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Drinkin’ the Koolaid!

Been having lots of interesting conversations lately with people – people who have made some powerful choices for themselves – people who have INVESTED HIGHLY in their businesses and their dreams and desires – people who have sought the advice, guidance and wisdom of a variety of “experts” to help them in learning new skills, bringing in new technologies or otherwise expanding and growing their businesses.

I’ve discovered that there are two different “camps” out there – those who are making the recommended changes and those who aren’t.

Let me tell you about what I’ve learned – if you are willing to receive that is…..

The one’s that didn’t make the necessary changes are DESPERATE – they are stuck in their old ways – entrenched SO deeply that in spite of making this big investment they simply can not get out of their own way – and they are dying – perhaps their business is dying – perhaps their faith in themselves is dying – perhaps their relationships are dying as a result of this choice.  Maybe all of the above and more….

The one’s the DID make the changes – ACTUALLY DIED!!! They DIED to their old patterns of behavior, they died to  the relationships that didn’t serve them or their vision anymore and they died to having to do things “their way” for sure.  As a result – they got to be REBORN – into a whole NEW level of service, a whole NEW level of expertise, a whole NEW level of VALUE ADDED to their own work and to serving a whole NEW level of clients with upgraded, refined, polished and professional products, services and packages.

Rest In Peace.....

Either way if you “drink the Kool-Aid” you are gonna die – you can go the EASY way – willingly surrendering into the higher vision that your mentor, coach, trainer or counsel might have for you and your business (because truth is if you are investing with them they must have said or did something somewhere along the line that showed to you that they have some kind of understanding of YOUR PARTICULAR stuck point and that they THEMSELVES went through it and discovered a SOLUTION which they are now inviting YOU to invest in to get it without having to go through the days, months or years of it that they did yourself! Oh and another truth is – somewhere in you there was the recognition that this particular person is AHEAD of you on the path in that particular area!).

Or you can go the hard way – making the investment but not showing up on calls, not doing the homework or only doing it half assed, not showing up in the forums to give and receive support, not ASKING for help on the Q & A calls, maybe doing the work but bitching, moaning and complaining about how hard it is or how little time or attention YOU and YOUR BUSINESS are getting or about how “others” are so far ahead of you, or about how CRAZY you must have been when you made this choice, or how OUTRAGEOUS and UNREALISTIC the pricing of the program was or how you are NOT GETTING THE RESULTS that you wanted to get or whatever.  This creates a HUGE FIELD OF ENERGETIC MUCK around YOU, around YOUR BUSINESS and around your RELATIONSHIPS with your mentor and with everyone else in the program.  This MUCK is like Quicksand for your business – because here’s another truth – if you are in ANY KIND OF BUSINESS at all then YOU ARE ASKING OTHER PEOPLE TO INVEST IN THEIR OWN BUSINESS OR PERSONAL WORK through YOU!  So when you are in MUCKVILLE what happens???? Well either your potential investors all disappear completely because they “kinda liked what you had to say…. but ‘something’ didn’t feel quite right” or you’ll spend a LOT of time and energy talking to folks who then become clients but they themselves then start to play mirror mirror with YOU –  bitching, moaning, complaining, etc.  about how hard it is – maybe wanting their money back – whatever – Get the picture??? You get back what you give out.  Pretty Simple!

Here’s the deal – when you enter into the path of entrepreneurship – especially if you are “Called” to be an agent of change or a messenger of some sort – you are going to be guided by the BUSINESS ITSELF to learn, grow, expand and TAKE RISKS!! If you aren’t comfortable taking risks you are gonna get a GRADUATE COURSE in that little subject!  The work on the INSIDE is to get really open and clear around receiving guidance about the options for investing and growing that will BEST serve you and your evolving entrepreneurship.  The work on the OUTSIDE is to make the guided choice to TAKE INSPIRED ACTION and get moving in those areas where you MOST need the support in your business RIGHT NOW!

