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I did!!
My entire CD – Divine Union – A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey was completely channeled – in the moment in the studio!  In fact – I had never before in my life been in a recording studio – I didn’t have the 1st CLUE about how this was going to happen – I only knew 1 thing – that I was being guided to make a CD – and guess what – I did – and easily.  Not only that – but my cd was selected this year at the International New Age Trade Show (THE industry trade show) in Denver by the Coalition of Visionary Resources – as a finalist in the Innerspace/Healing/Meditational category – right behind the tied for first place winners – Jonathon Goldman a sound healing pioneer who’s been in the business for 30 years and keyboardist and composer Richard Schulman who’s got more than 30 years in the music biz and has recorded 23 albums.  Imagine that!!??!! My first jump into recording – completely untrained – totally flowing with my intuition – and letting the SPIRIT guide me and more importantly COME THROUGH MY CHANNEL!! If you think about it it’s pretty darn miraculous – I love how Spirit works – and I really LOVE the Magic that happens when you just get yourself out of the way and clear that channel for DIVINE Inspiration to flow through it!  The way I look at it is – this isn’t my album – this is SPIRIT’s album – co-created – through me.  My only “work” is to keep my channel CLEAR and OPEN!  Spirit does all the rest – even provides you with the cover photography for FREE!! (that’s another story for another post though!)

So if you are excited about the possibilities of getting your OWN channel OPEN, CLEAR and ENERGIZED so that you can create the business or products of YOUR dreams – I have a little workshop planned that’s going to be starting in November – Opening to Channel to Energize Your Business .  Now I can’t promise that you’ll be an award winner – but what I can promise is that you’ll be able to RELAX into your life when you surrender up all that nose to the grindstone hard work and suffering that’s not really getting you anywhere and you open yourself to the assistance that is READILY available to you if only you are willing to OPEN YOUR CHANNEL!

Check out the workshop – here’s the LINK again and see if it resonates for you!

If you like you could also sign up for the FREE call I’m doing to promote the workshop that’s happening next Tuesday at 2:30 PM ET – Everybody Channels and U Can 2! Hope to connect with you on the call – I’m sure if this is for you YOU WILL KNOW IT and I trust that we will connect with each other EXACTLY ON TIME!

Oh and by the way – my AWARD WINNING CD is available for sale right HERE! and if you’d prefer to get it through Amazon you can do that right HERE!  Prefer a downloadable MP3 from ITUNES? – Gotcha covered – that’s right HERE (you can even just download individual tracks that might appeal to you…. How cool is that?!)

I’m “hearing” from the “upstairs business success team” that it’s about time to go back into the studio again – can’t wait to see what comes through THIS Time!


As we clear out our old patterns of behavior, our old emotional “closets”, letting go of those thoughts, ideas, emotions, and ways of relating with others and our world we create an opening for significant change in our lives.  We are called to create from this empty space – a new way of being and behaving in the world.  We are called to create anew, to use this empty space or blank canvas to create a NEW picture of our reality – of how we would like things to be.

Moving through our lives we have the opportunity to experience a multitude of lessons – like an onion we can unpeel layers and layers and still be working with the same lesson.  Each time we come around again to it, if we have really learned, integrated and internalized the lesson the next “visit” has the quality of being less intense – when we’ve come around the first few times we can sometimes get frustrated and feel like we’ve not made any progress at all – “What?? This same Old same Old lesson AGAIN??!” but I can assure you that after you’ve been around the bend a few times and you WAKE up to the fact that there is this lesson staring you right in the face again you realize that a healing occurs with each re-visitation – it’s kind of like working with a burn victim I would imagine – the first experience is like a third degree burn – and the old dead skin has to be peeled away over and over again until the healing comes through.

Know that you are already healed and whole, that you have the keys to unlock the secrets of the lessons right inside of you!  Remember this fact first and foremost and then when you are in the middle of facing the lesson again be mindful, ask – what have I still not learned that needs to happen now in order for me to move to my next level in the process of healing?

Can you be an ACTIVE participant in this Dance of Healing – rather than whining and moaning and playing the role of “victim” can you step in to the lesson with an open heart and a willingness to squeeze all the juice out of this round on the dance floor?

