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I received the notification from the lovely lady in Michigan who decided Archangel Haniel was going to live with her!

Bye Bye to the old and HELLO to the New!

Here’s what she said:

“She is here! And, she is so beautiful. Thank you Amethyst!”

As promised I wanted to share all three of the channelings from my book Celestial Voices – so here’s the last one:

Archangel Haniel

I AM the Archangel Haniel.  Relax and open your sensory body to my presence.  I bring you reminders of your deep capacity to sense and feel the environment and the web of life that surrounds you.  We must practice together for so many of you have forgotten the fine art of opening, receiving, and enjoying the sensory delights that are ever present for you here in the Garden.  Open and receive.  Attune to the magical, mystical and material realms.  Let us begin. 

Take a moment dear ones and breathe with me, opening the heart, opening the lungs and opening the nostrils to receive.  Breathe in. Breathe in through the nostrils.  Sense, if you can, the slightest of vibrations, as the life force, the breath moves into your body at the edge of your nostrils.  Take a moment.  Concentrate.  Breathe in, breathe out. 

Feel the breath as it enters the body, expanding the body, enlivening and illuminating the body, nourishing and nurturing the body as the body opens and relaxes into receiving and releasing.  Release, let go, surrender to this breath, to this moment, to this sensation.  Now rest.  Rest in the sensation and mastery of your own capacity to draw in the life force and to release and relax into being. 

As you relax and surrender further and further into being allow yourself to notice.  Notice sensation.  Notice the scents, the sounds, the vibrations, the visual stimulus within your environment, within your present moment, within your sacred space.  Notice and if you can, focus, focus on one stimulus.   Focus your attention on one thing within your present moment that has attracted you.  Perhaps a sound, perhaps a scent, perhaps a texture, perhaps a sight. 

Now, in this moment, allow yourself to fully explore, to completely investigate, to the exclusion of all else, everything there is to discern about this stimulus. As you proceed with your investigation, see, if you can, whether you are able to also hold an awareness of yourself as the observer.  How has this stimulus affected you?  Are you able to maintain your concentration upon the stimulus while simultaneously attending to the awareness of your own response to the stimulus and your capacity to concentrate.  Therein lies mastery Dear Ones, mastery of this plane of Duality.

For at the deepest levels of Truth and through this practice of dual observation the Oneness of all Creation emerges.  As you master Duality, the Unity is revealed.  Be present for yourself and be patient for this truly is a practice, and an ancient one at that, that has been lost to you for quite some time.  Give yourself time and practice to re-ignite the atrophied muscles of observation.  Open and receive.  Relax and release. 

Practice and play with your re-discovered capacities.  Allow yourself to be guided into the stillness that will re-inforce and re-inform you.  Inhale the life force and relax into Being.  Open your Heart, open your sensory and extrasensory fields and be informed by your whole environment.  Allow all aspects of nature, both the seen and the unseen, permission to enter into your awareness.  For this is the home and place of guidance for you on your sacred journey.  Stop a moment and rest.  Take a breath and get your bearings.  Directions to your next phase of the journey are awaiting you. 

Merely invite your own presence to slow down, stop and observe.  Know that your full apparatus for navigating this journey is fully functional and awaits your use.  Call upon me and my brothers and sisters in the Celestial Realms to assist with fine tuning.  We are ever present and always at your service.

Open to receive our love and guidance.  Invite us in to play and practice with you.  Know that our love is ever present around you for you are truly one of our own, embodied angels.  Materialized and formed from the elemental particles of Mother Earth and glued together by the life force energy of the Great Spirit.  Universal, Intelligent, Creative and Alive in the truest and best sense of the word – the meeting place where matter and spirit merge, the crucibles of miracles, the channels of the highest vibrations. 

Be at peace and remember who you are as we journey joyfully into and through the evolutionary spiral of Lovelight, laughing and singing all the way.  We are the champions of the World.  I AM the Archangel Haniel and I Love you.

I hope you enjoyed this message – comments are welcome, visits to the art website are welcome – I do still have other originals available check them out in the GALLERY   and if you are looking for a reproduction on canvas or framed and matted giclee or as a greeting card then you can stop by my other online gallery at FINE ART AMERICA where you’ll find some pretty rocking awesome photographs too!


Pure Potential, Limitless Beauty!