I myself of course am partial to seeing people INVEST in doing the INNER work FIRST – because it’s WAY less messy to clear out all those old beliefs, thought forms, behavior patterns or maybe even familial or ancestral “curses” that might be waiting in the depths of your being to SABOTAGE your dreams and your success.  It’s WAY cooler to get all that stuff clear by choosing to CONSCIOUSLY go IN THERE in my humble opinion than it is to “Play it OUT” with other people – mentors, colleagues or clients or even organizations like banks, the IRS, landlords, etc. – who end up taking on these funky roles in your personal drama to help you to FINALLY stop doing what you are doing and go IN to shift that old junk up to the surface and get some CLARITY for a change.

Clarity is DIVINITY!!

Wanna come by and have a nice cold glass of Kool-Aid?  I’d love to AID you – I think it would be really KOOL……

Before I take off for summer vacation I’m feeling like there are a HANDFUL of PERFECT PEOPLE who are REALLY READY to get the CLARITY that they desire and to make an EXPONENTIAL Leap in their own business.

People like our most recent Divine Client Elizabeth who had this to say after doing some LIVE in person work with us when we did a little test of taking our Core Path work into a live format:

“I became very clear…This work will impact my whole LIFE…. I have SO MANY tools now!”

Check out all that she had to say on this short video  !

Time for Chillin....

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This isn't us (I use for free stock photos) but it could be!

Today’s message is about the transmutation of GUILT – specifically “mother” guilt.  If you aren’t a mom you might just want to pass this one by – although if you’ve ever felt guilty about anything then this post could be of assistance to you!

I’ve been challenged by this emotion being DEEPLY embedded in my energetic field for far to long – it’s like a terrible cancer on the soul and it infected many of my choices and decisions throughout my experience of parenting.

I’ve been thinking about this for the last several days and drawing forth from the universe experiences that are allowing me to SEE clearly the remnants that are arising now within me that are ready to be shifted and released.

My relationship with my child has from the very beginning been fraught with guilt – his birth was an emergency and even before that I fell twice during my pregnancy right on my belly because I wasn’t present to what was going on around me – so the seeds were sown even before his birth.   Throughout his life incident after incident has deepened and widened the furrow of guilt and even though I’ve been “working” this one for YEARS and healing, clearing and releasing on a regular basis I’ve found that inevitably I’m still carrying an “affinity” to this feeling which periodically will get triggered once again sending me back into feeling that old familiar companion Guilt again.

Guilt is insidious in making you feel not good enough – and not good enough is like a giant block to the benevolent Universe that wants to shower you with all good things so it’s really been vital to me to unlock this energetically embedded affinity once and for all.  I think this morning in my meditation with my Divine Business Partner – I’ll ask for HIS help to see if there is some generational, familial, gender, cultural, or karmic pattern that can be discovered and unwoven around this guilt piece.

I’ve done so much work on this that I feel like it’s mostly gone – however there’s still a “danglie” in there somewhere – I can feel it…..
How has GUILT colored your decisions?  Do you experience Mother Guilt or any other form of guilt and if so what have you done to shift and release this emotion?  What do you think it would feel like to be guilt-free forever?  Do you have friends or relatives who “constructively criticize” you – that believe they are “supporting” you – but are in actuality adding fuel to the fire instead of calming the waters and REALLY supporting you by just being present?

Would love to have you share – and I’ll let you know soon what has unfolded for me!


Guilt is a “symptom” of an energetic imbalance, misfiring, block or disconnection – and it can really throw a Sticky Wicket into your Communications especially – Communications is one of the 5 Pillars of Entrepreneurship that we’ll be exploring this week on our complimentary Divine Wealth Community Call – Thursday the 20th of January, 2011 at 1 PM ET.  If you’d like to join this call please feel free to register here:  DIVINE WEALTH COMMUNITY CALL We would love to have you join us!

Oh and be sure to tune in TODAY to Jolette Jai on my radio show Blazing Forth The Light at 4 pm ET – she’ll be talking to us about how to CONNECT to our KIDS!


