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Door 26 - Portals of Possibility Series @2011 AW

Happy Holidays to all of our subscribers new and old!

Thank you so much for your support, your reception and your openness to the shifts of energy both within your own life and here in our world as well! My Divine Business Partner Mikael and I want to wish everyone the most JOYOUS and Heart FILLED TO OVERFLOWING season of Peace.  We are going deep this winter into the place of the Heart and we are going to end this blessed year by opening up a brand new door in our journey together!  Last month we announced that our Energy Edge Ezine had run it’s course – as the complement to our Energy Journey site’s evolution to our new brand The Empowered Messenger – we welcome you to open the door with us this month to our delicious new Ezine The Empowered Edge!  Here is the link:

I’d love to have you join us on our new site and subscribe to the blog there as well… Please visit and sign up for our goodies over there too!  This is a WONDERFUL time of year to sort out WHICH DOOR you are going to open yourself – sometimes that requires the help of a “KeyMaster” to unlock whatever might be holding you back – would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to take advantage of our end of the year LAUNCH 2012 special offer – isn’t it time for you to FIND YOUR VOICE and experience YOUR breakthrough?  If you don’t want to go through the web to book your breakthrough I invite you to call me DIRECTLY at 603-594-2744 and we’ll get you set up to start 2012 with a SUPERSpark!

There IS hope in every journey! When so many women are facing life-altering decisions & unexpected challenges, the opportunity to see inside the lives of women who have overcome obstacles to embrace the truth of who they truly are is invaluable. The intimate stories contained in Embracing Your Authentic Self are honest, funny, touching & at times raw. Get your copy today w/100+ free gifts

Ladies, the time is NOW to remove the false masks holding you back from leading an authentic, inspired life! The world needs you to shine your light. Meet these warrior women who share their intimate journey of self-discovery & transformation. Embracing Your Authentic Self is climbing the bestseller list. Get your copy today w/100+ gifts for your transformational tool kit.

Spiritual Psychologist Nicola Phoenix shares “As we shed the illusions of who we thought we were, the roles we thought we had to play and our beliefs about our own self-worth, we see that the greatest connection and most rewarding relationship possible emerges: our relationship with ourselves.” Get your copy of Embracing Your Authentic Self

Publisher Linda Joy shares in the intro of new book “I’ve always been drawn to the personal, intimate stories of women who have not only lived through their life experiences, but who came out the other side armed with wisdom, love and the heart of warrior women.” Embracing Your Authentic Self is now out – get your copy today with100+ Free gifts

Alrighty then!! Just did my first live stage speak to sell!! It was quite an interesting event – held in Boston – a “holistic expo” they had a double ballroom set up with exhibitor tables all around the room – there were at least 50 exhibitor tables and then in the center of the room a stage surrounded by four rows of chairs on each side except for the back of the stage.

The speakers all received an exhibitor table – and of the 50 tables 8 were speakers and there were about 4 other exhibitors – the other 38 tables were empty. The ‘audience’ for my talk consisted of the event coordinator, her husband, and about 10 other people – some of whom were exhibitors – 2 of whom were people already on my list.

I had a lot of fun and did a great talk – had only 45 minutes – didn’t leave enough time to review the offer (note to self) but got a lot of laughter, good response from the handful of audience I did have and I made everyone get up twice so there was good interaction.

I had a “table rush” of THREE PEOPLE (which I think was the whole real audience – cause the rest I believe were exhibitors). None were buyers – except for the fourth lady who came in at the tail end of my talk. SHE did buy – WOO HOO – so I “closed” 25% of the ACTUAL audience! Pretty good I think for my first gig in the flesh!

Thoughts and learnings –

*  Be prepared to be a pro no matter how many people show up!

*  Start and end on time (which I did – Lisa Sasevich you’d be proud – I kept it in the 45 minutes and paid attention to how much time I had left).

*  Allow more time for the offer.

*  Never underestimate the power of a good laugh. Don’t take the whole thing so seriously.

*  Be willing to give up parts of your presentation if the equipment isn’t available or doesn’t work (had planned a little dance music to start but there was no plug close enough).

* Be thankful and gracious to the host and pay attention to the people who you meet BEFORE you speak so if they sit in your front row you can name them and point them out (which I did with Irene who’s name means “Peace” and who had visited my booth prior to the talk).

*  Be aware that if you have a small audience the energy level is ALL on you.

*  Get grounded and go to the bathroom at least 10 minutes (not 2 minutes) before it’s your turn to go on stage.

* Be open for surprises and unexpected miracles.

*  Have FUN!

*  Celebrate with your Divine Business Partner after the event with dinner at a Thai Restaurant and be sure to order yourself a Sticky Rice with Mango for dessert!


We are getting ready to birth our brand new site and brand out into the world and when that happens all my blogging is going to be happening over there – watch for the announcement in the next few weeks – I’ll be redirecting those of you who have subscribed here and want to continue on the journey with me to subscribe to that feed instead as I’ll be wrapping up blogging over here for good when that happens –thank you for reading and commenting – I appreciate your support and receptivity!

