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Join my colleague and WISE WOMAN Kiva Shuler Leatherman and me this afternoon at 4 – We’re going to have a “Virtual Afternoon Tea” and get DOWN and DIRTY sharing with you some powerful SPIRITUAL and PRACTICAL  steps to overcome the 7 fears that keep women from feeling worthy of wealth.   This call (and the preceding 7 part video series) is an unprecedented opportunity to join us as we BUILD a BRIDGE between these two seemingly disparate parts of our lives – our soul’s deep wisdom and and wallets!

Please register right away – we have already received over 500 women into the WOW Project Community!  Won’t you add YOUR energy and POWER to this call today?

Here’s the link:

We’ll be on twitter too! Here’s the hashtag:  #wowcall – we’d love to interact with you there during the call and get your live FEEDBACK!

In gratitude and service to the Feminine Divine!

Peace is IN YOU!!


I was looking back on my 6 Figure Speakers Summit which I produced last year – HUGE amount of work – very little financial return on the amount invested – returns though have kept coming and coming and coming in the form of social capital, credibility, and connections.

I’m now in my second “big launch” (or if you prefer birthing).  I’m working with a JV partner this time – an amazing and brilliant woman whose work is the perfect counterpoint to mine – Kiva Leatherman of the Wise Women Network – and we are a week away from the complimentary call ( We have a number of affiliates and are getting good signups for the call – and we’re being sponsored by Aspire Magazine – all great things –

Yesterday though was one of THOSE days – our VA and my partner had some miscommunication about some stuff we promised our sponsor and major affiliate – and our VA is also newly pregnant and having health problems and ended up in the hospital this weekend with heart issues. Since she had all our login info there was a teeny bit of stress (ok maybe not so teeny) but what I was able to do – since I’d been through the fire on my summit last year – was to encourage everyone all the way around to BREATHE (including myself) and I was able to stay really clear and present as to what the most important things were at the moment.

1) the health and worth of our VA – top priority
2) the relationship with our sponsor
3) my relationship with my partner
4) making some concrete decisions about getting back up support immediately for the rest of the roll out.
5) figuring out how to get data so we could re-outsource if necessary.

What I loved was my own capacity to lead through the chaos because of my previous experiences. What a gift! Here’s a little present for anyone who is in launch mania and needs a sec to just chill out and get their perspective and priorities straight – Enjoy!

Breathing In the Light….

Remember to join us on our complimentary call – it’s next Thursday – we are really EXCITED!! Sign up right away and receive our 7 part video series about overcoming the 7 fears women have that keep them from feeling Worthy of Wealth!

If you would like to become an affiliate and SHARE the Wealth we have a full compliment of multimedia promotional materials available for you to participate with us in getting the word out to all the women in your own world who might benefit from this great work of the Bridge to Build between spirituality and practicality – between Divine Worth and Divine Wealth!  Join us as an affiliate here:

VisionQuests: Learn How to Use Travel as Your New Spiritual Practice with Lore Raymond, Founder & Chief Inspirator of Women as Visionaries

Lore Raymond

Lore Raymond

Amethyst Wyldfyre interview Lore Raymond on February 9 at 4PM EST. “Travel light to travel far and be sure to pack all your dreams, ” is one of Lore’s favorite quotes who is also affectionately called the “Vision Queen Expert,” by her friends and clients. She serves as a world humanitarian, speaker, spiritual coach, and expert in helping women transform and re-invent themselves, including through spiritual travel.

A life-long student of different cultures, Lore loves to travel and to introduce women to unique places around the world—and in risking this, her VISION-QUESTERS may In-JOY never-before-places that they’ve dreamed of~ But the best part is seeing and hearing about the life-changing results that VISIONQUEST travelers deeply experience.

This show will share 5 ways that you can use travel as your new spiritual practice from your own back yard to exotic places like India or Bali.

Lore is also in great demand as an authentic, inspiring speaker as she delights in sharing her special enthusiasm and wisdom with audiences of all sizes from 50 to 5,000.

Blazing Forth the Light Radio with Host Amethyst Wyldfyre
Wednesday February 9 4 pm ET

Amethyst Wyldfyre ©2008 First Published in NH Mirror Magazine

Part of the path of awakening to your Spirit self is the renewal of your connection to the physical body.  Paradoxical as it may seem the physical body IS the vehicle for your Spirit on this plane.  Because there has been so much harshness in this realm, often we do not fully inhabit our physical bodies and do not have a strong connection to them or to the earth.

As we awaken to our Spirited Self, the most basic and fundamental process for becoming present is connecting with the physical body and becoming conscious of the wisdom that the body itself has to share with us.   The body has clear and precise messages that we can tune in to in order to maximize our health and state of well being.  Being closely connected to the signals of the body and following the body’s guidance can also assist us to manifest all that we desire here on the Earth plane.

