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I received the notification from the lovely lady in Michigan who decided Archangel Haniel was going to live with her!

Bye Bye to the old and HELLO to the New!

Here’s what she said:

“She is here! And, she is so beautiful. Thank you Amethyst!”

As promised I wanted to share all three of the channelings from my book Celestial Voices – so here’s the last one:

Archangel Haniel

I AM the Archangel Haniel.  Relax and open your sensory body to my presence.  I bring you reminders of your deep capacity to sense and feel the environment and the web of life that surrounds you.  We must practice together for so many of you have forgotten the fine art of opening, receiving, and enjoying the sensory delights that are ever present for you here in the Garden.  Open and receive.  Attune to the magical, mystical and material realms.  Let us begin. 

Take a moment dear ones and breathe with me, opening the heart, opening the lungs and opening the nostrils to receive.  Breathe in. Breathe in through the nostrils.  Sense, if you can, the slightest of vibrations, as the life force, the breath moves into your body at the edge of your nostrils.  Take a moment.  Concentrate.  Breathe in, breathe out. 

Feel the breath as it enters the body, expanding the body, enlivening and illuminating the body, nourishing and nurturing the body as the body opens and relaxes into receiving and releasing.  Release, let go, surrender to this breath, to this moment, to this sensation.  Now rest.  Rest in the sensation and mastery of your own capacity to draw in the life force and to release and relax into being. 

As you relax and surrender further and further into being allow yourself to notice.  Notice sensation.  Notice the scents, the sounds, the vibrations, the visual stimulus within your environment, within your present moment, within your sacred space.  Notice and if you can, focus, focus on one stimulus.   Focus your attention on one thing within your present moment that has attracted you.  Perhaps a sound, perhaps a scent, perhaps a texture, perhaps a sight. 

Now, in this moment, allow yourself to fully explore, to completely investigate, to the exclusion of all else, everything there is to discern about this stimulus. As you proceed with your investigation, see, if you can, whether you are able to also hold an awareness of yourself as the observer.  How has this stimulus affected you?  Are you able to maintain your concentration upon the stimulus while simultaneously attending to the awareness of your own response to the stimulus and your capacity to concentrate.  Therein lies mastery Dear Ones, mastery of this plane of Duality.

For at the deepest levels of Truth and through this practice of dual observation the Oneness of all Creation emerges.  As you master Duality, the Unity is revealed.  Be present for yourself and be patient for this truly is a practice, and an ancient one at that, that has been lost to you for quite some time.  Give yourself time and practice to re-ignite the atrophied muscles of observation.  Open and receive.  Relax and release. 

Practice and play with your re-discovered capacities.  Allow yourself to be guided into the stillness that will re-inforce and re-inform you.  Inhale the life force and relax into Being.  Open your Heart, open your sensory and extrasensory fields and be informed by your whole environment.  Allow all aspects of nature, both the seen and the unseen, permission to enter into your awareness.  For this is the home and place of guidance for you on your sacred journey.  Stop a moment and rest.  Take a breath and get your bearings.  Directions to your next phase of the journey are awaiting you. 

Merely invite your own presence to slow down, stop and observe.  Know that your full apparatus for navigating this journey is fully functional and awaits your use.  Call upon me and my brothers and sisters in the Celestial Realms to assist with fine tuning.  We are ever present and always at your service.

Open to receive our love and guidance.  Invite us in to play and practice with you.  Know that our love is ever present around you for you are truly one of our own, embodied angels.  Materialized and formed from the elemental particles of Mother Earth and glued together by the life force energy of the Great Spirit.  Universal, Intelligent, Creative and Alive in the truest and best sense of the word – the meeting place where matter and spirit merge, the crucibles of miracles, the channels of the highest vibrations. 

Be at peace and remember who you are as we journey joyfully into and through the evolutionary spiral of Lovelight, laughing and singing all the way.  We are the champions of the World.  I AM the Archangel Haniel and I Love you.