Last week I had a sweet surprise in my inbox – someone had an angel reading and Haniel came through for her – she’d never heard of Haniel before so went looking online and lo and behold she discovered my rendition of Haniel in full BLOOM and immediately took decisive action to buy and bring Haniel to Michigan!  She found Haniel at my old online gallery where I still have a number of my originals out there for sale.  I’ve also got prints available in newer online gallery at Fine Art America.

What I love about my Vibrational Power Paintings is that they were intentionally created to carry a healing vibration with them wherever they land – right now I have all the Goddesses hanging in a local Curves – healing and inspiring women as they take care of their bodies.   There is something so JOYFUL that happens inside my heart when a sacred steward comes along and claims one!  It was especially fun to reconnect with the wonderful woman at the Postal Center where Haniel was packed and shipped – we got to laugh and chat and talk about what has unfolded in her life (she got a divorce and is now happily learning Portuguese and how to do Brazilian Dance) since we last connected.  She was very excited to see me and Haniel and took good care of the details of getting Haniel ready to go on journey.

To celebrate this momentous occasion I’m posting all three of the channeled messages that came through from Haniel as her contribution to our book Celestial Voices – An Invitation To Ascension from the Archangels – (no more print copies are available at this time – but you can purchase this as an ebook if you like!)

Here’s the 2nd Channeled message for your pleasure and delight!

Archangel Haniel

I AM the Archangel Haniel, Lover and nurturer of the Natural world.  Seeds from heaven and the Archangelic Realms are being planted now.  Seeds of Love.  Seeds of Light.  Each seed lovingly placed, carefully and perfectly deposited into every human heart.  Seeds that will be activated, vibrated, accelerated over the coming weeks, months and years. 

As each seed begins its germination process, higher and higher levels of light will manifest in your Earth realm.  Gaia herself is quickening too with the multitude of seeds that have been planted within her heart.  For you dear children, you Light bringers, you Beacons, you have come to bring the living light into the Heart of the World and to shift all of humanity with your mere presence.  Yes Dear Ones – You! 

And truly the term Light Worker can now be deleted from your vocabulary.  Yes, it’s true! For there is now upon you a time where this “work” is no longer “work” shall we say?  No indeed, now dear children it is the time for play!  Joyous, exuberant, passionate, fully engaged, glorious, exciting, stimulating, enchanting, enticing, magical play! 

Play, play, play all day!  Play to your Heart’s content.  Know that in your joyous and full expression of the “Lighter” side of your selves that you are serving so perfectly and precisely to shift the entire vibrational matrix of the planet to the realm of peace and light.  You dearest Light Bearers are truly the models and your actions and your attitudes, your positive loving thoughts and deeds are truly the catalysts for deep and profound and perfect transformation. 

Let us look at that word shall we?  Trans-form-ation – Actively changing form.  Precisely!  You are actively changing the form of each and every construct, each and every relationship, each and every system, each and every pattern, throughout your entire realm.  Every ONE.  All that you have been told up until now, all that you believe to be “true” is turning upside down and inside out.  Being de-constructed, leaving behind only the sacred core of eternal truth which is Love.  Everything else must go. 

A clean slate, a fresh canvas, a blank page is now in formation.  That’s right!  The deconstruction process proceeds apace of the in-formation process.  For everything in the universe is mutable, and nothing ever can disappear from the Universal matrix for all that is, was or ever will be is here, now and always will be!  Just a magnificent panorama of ever changing form.  As the forms change, You! You! YOU! have the joy, the pure pleasure, the total abandon of conscious co-creation with the essential Source and Force that IS the I AM.  The central organizing principal of the Universe – LOVE.  Yes children that is what we call this core.  LOVE. 

So children open your hearts, open your minds, open your bodies.  Welcome the de-construction.  Welcome the in-formation.  Be open, give and receive, enter with all of your being into the pure, unadulterated, clear consciousness of LOVE.  I AM the Archangel Haniel and I LOVE YOU!

Please let me know how you receive this message – where does it touch you – how are you activated – does Haniel speak to you?
In passionate service,


Recently on Facebook a colleague asked the question:

Do you think most healers struggle to also maintain a successful business?

There have been a number of provocative responses to the question and this has stirred up a lot within me as well.

You may or may not know that I spent most of the earlier years of my working life in the real estate business – I was pretty Type A, heady and masculine in my orientation to life and work – always on the go, always active and always working – 12-15 hour days were more the norm than the exception.

