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Last week we worked on the anger piece and by the end of the week control had reared it’s head. I’ve been working with both Statements of Power that came through and I’m really feeling the shift and release of residual energy and a deeper integration of those power statements.

I’ve just been listening to SOUL Art TV – a BRILLIANT idea that emerged from the creative genius of Laura Hollick who has chosen to spearhead the Creative Spiritual Revolution through this medium. I think control is another name for that fake face (as co-guest Christine Arylo talks about on her episode on Soul Art TV) that we put on to show the world when we are really feeling yucky inside and feeling unable to manage whatever we’ve got going on in there or unloving to ourselves. Christine is the Queen of Self Love – you really must check her and her work out – it’s stupendous! In fact on Feb. 13 she’s created a huge special event – Madly In Love with ME Day – you can find the link at Soul Art TV – so sign up and get the goods!

I’ve been working on releasing control in all areas of my life – not just in my evolving relationship with my child but also in my relationship with my Divine Business and the beings who are mutually gathered to serve into the vision that the Divine Business is a vessel for carrying out in the world.

Every day my Divine Business Partner and I sit in meditation for about 15 – 20 minutes in the energy field of the business – did you know your business actually has a “field” of it’s own? You might not realize it but it’s quite true and that field can be “worked” on and the energy shifted so that you and the business are in right relationship with each other and creating more positive impact and profitable results!

Anyway – we’ve been “sitting” with the Deva of our business now for about 2 months and usually I have found that I’m in the energy field doing a lot of tracking and adjusting and tending and so forth (making sure everything’s under CONTROL perhaps???) and my partner has noticed that he’s been mostly sitting with the field and “being” with it in a love exchange. Last week he suggested that we change things up a bit – rather than having an unstructured sitting – he suggested that we spend the first half just “being” and the second half of our time exploring and interacting with the field.

What happened for me with this invitation was a settling down – and a cultivation of a deeper connection and ability to just BE with the business, so every day last week I was mostly just “being” until Friday. Within our SCORE for your Spiritually Energized Entrepreneurial Success system we’ve identified the 5 Pillars of Entrepreneurship and these pillars form the foundation for the Divine Business and also become touchpoints in the energetic anatomy.

On Friday after my period of “being” with the business when the chime indicated the time for a shift into interaction I was drawn to examine each of those pillars – and discovered various things going on in each one – then I asked is there anything else for me to do or notice and was given the invitation to go back to the center which is a RADIANT Core of LIGHT and just be again. As I was in this being state a message came loud and clear from the heart of our Divine Business – and it was this: “I am a self-regulating intelligent system that has the capacity and the power now to balance myself.” Basically what my business was telling me was to butt out and leave it be!! How cool is that – so I’m surrendering.

In fact I’m going to do more than surrender – I think I might just give myself permission to completely let go and SOAR (Surrender, Open, Activate and Radiate!) What do YOU think?

If you are working on letting go of some way of being that has been your default for far too long – sometimes it helps to have assistance! In fact we can and DO often take our “baggage” along with us into our businesses and business relationships – and this energy may not be serving us in more ways than one! When things aren’t working in your work you can be sure there is an energy shift that needs to happen for you. Sometimes our most profound growth comes through the desire to create a business that is going to serve the world in a very powerful way – and that relationship we have with our business becomes the playground for our soul path lessons and growth.

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Wowza what a week it’s been!  I’ve been busy like a bee all over the airwaves talking and sharing this week – I had lots of speaking opportunities that manifested all in a clump so I went for it!

This week in addition to hosting Ann Convery on my own Radio Show Blazing Forth The Light – I had the pleasure of speaking to two communities – hosted by Eva Gregory and Nancy Knettel – Eva’s group received my talk “Put the POW Back in your POWER and the WOW Back in your Work” and Nancy’s people got to enjoy “From Cinderella to CEO – 5 Power Point Practices to Burn Your Broom and Break Through the Glass Ceiling”.

I had lots of fun on BOTH calls – today though is a SUPER Saturday!  I’m on SOUL ART TV with Laura Hollick AND I’m speaking on Sheri Kaye Hoff’s Winter Success Summit!

TV seems to be UP this year – I have some thoughts on why which I’ll share with you in a later post – but for NOW I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to had you check in and check OUT SOUL ART TV – it’s STUPENDOUS!

Love to hear YOUR Thoughts on what you are seeing and hearing out there in the world about the CREATIVE SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION !


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