I hope you enjoyed this message – comments are welcome, visits to the art website are welcome – I do still have other originals available check them out in the GALLERY   and if you are looking for a reproduction on canvas or framed and matted giclee or as a greeting card then you can stop by my other online gallery at FINE ART AMERICA where you’ll find some pretty rocking awesome photographs too!

Original Vibrational Power Painting of Archangel Haniel @2006 by Amethyst Wyldfyre

I’m SO excited – today someone from Michigan acquired Archangel Haniel! Haniel is traveling to a new steward to bless and heal and ignite and blossom the hearts and beings of the people who will view her! In celebration I thought it would be nice to share some of the channeled messages that came through from Haniel after creation. Three written and one audio – over the next few days/weeks!

Here is the first: *(Excerpted from the book Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the Archangels- available now only in EBOOK form here:

Archangel Haniel

“Beloved children of the light, enjoy the quickening of the Beautiful Mother here in the Northern Hemisphere as Father Sun returns to warm the soil and loosen the earth for planting. Now is the time children, now is the time. Think and act with great care and clear intention for your dreams are manifesting at a most accelerated rate!

We in the Archangelic Realm are gently watching over and working with you as you grow, grow, grow, into the light of the New Day. Know that you are well and truly loved by your Creator and that all of heaven is surrounding you with Love-Light. Play beautiful music, surround yourself with early spring flowers, clear your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual space for the coming of the Golden Rays which will begin to penetrate your atmosphere and intensify your growing process so very, very soon.

Keep your hearts tuned to the light and remember that all is well and that peace prevails as you hold the vibration of peace within your matrix. I thank you for your beloved attention and send you angel kisses and wrap you in wings of love. Beloved Haniel, Archangel of Nurturance and Growth.

Let me know what your thoughts/feelings are as you receive this message – allow the frequency of Haniel’s words to echo through your soul – let yourself be in Divine Union with the natural rhythms and cycles of the Great Mother!

Peace is in you,


Recently on Facebook a colleague asked the question:

Do you think most healers struggle to also maintain a successful business?

There have been a number of provocative responses to the question and this has stirred up a lot within me as well.

You may or may not know that I spent most of the earlier years of my working life in the real estate business – I was pretty Type A, heady and masculine in my orientation to life and work – always on the go, always active and always working – 12-15 hour days were more the norm than the exception.

Then I broke open and experienced my own spiritual awakening which led to two full years of non-doing – meditating, making art, creating jewelry, sitting on the floor playing with angel cards, channeling, talking to Source/Spirit/God and healing, one day at a time.

From there the journey took me into bringing my new found gifts back out into the world again and I opened a healing arts center and visionary art gallery where I spent two years really coming into my own as a spiritual healer, teacher and leader in the community and going deeply into debt and losing money hand over fist with a business that wasn’t working financially.

The quest for balance in my life has been ongoing for the last decade.  How to allow the self to “Be” and at the same time to actively engage in the world of doing?  Once the gallery was closed I had to find a new way – I stepped out into the world actively bringing my healing gifts to other places and spaces – teaching about auras, chakras, power animals, intuition, crystals and more.  I played crystal singing bowl healing concerts at a number of events, cut an award winning cd Divine Union A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey and wrote and self published a channeled book (Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the Arch Angels – available in ebook form now since the cat peed on all my remaining hard copies last year).  Financially things were still not working – I was making just enough to keep on going (water in the desert years) and was continuing to receive the guidance that I was on the right path but that didn’t help when I looked at the outstanding balances on my credit cards and the dwindling savings that was left from my previous career.