Then I broke open and experienced my own spiritual awakening which led to two full years of non-doing – meditating, making art, creating jewelry, sitting on the floor playing with angel cards, channeling, talking to Source/Spirit/God and healing, one day at a time.

From there the journey took me into bringing my new found gifts back out into the world again and I opened a healing arts center and visionary art gallery where I spent two years really coming into my own as a spiritual healer, teacher and leader in the community and going deeply into debt and losing money hand over fist with a business that wasn’t working financially.

The quest for balance in my life has been ongoing for the last decade.  How to allow the self to “Be” and at the same time to actively engage in the world of doing?  Once the gallery was closed I had to find a new way – I stepped out into the world actively bringing my healing gifts to other places and spaces – teaching about auras, chakras, power animals, intuition, crystals and more.  I played crystal singing bowl healing concerts at a number of events, cut an award winning cd Divine Union A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey and wrote and self published a channeled book (Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the Arch Angels – available in ebook form now since the cat peed on all my remaining hard copies last year).  Financially things were still not working – I was making just enough to keep on going (water in the desert years) and was continuing to receive the guidance that I was on the right path but that didn’t help when I looked at the outstanding balances on my credit cards and the dwindling savings that was left from my previous career.

Pretty soon it became clear I needed to make another change – AHA!!! The INTERNET!! That’s where I’ll be able to really get my message out into the world – perhaps I’m meant to be a MESSENGER – and I discovered and became one of the founding consultants who midwifed the birthing of a little movement called “The Messenger Network”  I spent a whole year engaged in the network doing free teleclasses, attempting to sell ECourse platforms, and co-creating and heavily marketing the Messenger Mini Book program along with a variety of other programs that were dreamt up to help messengers get their message out into the world.   I was the first (there’s that Type A thing again!) in line with publishing my mini-book – Magical Questions – A Spiral Journey to Spiritual Awakening – but 1 book wasn’t enough for me I actually wrote 3 – Angel ABC’s followed Magical Questions and I still have Stone Medicine sitting on my computer unreleased.

By Spring 2009 the promise of making money with the Messenger Network was still unfulfilled although I had learned a great deal about how to create and give away a ton of content and I had built somewhat of a list – a list of people who were trained to get stuff for free and who rarely if ever actually purchased anything.  By this time I was also divorcing for the second time and really feeling close to the end of my rope financially.    One day an email arrived from Suzanne Falter Barns – an internet based coach who I had taken a course from back in 2003 – she was promoting a friend of her’s Lisa Sasevich who was co-teaching with Kevin Nations a teleclass leading into a live event called MONETIZE YOUR MISSION.

Can you say YEP!!! That’s what I need to do now – like right now – sooner rather than later.

This led me into the world of delivering my gifts in a much more leveraged way – serving groups of people simultaneously – delivering the energy transmissions along with practical teaching and guidance and to the development with my Divine Business Partner of the CORE PATH – Energy Foundations For Divine Wealth Intensive.  I do believe I’ve finally found the “Sweet Spot” where my gifts and the exchange that I receive for them is fair and true.  Where I am in balance and focused and concentrated on serving in the highest way possible and where I am positioned to help others make a strong and powerful bridge between the practical and the spiritual.  This is the place where all of my life experience is coming together (along with that of my Divine Business Partner) and where we are able to help others who are healers (or messengers or teachers or coaches or trainers or artists or performers or some combination of all of these – multidimensional beings!) to stop the struggle and to come into right relationship with their business.  To be in a beautiful balance between the being and the doing.  To be of service to THEIR people in the highest and most joyful way possible.

What I know to be true from this vantage point on the journey is that the continuous calling from Source to INVEST in myself and in my business – again and again – and the continuous calling to TRUST that the exact right MENTOR and experience that I needed to have would be presented to me exactly on time – again and again – and the willingness on my part to take INSPIRED ACTION is what allowed me to come into balance in the end.  Who knows where the road will lead from here – I do!  It will lead to continued growth, evolution, learning, serving, enjoyment, beauty, truth, goodness, blessings, abundant wealth and leaving a legacy for those who are to come!

There are a lot of healers out there who are struggling to maintain a successful business – and there are also a lot of business people out there who are struggling to heal.  Perhaps the time has come for the bridge to be built between the two – for the exchange to be fair going in both directions.  Perhaps you are one who is ready to make the crossing?  I’d love to know your thoughts!

