial weekend that I engaged in during a brilliant weekend in October in New York.  As a shaman, a woman of medicine and a wounded healer I am constantly attending to and honing my own Spirit in addition to adding additional “tools” into my toolbox so that I may continue to enhance my abilities to be of service to those who are called to engage in their own deep inner work with me.

One of the things that has evolved for me over the past year is a clarification of exactly whom it is I am here to serve at this time – Evolving Entrepreneurs – like me – in the areas of interest that I myself have explored over the last several years – transformational coach/trainers, artists, speakers, performers, authors, and practitioners in the alternative healing arts.

In order to serve this segment of the marketplace and to further enhance and enrich my abilities as an evolving entrepreneur myself I’ve also taken to “honing my Spirit” in the area of entrepreneurship and to exploring those areas within my own business that I desire to strengthen and improve.  In the incredibly fast paced world we live in and in the arena of Internet marketing where I have chosen to engage in order to spread my message and share my services I’ve discovered there are LOTS of areas of learning that have come up for me to enroll in!

Over the past year (2009) I’ve explored Perfect Platform building with the multi-talented and undisputed expert of creating a solid foundation and web based presence Read the rest of this entry »

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