Pretty soon it became clear I needed to make another change – AHA!!! The INTERNET!! That’s where I’ll be able to really get my message out into the world – perhaps I’m meant to be a MESSENGER – and I discovered and became one of the founding consultants who midwifed the birthing of a little movement called “The Messenger Network”  I spent a whole year engaged in the network doing free teleclasses, attempting to sell ECourse platforms, and co-creating and heavily marketing the Messenger Mini Book program along with a variety of other programs that were dreamt up to help messengers get their message out into the world.   I was the first (there’s that Type A thing again!) in line with publishing my mini-book – Magical Questions – A Spiral Journey to Spiritual Awakening – but 1 book wasn’t enough for me I actually wrote 3 – Angel ABC’s followed Magical Questions and I still have Stone Medicine sitting on my computer unreleased.

By Spring 2009 the promise of making money with the Messenger Network was still unfulfilled although I had learned a great deal about how to create and give away a ton of content and I had built somewhat of a list – a list of people who were trained to get stuff for free and who rarely if ever actually purchased anything.  By this time I was also divorcing for the second time and really feeling close to the end of my rope financially.    One day an email arrived from Suzanne Falter Barns – an internet based coach who I had taken a course from back in 2003 – she was promoting a friend of her’s Lisa Sasevich who was co-teaching with Kevin Nations a teleclass leading into a live event called MONETIZE YOUR MISSION.

Can you say YEP!!! That’s what I need to do now – like right now – sooner rather than later.

This led me into the world of delivering my gifts in a much more leveraged way – serving groups of people simultaneously – delivering the energy transmissions along with practical teaching and guidance and to the development with my Divine Business Partner of the CORE PATH – Energy Foundations For Divine Wealth Intensive.  I do believe I’ve finally found the “Sweet Spot” where my gifts and the exchange that I receive for them is fair and true.  Where I am in balance and focused and concentrated on serving in the highest way possible and where I am positioned to help others make a strong and powerful bridge between the practical and the spiritual.  This is the place where all of my life experience is coming together (along with that of my Divine Business Partner) and where we are able to help others who are healers (or messengers or teachers or coaches or trainers or artists or performers or some combination of all of these – multidimensional beings!) to stop the struggle and to come into right relationship with their business.  To be in a beautiful balance between the being and the doing.  To be of service to THEIR people in the highest and most joyful way possible.

What I know to be true from this vantage point on the journey is that the continuous calling from Source to INVEST in myself and in my business – again and again – and the continuous calling to TRUST that the exact right MENTOR and experience that I needed to have would be presented to me exactly on time – again and again – and the willingness on my part to take INSPIRED ACTION is what allowed me to come into balance in the end.  Who knows where the road will lead from here – I do!  It will lead to continued growth, evolution, learning, serving, enjoyment, beauty, truth, goodness, blessings, abundant wealth and leaving a legacy for those who are to come!

There are a lot of healers out there who are struggling to maintain a successful business – and there are also a lot of business people out there who are struggling to heal.  Perhaps the time has come for the bridge to be built between the two – for the exchange to be fair going in both directions.  Perhaps you are one who is ready to make the crossing?  I’d love to know your thoughts!

For those interested in seeing the discussion thread started by Dr. Kirk Prine that ignited this blog post here’s the link on Facebook:!/photo.php?fbid=1792735734955&set=a.1061428852740.10948.1136514524&theater

I’d love to see you comment on this subject too!

Blazing Forth The Light Logo

Listen to the ARCHIVE!

After my radio show Blazing Forth The Light on Friday with artist Sheila Finkelstein I too was inspired – one of the things that she said that inviting her to be a guest on my show opened up for her was (in her own words)

” I fell in love with my art for the very first time”

Well that led me to go back and revisit my OWN art & creations – and you know what I’m in LOVE all over again with my work!!

Because Nothing Says I LOVE YOU Quite like a Rose!

Here’s a little link to my newsletter which I just popped together to share with you some last minute inspiration and gift giving ideas for this holiday season – original art for the awakened heart!