For those interested in seeing the discussion thread started by Dr. Kirk Prine that ignited this blog post here’s the link on Facebook:!/photo.php?fbid=1792735734955&set=a.1061428852740.10948.1136514524&theater

I’d love to see you comment on this subject too!

Have you ever had one of “those” days where something happened to set you off and you ended up ensnared in a huge emotional turmoil?  Had one of those yesterday – months of “holding it together” finally fell apart and it was MESSY!!!

I’m not one who enjoys the crying process – I do understand it’s benefits and I am fully aware that tears loosen the soil of a hardened heart but who ever had the bright idea that “You’ll feel better after a good cry” was smokin something funny let me tell you.

I had an afternoon, evening and into the night crying extravaganza yesterday.  I got started and just could not stop – not for anything – even when I went out to get a much needed self care massage appointment and it was so stinking cold that the tears were freezing to my face.  I couldn’t stop on the massage table – and you know when you get in to that face cradle thing? – I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all and things were getting pretty dribbly in that area too – yuck.

By the time the crying jag was finally over about 10:44 last night I still couldn’t breathe and my head was pounding and my face felt like it had been hit by a sledgehammer.  So much for feeling better after a good cry!

Now I work with energy and I teach my clients to do their best to hold the transformations that they are experiencing at the energetic level – however the teacher has not been following her own guidance lately because if I had I would have noticed the subtle signs, the little cracks in the foundation and the movement towards change that was already in the works.  I would have “tuned” in and ASKED FOR HELP from the “upstairs team” and from my earth team of supporters.

Alas that was NOT the case and so I turned into a blubbering mass of mucous and saline yesterday and woke up this morning looking like one of those ladies in the BEFORE picture for plastic surgery with GIGANDAMUNDO bags under my eyes and a still throbbing face ache.

Thanks God for energy work though!  After finally getting myself in motion this morning my partner and I were hosting the final call for this month in our Bridge the Gap Program and after he opened the call it was time to open the lines for interaction which I was figuring I would lead and would allow me some additional space because ostensibly some of our clients would be talking!

Original Vibrational Power Painting of Master Hilarion @2007 by Amethyst Wyldfyre

Well of course on today’s call nobody wanted to talk – in fact my guess is there weren’t that many on live – most of our people may be listening via the recording later so what do you do when that happens? Here’s this big open space unfilled and no body is talking and it’s my turn and I’m having this “health expression” of headache, coughing, runny nose going on which was part of the PHYSICAL clearing of density that I have been accumulating in my field (good energetic HYGIENE is as important as dental HYGIENE – ESPECIALLY for someone like me who is working with people all the time who are releasing).

What to do?  Well here’s what I did.   I stopped thinking about what was going to happen next.  I let go of my need to control the situation and “show up looking good”.  I allowed myself to be where I was at.  I got quiet.  I listened.  I OPENED my channel and lo and behold – who was there but Master Hilarion – the Chohan of the Emerald Ray of Truth and Transparency.  So I channeled him on through and it was an AMAZING gift – to the listeners and to ME.

By the time the call was complete and with the assistance of that magnificent Emerald FIRE I felt a LOT better.  Throughout the channeling I was still coughing and sniffling and in fact it was actually getting worse during the transmission so I KNEW that the Emerald Ray was working on my light body really thoroughly!   Maybe whoever it was who said you feel better after a good cry was working with Hilarion and just didn’t know it.

I feel now like yesterday’s cry (coupled with another biggie from December) were the outward evidence of the inner breakdown that has to happen when you are calling in a whole new level of showing up in the world.  Time will tell.  It always does.   Meanwhile – just in case – I stocked up on Puffs Plus (with lotion) tissues this morning…..

What do you do when you reach your end point?  Have you ever gone “over the edge” with yourself?  Did you know that lack of self care and inability to honor your own needs is a pattern of behavior that can show up and wreak havoc in your BUSINESS too?  If you are a Passionpreneur – you are PASSIONATE of that there is no doubt and passion is an emotional body state that can carry you away.  It’s a beautiful thing to be carried away by passion.  It’s also a beautiful thing to find your way home to peace, harmony and contentment.  Finding your way sometimes requires a little (ok sometimes it requires a LOT) of help.  Have you asked for help for yourself lately?  Have you been getting YOUR needs met?