There are many ways that we can tune in – one way is learning to overcome the cultural and familial conditioning we all have received around eating:  Were you brought up to eat 3 square meals a day? Did you get forced to clean your plate?  Did you ever have to eat something that you absolutely could not tolerate?  Were you trained to eat on a fixed schedule?  Were you forced to ignore your body’s signals when it was full or perhaps when it was hungry?  There are so many ways that we have been disconnected from listening to our own body and feeding it in the way that is best for its maximum health.

It may take some time but you can detach from years of conditioning and begin to listen to your own body.  It takes making a conscious choice and sometimes it can upset the familiar routines that have been established in your family or home life but know that in the end you will be healthier and will be a better role model for those around you if you begin to practice allowing the body to lead you in making choices about when and how you nourish yourself.

Here’s a great recipe that uses whole grains, nuts and berries and is a delicious treat that can be eaten alone or as a side dish.  Enjoy!

Wheat Berry Salad

1 Cup Dry wheat berries (yields about 2 cups – cook wheat berries for about 1 ½ hours in water about 1 ¾ cups of water to 1 cup of berries – simmer – it takes a long time – until the wheat berries are plumped up and soft)

Saute Green & Red Peppers & onion in about ¼ cup of Sesame Oil (the oil is important it flavors the salad)

After the veggies are tender add 2-3 Tablespoons of Honey/Maple Syrup/Rice Syrup and dump in about 1/4 cup of rice vinegar and then squirt about 2 times around some Liquid Aminos (soy sauce) about 2 Tablespoons and throw in about ½ cup of Craisins  – (dried cranberries) all as this is cooking on the stove.  Then take off the burner and dump into the wheatberries – mix up and add some of your fave nuts like pecans or pine nuts or almonds unless you are allergic to nuts then go without.

Amethyst Wyldfyre, MsD is a multidimensional healer, teacher, juried artist, award winning performer and best selling author living in the Merrimack Valley of Southern NH.

Now taking application for private group and individual clients – please fill out the SEE Session application if you are “hearing” its time!

Managing Your Emotions for Success!

Join me and my special guest Deborah Dubree on Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 4 pm ET.  She’ll discuss why managing your emotions is so important to the success of your business and personal life.

Deborah is considered one of the most dynamic professional and personal acceleration specialists around. As an author, coach, consultant and speaker, she has earned a reputation for mentoring

Deborah Dubree

Deborah Dubree

serious achievers worldwide to stop wasting time, energy and money and actually reach their goals in the most efficient and effective way.

After working her way up the corporate ladder from receptionist to CEO of a $20 million dollar construction company, Deborah eventually stepped away from her CEO position to create ClearEdge.

She has successfully combines over 25 years of studying quantum physics, spirituality, leadership, the mind, the brain and also the intelligence of the heart – all for the purpose of helping her clients enjoy optimal personal and professional success.

If you’re ready learn to manage your emotions for greater success, you’ll definitely want to listen in Wednesday!

Blazing Forth the Light Radio with Host Amethyst Wyldfyre
Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 4 pm ET

Is it time for a BIG change in your life??  Does resisting change really cause you a lot of heartburn/heartache and pain? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to adapt and you’ll be STUCK or LEFT BEHIND??  Do you find it challenging to RAISE YOUR HAND and say YES to investing in yourself and your own dreams and desires?? Is it time for you to BREAK through the fears that are cementing you in place and keeping you from your joyful journey?

Would it  serve you now to Break your old patterns of thinking, believing, or behaving that just don’t serve you any more?  Are you now ready to make the adaptations that are being called for in order to really get going on the mission, purpose and life you were born to lead?   Have you already made that big LEAP and lo and behold you have discovered that there are STILL areas where things aren’t adjusting, adapting or aligning quite the way you had planned??

We’re getting ready now to lead the next Energy Journey Core Path Intensive – we are going to CAST OFF into the great Dark Seas of Awareness – into the very depths of YOUR unique Soul Blueprint and we are going to come back with TREASURES you can’t even begin to imagine!!  Only 20 people will fit in this particular canoe…. Is one of them YOU?   Applications for a berth on the ” boat” are available  now – please click HERE and one of our crew members will be in touch to schedule a time to connect for a complimentary Strategic Orientation Session to see if this is a fit for you and for the soul family that is already gathering for the journey!!  I know that 100% of the exact right people who are ripe for a change in their life or business will take action on this invitation…  Are you one of them??

Where are you out of alignment??  Are you PETRIFIED of actually stepping out on to the bigger stage (Platform) that you are being called to stand on?  Petrification is when we turn to stone.  When you are Petrified you are NOT MOVING, you are barely alive, you are certainly disconnected from your True Purpose and it is incredibly difficult to attract the people that you were born to serve!  Is it time for you to BREAK through the fears that are cementing you in place and keeping you from your joyful journey?

