Last night this amazing video was found posted on a friend’s blog:

This is a MUST SEE MUST SHARE WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN video GIFT!! I LOVE these men – and here is my start on the feminine response – please feel free to add your own comments to embellish!

Dear Man,

I Forgive You!! When you show up and become present and conscious like this, when you acknowledge the past, and authentically seek to make amends I can let go and open once more to the dream of co-creating a future together. Forgive me too – for shutting you out of my tent, for hiding my face, for trembling in fear and for freezing up, holding back and turning away from you.

From the depths of my being I thank you for this gift. I am ready now to welcome you with a heart that has been exploded open by the tender honesty and genuine desire to set things right that you have offered to me today.

I WANT to JOIN with you – I want to dance with you, to sing and play with you, to make love with you, to be in JOY with you and to co-create truth, beauty, goodness, peace, harmony and unity. I am on FYRE with DESIRE to share my gifts fully with you now – to pour out of me ALL the blessings that I am here to share – no more holding back in fear of retribution, persecution, prosecution or execution.

I honor the courage, the strength of character, the deep INNER work that you had to move through in order to come to this place of consciousness. I SEE you in your greatness and I BOW in reverence to you as a MASTER of LIGHT.

My passion is STIRRED, my body is responding, my heart is exponentially attuning to the frequencies of high love and service. You INSPIRE me to my greatness as I feel your loving support, your acknowledgment of my gifts and your desire to play and work together to make this beautiful home of ours a place of peace, harmony and joyful expressions.

I want to ROLL around on the earth with you forever, to get naked and dance the dance of LIFE fully lived. I don’t know if you actually can feel the depths of my gratitude for this Act of POWER that you have created. Do you realize what you have unleashed?

We can make SO MUCH MAGIC together now – for that is how it has always been meant to be. We can join in joyful marriage INSIDE OURSELVES with the POWERFUL, STRONG, COURAGEOUS, HONORABLE Sacred Masculine and now become WHOLE and Unified again!

When you created this letter and video gift – did you know? Did you wonder with secret delight how the LOVE BOMB that you were going to drop would reverberate in the world? Was your inner Divine Feminine self secretly smiling?