Want to know more about energy, releasing patterns of behavior and learning how to manage and master your personal power, match it up with your passionate purpose and create positive impact and profitable results?? Visit my OTHER Blog –! Take our SCORE your Business Quiz and get on our mailing list for our Monthly EZINE – The Energy Edge!

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A 5 day – am kinda liking this energy of  the middle zone!  Even though I must admit that I’m often a “higher” energy type person and I do enjoy the rush of a great idea and being in a full on FLOW moment – it’s been restorative to me to be just allowing myself to be with what is and accepting.

I am learning myself in every moment how to be better at modulating – and at discerning – not only my own energy but also the more universal energy that we are all experiencing and traveling through!  Right now it’s the FULL moon and that’s usually a time for me of intense dreaming and releasing – we’re also receiving a cosmic wave of Platinum Rays that is really purifying and creating a frequency of unification of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies.  So it’s appropriate that I’m running at a 5 since that’s a nice balanced spot and indicative of my own resonance with this unification flow.
I wrote this morning about the “Mother Guilt” and I ended up not making the time today to further explore that – something that I could make my self additionally guilty over (not following through on my commitments to myself!) but I’m going to choose in this moment not to do that!

I’m going to RIGHT NOW in THIS MOMENT – make a conscious decision to release the guilt.  To LET GO of all guilt I may be carrying around my ability to be a good mother and to wash it away with a COSMIC Aquamarine BLUE Wave of Water energy.

Here is my new Statement of Power:

In this moment I am guiltless – I do my best – I choose to be present as fully as I am able – I make the choices that I believe in my heart to be the best for my self and my child – I trust in the guidance of my heart and I release my child and myself to the overlighting guidance and care of Spirit.  I believe that all is well, that all is happening for a reason that I am not yet fully and consciously aware of and that exactly on time I will know all I need to know.  I am resolved to be fearless in my parenting – trusting that between us – my child and I – will co-create exactly what we each need to learn and grow together.  I believe in the love I hold in my heart for my child and that love will prevail over all present illusion. I forgive myself and my child now.  I and my child are both innocent in the eyes of  the ONE Source and that is all that really matters.
Mmmmm…… That was a good one.  I can rest easy tonight.  All is well.

If you are enjoying these Energy Evaluations or any of my posts and wish to comment – please feel free to do so – I want to hear about your journey.  What’s surfacing for you?

Wowza what a week it’s been!  I’ve been busy like a bee all over the airwaves talking and sharing this week – I had lots of speaking opportunities that manifested all in a clump so I went for it!

This week in addition to hosting Ann Convery on my own Radio Show Blazing Forth The Light – I had the pleasure of speaking to two communities – hosted by Eva Gregory and Nancy Knettel – Eva’s group received my talk “Put the POW Back in your POWER and the WOW Back in your Work” and Nancy’s people got to enjoy “From Cinderella to CEO – 5 Power Point Practices to Burn Your Broom and Break Through the Glass Ceiling”.

I had lots of fun on BOTH calls – today though is a SUPER Saturday!  I’m on SOUL ART TV with Laura Hollick AND I’m speaking on Sheri Kaye Hoff’s Winter Success Summit!

TV seems to be UP this year – I have some thoughts on why which I’ll share with you in a later post – but for NOW I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to had you check in and check OUT SOUL ART TV – it’s STUPENDOUS!

Love to hear YOUR Thoughts on what you are seeing and hearing out there in the world about the CREATIVE SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION !


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As another year comes into it’s ending – Please know that I am sending out infinite blessings to you of love, light and appreciation for spending whatever time you have with me in 2010.  There are so many ways that our attention can be pulled and our choices about how to spend our time and energy is always subject to competition from a massive variety of outside sources and so I want you to know that your choice to spend time with me is a great gift! 

Many times this year people have mentioned to me that I’m a wordsmith – writing being one of the multitude of ways that I invite Spirit to flow through me.  I do love words – Scrabble is one of my favorite games – making up words, using words, sharing words, writing words.  In the beginning there was the WORD.  Sound, that first sonic wave that initiated the origin of our universe, is a creative and vital force for life.  How we choose to use our words is something to be mindful of because of the creative power inherent within each and every syllable.