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Be sure to check out Sheila’s work too – since she inspired me I want to be sure to spread the LOVE – you can find links to all  her offerings HERE


Did you Know that you were BORN with ALL the equipment to have a multidimensional Spiritual experience – and that you have the capacity to tap in and utilize your multidimensional senses – any time you like?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to access richer, more complete, more authentic information about anything at all you are curious about in your life?  Whether it’s a relationship, a new project, a job opportunity or some other life choice that you are contemplating – don’t you think that being able to get really CLEAR information about the choice and which direction to go that would be serve you the BEST would be an AWESOME benefit to you?  Why waste time, energy, money and life force going around in circles and continuing to make decisions (or not make them) in the dark?  All you need to do is OPEN your OWN CHANNEL and start to exercise those atrophied multidimensional extrasensory muscles!  If this is of interest to you then I would WELCOME your presence on my F.R.E.E. call that I’m hosting on Tuesday the 13th at 2:30 PM ET.  Join me and you’ll see why I KNOW that EVERYBODY CHANNELS AND U CAN 2! Get ready to Dial In to your own personal Higher Wisdom with me!

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Today is a very special day because I have the pleasure of announcing the launch of an innovative, all-inclusive, virtual Internet attraction! C.S.ONE -Cyber-Space Station ONE (for ONEness) – weaves together spirituality,metaphysics, holistic health, empowerment, self-exploration, and consciousness to create an inspirational, informative, and fun experience.

In addition to showcasing presenters, artists, and entertainers, the Station offers social gatherings, teleclasses, ceremonies and circles, meditations,spiritual readings, games and activities, shopping, radio and video shows,daily prizes, and much more – all for you to enjoy online right from your own home!

I want to share with you that this extraordinary space in the Cybersphere has been virtually single handedly created by a wonderful Light Being (not me!) who has dedicated most of the last three  years of her life to bringing this dream into reality – and I really want to give her a lot of support and validation for taking on this HUMONGOUS task and seeing it through to it’s birthing into the world!  Help me to help Cayce celebrate the birth of her BIG baby!!!

To celebrate the launch I am offering a special FR*EE Teleclass on 9/9/9 at 9 AM Eastern Time called Let’s Talk About Money – this is a $HEALING EXPERIENCE$ for everyone who signs on for the class.  Info about how to register for the class can be found HERE

We invite you to get on board and experience the energy… laugh… cry… get connected… release and rejuvenate… share your experiences… fall in love… expand your awareness… stir your soul… and have fun! We look forward to your visit.

Your Gateway to Conscious Living

Note: To find me onboard,once you’re on the Station, click the C.S.ONE icon in the top left corner ofthe screen! (One of the places you’ll find me is on Deck 7 Level 2 where I’m the Keeper of the Ascension Lodge! – I’m all over the station though so use the CSOne Icon to get a list of my locations as well as to see who else is on the station!)

Please help spread the word by forwarding this announcement to others…

Are You Tuning In??

Are You Tuning In??

Just last week I did an AWESOME call with over 100 people signed up called Everybody Channels & U Can 2!  to promote my upcoming summer workshop Opening to Channel for Fun & Profits!

If you have a few moments to spare you might want to check out the call – a great message came through from AA Gabriel too…..

Here is the LINK for the call!

The Opening to Channel Workshop starts on July 22 – hope you will consider joining me and AA Gabriel it should be a most excellent adventure into reclaiming your true gifts!


A couple of years ago I had to come to a very tough decision – after 2 years of trying to make a “go” of it with my Art Gallery/Healing Arts Center the time came to let it go and move on to what the Universe and my spirit had in store for me next.  What I discovered was after making the decision to let it go I had a sudden and enormous FLOOD of creative juice and began to paint again.  Funny how that works you know – I opened the store as an art gallery to display and sell my own work initially along with the work of a lot of other artists (31 to be exact) and I ended up not painting at all for most of the time I had the store open!

