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Having just completed a weekend of teaching – I thought it would be great to do another honey party with one of my students – I had a honey on the counter that I hadn’t opened yet that was made in Germany and it turned out that Miriam is of German descent – in fact she is the first of her family who was born on American soil!

The class that I taught was the Munay-Ki – The Nine Great Rites of Initiation of the Peruvian tradition of shamanic medicine work.  It’s been a little less than 2 years since I myself took this class through The Four Winds Society.   During the course of the weekend my students learned to teach as well as to give the 9 Great Rites and in the process of participating they all catalyzed some deep healing at every level of their being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  The energies of the Munay-Ki provide us with the opportunity to step beyond the wounds of our past, our social and familial conditioning, karmic, past life and ancestral wounds and to not only heal and release them but also to create a clean, clear, radiant, luminous energy field into which seeds are planted to catalyze the evolutionary process that moves us from homo-sapiens to the new species that is emerging – the Homo Luminous.

These powerful transmissions ground our beings here onto this plane with a deep and strong connection to our Mother the Earth being fostered throughout the experience.  Truly this experience gives us the energetic resources to create the return of Heaven On Mother Earth in our own lives which can then radiate out into our world enabling others to do the same!

Whether you are called to a transformational workshop or class of this type – that is working at the level of Spirit or you are interested in practical classes or workshops about how to do business, or perhaps an opportunity to improve your physical health – NOW is the time to engage in the work of growing beyond where you find yourself at present.  As we approach the Vernal Equinox with Spring right on our doorstep, isn’t it the perfect time to consider “growing” yourself??  Only you can plant, germinate, cultivate and grow the seeds of your becoming.  By choosing to step into your next learning and growing opportunity you open the door for Spirit to take you to your next level of success!
Here are some classes and workshops that I will be offering this coming Spring:

By TELECLASS – 9 Weeks to a New You!  – Starts March 19 – Registration & Additional Info HERE

LIVE:  The Crystalline Reunion Workshop – 4 days of intensive connection with the Crystal Kingdom – Includes Crystal Meditation, Crystalline Communication, Crystal Gridwork, Healing with Crystal Energies, Crystal Readings and Crystal Co-creating.   Includes at least 4 Crystalline Attunements.  Contact me directly for more information or to register via email: or phone 603-594-2744.  Starts March 31 – Every Tuesday through April 21!

LIVE:  Munay-Ki – 9 Great Rites of Initiation – May 15-16-17 – Flyer Here

Some Classes and Workshops being offered by people I recommend (note I receive an affiliate commission if you sign up using my links! – Thank you for trusting in my recommendations!)

Starts NEXT WEEK!!  Mari Smith – The Pied Piper of Facebook begins her three part Webinar Training Social Marketing Method Quick Start – Details & Registration Info HERE

Are You Ready to Learn the Art Of Receiving Money??? Shanda Sumpter starts her 4 week teleprogram on March 16 – Find out more HERE

Is There  A Book Inside of YOU? Next Minibook Program Starts in April =

Something you are trying to manifest?  Would you like the energetic assistance of a COLLECTIVE to give your manifesting abilities an added boost?  The Collective Manifesting Project is 21 days of HIGH energy that re-ignites your ability to make your dreams come true – Starts in April – More INFO

Do you have a spiritual business that you’d like to expand online?  If so you’re going to need to think about how you’ll be building your list –  The LIST BUILD Adventure offers a year long series of modules to teach you how to do just that – Next Module starting in April – Check out this program HERE

Is it time for you to QUIT??? Lela Bryan has an amazing program for smokers-  keep smoking while you learn to Quit – Special EarthDay Birthday Celebration Discount too – Check HERE

And of course for those of you who like to plan WAY IN ADVANCE – I want to share with you that I’ll be  working with Eric Lindemer of Skye Institute this August when he hosts an EXCLUSIVE (Limited number of attendees!!) Lightworker’s Conference & Retreat in beautiful New Market NH (Close to the Seacoast) at the Aryaloka Buddhist Center  – Additional DETAILS HERE Register SOON!
As always if you are interested in working with me on a one-on-one basis I am taking appointments for sessions of all sorts by phone or in person – I look forward to supporting you on your journey to success!

Honey:  Breitsamer Honig – Rapsblute – Herzhaft (which means loosely translated expanded heart) – this honey was crafted using the traditional methods of 3 generations of beekeepers in honor and alignment with the beekeeping tradition of the Breitsamer family  (how appropriate as we experienced the Rites of the Peruvian Tradition t0 celebrate with Honey that was crafted traditionally!)  I think I bought this honey at Shaws!  It was around Christmastime so I’m not exactly sure if they still have it on the shelf.