Image BORROWED from the Let's Go Digital Site to illustrate a point - Boy has a Samsung Phone

Today’s message is all about the stories we tell ourselves about what’s going on in our world!  I had the most interesting experience in the last few days with my son.  Friday he came home from school and announced that his phone was dead.  Here’s the story that he wove for himself:

Him: “My phone is dead.  My dad is an A**hole.  He shut me down.  I’m not speaking to him until he turns my phone back on.”

Me:  “Well how will you let him know how you feel – you’ll have to talk to him in order to let him know”

Him:  “No – I’m not bending to his will – I will not speak to him – he can wait forever as far as I’m concerned.  I’ll speak to him when he get’s over himself and turns my phone back on.”

Me: “Well I’m not sure exactly how that’s going to happen – if you don’t let him know and won’t speak to him about getting your phone turned back on – I don’t see how the phone will ever get turned back on.”

Him: “I don’t care – I’m not speaking to him”

This goes on for a few days and then I go out on Sunday – when I return I find that the boy has spoken to the dad on the house phone.  He suddenly received a call on his cell from a friend and discovered his cell was back on again – so he answered the phone when the dad called.  The real story was that his dad had lost his phone in a parking lot somewhere and when he called the phone company to report it lost they shut off service to both phones.
What’s REALLY interesting to me was how quickly my son made up this whole story in his head about his dad shutting him off and being an a**hole.  How quickly do YOU jump to conclusions and make up stories in your head?  How often do you SHUT DOWN the lines of communication and are unwilling to even INVESTIGATE other possibilities for what is happening?  How many times have you JUDGED and discovered later that you grossly MISJUDGED a situation or another person?

If you have any of what we call “POB’s” (patterns of behavior) going on for you-you may be playing out an OLD story – in fact it may not even be a story from THIS LIFETIME!!! Just off the phone today with a brand new client – she was deep in panic mode after having made the decision to move forward with us in our CORE PATH – Energy Foundations for Divine Wealth Intensive.  As a signing bonus because she made the decision right on the first phone call with me I had given her a complimentary full hour with me that she could use anytime between her decision and three months from now.    Well that sure came in handy!  Part of her panic was over whether she could handle the financial commitment and still fulfill her “responsibility” to mothering her daughter.

We discovered that she was carrying not just an Old Story of her own – but she was also carrying a GENERATIONAL story – from her mother line  – AND a KARMIC Contract from a previous lifetime – In an hour we unthreaded this tangled web and transformed her story of panic, fear, apprehension, unsafety and deep need for CONTROL into a brand new Statement of Power:
I Am Wise, I am Strong, I Am Fearless, I have CHOICES!

Wowie Zowie – now there’s an SOP (Statement of Power AND Standard Operational Procedure) that I can seriously APPLAUD in a big way!  What is true for her can be true for ME too!! That’s what I LOVE about my work – I LOVE LOVE LOVE that when I do work with someone else – because in truth we are ALL one – I am healing that part of me too!  Isn’t that DELICIOUS?

Thanks for reading – please comment if this Story has some resonance for you!

Oh and if you have an interest in exploring more about Energy and Energy Mastery – please visit my other blog site at

The last few days (including yesterday when I didn’t evaluate) have been chugging along at about 4 on my energy meter.  Don’t know whether it’s the cold, the snow, the lack of extended daylight, what I’m eating  or the ebbs and flows of the global energetics and likely it’s some combination of all of the above but the last few days I’ve definitely felt more like sleeping than jumping up and down and producing stuff.

When I’m down in the four zone I can tend to get a bit lost in trivial things like sitting at the computer most of the day and being drawn into the labyrinth of Facebook, Twitter and Email and feeling like I’m just bailing my boat out with a cup instead of a bucket.  What would probably serve me better is to go lie down and take a nice nap!   Alternatively perhaps it might serve better to go do a nice little yoga routine to start to move things around a bit that have gone sluggish!  What do you do for yourself when you are down in the lower zone energetically?