Decorated for FIREFest 2006

Decorated for FIREFest 2006

Anyway – as soon as I made the decision – paintings started to come – A LOT of paintings – 45 in a two week period – and they were unlike any others I had ever done before – these paintings had some really special characteristics!  Each of them are embedded with crystals, have been infused with reiki & shamballa multidimensional healing energy,  have a “resonant” number and every one has been infused with the sound vibrations of the crystal singing bowls and with the breath of intent for healing blown into them  (with the exception of the Angel of Death who received no breath).  Representations of various celestial and etheric energies – 15 Archangels, 17 Ascended Mothers,  7 Ascended Masters, 11 Fairies and 12 Peace Prayers all emerged eventually and then when the painting flow ceased the words started to come!


ISBN 978-0-9815594-8-3

Out of the ashes of The Amethyst Wyldfyre Gallery & Healing Center, a book was born entitled Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the Archangels and along with that birth I stepped into and claimed my role as an author.  I wrote and channeled these beautiful messages over about a six month period – 45 messages in all – each designed to assist, activate, ground, facilitate and guide your individual Ascension process. 

Then I went on to learn about self publishing and all that entails finally producing my first book – which includes 15 full color plates reproducing for the reader all of the original Vibrational Power Paintings that started the whole thing off to begin with!

Celestial Voices has already created some powerful shifts for people like Wendy Stevens of who says this book is her “Spiritual Rock on Paper”! Read more about Wendy’s thoughts on the book HERE.   Susan Sloane, author of Adam Awake, says on the back cover that Celestial Voices is “….an invaluable handbook of comfort, support & understanding as our reality transforms….”

Here is an excerpt from the book from ArchAngel Raguel (ArchAngel of Transformation among many other things) which is just one sample of the many ways the ArchAngels love us, support us, and guide us through this book:

Atomic fusion in action Raguel brings you transformation at the essential level. Embedded with Clear Apophylite, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 555,555.

Atomic fusion in action Raguel brings you transformation at the essential level. Embedded with Clear Apophylite, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 555,555.

“Faith the size of a mustard seed can indeed move mountains and more.  Have faith Children – Faith in your Creator, Faith in Creation, Faith in the Universal Cosmic and Sacred Laws of Love and Light.  Most importantly, HAVE FAITH in your own unique and perfect ability to Create all that you desire.”…

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book it is available in both printed and e-book format and may be purchased on my website HERE – or on HERE.

I highly encourage retailers to carry this book as it is an essential tool during this unique time of tremendous growth, shifting and changing. Please inquire directly by phone 603-594-2744 or email me at ISBN#978-0-9815594-8-3.

Interested in purchasing the original painting?  Please visit my online gallery site or for archival quality reproductions visit my gallery page on Fine Art

By the way if you enjoy visiting my website – Wendy from Gardenplum is the wonderwoman responsible for it’s beauty and flow – if it’s time for a new site for you maybe you should check her out….

Had a great weekend learning all about how to make slide show “movies”  – I’m on a ROLL!! It’s been so fun I ended up making three of them – and my first which I posted up on  the Slideshare site on Saturday was selected today as a Showcase pick by the editors for the Spiritual Catagory!! How do you like them apples?  I was pretty psyched…. Thought I’d share my fun here – Comments on the blog and/or the slideshare are MOST welcome!!!



REMEMBERING (This was the “Showcase” pick!)


Tree Vessel

Tree Vessel

Celestial Voices

Celestial Voices


Celestial Voices

<——- By the way – I still have a few copies left of my first printing of this book – get em before they are all gone!!  Buy HERE Mention that you saw the video or read this blog post and I’ll give you a special deal – free shipping – only while they last!!
Flood water rushes through the sluice gates of the Three Gorges Dam (link from China Daily News)

Flood water rushes through the sluice gates of the Three Gorges Dam (link from China Daily News)

Well the vibe over the last week or so has been filled with a very high “pressure”. I liken it to water moving through the sluice gates in a dam.  There has been a huge buildup of energy and it’s all being  jammed through a tiny little opening at high speed.  When this kind of energy wave is coming through it can be quite a ride for those of us who are sensitive.  We can feel completely ungrounded, lost , tossed about, like everything is in chaos.  The truth is though that we are really being carried forth into another level of being.

