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Working with each other! This is one of my very first videos – I got inspired about a year ago to do these honey parties – I filmed 25 episodes – and then I was out of honey! I do have a new jar – we’ll see what emerges next! The fun thing about watching these is I can see how far I’ve traveled in the last year in terms of getting comfortable filming myself and sharing through this media! Practice is something that we all can do on a regular basis to hone our skills and improve in the sharing of our gifts – practice is a hallmark of someone who has achieved mastery!

I wanted to have a little celebration to honor the exceptional impact that the Spiritual Marketing Telesummit had for the attendees last week – so I filmed another episode of Sharing Sweet Success!

I want to send my love, gratitude and appreciation to Suzanne Falter-Barns for being courageous and oh so willing to step in to her becoming as a leader bringing a higher level of consciousness and spiritual insight more into the “mainstream”.

There has been such an enormous amount of positive feedback from the event – here’s just a few comments:

“So far, I’ve cried, laughed and taken lots of notes.  Wow…what an spiritual ride!”

“…people are craving for this kind of information and I am seeing, feeling and hearing that now in such an overwhelming amount…as if my ears have been closed…”

“… it was spirit telling me through so many people and in such a concentrated way that I am in the right energy and I need not succumb to doubt or fear.   Each small step is exactly as it needs to be.”

This is only a small sample of the many positive comments that were made about the event!

As I mentioned in the video each of us brought our individual gifts to the table – and even though there may have been small areas of overlap – like a great potluck – each individual speaker’s energy was unique and the overall event was incredibly satisfying and fulfilling for presenters and participants alike!

Remember when contemplating your sweet success that the people that you surround yourself with – those with whom you partner – those with whom you share a stage or platform – those who work really diligently behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly – they all count towards not only your personal success but more importantly to the success of the mission that you were born to serve.
As a Passion-preneur – being in alignment with my path of service and simultaneously aligning that path to my means of income and financial support has been a long and often challenging journey – each step has shown me my own fortitude, has revealed many hidden gifts and most importantly has blessed me with some magical and magnificent soul family members to play with for which I am Most Grateful – including YOU!

So enjoy your Sweet Success until next time!!

Honey for this episode – YS Organic Bee Farms Raw CinnaHoney – Cinnamon Infused Raw Honey – purchased at the Main Street Grainery in upstate New York 518-392-5225

I Want a BEE!

I Want a BEE!

By the way – if you are a Passion-Preneur I’m taking a limited number of  clients on this summer for a Business Energy Makeover Summer Series – this exclusive small group program will run over 10 weeks and promises to totally transform you and the way you do business – energetically clearing, shifting and realigning both you and your business so that you will be poised to step into your Sweet Success.  The summer series is only available through an interview and application process – the interview may be scheduled by sending a non-refundable deposit of $197.00 to me via paypal at with the words  I WANT A BEE (Business Energy Evaluation) in the subject line – following the BEE if it’s determined that you are qualified to apply and will be a good fit for the program an application form will be sent out to you – should you be selected to join us the BEE fee will be applied to the program investment as a part of the downpayment.  This series will commence in mid-July and be complete by the Autumnal Equinox – so if you are interested – please order your BEE right away!

Wow – Suddenly I just “GOT IT!” This whole Swine Flu thing – isn’t it interesting that as the money/recession/economic “crisis” is all over the news – the next big thing that hits the airwaves is the SWINE FLU – and exactly what do we teach our children to put money in when they are little???? Think there might be a connection there??

Since everything is energy and all connected – how we choose to energize something will also show up in our physical reality. The place where we have the highest level of impact when we desire to shift something that we are having challenges around is in the energetic field or luminous body. This luminous body is the “energetic blueprint” upon which our mental, emotional and physical bodies are laid down. Like nesting dolls they are deeply interwoven and interconnected – at the physical we are 99% matter and 1% consciousness – very dense and the most challenging level to see results manifesting (how long does it take to lose that 10 pounds through diet and exercise alone??) – at the Spiritual or Energetic level we are 99% consciousness and 1% matter – this is the realm where we are able to see miraculous results in a very short – instantaneous really – period of time. So to really effect the most profound change in your life – do you want to start at the bottom (the physical) and push the boulder up the hill – or would you rather start at the top (the energetic or Spiritual) and allow gravity and momentum to roll that boulder right on down through all the levels quickly and easily?