Have you been tracking your own energy along with me?  I’d love to find out how that’s going for you!   I am loving the greater levels of awareness I’m bringing to my own life and work by doing this on a daily (cept for Sunday!) basis.  I have a tendency personally to overcommit when I’m energized and then to feel overwhelmed when my energies are ebbing.  So the more conscious awareness I am able to bring to my own cycles and rhythms the more effectively I can respond when asked to be a contributor or when choosing whether or not to say yes to someone who is requesting that I share my gifts and my energy with them.  The most important relationship of course is the relationship you cultivate with YOURSELF!

Want to know more about energy, statements of power and learning how to manage and master your personal power, match it up with your passionate purpose and create positive impact and profitable results?? Visit my OTHER Blog –! Take our SCORE your Business Quiz and get on our mailing list for our Monthly EZINE – The Energy Edge!

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Last week we worked on the anger piece and by the end of the week control had reared it’s head. I’ve been working with both Statements of Power that came through and I’m really feeling the shift and release of residual energy and a deeper integration of those power statements.

I’ve just been listening to SOUL Art TV – a BRILLIANT idea that emerged from the creative genius of Laura Hollick who has chosen to spearhead the Creative Spiritual Revolution through this medium. I think control is another name for that fake face (as co-guest Christine Arylo talks about on her episode on Soul Art TV) that we put on to show the world when we are really feeling yucky inside and feeling unable to manage whatever we’ve got going on in there or unloving to ourselves. Christine is the Queen of Self Love – you really must check her and her work out – it’s stupendous! In fact on Feb. 13 she’s created a huge special event – Madly In Love with ME Day – you can find the link at Soul Art TV – so sign up and get the goods!

I’ve been working on releasing control in all areas of my life – not just in my evolving relationship with my child but also in my relationship with my Divine Business and the beings who are mutually gathered to serve into the vision that the Divine Business is a vessel for carrying out in the world.

Every day my Divine Business Partner and I sit in meditation for about 15 – 20 minutes in the energy field of the business – did you know your business actually has a “field” of it’s own? You might not realize it but it’s quite true and that field can be “worked” on and the energy shifted so that you and the business are in right relationship with each other and creating more positive impact and profitable results!

Anyway – we’ve been “sitting” with the Deva of our business now for about 2 months and usually I have found that I’m in the energy field doing a lot of tracking and adjusting and tending and so forth (making sure everything’s under CONTROL perhaps???) and my partner has noticed that he’s been mostly sitting with the field and “being” with it in a love exchange. Last week he suggested that we change things up a bit – rather than having an unstructured sitting – he suggested that we spend the first half just “being” and the second half of our time exploring and interacting with the field.

What happened for me with this invitation was a settling down – and a cultivation of a deeper connection and ability to just BE with the business, so every day last week I was mostly just “being” until Friday. Within our SCORE for your Spiritually Energized Entrepreneurial Success system we’ve identified the 5 Pillars of Entrepreneurship and these pillars form the foundation for the Divine Business and also become touchpoints in the energetic anatomy.

On Friday after my period of “being” with the business when the chime indicated the time for a shift into interaction I was drawn to examine each of those pillars – and discovered various things going on in each one – then I asked is there anything else for me to do or notice and was given the invitation to go back to the center which is a RADIANT Core of LIGHT and just be again. As I was in this being state a message came loud and clear from the heart of our Divine Business – and it was this: “I am a self-regulating intelligent system that has the capacity and the power now to balance myself.” Basically what my business was telling me was to butt out and leave it be!! How cool is that – so I’m surrendering.

In fact I’m going to do more than surrender – I think I might just give myself permission to completely let go and SOAR (Surrender, Open, Activate and Radiate!) What do YOU think?

If you are working on letting go of some way of being that has been your default for far too long – sometimes it helps to have assistance! In fact we can and DO often take our “baggage” along with us into our businesses and business relationships – and this energy may not be serving us in more ways than one! When things aren’t working in your work you can be sure there is an energy shift that needs to happen for you. Sometimes our most profound growth comes through the desire to create a business that is going to serve the world in a very powerful way – and that relationship we have with our business becomes the playground for our soul path lessons and growth.