One of the most interesting ideas that I “received” while channeling an Archangelic messsage a few years ago was the idea of “grounding” into water.  Most of the time we think of grounding or we teach grounding by encouraging the visualization of roots being put down into the earth – like the roots of a great tree.  Grounding is super important for everyone and it is becoming more and more important as time speeds up and the waves of change accelerate.  The energy that is coming in is HIGHLY charged – highly electrical energy.  It grounds through the the magnetism within the Earth’s field and we are “electro-magnetic” beings through which the energy travels and withinwhich both energies – electric and magnetic – blend and flow together in a beautiful dance.

We are like lightening rods – Spirit STRIKES! (Inspiration!!) and if we are grounded into the Earth we are able to (almost instantly now) manifest all that we are inspired/desire to create. When we ground into Earth not only are we are able to manifest all that we desire, we are also bringing the highest of vibrations into physical form.  This is truly what we are here to do – to be creators – to be bringing the high frequencies of the upper realms to life here through ourselves and our being in the world and through whatever it is that we create in to form (whether it’s the form of a thing or an idea or a practice or a service).  It is our work to literally, in every sense of the words, create HEAVEN ON MOTHER EARTH now!

We use the matter, all the elements of earth to create.  The idea came through that it is equally possible to “ground” into water.  If you’ve ever noticed a thunderstorm and you live near a body of water you’ll notice how the storm is attracted to the water – I’m sure you’ve heard the teaching to stay off the water during storms.  Lightning will “follow” the river down the street from where I live – I’ve seen the storms gather and travel down river plenty of times.  So how do we “ground” into water?  Well if you think about it your body is mostly made up of water.  So it should be fairly easy to “tune in” to the vibration of water and make that grounding connection.  The difference between “grounding” into earth and “grounding” into water is that we have this idea in our heads that earth is more solid and therefore we may feel more secure.
When the energy is moving like it has been in the last few weeks though the call is to be MUCH MORE FLUID!  Grounding into water you learn that the water will not only hold you up but it will also carry you effortlessly almost to where you need to be next.  If you are fixated on “holding on” (grounding to earth) during a fluid/accelerated time like we are presently navigating then you will really be feeling very ripped apart and tossed around because you are trying desparately to find a purchase somewhere in a rapidly flowing river of energy.  Instead – let go.  Simply let go and trust.  Better than that let go, float and ENJOY the ride.  People pay Big $$ to go white water rafting and they get a huge thrill out of going through the rapids – why because it’s exciting and filled with high energy and high risk.  It’s a high energy high risk time – if you are feeling like leaping into your next greatest vision of who you are becoming NOW is a great time to leap right in – ride the rapids with a big smile and a WAHOOEY and see where the stream of life lands you.  I’m sure it will be on very fertile ground.  Enjoy the journey!

Need some help letting go? Is it time to release and free yourself from old negative or false thoughtforms, patterns of behavior or beliefs? Shamanic Medicine Work is highly beneficial in this area and a specialty of mine.

Ready to LEAP and looking for an added boost of energy, some clarity about direction or a way to come further into harmonious alignment with your own perfect divine destiny?  Sound Therapy will tone you up and harmonize you in ways you can’t even imagine if you haven’t experienced it before – check out the title track from my CD – sessions are available by phone and are recorded so you can play them back again and again.

Is Ascension of interest to you?  If you’ve done a lot of your clearing and aligning work (especially if you are healer yourself) then perhaps it’s time for attunements that will take you step by step to the full embodiment of your true Christed presence.  Start with my free Archangel Attunements or my book Celestial Voices = An Invitation to Ascension from the Archangels which is available in paperback or as an e-book.  When you are complete with those you’ll be ready to graduate to receiving personal, customized Ascension Attunements perfectly aligned and guided by your Higher Self and the Ascension Masters.

I am here to be of service and I thank you for your love, light and support.  Peace and infinite blessings, Amethyst