Here’s some photos from our Traditional Fire Ceremony which is a part of the Munay-Ki experience!

Munay-Ki Students At the Fire

Munay-Ki Students At the Fire

Fire Ceremony - Orb Photo

Fire Ceremony - Orb Photo

Since I’m preparing to go away for a week I’ve been blessed with a number of guest bloggers who’ve dropped by to keep the stream of info fresh and relevant while I’m out of town connecting with Mama Earth & Mama Cocha (the Ocean!) Thanks to Ian Hyman for this lovely little post – He’s one of the most consciously aware and connected to his purpose people I’ve met so far on this journey and at 20 has himself far more together than most of the peeps on the planet!  If you are local try a Thai Yoga Massage with him or check out his schedule for Prana Dance (a dance/movement experience he created himself that’s sure to take him places he hasn’t even imagined yet!)

Saving the World, sounds like fun, eh?

The world is desperately in need of help, are you up for the job? People have forgotten their divine nature and therefore have become deathly serious. This is one of the worst tragedies that has befallen our lovely little planet. It’s like someone sucked the life juice out of the majority of the population and now they’re walking around like zombies. I know that sounds terrible, and that’s because it is!

Well fortunately the sleep walking days are coming to an end. As the frequency on our world shifts, the buzzing of the alarm clock keeps getting louder and the snooze button doesn’t work the same way that it used to. Times really are changing, I think everyone knows that, but people are pushing against the current in an attempt to preserve the “comfortable” world that they’ve known for so long. And that’s a whole lot of struggle for a whole lot of nothing in return.

The collective economic manifestation is pushing people in the direction of true fulfillment, or “lucid living.” Current times are forcing people to look at what’s really meaningful in their lives. This push is also motivating people to step outside of the box of conventional wisdom and explore new ways of going about things that they never would have tried on auto-pilot mode.

I think that in any given situation there is something for the soul to gain. The more we open up to the flow of the energy, the more things will fall right into place when we need them.

One of the essential things that our society has lost touch with, is the playful nature of the inner child.
That part of us that wants to enjoy, explore and experience life as it happens in the moment. The inner child is the very thing that makes us alive, it’s the source of joy and our connection to source.
Suppressing the inner child is like strangling our spirit. Our higher self will do anything it can to get us to re-connect to our inner child, even if this means putting us through painful experiences. Why?
Because our higher self loves us too much to let us waste time hiding the full expression of ourself from the world!

We’ve all experienced that feeling of flow that comes when we get creative and playful with life. As “lightworkers” we really need to lighten people up a bit. I mean really, what’s the point of being here (on
Earth) if you’re not having fun? That’s the kind of healing that really spreads, it’s just too contagious not too! I mean who doesn’t want to be part of a fun playful interaction? It’s the easiest way to connect people to their higher self, without having to explain anything “spiritual” to them. People see you expressing your emotions in a joyful, healthy way and it gives them permission deep down to do the same.

My point, is that your inner child is one of the greatest contributions that you can make to this suffering world. Not many are bold enough to let theirs really shine and that’s because no one’s given them permission. So, maybe it’s time to put down the spiritual “work” and save the world by showing folks that it’s okay to be playful. Be a trail blazer, you know you’re capable, start today!

Are You a Messenger Like Ian?  Do you think you might have an important message to share with the world?  If so you might be called to the Messenger Mini-book Program – Here is the cover of my soon to be printed – first Messenger Mini-book – it’s been a fun, easy and deeply transformative experience to create this mini-book in a process that united people from all over the world.  The next round of the program is starting in April – for more information you can visit my affiliate site which will be updated with the details for April’s program very soon!


Magical Questions is Coming Soon!

Today’s Honey Party is all about authenticity, answering the call of Spirit in the moment and expanding your awareness to the limitless nature of our Universe!  I share today with Ian Hyman who is one of the most profoundly conscious people I have had the pleasure of connecting with in this realm.  He is a young man who not only thinks, feels and believes at a higher vibration but he also actively co-creates and manifests his dreams with an immediacy that is quite beautiful to behold.  Ian and I have only been connected for a few short months and I’ve watched him flower and grow enormously.  He has chosen to follow his path with courage, grace and dignity and to speak his truth and create from a wonderfully clear and balanced heart centered space.  His Thai Yoga Massage sessions are totally blissful and he’s also invented his own dance form called Prana Dance!   This young man is one to watch!