At the beginning of my own awakening journey – when I first became aware of the idea that I was acting and reacting in a well worn groove of same response to the situation every time – when I  realized I could actually choose something different for myself – well that was an amazing gift let me tell you!

I remember sitting with an old friend and her partner – and talking about having just “gotten” this lesson that I was in and at the time I knew that I was moving through the lesson and coming out the other side because I told them that now the Universe was going to send me a “test” to see if I had actually learned.   My friend’s partner in that moment spoke some incredibly wise words that I carry in my heart to this day – she said “what if this isn’t a test at all – what if it’s just an opportunity to make an alternative choice”.  How beautiful is that?  Thanks Nancy – you know who you are and I know you can appreciate the gratitude I’m sending you for giving me this great wisdom!

So what I want to share with you is that one of the HUGE themes/lessons of my life has been learning how to be in relationship with others in a healthy way and more importantly learning how to set and maintain clear and wise boundaries for myself.  I’m having that lesson coming up again – and since I’ve been consciously working with it for quite some time now – the intensity is much lower and the experience of navigating the work is much more effortless.  I have come to realize it is up to me to decide with whom, when  and how much of my time, energy, life force and light I wish to share.  Sometimes I want to just open up and share with the whole world – and I’m fortunate – as we all are – that I have the capacity to do so – via facebook, blogging, twitter, live video etc.  Sometimes I want quiet time all to myself – and I shut everything down and spend a few days in nature or at a retreat center receiving healing, bodywork and immersing myself in quiet contemplation.  And then of course there is everything in between!

Time for family, friends, loved ones, animals, yard and house work, and for me – it all has to be balanced and thoughtfully and consciously decided.  Guess what?? I GET TO DECIDE!! For ME!  What is best for ME in each and every moment – and you know what – you do too!  There’s this weird thing that happens when you have the “boundary” lesson going on in your life – whenever you decide to re-set the boundaries because you’ve learned that the way it is just isn’t quite working for you any more – the “test” or opportunity to make an alternative choice that gets sent your way is someone desperately making a bid for your attention and using all kinds of means to get it – whining, pouting, screaming, accusing, shaming, blaming, etc.  they all get thrown into the mix together sometimes.


You know what – you get to choose whether and how much you wish to engage with that behavior – You get to make the choice that is healthy for you!  What I’ve found is if I engage then there is an immediate drain on my energy – but if I just say no – or set my clear boundary in some other way and I hold firm – using my personal energy and power to stay clear, focused and true to myself then the tempest generally dies down pretty quickly and the other party either solves their own problem or they find someone else who will engage with them at that level.  Either way – I’m in the clear and I get to use my energy for things that feed my soul – like taking a nice bike ride, sitting in the park, watching a sunset, building my business, serving people who are ready to take a lead role in their own healing process or baking a cake to celebrate my child’s birthday!  There is great truth in the phrase – This too shall pass…..

Make time to create some peace in your own world today – if you have boundary struggles – perhaps I can help – been there done that – and really feel like this time – the onion is all peeled…


Now booking PEA’s for the fall season – give yourself the gift of a Personal Energy Assessment – we’ll check your luminous field and layout a plan for your healing that fits with your ability to commit and your financial resources.  Give me a call 603-594-2744 or send email to  if you’d like to book a PEA for yourself – it may be the best $97 you’ll spend this month!

May you enjoy an abundant harvest this autumn!

Next week I have two opportunities for you to enroll in life changing soul healing programs – one focused on money and the other on speaking your truth without fear – check them out!


Money Medicine

Speaking Right UP!


Today is a very special day because I have the pleasure of announcing the launch of an innovative, all-inclusive, virtual Internet attraction! C.S.ONE -Cyber-Space Station ONE (for ONEness) – weaves together spirituality,metaphysics, holistic health, empowerment, self-exploration, and consciousness to create an inspirational, informative, and fun experience.

In addition to showcasing presenters, artists, and entertainers, the Station offers social gatherings, teleclasses, ceremonies and circles, meditations,spiritual readings, games and activities, shopping, radio and video shows,daily prizes, and much more – all for you to enjoy online right from your own home!

