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I spent the weekend in deep cleansing mode!  After a powerful session with my partner on Friday afternoon – the call for me was to walk away from the electronics for a bit and go into doing some medicine work to assist my integration process.  I created an AYA despacho to honor the dead because there has been a lot of “death” energy around lately.

Did you know that when someone passes if they do not have the appropriate energetic rites of passage or if they leave the body unconsciously or with unfinished business that the spirit can and often does remain earth bound – sometimes the earth bound spirit will attach to someone’s energy field – I have a lot of clients who are having trouble making a “living” in their business because they are hosting the dead in their energy field.

In fact I had one person come to see me recently who was carrying the spirits of two young boys who left the body suddenly last November in a car crash.  These spirits will often connect with someone who is a “bright light” in their life – often they are loved ones.  She was someone who had been somewhat close to the boys because they were friends with her children.  When we were able to release the spirits she immediately felt much better and more energized – in her words “I feel so much lighter!  I feel like myself again!”.

My business partner had some stuff going on with him as well around the dead and my next door neighbor recently passed away too.  It was definitely time for a whole house cleanse as well as a property cleanse and a ritual/ceremony to honor all the dead who I’ve facilitated in finding their way to the light in the past year.  You’d be amazed by how many disembodied spirits there are who are being hosted by their relatives or friends.

A qualified shaman can assist in what we call “extraction” to release you and your deceased loved one so that you can LIVE and they can pass into the light for further healing and learning on their soul’s journey.  Having performed literally hundreds of extractions over the last several years I’m really alert when someone is suddenly just not themselves anymore and there has been a recent death in their family or circle of friends.

When we are carrying someone’s spirit in our energy field we become a lot less energetic because our field is actually “feeding” another soul.   This of course can make it mighty challenging to operate a business and live the life of your dreams!  It’s nothing to be frightened of however and it’s a situation that is fairly easily corrected with the right tools and training.  Quite often there are tremendous hidden gifts in the experience too – most of the time there is just a lot of love and forgiveness that wants to happen in order for the transition to be completed.

So are you feeling more dead than alive?  How about your business? Is it more dead than alive too?  If you’ve had a loved one pass recently – and your feeling kind of funky (beyond the normal grieving process) you might be ready to do some soul cleansing work.  This work is very powerful and can be done on land and homes too – I spent the afternoon doing a fire ceremony to clear my land even further – the spirits of the land who were ready to transition exited gratefully and gracefully!

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visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineThe energy flows over the last couple of days is very dense, like a thick soup, dense and primordial – this energy is really quite fertile and nourishing if you can just let go and wallow in it a bit. One of our greatest challenges can be when we are asked to slow down or even stop in our forward motion. We are growing at a breakneck pace and have become so used to the higher vibrations and the rapid flows of energy that when things slow a bit we can feel confused, dazed, shocked and wondering where did all the “juice” go. The “juice” is still there – let me assure you of that – this is just a “pregnant pause” in the motion of the ocean of change.

If you can, allow yourself some time off, a break, some restorative time in nature, getting away from the “go go” energies of work and daily life.  It is an excellent time to retreat and to let yourself receive healing, light, love and support from your guide team and from your angelic “re-construction” team.  Having just come through that huge energetic shift of the equinox and finding ourselves in completely new and quite often unexpected territory we are now faced with a myriad of decisions in a land of completely new information.  We need to allow ourselves the time and the space to contemplate, to get a perspective on where we are at, to accumulate some information and to heal and integrate the changes that we have been guided to make or have been “forced” to by circumstances that are seemingly beyond our control.  Realize that all is perfect and in divine order – even for those who are experiencing heart wrenching massive life shifts at this moment – it is all perfect – it is all good and you will “land” perfectly in your exact next right situation or circumstance – exactly on time.

Really take this time, this opportunity, this invitation from the Universe, to look around – see what you have – where are you “RICH” – cop an “attitude of gratitude” and sift thru the pieces of your de-constructed dreams to see if there is anything of value there that you can harvest and utilize as you begin the process of re-creating once more.  It is imperitive to be resourceful.  Really look with a cold eye on all that you possess.  What are you complete with?  What needs to go in order to make space for the new that is right on the other side of the door just waiting to come in?  What is still of value – what still “matters” to you?  What can you do with what you have?  For many the shift that has unfolded has been around their financial picture – many have chosen to align with the energies of lack and survival and have outpictured that through their choices in a way that has manifested and energized the “recession” thoughtform.  As was once said though – there is a silver lining to every cloud – so if you can take some time in your sacred space, go deep within, disconnect from the clamboring collective consciousness and particularly the mainstream media that “feeds” this thoughtform – and let yourself receive – you will find that you actually have quite a number of “hidden resources, strengths, gifts and talents” that otherwise may not have been revealed or exposed without the current circumstances being created.

This is a wonderful time to nurture within you any “new” life, new ideas, new ways of thinking, new visions, new relationships or partnerships, new beliefs, new patterns of behavior that wants to emerge.  You have the choice as to where you focus your attention and intention.  Sure you can wallow around for awhile – lolling in the mud, soaking up some primordial energy – the energy of pure unmanifest potential, as you contemplate your hearts highest desire.  Soon enough you’ll be blessed with the clarity and the vision which will “bubble” up from this soup and you will want to get up – plant some seeds – nurture them with your love and watch them start to grow great big ears of corn to feed you and your family.  Be kind to yourself.  Let yourself receive.  Ask for help.  Be willing to offer help to others.  Be clear on your own capacity – if you are depleted saying NO to another’s request for help can sometimes be more helpful to them and to you in the long run.  Know your own energy.  What do you have to give?  What do you need to receive?   Breathe and be – you are well, you are blessed, you are a shining light in the dark sea of awareness, experiencing life.