If you are having challenges around money in your life – perhaps it’s time for you to take action to make a shift – at every level. Money Medicine may just be for you….

Hope you’ll consider joining me – the Cure (don’t they “cure” ham??) is available for your Piggy Bank’s case of the Flu – it’s all about making that choice to step into the energy of your own power to heal every aspect of your life.

Blocked energetically in any other areas of your life? Family, Finances, Fun, Fitness and Faith make up the Fabric of our Lives – they are all connected – energy medicine can clear the way for you to come into greater balance and flow in every area – please contact me to find out about how to apply to win a PEA (Personalized Energy Assessment valued at $97.00). Email me at and put I Want a PEA! in the subject line.

Having just completed a weekend of teaching – I thought it would be great to do another honey party with one of my students – I had a honey on the counter that I hadn’t opened yet that was made in Germany and it turned out that Miriam is of German descent – in fact she is the first of her family who was born on American soil!

The class that I taught was the Munay-Ki – The Nine Great Rites of Initiation of the Peruvian tradition of shamanic medicine work.  It’s been a little less than 2 years since I myself took this class through The Four Winds Society.   During the course of the weekend my students learned to teach as well as to give the 9 Great Rites and in the process of participating they all catalyzed some deep healing at every level of their being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  The energies of the Munay-Ki provide us with the opportunity to step beyond the wounds of our past, our social and familial conditioning, karmic, past life and ancestral wounds and to not only heal and release them but also to create a clean, clear, radiant, luminous energy field into which seeds are planted to catalyze the evolutionary process that moves us from homo-sapiens to the new species that is emerging – the Homo Luminous.

These powerful transmissions ground our beings here onto this plane with a deep and strong connection to our Mother the Earth being fostered throughout the experience.  Truly this experience gives us the energetic resources to create the return of Heaven On Mother Earth in our own lives which can then radiate out into our world enabling others to do the same!

Whether you are called to a transformational workshop or class of this type – that is working at the level of Spirit or you are interested in practical classes or workshops about how to do business, or perhaps an opportunity to improve your physical health – NOW is the time to engage in the work of growing beyond where you find yourself at present.  As we approach the Vernal Equinox with Spring right on our doorstep, isn’t it the perfect time to consider “growing” yourself??  Only you can plant, germinate, cultivate and grow the seeds of your becoming.  By choosing to step into your next learning and growing opportunity you open the door for Spirit to take you to your next level of success!
Here are some classes and workshops that I will be offering this coming Spring:

By TELECLASS – 9 Weeks to a New You!  – Starts March 19 – Registration & Additional Info HERE

LIVE:  The Crystalline Reunion Workshop – 4 days of intensive connection with the Crystal Kingdom – Includes Crystal Meditation, Crystalline Communication, Crystal Gridwork, Healing with Crystal Energies, Crystal Readings and Crystal Co-creating.   Includes at least 4 Crystalline Attunements.  Contact me directly for more information or to register via email: or phone 603-594-2744.  Starts March 31 – Every Tuesday through April 21!

LIVE:  Munay-Ki – 9 Great Rites of Initiation – May 15-16-17 – Flyer Here

Some Classes and Workshops being offered by people I recommend (note I receive an affiliate commission if you sign up using my links! – Thank you for trusting in my recommendations!)