The ending of this year has brought with it the chance to re-connect with family and friends and often we are brought back into situations that we may find filled with opportunities to choose how we will engage.  Will we re-visit and re-play endlessly those old dramas?  Will we choose instead to stop a second, breathe, notice the feelings, allow them to flow through us and be absorbed by the earth, recognize the one in front of us as a messenger of Spirit, as a fellow traveler, as a brother or sister in light and acknowledge the light that is within them?  Can we choose to hold our tongue and speak only words of wonder to our fellow man?  Can we speak our truth without trampling upon another’s?

As we step into a fresh new year – let us remember we are at choice.  We ALWAYS have choice.  We can be co-creating heaven in 2011.  May you wish it, may it be so!

Peace and joy of the season to you and yours…..Be kind to yourself, love your fellow man, cultivate the seeds that are planted in this season so that you will have a life time of peace and joy to nourish you in the coming years!


All is calm, all is bright,




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I AM Hecate and I call upon you now to descend with me in to the sacred realm of the Lower World.  The time has come now for each of you that are engaged in this process of awakening and ascension to descend with me into the darkest corners of your soul where I will invite  you to shine the everlasting light of your awareness.

Here in the depths, in the nooks and crannies of your psyche many gifts, treasures and inner strengths lie awaiting your presence.  Here they wait in the patient stillness and inky darkness for you to come and to retrieve them.  Some say that the greatest fear among men is the fear of death and I say it is not death that most fear rather it is the fear of exploring these inner realms, facing the old wounds, and retrieving the lost gifts that is the greatest challenge for many.  For what would then occur if these gifts were found, retrieved and reintegrated within the sacred self? Why nothing less than the life of your grandest dreams!  Life, not death is more fearful.

The courage to go in and to explore these dark places is not awakened in so many out in the larger world.  They need beacons, navigators, heroes like yourselves, to guide and lead them through the twists and turns of the inner landscape, around the curving pathways of the labyrinth, into the chambers, passageways and seemingly blind alleys of the lost realms of the lower world.  They need the stories shared of deep inner work and self exploration. They need to know that as challenging and fear filled and strenuous as the journey may seem at the outset that the treasures retrieved and the strengths gained are valuable beyond measure.

All of you who are engaged in this work are being abundantly and infinitely supported by me and my sisters in light the Great Goddesses who know and can guide you easily and gracefully through this inner journey.  Know with each visit in and through the lower world you’ll become more and more familiar with the territory.  Make a map for yourself in your mind and return often to visit and update this map.  With each visit the terrain will become more and more familiar to you and you will experience greater ease in your ability to seek out and reconcile that which is calling itself to be reunited within you.  Each entry will strengthen and transform you further and will shift the energy of your field into greater and greater levels of alignment with your true destiny.  Each wounding healed each lost soul part returned, each gift retrieved will further enrich you at every level of your being.

Any challenge present in your outer world can be actively pursued to its core experience in your inner world and with the light of your awareness and active participation in its clearing and re-scripting can be shifted through all levels of your being transformed, transmuted and transcended.  This descent and clearing process is vital at this time and the call for it is showing up everywhere in your external creations.  Like  the tower in the tarot, crumbling and falling down, any creations that have been built upon an unhealed foundation must go and the healing, clearing, and integration of the lost or abandoned gifts and must take place in order for a more unified, stronger, more harmonious, prosperous and beauty filled creation to unfold.  No true ascension can occur without first making the descent, many times perhaps, for it is here in this work that the fuel, the energy, and the tools needed for the ascent are to be found.

Call upon me, call upon me often, come and visit with me, allow me to enfold you within my embrace.  I AM here and ever present to assist, to guide, to empower, to encourage, to strengthen, to sustain, to nurture, and to support you on these journeys.  Often I see the thought forms rise up in the mental body that say “But I don’t have the time, energy, finances, what ever, to pursue this work.” I say to you now you do and you can.  In fact you can not afford to ignore this work for it will call to you in ever stronger and more obvious ways in your outer world sometimes creating great pain and suffering until you do answer the call.  Some have called these experiences the dark night of the soul and so much fear has built up around this process.

This is a death of sorts of course.  It is the death of “playing it safe”, the death of living a superficial life, the death of excuses, the death of the slow death of those who are not really fully living up to their divine potential.  You may be fearful, but I am here to hold your hand.  I ask you now in this moment to take the leap of faith into your own ability to navigate these dark places, the fate in your own inner light to illuminate every corner.  I am with you and will guide you in each moment.   Come with me now.  Your treasures await!