I want to share with you that this extraordinary space in the Cybersphere has been virtually single handedly created by a wonderful Light Being (not me!) who has dedicated most of the last three  years of her life to bringing this dream into reality – and I really want to give her a lot of support and validation for taking on this HUMONGOUS task and seeing it through to it’s birthing into the world!  Help me to help Cayce celebrate the birth of her BIG baby!!!

To celebrate the launch I am offering a special FR*EE Teleclass on 9/9/9 at 9 AM Eastern Time called Let’s Talk About Money – this is a $HEALING EXPERIENCE$ for everyone who signs on for the class.  Info about how to register for the class can be found HERE

We invite you to get on board and experience the energy… laugh… cry… get connected… release and rejuvenate… share your experiences… fall in love… expand your awareness… stir your soul… and have fun! We look forward to your visit.

Your Gateway to Conscious Living

Note: To find me onboard,once you’re on the Station, click the C.S.ONE icon in the top left corner ofthe screen! (One of the places you’ll find me is on Deck 7 Level 2 where I’m the Keeper of the Ascension Lodge! – I’m all over the station though so use the CSOne Icon to get a list of my locations as well as to see who else is on the station!)

Please help spread the word by forwarding this announcement to others…

Hello Beautiful People!

I just wanted to share a few quick tidbits about what’s happening and how you can connect with me and receive some positive energy and illumination!

Tomorrow 8/22/09  I’ve been invited to come on to News For the Soul at 2 PM Eastern Time – so tune in  – we’ll be doing some live sound healing work and intention setting around clearing the chaotic energies that many are experiencing right now and coming into a state of centered balance and empowerment!  Here’s the number for the show (646) 595-4274 – call in – we may put you on the air for an on the spot healing/reading!
Be sure to check out WYLDLY ABUNDANT the program that Nicole and I co-created back in June to help heal wounds around Abundance!  It’s a dynamic and powerful energy shifting experience that is incredibly priced and packaged with a slew of bonuses!
Interested in a PEA?  Apply for the chance to WIN this week’s Personal Energy Assessment by sending me an email to

I Want a PEA!

I Want a PEA! – outline what is UP for you at the moment and you may be chosen in the Spirit Lottery as the winner!  (If you want to skip the contest and schedule something with me please drop me a line with your phone number and a good time to contact you!)

Thank you for your support and please let me know if there is anything I can do for YOU today!
Peace and infinite blessings of light,
Amethyst Wyldfyre, The Torch of Transformation
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Divine Union Selected as Finalist At INATS!

Divine Union Selected as Finalist At INATS!

Nashua, NH, July 22, 2009: Local artist and sound healing therapist Amethyst Wyldfyre’s 2008 CD Divine Union – A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey was recently selected as a finalist in the Inner Space/Meditational/Healing Music category by COVR (the Coalition of Visionary Resources) at INATS West held June 27 & 28th in Denver Co. INATS – the International New Age Trade Show is the premier showcase for all new age products in the US and is held semi-annually each year to connect New Age retailers with the producers of music, books, art and other products and services that serve to catalyze healing and enlightenment for humanity.

Divine Union is Ms. Wyldfyre’s debut recording, consisting of 11 tracks of crystal singing bowl music intended to awaken and unite the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine forces for healing and empowerment. The CD of all original channeled music was recorded & mastered at BB3 Audio in Newfields NH. This sacred sound recording is designed to relax and refresh the mind, body and spirit while working at the most subtle of levels to catalyze healing and evolutionary growth. An alchemical combination of the soothing and ethereal sounds of the singing crystal bowls is coupled with various percussion instruments and the voice to create an experience of beauty, power and grace for the listener.

Amethyst Wyldfyre is an Energy Shifting Expert whose work has been featured in both print and television and more than 2 dozen live radio interviews. In her work helping individuals transform their energy to change their life, she uses her training as a Certified Shamballa Master Healer and Teacher, Certified Crystal Gateway Crystal Healer, and a Certified graduate of the Healing the Light Body School along with her natural ability to channel Source energy, sacred sound and healing vibrations. In her work on the Internet, she has reached hundreds of thousands both nationally and internationally with her message of illumination and alignment with the higher spiritual aspects of their being.