Starts NEXT WEEK!!  Mari Smith – The Pied Piper of Facebook begins her three part Webinar Training Social Marketing Method Quick Start – Details & Registration Info HERE

Are You Ready to Learn the Art Of Receiving Money??? Shanda Sumpter starts her 4 week teleprogram on March 16 – Find out more HERE

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Do you have a spiritual business that you’d like to expand online?  If so you’re going to need to think about how you’ll be building your list –  The LIST BUILD Adventure offers a year long series of modules to teach you how to do just that – Next Module starting in April – Check out this program HERE

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And of course for those of you who like to plan WAY IN ADVANCE – I want to share with you that I’ll be  working with Eric Lindemer of Skye Institute this August when he hosts an EXCLUSIVE (Limited number of attendees!!) Lightworker’s Conference & Retreat in beautiful New Market NH (Close to the Seacoast) at the Aryaloka Buddhist Center  – Additional DETAILS HERE Register SOON!
As always if you are interested in working with me on a one-on-one basis I am taking appointments for sessions of all sorts by phone or in person – I look forward to supporting you on your journey to success!

Honey:  Breitsamer Honig – Rapsblute – Herzhaft (which means loosely translated expanded heart) – this honey was crafted using the traditional methods of 3 generations of beekeepers in honor and alignment with the beekeeping tradition of the Breitsamer family  (how appropriate as we experienced the Rites of the Peruvian Tradition t0 celebrate with Honey that was crafted traditionally!)  I think I bought this honey at Shaws!  It was around Christmastime so I’m not exactly sure if they still have it on the shelf.

Here’s some photos from our Traditional Fire Ceremony which is a part of the Munay-Ki experience!

Munay-Ki Students At the Fire

Munay-Ki Students At the Fire

Fire Ceremony - Orb Photo

Fire Ceremony - Orb Photo

Today’s Honey Party is all about authenticity, answering the call of Spirit in the moment and expanding your awareness to the limitless nature of our Universe!  I share today with Ian Hyman who is one of the most profoundly conscious people I have had the pleasure of connecting with in this realm.  He is a young man who not only thinks, feels and believes at a higher vibration but he also actively co-creates and manifests his dreams with an immediacy that is quite beautiful to behold.  Ian and I have only been connected for a few short months and I’ve watched him flower and grow enormously.  He has chosen to follow his path with courage, grace and dignity and to speak his truth and create from a wonderfully clear and balanced heart centered space.  His Thai Yoga Massage sessions are totally blissful and he’s also invented his own dance form called Prana Dance!   This young man is one to watch!

As I reflected during the creation of this video – I have reached a place where it is beyond clear to me that I am being called to take another leap and to put my work out there in an even larger way than I’ve ever done before.  I’m excited to be opened up to serve in an even higher way and to share the work with a wider array of people in all parts of the world.    Creating outside the box and trusting with full faith that all that we need will be there for us when we make a jump is a big part of aligning with the energies of success.  Success is most often found by pushing ourselves beyond our limited thinking.  Stretching ourselves to our fullest capacity and beyond we find that the Universe responds to meet us and to support our evolving, growth and expansion.

We also talked here about overcoming or rather using the energy that is generated by fear to PROPEL us to a whole new level.  We do have a choice.  We can choose to be caught, trapped, victimized and sucked down by the fear matrix or we can choose to see each experience as an opportunity to let us see what we have in us.  Opportunities like these come to us throughout our lives in every aspect of our life journey.  We are called time and again to choose.  Can we lift ourselves up and raise ourselves to the challenge of these times? Can we face our deepest fears and overcome them?  Is our Dream  – our Passion – our GIFT  – OUR CALLING energizing our ability to move beyond the illusion that we have of ourselves and our world?  This is what success is all about – it’s not about what you have in your bank account, or on your wrist or in your driveway – it’s about what you have in your heart.   Your heart is far bigger than you can imagine – go in – take a look around – notice that love is limitless.  Imagine what you can do when you limitlessly love yourself and the world around you!  Here’s to Celebrating Your Sweet Success!

Is it time for you to get clear on what’s next for you??  – Clarity Coaching or Shamanic Medicine Work can really help!

Are You A Messenger?  Is There a Book Inside of YOU? The nestround of the Messenger Mini-Book Program is starting up in April – more details will be coming soon!

Sound Heals – Soundscape your personal or office environment with my CD – Divine Union– Listening could be a life changing experience!