Want to know more about energy, statements of power and learning how to manage and master your personal power, match it up with your passionate purpose and create positive impact and profitable results?? Visit my OTHER Blog –! Take our SCORE your Business Quiz and get on our mailing list for our Monthly EZINE – The Energy Edge!

Please comment on this post to if you are inspired to do so! I appreciate your feedback!

Side by side with Success!

Wonder what it takes to really make your life, your business and your relationships work and work successfully?


Willingness to show up

Willingness to “look stupid”

Willingness to stand your ground

Willingness to speak your truth

Willingness to believe in your dream

Willingness to believe in yourself

Willingness to imagine and make believe

Willingness to play

Willingness to reach out and touch another

Willingness to say “I’m sorry”

Willingness to work things out

Willingness to be open to other people’s truth

Willingness to “drop the rope”

Willingness to see someone elses’s Sacred Point of View

Willingness to remember you are worthy

Willingness to receive

Willingness to take a big leap

Willingness to be coached or mentored by another

Willingness to recognize when someone else might have a piece of the puzzle for you

Willingness to be friends

Willingness to say NO

Willingness to say YES

Willingness to set and keep clear boundaries for yourself

Willingness to try new things, meet new people, go to new places, have new experiences

Willingness to move

Willingness to admit your mistakes

Willingness to rest

Willingness to surrender

Willingness to Fail – BIG

Willingness to SUCCEED!

Are you willing to make a choice for you, for your business, for your dream?  I have designed the Divine Worth, Divine Wisdom, Divine Wealth mastermind program for 2011 which is meant to catapult the women who choose to raise their hands and say “PICK ME” to leap into their highest level of service to the planet.   This Mastermind will be filled with hand-selected conscious Passion-preneurs who will be required to have a phone consultation with me and to submit a written application form for consideration.  The intent is to serve you both personally and professionally, to assist you to come more fully into your power, to remember that you are worthy of wealth, to connect you to your Source more powerfully than ever before and to teach you how to MASTER the art of attracting, containing and generatively channeling wealth.

Clients who work with me have consistently reported feeling LIGHTER and CLEARER than ever before – more WILLING to step into their greatness – better prepared to FOCUS on their life’s work and to lead the life they were meant to have – to contribute to the world in the most powerful and artful of ways – and to be kind to themselves and remember their true value and values.   My more well known clients include NY Times Best Selling Author and Spiritual Marketing Quest founder Suzanne Falter-Barns, The Queen of Sales Conversion Lisa Sasevich, Stacy Canfield of,  a Hay House author and Radio show host and many more.

I am looking for committed conscious cultural creative women entrepreneurs who know the value of working with a mentor, who understand how to collaborate with others in a small group to mutually support each other, who are ready to take their business and life into the next dimension and who are fully invested in their passionate purpose.   I am looking for women who’s work, business, message or mission would be a great case study for me to brag about and promote.  I am looking for dreamers who are working on the manifestation of their dream and know that their current reality doesn’t quite match with what they are dreaming.  Women who are looking for a BOOST of POWER to really get their business and life fully aligned with their highest destiny.  If these words resonate I am looking for YOU and I want to talk to you right away.  Please visit my special application site at and let’s LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE as we enter this brand new decade!  Are you willing?

Sometimes you just have to JUMP off the edge of the Cliff……

Here’s a little video in my backyard from about 6 weeks ago…. Anybody able to tell me what this tree is?? I think it’s a Rose of Sharon – the flowers are beautiful and pale purple….



Gotta Love the Plant people!! If you listen carefully – they might tell you something….

Recently I’ve been in a place on my Journey where I’ve been called out of my home environment and been guided to re-engage and re-connect with the larger world in a variety of different locations and experiences.  In the last month and a half I’ve traveled more than I have in 7 or 8 years attending various live events and participating as a presenter at one.  What I’ve been noticing is that the energies are really supporting this outward movement and there have been a number of opportunities for making soul – brother and sistar connections and activations as well as earth healing and portal and vortex openings and clearings.