She helps others to expand their consciousness, and raise awareness around the global shifts of our times. She specializes in assisting big thinkers, dreamers and high achieving entrepreneurs & business professionals who are leaders in their chosen field with a large sphere of influence to be able to clear their blocks. In this way, they can take their work to the next level, ground their passions, expand their vision and concentrate their energies so that they can serve and impact more clients in less time — and achieve greater results with ease, grace and joy.

Ms. Wyldfyre is best known locally as the former owner of Amethyst Wyldfyre – A Sanctuary for Awakening to the Sacred and for her production of FIREFest in downtown Nashua in 2006 & 2007 – events that drew over 6500 people into the heart of the city to celebrate the visual, performing, culinary and healing arts. She was selected in 2008 as a Renaissance Woman by NH Magazine for her work with the arts.

“I’m delighted and thrilled to have had my CD selected as a finalist by COVR this year” says Ms. Wyldfyre “I’m really honored to have been chosen for this accolade especially since this is my initial foray into the recording world.” “This CD really created itself, the bowls are such powerful instruments for healing and wanted their voices to be heard and shared.” “Being selected as a finalist really inspires me to go back into the studio to create again and to spread the healing and the powerfully positive vibrations of the singing bowls as far and wide as possible.” Crystal Singing Bowls are made of quartz that has been crushed and shaped into a bowl form then tuned to specific notes on the scale by the Master Alchemists at Crystal Tones in Salt Lake City Utah.

Ms. Wyldfyre often performs the Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Experience at live events and expos as well as on “Tele”-Concerts over the phone. More information as well as sample tracks from Divine Union may be found on her website at She also books individual sound therapy sessions by phone or in person. Ms. Wyldfyre welcomes wholesale inquiries about this CD and her other creations including her two self published books from interested retailers and may be reached for questions or additional information at


visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineComing through the Lunar Eclipse full moon transmissions of last week we had a final cleanup of all the remnants of that which was coming forth to be cleared recently.  Feels good to be on the other side of that major re-alignment process that started back at the beginning of the year.  So many of us as lightworkers were called to step out in faith once again – to let go, to release and to transmute old energies – I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like I am living whole lifetimes in very condensed time periods – on this rollercoaster of continuous and accelerated change!

Every now and then we have moments like now – where the energies are settling in – where we are in deep integration mode and where we are CALLED DEEPLY to stop, pause, sit, wait, rest, restore, nourish and refresh ourselves.  I am thoroughly enjoying this period of rest – taking every opportunity to sleep in late, to lie out in the sunshine, to entertain myself with trips to the movies or the bookstore for a good read in the hammock.  Spirit is clearing the schedule too – had a client call scheduled for today and that didn’t manifest – I’m sure it will though – and exactly on time.
Take this next week or so to breathe and be.  On the 22nd there’s a solar eclipse and another gateway to manifesting the new – so use this time to daydream, to catch up on your sleep, to pause, to take stock and to decide – what is up for me next, how can I best and most effectively shine my unique light in the world, how can I share my message with more people more conveniently for all parties, how can I exponentially accelerate and amplify the light of Spirit and finally how can I best honor myself and Spirit in the sharing of my gifts.

That last sentence of the vibe report is a perfect segue to lead in to sharing that I have just completed a 5 week live free series that was recorded and is now being packaged into a product called Wyldly Abundant with Nicole Whitney host of News For the Soul Radio.  We are preselling the product package at a $20 discount from now until the launch date of July 22 – so here’s a wonderful way to reach many more people, to help them to align with the energies of abundance, to heal any blocks or challenges to receiving and acknowledging the natural state of the Abundant Universe, with a bunch of additional bonuses and at a bargain price too!  Check out the presale order form HERE !  Enjoy an abundantly rich and relaxing week – I’m on semi vacation myself!

cdcover_200pixelOne more little note – My CD Divine Union – A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey was a finalist for a COVR Award at the Denver INATS in the Inner Space/Meditational/Healing Music category!  Woo Hoo – Summer Special – for anyone who wants a copy of the CD to celebrate being selected as a finalist if you want to order from me directly (bypass the website) – get $3.00 off the retail price AND have the shipping and handling fee waived – send me $15.00 via paypal to my email and put Send me the CD – S&H Free! in the subject line or comments box.