This Honey Party I had a special friend come to visit me – Yo Mish (Michele Mahoney) is one of my fave people in the world to do “mental gymnastics” with – we love to bounce ideas, brainstorm, talk about energy, share our experiences and just laugh, laugh, laugh together – Mish is one of the funniest people I know – the way she tells a story – especially stories about herself  – is HILARIOUS – she knows how to laugh at herself very well and helps everyone who listens to her to connect with their vulnerabilities too and to see them in a new light.

We have been chatting for a while about how she can use her many skills and connections in the corporate world to effect change and to champion global sustainability.  One of the best ways that we can improve our chances for success is by making connections and by working with others to explore multiple perspectives and possibilities to advance our individual dreams as well as our collective desires.

Do you have some friends  or colleagues in other fields that you have hesitated to share your ideas with because you just didn’t think that they might be interested?  Sometimes when you put together multiple perspectives you create something that is so much more rich, varied, successful and sustainable than you could ever develop on your own.
One of the things that I have started to notice for myself and also have noticed is a “vibe” that is increasing in volume in the larger collective is the awakening of masses of people to their multidimensional (psychic) gifts.  More and more people are starting to “come out of the closet” so to speak – to not only bring together their spiritual gifts and their work but to really unite all the varied aspects of their lives, becoming more transparent and more authentic in everything they do.

There are so many opportunities to share and combine energies, ideas, and skills now – yes for many these appear to be challenging times – however it is in the most challenging of times that we are called upon to access our Inspiration, to tap into all our Resources, to surrender the “old” ideas and ways of doing things, and to come together as a collective to generate and cultivate new ways, new ideas, new solutions and new combinations that have never been tried before!

Explore the many possibilities that the Universe has to offer you – share, brainstorm, explore, invite all your gifts to come forth and begin again in each moment to dream your new world into being!  You are definitely a Success!  Don’t forget to Celebrate!!

If you are “Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet” and would like some validation, assistance, guidance, or grounding – I can definitely support you in your journey!  I have lot’s of products and services including my newly added service “The PsyCHIC Workout!” that can help you no matter where you are on your path!  Be sure to explore my website and if you know others who could be served as well please pass my info along!  Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook too for regular updates & Tweets!

Oh and yes – I realized after the fact that my husband Ross was in the background of this video as we were making it – Hi Ross! – working hard at his computer – think I might need to put a backdrop up next time – opinions anyone?

Honey for Episode #22 YS Organic Bee Farms Antioxident Power Honey!!  Pure!  Raw!!  Purchased at Earth Energies in Nashua, NH

Today’s Honey Party is about both getting and acknowledging the help and support that we each need to acheive our highest degrees of success.  I’ve recently engaged the services of a lovely young man to assist me with getting all my book keeping in order for 2008 and also to help with our quirky little technical things that come up now and then  – He’s my new Templar of Technology!  Today we talked about him helping me with all sorts of technical issues once we have the financial record keeping behind us.  He knows how to COMPRESS VIDEO – How Cool Is That!!  Ok maybe this isn’t exciting to you technology gurus out there but for me it’s going to be an incredible gift. One of the things I’ve learned about myself is that if I really set my mind to it I can learn just about anything I need to learn and I can usually get pretty much anything to work for me – I’m not a master by any means at everything I try my hand at but I always give my energy to doing the very best that I can do.  One of the other things I’ve learned is that just because I Can do something, and just because I’m capable of doing it, and even if I’m very good at it – that doesn’t necessarily mean that I WANT To!

I’ve decided that it’s becoming more and more important to follow my bliss and to attract people into my life to pick up the pieces of my world that I’m not particularly interested or excited about doing.  Of course if I have to I’ll do what I need to do in order to accomplish my goals – however I’ve found and have been coached too that in order to free me up to do my very best at what I do best it’s good to surround myself with others who really love what they do and can complement me in the areas that need to be addressed when running a business.

Today I also talked pretty seriously about one of the practical nuts and bolts pieces of a business operation that must be looked at, managed and attended to – The Finances!  Yes it’s probably one of the most tedious aspects of running your business to keep track of all the expenses and income but it’s something that must be done for many reasons not the least of which is that Uncle Sam expects you to use this data to file your tax returns!