As a result of these travel engagements  during which I’ve been exposed to a much broader spectrum of the continuum of energies that are “out there” then I have been in my comfortable little “nest” at home I’ve discovered a few things that I feel are of great importance to share in this report.  First off – you may have noticed that I have not posted a report in several weeks – in fact the last report was as we stepped through the 11 11 gateway.  There was a real sense of separation from the old and leaving behind of the disintegrating paradigm energies as we passed through that gateway and immediately following the passage a sweet and powerful taste of the potential for sharing in the co-creation of the new.  This experience of  bright clear, centered, empowered, directed and focused energy that created near instant results was followed by a very rapid expansion and creation cycle, then a pull back and review.  The cycling through this process is markedly and exponentially greatly accelerated from the creation cycles we’ve become used to and have been playing with up until now.

The 11:11 marked a real turning point even more profoundly powerful then I was expecting.  There is a deep urging now to all Lightworkers to let go of the old thoughts of “I don’t know what I’m doing”.  You know VERY WELL what you are doing and it’s time NOW to literally “grow up” and use your intent, your power, your skills, your abilities to manage  & direct energy, your passion and your great gifts in service to your own Divine will, to the planetary matrix and to your ultimate destiny.  We are being asked, no URGED, to LEAP fully into our potential.  To embody at every level and to be in full alignment with the divine blueprint that holds all of our power and capacity to create.  We are CREATORS.  Creators – step forward now and CREATE!

The power of the paradox that I refer to in the headline of this post is this – YOU and YOU alone have available ALREADY within you to create whatever it is you desire AND paradoxically there are OTHERS with whom you are destined to connect with who will awaken, remind, illuminate, and assist in transmuting for and with you both all that you are and all that you are NOT.  You are an energetic being of light, take your power.  Take it NOW.  Stand in that power and be fearless.   Be a leader.  Take YOUR personal stand in whatever area you have been called to serve.   Be OPEN to receive.  Be OPEN to receive the gifts that OTHERS have been uniquely designed and activated to share and to give to YOU.  We are ALL ONE and no one is an island unto themselves.

This is important – so please pay attention here:  It is TIME to LET GO of scarcity consciousness and EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF thinking.  It’s TIME to share our gifts and EXCHANGE energy with each other.  It’s time to open and allow yourself to RECEIVE the gifts of others and to let your gifts also flow.  If you are still stuck in the “survival” mindset, the fastest way out is to start by finding one area of specialization that will SUPPORT you in moving forward with your light work, your business, your life plan.  Personally – I have taken a HUGE leap in the last two months in terms of investing in my self and in my chosen and destined vocation.  I am HERE to be a beacon of light, I am HERE to serve, I am HERE to activate, to initiate, to awaken, to validate, to translate and to facilitate for those who are called to be leaders.  I have taken the leap very concretely by freeing up what I had been characterizing as the “last of my reserves” “my safety net” in the form of the equity in my  home to support a RAPID and accelerated expansion experience of both learning and simultaneously HEALING in those areas where I have not been successful with my business and my life.

Very specifically for me the areas of  SALES, MARKETING, and MONEY have been areas where I have NOT been seeing any adequate or even FAIR return & results in my life and business.   I am tired of trying to figure this out – really I’m done with it.  Clearly there has been a huge block – an inability on my part to “Get it” and so it was time to me to seek out MASTERS to help me in these areas where I’ve gone as far as I can go with what I have been able to learn and teach myself on my own.  I have personally taken the risk and made these investments in the last two months ONCE Again to answer my mission’s calling.  For the last several years I’ve been learning and honing my skills as a healer and now it’s time to take the leap and learn and hone my skills as a genuine, authentic and WYLDLY successful entrepreneur  – because the fact of the matter is I have not quite yet mastered the skills for running a profitable business – and I‘ve been working on that one now for 7 plus years!  I’m at the end of  the reserves and its NOW or NEVER time! As a result of my choice to surrender my ego around those areas where I’m clearly NOT an expert, and to surrender the cash to pay for training to get more expertise and to surrender the need to do it all myself which resulted in my engaging a team of web based experts to help in those areas that I have just got zero desire to learn about, I had an almost INSTANTANEOUS response from the universe and from the INNERVERSE that allowed me to surface and clear blocks and trauma energy that would keep me from full embodiment and grounding of the gifts that I DO have and DESIRE to share in ABUNDANCE with the people who are here to receive from me!  Simultaneously I  MANIFESTED on the physical level an almost instant flow of cash back into my business that signaled that the Universe was responding to my new found desire to take this whole thing much more seriously and to really be a Big Girl about my capacity to CREATE.  We are HERE TO CREATE.  The challenge is to CREATE from desire – to get infinitely clear on what it is YOU WANT – in all aspects of your being – and to share in the act of both giving AND RECEIVING.  This whole giving and receiving thing is a TWO WAY STREET.  It’s an action of CIRCULATION and without CIRCULATION the only thing that can happen is STAGNATION.