Wow – Suddenly I just “GOT IT!” This whole Swine Flu thing – isn’t it interesting that as the money/recession/economic “crisis” is all over the news – the next big thing that hits the airwaves is the SWINE FLU – and exactly what do we teach our children to put money in when they are little???? Think there might be a connection there??

Since everything is energy and all connected – how we choose to energize something will also show up in our physical reality. The place where we have the highest level of impact when we desire to shift something that we are having challenges around is in the energetic field or luminous body. This luminous body is the “energetic blueprint” upon which our mental, emotional and physical bodies are laid down. Like nesting dolls they are deeply interwoven and interconnected – at the physical we are 99% matter and 1% consciousness – very dense and the most challenging level to see results manifesting (how long does it take to lose that 10 pounds through diet and exercise alone??) – at the Spiritual or Energetic level we are 99% consciousness and 1% matter – this is the realm where we are able to see miraculous results in a very short – instantaneous really – period of time. So to really effect the most profound change in your life – do you want to start at the bottom (the physical) and push the boulder up the hill – or would you rather start at the top (the energetic or Spiritual) and allow gravity and momentum to roll that boulder right on down through all the levels quickly and easily?

If you are having challenges around money in your life – perhaps it’s time for you to take action to make a shift – at every level. Money Medicine may just be for you….

Hope you’ll consider joining me – the Cure (don’t they “cure” ham??) is available for your Piggy Bank’s case of the Flu – it’s all about making that choice to step into the energy of your own power to heal every aspect of your life.

Blocked energetically in any other areas of your life? Family, Finances, Fun, Fitness and Faith make up the Fabric of our Lives – they are all connected – energy medicine can clear the way for you to come into greater balance and flow in every area – please contact me to find out about how to apply to win a PEA (Personalized Energy Assessment valued at $97.00). Email me at and put I Want a PEA! in the subject line.

So much has changed, shifted, morphed and cleared out in the last six months for many lightworkers.  Endings all around – in relationships, careers, home locations, endings everywhere – and of course as always happens in the cycle of life these endings are always followed by new beginnings.  It seems to many as if we have lived a multitude of lifetimes in just this one life – and in fact for many we have – this lifetime, this time in the course of time, we are being granted the opportunity to move through a multitude of lifetime experiences visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineat an ever more accelerated rate – including the opportunity to recapitulate and harvest the lessons and gifts from many past lives.  Things have moved quite quickly indeed.  In spite of the pace and perhaps because of it – we are being called now in this moment to slow for a bit – to perhaps even stop for a while – to go inward – to create that sacred space for ourselves that is the place where we find the healing.

Sacred space can be found or created anywhere – your favorite park, your bedroom, the tub, the porch out back, the ocean, the mountains, right inside your heart and mind as you sit on the bus or at your desk.  Stop – right now- breathe- make a moment for yourself – to pay attention to yourself.  What is happening for you? inside you? What can you let yourself receive in this moment?

I realized in the last few days how important it is to stop for a moment and allow my feelings to come through.  Rather than ignoring or pushing them down they must be invited to flow and flow and flow.  Feelings are funny – they stay in us for a long long time if we don’t make the sacred space to allow time for them to be processed.  Having recently split with my husband and also having had my mother relocate from a mile away to about 70 miles away I have been experiencing a lot of personal change (as have they and all who are connected to us) over the last three weeks.   Of course during intense moments of transformation we very often fall back on old habitual patterns that we’re conditioned to rely on when things feel out of control or chaotic.  This has been a perfect opportunity for me to see quite clearly how even those of us who might consider ourselves spiritually aware and awake can become caught in the illusion that we have some control over the changes.  For me the fall back habitual pattern is to pour my energy into areas where I feel I may have some control – such as my work.  Whatever happens in my work is really in my own domain or circle of control – at least that’s what the mind would have me believe!  However when we are acting from pattern rather than from an authentic desire to serve then quite quickly now because we are in a time of almost instant karma – the universe gives us the feedback that we are not on the right path – in the form of dried up business, doors closing, opportunities missed etc.

Can you Stop for a Moment? In Faith??

Can you Stop for a Moment? In Faith??