Our New Presidents Inaugural Speech!

Our New President's Inaugural Speech!

Keeping track of what you are spending, where you are spending it and what you are receiving in exchange for these expenses is vital to have organized and properly formatted.  It allows you to really make sound decisions when you are approached for spending in the future, allows you to plan & budget for your obligations and gives you feedback about how effective you have been with the management of your monetary flow.  Income is the other side of this – what services or products are generating the most for you?  Where should you focus more of your attention – on new product development or on maximizing exposure of the “winners” that are already in your portfolio.  Should you be offering more services – more products or more combinations?  Where are your money makers, what are your money drainers?  These questions can’t possibly be answered without some data.  The data also gives you metrics by which to measure the financial aspect of your success.

Of course no amount of money can take the place of the feeling of accomplishment and the thrill of taking a big risk to follow your heart and pursue your dreams – but the best dreams actually come into fruition or manifestions through the course of our physical acts in the world – not the least of which is the day to day simple steps like managing our financial accounting, answering our phone, preparing our marketing materials and delivering our products or services.  The big juicy creative acts will always be there – to best manifest success this juice must be poured into a solid crucible that will hold it and allow the alchemical transformation from idea to reality to take place!  Here’s to your success!  Find and acknowledge your supporters.  Set your foundation.  Take one step at a time.  Leap when asked to open your wings and fly!

Rattles for Shamanic Medicine Work

Rattles for Shamanic Medicine Work

If you are interested in a shamanic assessment of your business operations this is something that I am specially trained to do.  Did you know that businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations have soul?  Did you realize that there is a light body (energy system) for these business entities that can sometimes become blocked energetically for one reason or another?  Do you understand that dis-ease within your organization can be tracked and corrected through shamanic visioning & healing?  Curious? Contact me for a free 15 minute consult – Now taking appointments!  Contact me directly by phone at 603-594-2744 or email – put the words “Strategic Shaman” in the subject line.  I look forward to illuminating your business operations to enhance the flow of abundance, prosperity and alignment with purpose in your business and your life!

Honey for Episode #21 Moon Valley Blackberry Honey In a Bear Jar purchased at Cooking Matters in Nashua, NH Available online at Moon Valley

What a WONDERFul day we had yesterday – Playing with Soul SiSTARS is such a gift – when you think about success it’s wonderful to look around you at all the people that are in your life supporting your forward motion – so here’s an interesting thing to contemplate…..Sometimes FORWARD MOTION Looks like you are GOING BACKWARDS!  Interesting that this insight comes as we are just entering into Mercury Retrograde – do you know about that?? If not – please look at my blog post from our last retrograde period to get more info on how it all works from the Archangel Raziel’s perpective.  Anyway it’s interesting to realize that any growth (and you’ll really be able to notice this if and when you have children) involves a period of regression that often happens just before a quantum leap forward.  The bigger the leap you are about to take the further back you have to go in order to retrieve the energy needed to thrust you forward – It’s kind of like bowling (not the kind of bowling I do with the Crystal Singing Bowls – the old fashioned kind with balls and pins) where you have to take a few steps back and then you move forward rapidly with purpose and focus upon your target.


Butterfly Woman Mistress of Metamorphosis Magic, Total Transformation, Caterpillar, Cocoon, Catharsis, activating the seeds of light within. Embedded with black Kyanite & Jet this Vibrational Power Painting equals 9 to the 9th power $999

It’s vitally important to honor this re-gression – or this going backwards phase – and more importantly to recognize it when you are in it – we spend quite a bit of time spinning our wheels and beating ourselves up when we neglect to shine the light of our awareness on where we actually are in our process – can you bring your consciousness to bear on where you are?? Like Butterfly Medicine – we are constantly in varying states of transformation – what stage are you at right now – the re-gression stage is similar in my mind to the cocoon stage – here is some audio to work with around Butterfly(Transformation) work :     Butterfly Transformation Meditation With Music