As I reflected during the creation of this video – I have reached a place where it is beyond clear to me that I am being called to take another leap and to put my work out there in an even larger way than I’ve ever done before.  I’m excited to be opened up to serve in an even higher way and to share the work with a wider array of people in all parts of the world.    Creating outside the box and trusting with full faith that all that we need will be there for us when we make a jump is a big part of aligning with the energies of success.  Success is most often found by pushing ourselves beyond our limited thinking.  Stretching ourselves to our fullest capacity and beyond we find that the Universe responds to meet us and to support our evolving, growth and expansion.

We also talked here about overcoming or rather using the energy that is generated by fear to PROPEL us to a whole new level.  We do have a choice.  We can choose to be caught, trapped, victimized and sucked down by the fear matrix or we can choose to see each experience as an opportunity to let us see what we have in us.  Opportunities like these come to us throughout our lives in every aspect of our life journey.  We are called time and again to choose.  Can we lift ourselves up and raise ourselves to the challenge of these times? Can we face our deepest fears and overcome them?  Is our Dream  – our Passion – our GIFT  – OUR CALLING energizing our ability to move beyond the illusion that we have of ourselves and our world?  This is what success is all about – it’s not about what you have in your bank account, or on your wrist or in your driveway – it’s about what you have in your heart.   Your heart is far bigger than you can imagine – go in – take a look around – notice that love is limitless.  Imagine what you can do when you limitlessly love yourself and the world around you!  Here’s to Celebrating Your Sweet Success!

Is it time for you to get clear on what’s next for you??  – Clarity Coaching or Shamanic Medicine Work can really help!

Are You A Messenger?  Is There a Book Inside of YOU? The nestround of the Messenger Mini-Book Program is starting up in April – more details will be coming soon!

Sound Heals – Soundscape your personal or office environment with my CD – Divine Union– Listening could be a life changing experience!


Many (although not all) of my readers are also in the business of spiritual healing like I am. I’ve had a number of colleagues give me feedback about my activities online and the work that I’m doing with my business building as well as the experiences I’m having with the Messenger Network.

I’ve never been someone who was interested in the Multi-level marketing thing – and I resisted – for a very long time – getting into the “affiliate” business. I was unwilling to connect my name, brand or reputation to any organization or person if I didn’t feel a sense of trust and total excitement about what that person or organization was offering and I had to really believe that they could deliver on what I was recommending.

Now I’m a great Collector and Connector and regularly (like as regularly as breathing) I will connect people to other people or to products or services that I think would be a beneficial fit. When I got involved in the Messenger Network myself last year as a messenger doing teleclasses and teleworkshops on the site I realized what a warehouse of information, great content, amazing workshops and magical connections were there and finally after many years of reticence was willing to not only make recommendations but to actually make money doing so.  So last spring my husband and I made the investment of time and money to join the Messenger Network as consultants.  Since then Robert Evans the founder of the network (and a co-creator of both Pass-along Concepts and Conscious One)  has developed several really phenomenal Messenger Network programs that I’ve personally participated in and have recommended to others including the Messenger Minibook Program (through which I have already written 3 books that are now in the queue for printing and have started work on 3 more).

Coming in February Robert is launching a 12 month program of 6 modules called the Messenger List Build Program that will help Messengers to build their list.  List building is a necessary part of any business and so if you are serious about taking your business to the next level in 2009 I would highly recommend this program.  Not only will you build your list but you’ll be learning all kinds of other useful tools that will enhance your business offerings and will give you the opportunity to reach so many more with your work and your message.  One of the side benefits that many people have found from being in these programs is that there is  a lot of personal healing that can go on just by being in the process.  This is business but with a Consciousness based energy that opens the door for Spirit to come in and make magic.

I would love to have you join me on this List Building Adventure.  If you sign up – I want you to know that I will make money from your participation, for which I will be very grateful.  When I make money I am able to use that money to not only build the life of my own dreams but also to build a business and create products and services that can help you to do the same.  Thank you for the opportunity to share this program with you and I hope to hear you on the calls!  Here’s to really breaking out of the box in 2009!

Please note that I’ve added 2 new Categories to my blog – The Messenger Network – I will post Messenger Network updates here, and Conscious Business Affiliates – where I will post other partnerships, joint ventures or programs from people that I feel are conscious, trustworthy and will give you what I perceive to be great value!  Thank you for your generous support of my business and for giving me the opportunity to share my gifts with the world.  May you feel the same love and support for you and your business!

Messenger Network Programs Now In Progress:

The Messenger Minibook Program (Still time to sign up for this – you’ve missed some live classes but they are all recorded)

The Messenger List Build Program (Starting in February!)

The Financial Mentor Workshop (With Shanda Sumpter & Robert Evans)

How to Become A Telemessenger (Coming soon as a Home Study Course!)