Remember sludge is very fertile – there is no good or bad energy – there is only energy and how you choose to use it – if you cast judgement upon the energy then that is what you will experience – the judgement – which will be magnified and amplified by any shifts in the energy flow.  So you are at choice as to how you wish to energize any situation – with your own energy as well as with the energy of the moment that is flowing in from the universal stream.

If you are feeling stuck, blocked, heavy, confused, unclear – I can offer you some assistance in moving into acceptance, clarity, growth and freedom.  Shamanic Medicine work is a vital and important technique to access when working with these energies of transformation – I am at your service.

Clearance Sign Image by Karen Weideman For

Clearance Sign Image by Karen Weideman For

This January has proven to be quite an interesting month so far!  Following the enormous wave of light that is created during the Solstice/Haukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/New Years holiday period we have been gifted with the opportunity to utilize that radiance to illuminate the deep shadows of our souls – for many this massive light infusion brings up a lot of old dense energies that are being surfaced for clearance.  You may have felt this mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically.  Paired with the Mercury Retrograde – this has been an incredibly powerful cleanse indeed!


What to do when moving through a clearance period?  First of all it’s important to be extraordinarily gentle and kind to yourself.  You are moving not only your own energies but as a lightworker and conscious being you are part of and here to assist in the cleansing and clearance of the larger collective consciousness.  For many the form of this period’s cleansing has been around old masculine paradigm beliefs, behaviors, patterns, thoughtforms and ways of being in the world that no longer serve and are collapsing as the old paradigm moves out symbolized in this country by the exiting of the old president who was the ultimate symbolic representation of this paradigm of command, control, greed, disrespect for the earth and mis use of power.  All these old ways are now dissipating, de-energizing, de-constructing, de-composing and de-generating.  This occurs within EACH of us first – and so you have been doing the work – actually for an extended period of time – to uproot and remove the old in order to make space within yourself for more light and a higher vibration and conscious awareness of your place in the Universal Matrix and as a steward for all of creation.

Within each of us we must come to balance and to unification and wholeness, to be married internally in a healthy, balanced, mature, and naturally & mutually beneficial way, blending our Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies in a twin flame matrix within our heart chakras.  yinyangTo do this we must enter into our own energy system and bring up from the dark places all the experiences that informed our thinking and ways of being in relationship with the opposite gender.  Many have commented that there is a deep hatred within women towards men – that men have decimated the planet and that men are to blame for everything.  While the masculine has indeed been OOB -(out of balance) – so in fact has the feminine – balance happens when both sides of the coin are joined – not when they are at odds with one another.   We each contain the essence of the opposite gender – each of us is in fact both masculine and feminine – regardless of what kind of body we incarnated into.   Remembering that it is important to shine the light of our awareness on what IS – remember too that only in illuminating what is are we empowered in the present moment to make changes to bring things into better balance within our selves and our world.

Recently I was talking with a medicine brother who gave me a beautiful phrase – the phrase was “Up Until Now” – Using this phrase we can re-frame just about any experience and create the space – open the door so to speak – for a new way to unfold.  As long as we remain stuck in a pattern of blame and re-playing old stories and old experiences over and over again we can not move forward.  “Up Until Now” gives us the grace to look with the cold eye of reason that allows us to dispel the illusions and to say this is what is happening here in ourselves or our relationships, and then to turn and utilize the infinitely creative power of the NOW moment to create something entirely new.  Creative expression allows us the grace to release that which we have discovered in our shadow realm rather than continuing to carry it – often just the mere act of expressing in a creative way frees up the old stuck energies, allows them to flow out of you and liberates you from the burden of your pain.
I encourage you to use the energies of this month – of this retrograde period wisely.  Take plenty of time out – to rest, to retreat, to recapitulate your journey.  Take time to shine the light of your awareness on every aspect of your life and to bravely and courageously surface the old fears, the old behaviors, the old experiences, the old paradigm – use the magic words Up Until Now – bring it all out onto the table for CLEARANCE and then just breathe.  Ask your “upstairs team” of angels, guides, power animals and ancestors to assist you in this work – or if you feel it would be of benefit to you – seek the guidance of a trained facilitator to assist you in navigating your lower world.  Shamanic Medicine Work is uniquely suited for this task.  I am now taking appointments.

My New Perspective - A Clean Desk too!

My New Perspective - A Clean Desk too!

The time is also right for clearance of your physical space too – take the time to really review all that you have around you – all that makes up your material existence – every possession – ask yourself – how does this serve me now and moving forward?  If there is no more service left for you in the possession then organize a give-away of some sort – take the belongings to the Good Will or Salvation Army or have a gathering of friends & acquaintances – I’m holding a Holistic Swap here at my home next week – all my medicine siSTARS are coming and will be bringing their medicine objects, books, cds, divination tools, etc. that are ready to be released and we’ll sort through everything and see where the energy is traveling to next!  I encourage you to do the same.

I have also been using my intent to clear, virtually sage and bless the White House to assist our new first family in settling in and to cleanse the remains of the old energies that are exiting.  My office has also been totally re-arranged – I have a whole new perspective – looking to the East – the direction of the New Dawn – I invite you to think about what direction you are facing – perhaps it’s time for a change of perspective!

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