So one of the ideas and insights that came forth in our video yesterday was the realization that the honey has LAYERS of flavor!  Yum Yum – it was really impossible to describe the deliciousness of this Egyptian Honey – and of course the whole Egypt connection made me think of past lives – sometimes when we are in our re-gression work – we might go all the way back into our past lives in order to re-trieve the energy that we now need in order to make that quantum leap!  The work of the psyche is to go through layers and layers of our old stuff, to bring it all into the LIGHT and to re-integrate all the lost pieces of our souls.  When we do this Great Work – we are bringing healing, balance, and wholeness not only to ourselves but to the whole planet – since we are all ONE!  Be kind to your self when you find yourself in a regression period – know that this is a fundamental and necessary part of the cycle.  Use this time to actively engage in the actual work that is calling to you – not the to do list on your desk I can assure you of that.  The deeper you go the better you know and the more you are able to get back onto your True Path Of Destiny!  I encourage you to seek the assistance of a trained guide, facilitator or navigator to assist you in the Great Work – it can be a psychotherapist, an energy healer, a shamanic practitioner, a body worker – you will know what you most need in order to navigate and you WILL call the assistance forth from the Universe that is exactly right for you exactly on time I promise!

I Am of course available to assist you on your journey if you desire to do some deep work – Shamanic Medicine Work includes soul retrieval, past life regression, cutting karmic ties and more – if this calls to you please feel free to connect and set up some time to tend to the work of your Soul!

If you like this painting – she is Available for Sale (hanging beside my desk at the moment!) You can also get archival quality prints at Fine Art

Honey in Episode #20 – Egyptian El-Tempsah Honey Activity, Strength & Lively – Gift from My GORGEOUS SOUL SISTAR Bindy Johnson who received from her Iranian Mother – Don’t you just love the beauty of our connections around the world?  Like any mother any where – Iran, Iraq, Gaza, or Nashua NH we all want nothing but SWEETNESS for our precious children.

My 4 year old nephew joined me for this episode.  He’s quite something, all blond hair and big eyes isn’t he?  A little smart one too!  He came by to get his Christmas presents and received a “band in a box” from us this year.  His Dad said “buy him an instrument” so we were lucky to find a delightful gift for him that included several instruments which we purchased back in September in Chatham NY on our journey to visit with Don Franscisco the shaman from Peru.

mosok-rites-journey-10-08-050 During that journey I once again had the opportunity to be in Sacred Space with one of the members of my lineage who we call out to when opening sacred space during ceremony or when I’m doing my healing/shamanic work.   A beautiful piece of our teachings is the honoring of those who have gone before us and who were brave enough and courageous enough to not only navigate their own personal journey but who were wise and generous enough to distill the wisdom for us and to codify it into a set of teachings that include both prophesies and processes to assist us in navigating times of great transformation in our personal and collective lives.

The gift of teaching is one that is very, very precious to me.  Every time I have an opportunity to teach, to share, to pass on the wisdom and to create a sacred space for learning and growth I too am receiving.  I always feel that the class or workshop is a co-created effort – not just between me and Spirit but also between myself & my students.  Without the students there would be no vessels to contain or collect the stream of information, guidance, wisdom and teachings that flows forth.  One of the things I love to teach about (and also offer sessions of)  is Sound Healing – I have a workshop called Introduction to Sound and Sound Healing that is really quite enjoyable and very interactive for the audience and it’s exciting to me to see how interested in Sound my nephew is – I will definitely continue to encourage his explorations in this area for sure!

When contemplating how teaching connects with success I have to say that some of my most successful experiences have involved either teaching or receiving teachings.  This sharing of the wisdom is such an enormous gift.  Many messengers and teachers are being called forth at this time.  There is much that is dis-integrating in the outer world, much which is passing away.  There are teachers both great and small who have ancient and timely knowledge to share to assist all of us in navigating these Great Changes successfully with ease, grace and great love for ourselves, our communities and our planet.   I urge you to consider how important receiving teachings can be in fostering your own success.  I also urge you to carefully and honestly consider what teachings you may have to share with others – with your brothers and sisters on this planet – and to come out of the closet NOW, let your light shine forth and begin sharing the gifts and the teachings that only you can share.  The nectar that you’ll receive from being on both sides of this process will be sweet beyond compare!

