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As another year comes into it’s ending – Please know that I am sending out infinite blessings to you of love, light and appreciation for spending whatever time you have with me in 2010.  There are so many ways that our attention can be pulled and our choices about how to spend our time and energy is always subject to competition from a massive variety of outside sources and so I want you to know that your choice to spend time with me is a great gift! 

Many times this year people have mentioned to me that I’m a wordsmith – writing being one of the multitude of ways that I invite Spirit to flow through me.  I do love words – Scrabble is one of my favorite games – making up words, using words, sharing words, writing words.  In the beginning there was the WORD.  Sound, that first sonic wave that initiated the origin of our universe, is a creative and vital force for life.  How we choose to use our words is something to be mindful of because of the creative power inherent within each and every syllable.

The ending of this year has brought with it the chance to re-connect with family and friends and often we are brought back into situations that we may find filled with opportunities to choose how we will engage.  Will we re-visit and re-play endlessly those old dramas?  Will we choose instead to stop a second, breathe, notice the feelings, allow them to flow through us and be absorbed by the earth, recognize the one in front of us as a messenger of Spirit, as a fellow traveler, as a brother or sister in light and acknowledge the light that is within them?  Can we choose to hold our tongue and speak only words of wonder to our fellow man?  Can we speak our truth without trampling upon another’s?

As we step into a fresh new year – let us remember we are at choice.  We ALWAYS have choice.  We can be co-creating heaven in 2011.  May you wish it, may it be so!

Peace and joy of the season to you and yours…..Be kind to yourself, love your fellow man, cultivate the seeds that are planted in this season so that you will have a life time of peace and joy to nourish you in the coming years!


All is calm, all is bright,




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Talk about taking a risk, I went way over the edge today! I’d like to introduce you to my British alter ego Violet Flame. As if Amethyst Wyldfyre wasn’t colorful enough!! Violet showed up in full bloom today – unshowered & wearing her bathrobe of all things! What a way to be introduced to the public!!

We can get so stinking serious and full of ourselves, striving for perfection, seeking our success, working hard, nose to the grindstone – but you know what? That’s NOT what life is all about. Sure it’s ok to work, sure it’s ok to do your best, to bring the best of yourself to the table, sure it’s ok to set goals and to dream big and to take the many small steps and giant leaps that let you manifest your visions for yourself. BUT – not to the point where you become so fixated and so lost in your work that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

If we can’t have fun and enjoy our work and our life then what’s the point. We are NOT here to suffer!! Please let that thought form go for good!! It’s not about how hard you worked, how much you invested, the “blood, sweat & tears” that you poured into your creation – Did you LEARN something?? Did you become a BETTER PERSON for the experience??? Did you SHARE with others the fruits of your journey to success? Did you WALK IN BALANCE???

Balancing our work, our play, our many connections with co-workers, colleagues, friends, family and with our inner spirit is vital in order to have a truly successful & SWEET life. Let’s smell the roses along the way shall we? Let’s enjoy the views! Let’s savor the sweet smells! Let’s enjoy the tastes and touches – the simple moments, life’s little pleasures. Let’s have a little fun!

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And if all else fails…….Have yourself a HONEY PARTY!!

Here is a list of all the honey’s we’ve shared so far and if I can remember, where I got them….


Episode 1- Chilean Gourmet Ulmo Tree Honey – 100% Pure Chilean – Bought at Cheese Monger in Great Barrington, MA


Episode 2 – Bee Raw Colorado Sweet Yellow Clover – Gift From Yo Mish – She bought at Whole Foods (Check out their gift packs of honey samplers!! Great idea for the holidays unless of course you’d like to buy one of my CD’s  or my book for a stocking stuffer instead – or maybe you’d like to do both!!)


Episode 3 – White Gold Raw Honey from Canada – Distributed by Continental Systems bought at Whole Foods


Episode 4 – Heavenly Organics Wild Forest Raw Honey – Bought at Earth Energies in Nashua, NH


Episode 5 – Honey in the Rough – Thought I got this at Whole Foods but now am thinking I got it on a trip to Vermont in Woodstock at an organic grocery store after stopping for crystals in Enfield, NH at Gemstar.  It comes from Moorland Apiaries in Littleton, NH.


Episode 6 – Heavenly Organics Himalayan Raw Honey – Bought at Earth Energies, Nashua, NH


Ok that’s enough for today – I’ll do the rest next time ‘k?



Speaking our truths, expressing our selves in any number of ways is a vital component to being successful.  We must reach down deep inside and bring forth all that we have been brought here to share.  At times the birthing process can be challenging because we may have been conditioned by our families, culture or society to be seen and not heard.  When we have been conditioned in this way we will hold inside of ourselves all sorts of emotions and experiences that – if not expressed in some way – can be very damaging to our health and well being. 

The area of the body that is most vulnerable – our throat – is also the area (the energy center) through which every thought, idea, emotion and inspiration comes to be expressed in the world.  You may use your hands to paint a beautiful picture but the energy center that fuels and energizes the creative expression is the throat.   Many of us have karmic or past life trauma during which the throat was the area that suffered extreme violence and/or death was delivered to one of our soul’s incarnations through the throat by all the various means that humanity has devised for this purpose. 

Healing of the throat and expression in some way of all these supressed traumas is a key to being able to successfully manifest your dreams and desires.  There are many ways that this healing can take place – self healing can begin by just tapping into something, anything that you might be feeling and just allowing it to come out of you in the form of a sound.  Perhaps it’s a groan, maybe a scream, maybe a whimper.  Just see and allow whatever wants to come up to come up and be expressed. 

In today’s video I Celebrate the Success of a friend who has been working on healing, clearing and strengthening her throat chakra over the last two years.  I’ve watched her as she’s blossomed forth with her sweet songs and sounds and am delighted to share her singing with you today.  You can check out Kristan Bishop on this VIDEO.  She’s about to go into the studio to cut a CD with her band Bliss – You go girl – here’s to your sweet voice and the sweetness of your success.


Comes A Time  to make our voices heard.  If you live in the US – Please VOTE tomorrow.  It’s important.  Here’s to a successful election.



Interested in Sound Healing to help move you through some “stuck” issues?  Shamanic Healing is also highly beneficial to help you connect at the energetic level with whatever needs to be released so that you can move forward and become that which you were born to be – an instrument for the free flow of Spirit into the world.  

Maybe you’ve already moved through a lot of your expression issues and you are ready to share your story so that it might benefit others?  If so please consider checking this link out IS THERE A BOOK INSIDE OF YOU

Thanks for being an audience for my creative expressions in all their many forms!

Peace and VOTE



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