The only way to truly get back into the flow – to truly align with the higher river of energy and the benevolent Universal force – is to stop and allow.  To allow those feelings of sadness, to allow those feelings of loss, to allow those tears, to allow the memories to the surface and to give ourselves the space and the time to grieve.  Grieving is a good, true and beautiful process.  The process of grieving gives us the gift of releasing the emotions as well as the gift of honoring what was so that we can move forward cleanly and clearly without holding any residual energies that would just get carried forward and attract the same old story to us once again in a different form.  So now is the time – let yourself have the space – give in to the mourning – fully release the residue of fear, anger, disillusionment – let go of the old dream fully and completely – allow it to drift away like a cloud on a beautiful spring day.  Let your tears wash your heart and soul clean.  Empty your vessel.

And have faith – faith that the infinite source will always provide – faith that even if you are experiencing pain in this moment that this too shall pass – faith that the sun will come up tomorrow and if it doesn’t shine because it’s cloudy then that’s ok too – faith that every raindrop is here to support your nurturance and growth – faith that the lessons you have been brought were for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned – faith that everything happens for a reason and that there are larger forces at play then you can even begin to imagine – faith that your destiny is waiting for you to reach out and choose it – faith that you are here and present in this body at this time to create a whole new experience – a whole new species of being – one who is steeped in light, who lives in light, who emanates light, who radiates light, who shares light, who ignites light, who breathes light and who is seeding a planet of peace, harmony, joy, play, right relationship, unity and love.

Enjoy this little video slide show – Create some sacred space for yourself today and let flow all that is inside you and in the way of your becoming…..

Whew – What a phenomonal energetic shift has transpired for so very many in such an incredibly short period time – within days and in fact really within moments many, many of us have made INTENSE, monumental, life changing decisions that have been calling to be made – now.  We have become so much more incredibly sensitive to the energies and are manifesting at such a rapid rate now that with each choice we have near instant feedback that allows us to discern whether the choice “feels” good or not.visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline

The feelings that are being cleared and cleansed  are those of fear, low self worth, confusion, lack of direction, overwhelm, anger, sadness, guilt, blame, judgement, unforgiveness, depression, and addiction.  As these energies lift – as the decisions are made and the actions taken to shift the circumstances that perpetuate these feelings – the lightness returns and the creative juices begin to flow at very high levels.
We are all stepping further and further into our Creator roles with greater and greater consciousness.  We are being given the opportunity now to continue to “play” at Creator and to hone and trim away all that no longer serves to come in to the fullness of our true and focused vision for our selves and our soul purpose.  The heaviness is being lifted as we review, realign and redirect our energies.  With each parting – each letting go – each ending we are offered the opportunity to be conscious and to harvest with immense gratitude the lessons learned, the gifts received and to be conscious about leaving behind none of our personal energy nor taking any that is not ours to carry and keep any more.

We are being called to become energetically more and more independent of each other while simultaneously recognizing and cultivating our remembrance of our deep inter-dependence.  Energetic Freedom in the Framework of the community, the brother and sistarhood of our deep soul family.  As you may have noticed the connections with soul family are now greater than they have ever been – we are now finding ourselves and finding each other and those days of “going it alone” “feeling like the only one” “being the only light in town” are now long passed.  If you are not yet experiencing these deep seemingly new but actually ancient connections be patient with yourself – you are just not quite ready to come out of the bud yet – when you begin to unfurl though you will see that there is an ABUNDANCE of flowering going on – all around you – every where you look – as far as the eye can see.  You will find yourself surrounded in all directions with deep soul connections that will lift you up and support you energetically without the old “overwhelming” you or “stealing” from you dynamics that we have played out with each other on the energy level for so long.  Those days are passing quickly and for some have already passed.

Allow yourself to feel held and supported without “I Owe You” feelings or “You Owe Me” thoughts.   Instead – consciously choose to replace these thoughts and feelings with I!! OH You!! or You!! OH Me!!  Thought/feeling forms of surprise, delight, awe and wonder at the miracle of the beings before you and all around you – all of your relations – all in sacred harmony – all in Divine Union with your energetic matrix – all experiencing Synergistic Energy eXchange (yes that’s S.E.X.) – at the core essence – shifting giving and taking to sending and receiving in freedom and joy!

Enjoy your blossoming – it is truly a time to bloom….

