Since I’m preparing to go away for a week I’ve been blessed with a number of guest bloggers who’ve dropped by to keep the stream of info fresh and relevant while I’m out of town connecting with Mama Earth & Mama Cocha (the Ocean!) Thanks to Ian Hyman for this lovely little post – He’s one of the most consciously aware and connected to his purpose people I’ve met so far on this journey and at 20 has himself far more together than most of the peeps on the planet!  If you are local try a Thai Yoga Massage with him or check out his schedule for Prana Dance (a dance/movement experience he created himself that’s sure to take him places he hasn’t even imagined yet!)

Saving the World, sounds like fun, eh?

The world is desperately in need of help, are you up for the job? People have forgotten their divine nature and therefore have become deathly serious. This is one of the worst tragedies that has befallen our lovely little planet. It’s like someone sucked the life juice out of the majority of the population and now they’re walking around like zombies. I know that sounds terrible, and that’s because it is!

Well fortunately the sleep walking days are coming to an end. As the frequency on our world shifts, the buzzing of the alarm clock keeps getting louder and the snooze button doesn’t work the same way that it used to. Times really are changing, I think everyone knows that, but people are pushing against the current in an attempt to preserve the “comfortable” world that they’ve known for so long. And that’s a whole lot of struggle for a whole lot of nothing in return.

The collective economic manifestation is pushing people in the direction of true fulfillment, or “lucid living.” Current times are forcing people to look at what’s really meaningful in their lives. This push is also motivating people to step outside of the box of conventional wisdom and explore new ways of going about things that they never would have tried on auto-pilot mode.

I think that in any given situation there is something for the soul to gain. The more we open up to the flow of the energy, the more things will fall right into place when we need them.

One of the essential things that our society has lost touch with, is the playful nature of the inner child.
That part of us that wants to enjoy, explore and experience life as it happens in the moment. The inner child is the very thing that makes us alive, it’s the source of joy and our connection to source.
Suppressing the inner child is like strangling our spirit. Our higher self will do anything it can to get us to re-connect to our inner child, even if this means putting us through painful experiences. Why?
Because our higher self loves us too much to let us waste time hiding the full expression of ourself from the world!

We’ve all experienced that feeling of flow that comes when we get creative and playful with life. As “lightworkers” we really need to lighten people up a bit. I mean really, what’s the point of being here (on
Earth) if you’re not having fun? That’s the kind of healing that really spreads, it’s just too contagious not too! I mean who doesn’t want to be part of a fun playful interaction? It’s the easiest way to connect people to their higher self, without having to explain anything “spiritual” to them. People see you expressing your emotions in a joyful, healthy way and it gives them permission deep down to do the same.

My point, is that your inner child is one of the greatest contributions that you can make to this suffering world. Not many are bold enough to let theirs really shine and that’s because no one’s given them permission. So, maybe it’s time to put down the spiritual “work” and save the world by showing folks that it’s okay to be playful. Be a trail blazer, you know you’re capable, start today!

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