Would it  serve you now to Break your old patterns of thinking, believing, or behaving that just don’t serve you any more?  Are you now ready to align purpose, platform and passion so that you can truly PERFORM?? I invite you to  CAST away thinking and believing that you must do this all by yourself!! Consider getting some help… Fill out the SOS application form (see tab on the blogsite) and either I or one of my team will be in touch to schedule a time for us to connect for a complimentary Strategic Orientation Session!!  I know that 100% of the exact right people who are ripe for a change in their life or business will take action on this invitation…  Are you one of them??

What Ways of Being are YOU Attached to?  Attachments bind up your energy and cause a constriction in the flow of LIFE Force!  Is this the wake up call you need to help you begin to LET GO??

Would it  serve you now to LET GO of your old patterns of thinking, believing, or behaving that just don’t serve you any more?  Are you now ready to face and to Break these patterns?  I invite you to LET GO of thinking and believing that you must do this all by yourself!! Consider getting some help… Fill out the SOS application form (see tab on the blogsite) and either I or one of my team will be in touch to schedule a time for us to connect for a complimentary Strategic Orientation Session!!  I know that 100% of the exact right people who are ripe for a change in their life or business will take action on this invitation…  Are you one of them??

Recently I wrote a pretty extensive post about a shamanic ceremonial weekend that I engaged in during a brilliant weekend in October in New York.  As a shaman, a woman of medicine and a wounded healer I am constantly attending to and honing my own Spirit in addition to adding additional “tools” into my toolbox so that I may continue to enhance my abilities to be of service to those who are called to engage in their own deep inner work with me.

One of the things that has evolved for me over the past year is a clarification of exactly whom it is I am here to serve at this time – Evolving Entrepreneurs – like me – in the areas of interest that I myself have explored over the last several years – transformational coach/trainers, artists, speakers, performers, authors, and practitioners in the alternative healing arts.

In order to serve this segment of the marketplace and to further enhance and enrich my abilities as an evolving entrepreneur myself I’ve also taken to “honing my Spirit” in the area of entrepreneurship and to exploring those areas within my own business that I desire to strengthen and improve.  In the incredibly fast paced world we live in and in the arena of Internet marketing where I have chosen to engage in order to spread my message and share my services I’ve discovered there are LOTS of areas of learning that have come up for me to enroll in!

Over the past year (2009) I’ve explored Perfect Platform building with the multi-talented and undisputed expert of creating a solid foundation and web based presence Read the rest of this entry »

Well here we are once again at another 11:11 GATEWAY!  This time we are really being called forth to LEAP LEAP LEAP into our highest levels of service.  The work of the last decade has been building up to this moment – all the pieces are in place and what remains for many of us who are lightworkers and have been actively and consciously applying ourselves to deep self transformation as well as earth healing is merely a refinement of our own spirits (Buff and Polish time!).  We are poised and have been the builders of the etheric architecture that is going to be the “safety net” that will support all those who are going to now be experiencing SUDDEN AWAKENINGS.  Waves and waves and waves of energy are now pouring forth that are going to be awakening, activating and initiating our brothers and sistars who are still embedded, engaged and entrapped in the dissolving paradigm.  The dissolution of course will continue and may be substantially more amplified in the coming year.

The calling for the LEAPING LIGHTWORKER is to really FULLY embody all the light that you presently have access to and prepare your body to be even more capable of holding even higher frequencies.  Consolidating energy, concentration and focus are all UP.  Pull back from EVERYTHING that is draining.  Take OUTSTANDING care of your physical body.  Remember who you are and that you are amping up.  Amplifying the frequency creates an exponential effect and many of us are now being called into our divine partnerships,  triads, families and communities.    Just in the last few days as we passed into the Mayan 6th night there have been high level messages coming forth from “STAR COMMAND” in the dreaming as well as bleeding through into the 3D physical realm.  As the frequencies and the STAR Transmissions increase we are asked to finely tune our channel – to get rid of all the static and to be ruthless and courageous in stepping forth each and every time we are given the guidance to laugh in the face of the illusion and make the leap into the dreaming that we have been weaving for so long.visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline

Many of us are now perfectly poised and positioned to service the multitudes – realize that this service can take many forms and it is NOT necessary to think or imagine that this service is on a one by one basis – although that may be the path for some.  How to best LEVERAGE your LIGHT and your gifts and talents is something for you as a lightworker to begin to contemplate or if you have already begun this process to really step/leap more fully into this act of leveraging.  The more leverage you use, the more people you impact, the more light that you spread, the more peace and joy begins to be embodied and the greater your connection to (as well as your community’s connection to) the endless infinite limitless boundless source of abundance and creative energy.