Here is a beautiful reminder that you may enjoy perusing:

Selected as A Showcase Slide Show at 4/20/09!

Ever feel like everyone else is blooming and your bud is shut up tight? Stuck between a Rock and A Hard Place? Just not able to open up to the light? If you need a little tending to the garden of your soul I have some “gardening” tools that might help get through the weeds and rocks to the place where the tender shoots can be cultivated and given room to grow – Shamanic Medicine Healing & Sound Therapy appointments now available – bookings available in May…..

Event Reminders:
Crystal Readings At the EveryWoman Expo sponsored by the Nashua Telegraph – Wednesday April 22, (EARTHDAY!) 5 – 8 PM at the Sky Meadow Country Club in Nashua, NH

Presenting the Psychic Workout on Sunday the 26th at 3:00 PM in the Breathe Room at the Love, Light and Laughter Event at the Qunicy Marriott in Quincy MA – Tickets & Info HERE

Riding the Rapids!

Riding the Rapids!

Last week we came through the Sluice Gate – remember?

Well what happens after all that huge pressure that was building comes through and is released?  There are three different alternative realities that I”m presently tracking – Roiling in the Mud, Bobbing Downstream or Out of the Water altogether for a bit thank you very much!  Specifically the energies are moving most directly in intimate personal relationships.

There are quite a few folks who are down there at the bottom of the dam roiling around in the mud – they are confused, feeling battered, pounded in the extreme and very, very murky about where they are at and what it is that is going on in their world – for these folks I send a huge wave of love and compassion – it’s a difficult place to be sitting energetically and I’m sure you don’t really want to hear this but I assure you “This too shall pass”.  The best advice and guidance I can offer the “roilers” is breathe, let GO, let GOD and look back – interestingly it’s in the looking back that you gain the perspective that lets you realize that you may have been in this exact same position before and you did manage to move through it and create something new.  For the “roilers” it’s ESPECIALLY important to note if this is a re-curring theme in your life.  If so there is probably something deeply rooted in your luminous body at the core energetic level of your being that is now RIGHT NOW – ready to be released.

I did some work with someone recently who has spent the better portion of his life going through a particular pattern – specifically this was a pattern of creating circumstances for himself where he felt boxed in – at one point he spent time in prison during this lifetime.   The interesting thing about

Time to Get Out of this Box

Time to Get Out of this Box

the healing session was that as he talked about his time in prison most of the words that he initially used could have been viewed as positive – in fact he said  being there gave him a lot of time to think about what was really important to him.  The other piece of his pattern was an inability to take responsibility for himself as an adult – a bit of the “Peter Pan” complex – the boy who never grew up.  What I tracked in the medicine work that we did together was that there was a “Double Bind” in his underworld from a previous life where he had been literally put into a box – a place that was supposed to keep him safe during a time of great terror in his home country – the contract he had made at that time was “If I stay small and inside this box I will be safe”  – the tragedy was in the Chamber of Wounds I found that the box ended up being burned and he died anyway and so the truth of the situation was that he ended up not being safe after all – you can see how this contract definitely informed the experiences he created in this present life and created a double bind – not safe in the box – not safe out of the box.

This client did some really phenomenal work with re-writing his soul contract – I think the words he chose were “I am safe and ready to grow and I am willing to move outside of this box, I love myself”  – or something along those lines.  It was really powerful work and while it may take him a while to clear up the residual energy and get his life back on track and in alignment with his highest destiny at this point he is freed and empowered to do so.

Shut that Back Door!

The “Bobbers” have managed to pop up to the surface and are riding the whitewater – things are moving very quickly for these folks – miraculously and majestically everything is manifesting at a very rapid pace – unless of course the “bobber” is trying to hold onto anything that is ready to be released – the “bobbers” are often the “other half” in these relationships that are de-constructing.  They are vibrationally clearer and more grounded and have done quite a bit of personal inner work to know who they are and what they want.  They are aligning with their destiny and allowing themselves to be carried for the most part.  The caution that must be extended to these folks is to make sure as you exit your relationship that you leave no back door – there is no going back – that would only suck you into the mud and get you roiling.