The original acrylic painting of Hecate is available for sale – also available as a print through my gallery at FINE ART

Navigational Divine Wisdom Guidance for the Inner Journey is available as well – if you are interested in exploring the possibility of becoming an apprentice through the Core Path – The Energy Foundations for Divine Wealth Intensive – please apply for consideration at

Here’s a little video in my backyard from about 6 weeks ago…. Anybody able to tell me what this tree is?? I think it’s a Rose of Sharon – the flowers are beautiful and pale purple….



Gotta Love the Plant people!! If you listen carefully – they might tell you something….

The other day a colleague and former client of mine Helen Kim posted something on Facebook – she specializes in Your Money Relationship.  Here’s what she suggested:

Helen Kim Very effective exercise. Take a bill out of your wallet (go ahead : ). Now ask it, “What do you have to tell me today?” Notice the tone of voice. Creating a space between it and you helps you hear your inner wisdom.

So I went and took out a $20 and had a  little sit with it….  Asked the Big Question – “What is in the way of me having a whole lot more of you?   Here’s the message I got:

Mindfulness and Respect.  Mindfulness of how you choose to SPEND not just your $ but more importantly your time, energy, and attention.  When you are out of alignment with what your deepest Soul’s values are you tend to chase after and become easily distracted (“Squirrel!”).

This is wasteful of your life force and resources.  When you lose mindfulness you lose consciousness and your fear programs that are unhealed begin to take over and run the show.  Cultivating a practice of mindfulness about choosing in each moment to spend your time the way you state, intend or claim you want to spend it will help you to be at peace within yourself and will prevent the wasting of life force that occurs when your actions are not in alignment with your intentions.

Respect is the other side of this “coin” shall we say?  When you have little respect for yourself and your own worth and value you also reflect that out in to the world as a disrespect for money.  When you don’t have any value on money you are negating the life force of your business which is in fact YOU!  When you allow yourself to fully respect who you are and the magnificent multitude of gifts that you are here to deliver you command respect in the world and your goods or services become more highly valued in the market. They begin to take on the energy of finely crafted, exquisite and refined things and they become prized and attractive to the world.

Respect your TIME.  Respect your needs.  Respect your body. Respect your unique gifts and Respect others as well.  Create boundaries and lines in the sand that will NOT be crossed.  Respect the mentors who you have chosen to work with.  Listen and apply their teachings with respect.  See what works and is authentic for you and if you disagree find another mentor or find those places where your values and theirs line up.  Respect your own guidance and inner voice above all else and respect your results too!

Notice if you are not achieving the results – where did you stray?  In your mindfulness?  In self-respect? or in following the teachings of those who you have agreed can and have assisted you in getting results?

Now it is time for you to go to respect your body.  (I had a yoga class I was scheduled to attend as this was coming through).  Do so with joy and gladness that you have a body that moves.

I am so grateful to Helen for posting this on Facebook  – She’s getting ready to birth her radio show on Hay House which manifested during our work together – I love it when my clients step fully into their greatness and presence and begin to deeply embody their gifts and share them with the world in the highest and best ways possible.  I am sure that Helen’s work will create immense positive impact in the world and I’m delighted to support her in the “birth” of this baby of hers!  Here’s where you can go to find out more about Helen and her new show:   Helen Kim On Hay House Radio Video

Speaking of mentors – I met Helen at Lisa Sasevich‘s big event last October – Big Mission, Big Sales, Big Life and we became colleagues in Lisa’s Sassy Mastermind.  Lisa’s an amazing teacher, model and mentor – she’s got the goods on how to actually MAKE money with your message –  and she is ABUNDANT with her sharing – and the resources that she makes available – all templated – simple – clear and easy to understand.  I’m working slowly but surely step by step through Lisa’s amazing work and have used her guidance to craft my strategy around my upcoming 6 Figure Speakers Summit event that’s happening in September.

Remember to Keep Your Head Up

Oh and that last piece from the money – that was pretty important to remember – that I have a body that moves – please pray for Cooper Doucette – a young man of 15 on my son’s team who was practicing for the upcoming football season on Saturday the 14th of August – he tackled someone with his head in the wrong position and broke his neck – the last news was that he was paralyzed from the chest down – the whole team is waiting to hear the results of his surgery last Tuesday.  Remember to honor and RESPECT YOUR body that moves.   It’s the vehicle through which all your dreams, visions, desires and imaginings are manifested.    Information about how donations can be made to the SuperCoop fund that was just established can be found by going HERE

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