So I urge you to open up and to receive.  To receive and to EXCHANGE energy in the very concrete form of MONEY for services.   There was a time for exchanging through barter and that trade model can still operate from time to time and in very specific circumstances but if you have been holding out – in FEAR – sitting on your little NEST EGG and holding on for dear life to your “Savings” or equity thinking that this is going to be a means of your survival through this economic transition you are dead wrong and in fact you and your business or practice of light work is also probably dead in the water and going nowhere.  Now is the time to FACE FEAR and to WALK RIGHT THROUGH THAT ILLUSION that says as a healer you have to give all the time and if you are charging that you need to give it away for peanuts.  Take off your blinders and use all your resources to CREATE a THRIVING business, to MODEL being a THRIVING LIGHTWORKER.

How does this happen? By CREATING with INTENT what YOU want!  And by being acutely aware of YOUR GREATEST STRENGTHS and YOUR WEAKNESSES – there is NO SHAME in not knowing how to Do Every Blessed Thing (remember my post about D.E.B.T.) When you try to do that you DILUTE your own great gifts, you take away from your companions who are here to serve in those capacities, you do NOT add to the collective up leveling of the planetary vibration and you are in all likelihood acting in MARTYR Mode.  Stop right now.  Figure out where you want support.  Look around and see who is present in your world that is capable, skilled, perhaps even a MASTER at that area that you’ve identified as a weakness and GO PAY THEM TO HELP YOU!  You are not going anywhere until you do.  You are STUCK on your Journey and sinking fast into the muck of heaviness, depression and fear.  You are not in alignment with your destiny and you are kidding yourself if you think that suddenly out of nowhere you are going to have it all snap into place when you wouldn‘t know a sale or a financial report or a marketing message or how a back office shopping cart system is supposed to work (or whatever it is that you’ve identified as your business issues) from a hole in the ground.  Spirit sends help in the FORM OF OTHERS.  If all of this has stirred up some energy in you – if you are feeling like there is something there – some story, some trauma, some familial pattern or karmic contract underneath your inability to “get things together” in some area of your life or business then by all means GET SOME HELP from someone who are poised and ready and PAY THEM to do that work with you.

Remember – whatever is going on with you is also going on with your business.  Do you want to be a thriving light worker?  Are you really and finally ready to ground your greatness and to step into your highest level of service?  Is it time you got some HELP to do that quickly, easily, gracefully, and openly?  Are you ready to see financial as well as spiritual RESULTS in every act and every thing that you choose to do?  I am now enrolling only those who are ready to make the LEAP.  I have 8 places left in my telephone based (no traveling, planes, hotels, meals etc.) virtual CORE PATH intensive.  Surround yourself with success.  Join the class(soul)mates who have already aligned with the blockbusting vibration and intention and GET ON TRACK NOW to CREATE a THRIVING enterprise that supports YOU, YOUR CLIENTS and THE WHOLE WORLD with such power and ease you’ll laugh yourself silly when you look back at why you waited so long……  Here’s the link – The CORE Path .  We start December 15 and finish January 12 so that you can begin 2010 with your act together both energetically and entrepreneurially!

In loving service,

Amethyst Wyldfyre

July 2018
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