Honey Info for Episode #19 – Airborne New Zealand Rewarewa Honey purchased as a Christmas gift for my brother from Cooking Matters in Nashua, NH

Are you interested in stepping into a supportive and highly energizing process of transformation?  Is it time for you to initiate your own process of evolution?  Are you ready to Leap into the New Year and become a New You?  If so I’d love to have you join me in my virtual class room –  9 Weeks to a New You group teleworkshop starts on January 6!  There is still time and a limited number of openings left for this magical and magnificent opportunity to step into your becoming.   I’m also teaching the Munay-Ki January 9 – 11 live in Nashua, NH – still time to register and attend this life changing weekend of initiations that will jump start your evolution to homo luminous.

This video was shot a couple of days before Christmas during the day that I was working with my student Michael who is taking Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Master Teacher class from me.  My brother is also in this and he has been working on a project to finish my basement.  One of the things that came up during filming was the idea of Thyme (which is the kind of honey we were sharing) growing in a challenging environment.  This got me to thinking about our environment and how our environment either contributes to or detracts from our ability to be successful.

So what I’d like to share with you today is some thoughts about environments.  The environment you live and/or work in is like the soil into which you plant your seeds.  You have more control over that environment than you might think at first.  You have the option of choosing the colors and the decor of your environment.  You  get to choose what kind of tools you’d like to use, how you’d like to position your furnishings, who you’d like to be working with and more.  You can use the power of your intent to “set the stage” so to speak for whatever you’d like to create.  It’s vitally important to take a close look at whatever you have already created and to determine how it serves you.  Check in with how you are feeling – do you feel inspired, excited, stimulated, supported and joyful in your environment?  Is it a place where you feel peaceful, harmonious, creative and enlightened?  If not where are the areas where you are feeling challenged?  What can you do to “tweak” your environment to bring greater grace and ease into your life and  your world.

Bee collecting Nectar from Thyme from Airborne Honey site!

Bee collecting Nectar from Thyme from Airborne Honey site!

Sometimes a challenging environment can be beneficial – it is in this kind of environment where we are best able to demonstrate our strengths to ourselves, to get clear on what really works and to take ourselves to the next level.  It’s important to be very wise about discerning whether or not the environment is merely challenging or if it has become hostile.  If you find your self in a hostile environment – one in which you feel you are barely surviving or perhaps under attack – then by all means make an immediate exit.   Challenging environments are those environments where you are pushed to your edge – not over it.  In yoga practice we are invited to find our edge and to play with it.  We are also invited to be loyal to ourselves and to not push our selves beyond that edge because that is where injury and damage occurs.  The key is to find that sweet spot where we are at our edge, where we are able to tap into the best that is in us and to exercise it, honing our Spirit just like a sharpener hones the edge of the knife.

I ask you to take a moment now – to really bring your mindful attention and awareness to your environment – (and to your relationships too – for they are an integral part of the environment that you have created).  Ask yourself these questions:  Am I challenged here to grow in to the best me I can be?  or Am I withering away here in this toxic place where a little piece of me is dying every day? If your answer is affirmative to the first Yay for You!  If you answer is affirmative to the second then only you can decide what the best action is going to be for you.  Many people are going to be finding  as the old paradigms shift and crumble that they are suddenly in an environment that has moved from challenging to hostile.  This is the Universe’s way of letting you know that it is time for you to move on – to grow in to a new place – to shift your patterns and beliefs and to open to a higher form of being that is more in alignment with your true self.  Know that you are both alone on this journey and that we are ALL ONE.  There are many soul brothers and siSTARs who are waiting for your choice – the whole Universe is waiting for your choice – can you choose for yourself – can you choose what serves the highest good?  I challenge you today to create an environment for yourself within which you will thrive, not merely survive.

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Honey Info for Episode #17 – BeeRaw Buckwheat Honey – shared by friend/student/teacher & fellow shaman Michael Neely

Honey Info for Episode # 18 –  Airborne New Zealand Thyme Honey purchased at Cooking Matters, Nashua, NH

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