Today’s Honey Party is all about authenticity, answering the call of Spirit in the moment and expanding your awareness to the limitless nature of our Universe!  I share today with Ian Hyman who is one of the most profoundly conscious people I have had the pleasure of connecting with in this realm.  He is a young man who not only thinks, feels and believes at a higher vibration but he also actively co-creates and manifests his dreams with an immediacy that is quite beautiful to behold.  Ian and I have only been connected for a few short months and I’ve watched him flower and grow enormously.  He has chosen to follow his path with courage, grace and dignity and to speak his truth and create from a wonderfully clear and balanced heart centered space.  His Thai Yoga Massage sessions are totally blissful and he’s also invented his own dance form called Prana Dance!   This young man is one to watch!

As I reflected during the creation of this video – I have reached a place where it is beyond clear to me that I am being called to take another leap and to put my work out there in an even larger way than I’ve ever done before.  I’m excited to be opened up to serve in an even higher way and to share the work with a wider array of people in all parts of the world.    Creating outside the box and trusting with full faith that all that we need will be there for us when we make a jump is a big part of aligning with the energies of success.  Success is most often found by pushing ourselves beyond our limited thinking.  Stretching ourselves to our fullest capacity and beyond we find that the Universe responds to meet us and to support our evolving, growth and expansion.

We also talked here about overcoming or rather using the energy that is generated by fear to PROPEL us to a whole new level.  We do have a choice.  We can choose to be caught, trapped, victimized and sucked down by the fear matrix or we can choose to see each experience as an opportunity to let us see what we have in us.  Opportunities like these come to us throughout our lives in every aspect of our life journey.  We are called time and again to choose.  Can we lift ourselves up and raise ourselves to the challenge of these times? Can we face our deepest fears and overcome them?  Is our Dream  – our Passion – our GIFT  – OUR CALLING energizing our ability to move beyond the illusion that we have of ourselves and our world?  This is what success is all about – it’s not about what you have in your bank account, or on your wrist or in your driveway – it’s about what you have in your heart.   Your heart is far bigger than you can imagine – go in – take a look around – notice that love is limitless.  Imagine what you can do when you limitlessly love yourself and the world around you!  Here’s to Celebrating Your Sweet Success!

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