Leap to that high level – get out of the way of those who are your students, understudies, proteges, let them step into the role that you have been playing, invite it, prepare to launch yourself out at light speed.  You may have received a WHOLE NEW MISSION in the last few weeks – you may have only received a slight, or a moderate course correction but doubtless if you are reading this you are being asked to look right now at this gateway and realize you are moving to a WHOLE NEW SPACE.   In this new space you will need to be incredibly clear and strong about your boundaries and you must remember that you have MOVED and there are places, experiences, work, relationships and interactions that you are no longer supposed to be engaging with – for several reasons.

One thing that I wish to share with you is this  – you need to have a really accurate perspective of the level at which you are presently vibrating – the amount of light that you are able to embody, ground, hold and use with intent is MUCH MUCH higher than it used to be – you have a VERY HIGH frequency pattern that may cause you to be “invisible” to some or more often BLINDINGLY LUMINOUS.   Imagine that Big Transformer where the energy from the electric company moves through and gets “stepped down” so that it can be usable in your house, once it goes into your house it lands in the Circuit Box and gets “stepped down” again so that you can plug your appliances in at the wall.   I invite you to consider where you might be in this.  Are you a BIG  TRANSFORMER who is trying to interact with toasters??  Are you the POWER PLANT itself and you’re trying to interact with the circuit box?  It’s important for you to be really aware of this and to leap in to your most appropriate present place in the system.

The Mayan 6th night is going to last from now until this time again next year (early November 2010)  and brings us the energies of really grounding and feeding our roots.  In feeding our roots we are simultaneously preparing our fruits – this past year (the 6th day of the Mayan Calendar) was the time of flowering – the 7th day which will begin a year from now will be the time of fruit.   How we feed our roots NOW – and that definitely includes how well we engage in supreme self care and self awareness – will be a direct determinant of how well formed, nutritious and delicious our fruits will be!    At the same time that the frequencies are being raised ever higher the energies are also there to support an even deeper grounding – as one of my mentors said recently in another context stand your ground – even if it’s only an inch wide – let it be a mile deep.  I would add that we’ll be going a mile high in terms of frequency too! We are invited to take a lesson 045from our friends the tree beings and the Apus (sacred mountains) – to notice how they root deeply and reach for the stars simultaneously.   Holding that high frequency, grounding it in to Mother Earth, embodying our highest light through the body, being where we need to be, giving ourselves permission to leap and getting the heck out of the way of those people who are ready to step into the foot prints that we’ve left to illuminate the path.

My new “mission” info is that I’m now being asked to help leaders to FEARLESSLY leap into their next level of service – which of course is what I too am being asked to do!   I am being called to withdraw into a deeper inner sanctum and to serve at a new, different and much more intimate level with a different segment of people who are now calling for the work that I am here to perform.    I am in the process of taking down from my various websites all opportunities for individual  private work with me and going forward will only be doing one -on – one work by application or following a strategy based screening process. I am preparing a few proteges to serve clients in various ways who have trained under me and am also in the process of creating several Self Healing audio products that will allow people to access the work at varying levels of investment.  I’m preparing to launch a radio show “Blazing Forth The Light” – the inaugural show is planned for 11/20 at 4 PM ET and I invite you to tune in (this is a way of leveraging my time and spreading light to more people over a long period of time since the shows will be archived and can be listened to at any time in the future as long as we are still using these technologies!) and finally I’m going to be launching a new site strictly focused on The Energy Journey – Energy Mastery for the Evolving Entrepreneur.

If you are a leader, if you are ready to make that leap, if you are feeling ANY fear AT ALL in any area of your life, if you are hearing the call that it’s time to make a move and you are feeling stuck then I would like to invite you to consider joining an intimate group of passion-preneurs who will be gathering together starting this December to clear, open, receive and energize on the C.O.R.E. Path.  Here is the link – I am only taking on 12 people for this small group coaching and energy shifting program.  1 slot is already taken and I’m confident that most if not all will be filled in the coming week as I move into the EVOLVE  Live Event that is happening next weekend in Phoenix.  If you are called to invest in your transformation NOW – you will know –  you will feel this deeply in the CORE of your being – and you will make that choice because you know that it’s the right time and you will be connecting with exactly the right people – of that I have no doubt whatsoever.


Interested in one of my self healing audio products?  The first one that I created was with Nicole Whitney of News For the Soul – Together we used the ancient shamanic healing technologies to move through a series of blockages around Money with the intent of assisting folks to reconnect to their own Wyld Abundance!   If you are feeling financially pinched why don’t you try it?  Wyldly Abundant is available for your access HERE

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