If you are not yet fully dis-engaged from the relationship that is unwinding do your best to stay completely FOCUSED and CONCENTRATED on your own personal vision.  What do YOU want.  Stay with that.  Breathe, Focus, and very importantly GROUND – remember that you can ground into the water or into the earth – just flow any excess energies that you are feeling right out of your feet and into the water or the earth.  These unwinding relationships are/were karmic and you are best served by looking at the lessons and the gifts – as you transform and the other transforms and you are no longer a vibrational match for each other – the ending of the relationship is ultimately for the highest good of all concerned.  Generally speaking BOTH parties will end up accessing their own highest frequency and will begin to call forth into their lives a perfectly attuned like frequency partner/consort exactly on time if this is called for in the destiny path. In any case all of these relationships MUST be dismantled.  They no longer are serving and the contracts whether tacit or implied that were made at their inception are ties that are binding both parties to agreements that are not for the highest good any more because those contracts were made when both parties were at a very different stage in their evolutionary process and still carrying unhealed and unresolved karmic issues.  Set intention that the exit is a graceful, easy, pleasant and peaceful process for yourself and for the other person – holding them with your compassionate heart especially if they are still “roiling”.

Finally there are those who have been literally “shot” out of the stream and landed on high, dry ground.  For some there is a sense of shock almost at the preternatural quiet and stillness of this place – after having just passed through the high intensity sluice gate it may feel like having the brakes slammed on after going 100 miles an hour.   These folks haven’t quite yet come to acceptance that they have in fact landed.  They might be feeling a bit dazed and confused and wondering “How did I get here?” and “What on Earth am I to do next?”   These folks may be a bit disoriented and even “turned around” and heading back upstream trying to find their footing and to



recapture the energy that just moved through.  They are searching for vision and direction, they are looking for help and may even seem like “lost sheep” sort of milling around maybe even “bleating” a bit, looking for leadership from the outside.  Their work is to be still.  To re-orient. To look within.  To wait and to conserve their energy until they are clear and focused and balanced and have their feet under them before setting out on a course.  It’s unwise to go around and around in circles – it’s a waste of personal energy and really doesn’t accomplish much any way.  Use the time wisely to conserve, to take stock of your resources and to connect with Spirit and your guide team awaiting further “instructions/guidance”.  Be sure that this guidance is corroborated by your own HEART urges.  If there is not an alignment at the heart and a resounding “YES” resonance to the guidance you receive then you are probably not getting clear guidance and you would be served to wait and ask for greater clarity.

For others there is a sense of stillness and a slower and more measured forward movement for these folks – everything is still falling into place magically and easily, steady progress is being made, time out for reflection is being offered and accepted, rest is being called for and an opportunity to really breathe, relax and be.    There is a calm and solid knowing that you are exactly where you need to be, exactly on time and an assurance that all is well, everything is working out perfectly and that all that you need, want, desire is already present and arriving for you in perfect order.  There is a great sense for these folks that they have literally “come home”.  They are really enjoying the rest, the opportunity to contemplate all that has just been experienced and to marvel at the miraculous nature of change.  These folks are really aligning with Turtle Medicine now and are taking things easy and one step at a time – not that their isn’t excitement going on for them – it’s just not the wild ride of the river.  This is the excitement, the

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

ecstacy almost of feeling at home, at peace, content, creative, aligned with true purpose, living a life of joy and most importantly being at choice.  These folks can choose at any time to jump in to the rushing river and float downstream aways if they like and they are also feeling totally empowered to get out, dry off and walk for a bit.  That choice and that personal feeling of empowerment is what is creating a very stabilizing force within which the  “High & Dry Milling Sheep”,  the “Bobbers” and the “Roilers” are being safely held while they continue with and complete their work.

This has been an EXTENSIVE report and is an opportunity for you the reader to really sit with it and determine where you are in relation to the whole.  If you are roiling, bobbing or milling and feel like you could use some assistance in clearing out any last remnants of karmic or psychic debris I can help with shamanic healing sessions.  If you are high and dry and haven’t yet fully crystallized your vision and are looking for an added boost of energy and activations of your particular codes of light and your personal aspect of the Divine Plan then sound therapy or Ascension Activation Attunements may be appropriate for you at this time.

Thank you for reading and receiving this message and for providing me with an opportunity to be of service.  Many blessings  – be gentle with yourself as you navigate this juncture in the journey!

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