Many (although not all) of my readers are also in the business of spiritual healing like I am. I’ve had a number of colleagues give me feedback about my activities online and the work that I’m doing with my business building as well as the experiences I’m having with the Messenger Network.

I’ve never been someone who was interested in the Multi-level marketing thing – and I resisted – for a very long time – getting into the “affiliate” business. I was unwilling to connect my name, brand or reputation to any organization or person if I didn’t feel a sense of trust and total excitement about what that person or organization was offering and I had to really believe that they could deliver on what I was recommending.

Now I’m a great Collector and Connector and regularly (like as regularly as breathing) I will connect people to other people or to products or services that I think would be a beneficial fit. When I got involved in the Messenger Network myself last year as a messenger doing teleclasses and teleworkshops on the site I realized what a warehouse of information, great content, amazing workshops and magical connections were there and finally after many years of reticence was willing to not only make recommendations but to actually make money doing so.  So last spring my husband and I made the investment of time and money to join the Messenger Network as consultants.  Since then Robert Evans the founder of the network (and a co-creator of both Pass-along Concepts and Conscious One)  has developed several really phenomenal Messenger Network programs that I’ve personally participated in and have recommended to others including the Messenger Minibook Program (through which I have already written 3 books that are now in the queue for printing and have started work on 3 more).

Coming in February Robert is launching a 12 month program of 6 modules called the Messenger List Build Program that will help Messengers to build their list.  List building is a necessary part of any business and so if you are serious about taking your business to the next level in 2009 I would highly recommend this program.  Not only will you build your list but you’ll be learning all kinds of other useful tools that will enhance your business offerings and will give you the opportunity to reach so many more with your work and your message.  One of the side benefits that many people have found from being in these programs is that there is  a lot of personal healing that can go on just by being in the process.  This is business but with a Consciousness based energy that opens the door for Spirit to come in and make magic.

I would love to have you join me on this List Building Adventure.  If you sign up – I want you to know that I will make money from your participation, for which I will be very grateful.  When I make money I am able to use that money to not only build the life of my own dreams but also to build a business and create products and services that can help you to do the same.  Thank you for the opportunity to share this program with you and I hope to hear you on the calls!  Here’s to really breaking out of the box in 2009!

Please note that I’ve added 2 new Categories to my blog – The Messenger Network – I will post Messenger Network updates here, and Conscious Business Affiliates – where I will post other partnerships, joint ventures or programs from people that I feel are conscious, trustworthy and will give you what I perceive to be great value!  Thank you for your generous support of my business and for giving me the opportunity to share my gifts with the world.  May you feel the same love and support for you and your business!

Messenger Network Programs Now In Progress:

The Messenger Minibook Program (Still time to sign up for this – you’ve missed some live classes but they are all recorded)

The Messenger List Build Program (Starting in February!)

The Financial Mentor Workshop (With Shanda Sumpter & Robert Evans)

How to Become A Telemessenger (Coming soon as a Home Study Course!)