Peace IN!




Identifying The Seven Monsters that EAT your Self Worth!

When we are born we come to the world with a soul that is carrying lifetimes of experiences.  We choose to incarnate in order to fulfill some purpose – everyone and everything in creation has a purpose!  Sometimes we find ourselves feeling like we’ve been  “born into the wrong family” (or culture, or social system) and we feel at odds with everything around us.  We may experience lots of hardships, traumas, dramas or just all around hellish experiences that leave IMPRINTS on our soul. These imprints can cause us later on in our life time to suffer greatly, to question our value and to suppress our natural born ability to create the life we are dreaming of living.  These IMPRINTS can be tracked in the anatomy of the soul and healed with appropriate guidance and medicine.  The soul or Luminous Energy Field contains all the imprinting from your present life as well as your previous or parallel lifetimes – so  sometimes even if you were “born into the RIGHT family” you may discover that you are facing challenges that just don’t even make sense given the circumstances – in this case it’s probably a karmic or even ancestral, cultural or archetypal imprint that you are challenged with.

Imagine the soul is like playdough – every time a trauma or heavy experience occurs an impression is made on or in one of your major energy centers – the Chakras or it may even pervade your entire luminous field (sometimes called the aura).  Here are 7 distinct fears or imprints created by wound/traumas that will absolutely eat up your self worth and the energy centers where these “monsters” live:

Fear of Not Having Enough – Lives in your ROOT or Base Chakra – Survival Issues and Lack

Fear of Not Being Good Enough – Lives in your SACRAL or creative Chakra – Self Sabotage/Overdoing

Fear of Power/Success – Lives in your Solar Plexus or Power Chakra –  Boundary/Control Issues

Fear of Being Abandoned – Lives in Heart Chakra – Excessive Grief/Depression Feeling Empty

Fear of Speaking Your Truth – Lives in Throat 0r Creative Expression Chakra – Unable to Express Needs

Fear of Betrayal – Lives in Third Eye or Brow Chakra – Broken Dreams, Disbelief, Doubt, Distrusting

Fear of Loneliness/The Unknown – Lives in Crown Chakra – Fear of Being the Leader/Responsibility

Starting with the BREATH, there are certain techniques which are specifically and precisely designed to get to the core of your soul and your issues around self worth, to clear out these monsters and to Build a BRIDGE that restores your soul to it’s original Divine Blueprint of perfection.  When healed we are able to Thrive, Create, Be in Right Relationship with others, Love Unconditionally, Express our Needs and create beauty in the world with ease and grace, Dream BIG and Manifest and Lead ourselves, our families, our communities and our world into a future of bright promise.  We become able to recognize our true worth to the world as co-creators of this reality and can bring through and fully embody our Divine Wealth and exchange it for material wealth through embodying our unique and magnificent souls!

Women it’s time to Build the Bridge between the Spiritual and the Material realm and to help women to REALIZE (bring into reality) the fact that they are WORTHY of WEALTH  which is why I’m joining Kiva Leatherman of the Wise Women Network on September 29th to present a complimentary Teleclass called Worthy Of Wealth – won’t you join us?

Amethyst Wyldfyre – The Speakers Shaman and Divine Destiny Mastery Mentor is an EMPOWERED Messenger!  A Multidimensional Visionary Speaker, Author, Teacher and Artist, she specializes in serving visionary leaders and conscious entrepreneurs who want to feel Safe, Powerful and Ready to LEAP fearlessly into their highest level of service and who want to profit handsomely from following their Spiritual path.  She can be found at please help yourself to some free gifts for you at

3 Keys to Growing Your Business by Leaps & Bounds in the Next 6 Months

Join me and my special guest Michele Scism on Wednesday, March 23, 4 pm ET. Michele will share her step by step system for how to promote your business using your blog and social media. Michele used this system to skyrocket her visibility and land national media interviews in just 6 months.

Michele Scism

Michele Scism

Michele Scism is the leading authority on social media and online marketing and the Founder of Her clients call her “The Results Lady” because as a business strategist she uses her signature “Take Action Get Profits” system to help entrepreneurs get visibility and then turn that visibility into profits. Michele’s knowledge in the areas of online marketing and social media marketing have been recognized during recent interviews on several web TV shows, including being interviewed by Kristi Frank from Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, as well as multiple Talk Radio shows and tele-classes. Whether you want freedom and flexibility, more time to be with your family, more money, or the feeling of satisfaction you get from creating a successful business, Michele is there with her expert business knowledge, strategies and accountability skills to help you get the results of your dreams.

Blazing Forth the Light Radio with Host Amethyst Wyldfyre
Wednesday March 23 4 pm ET

Discovering The Light Within

Join me and my special guest Susan Mavity on Wednesday, March 2 , 4 pm ET. An allergic reaction to an antibiotic left her world in a place of desperation and despair and left her sensitive to everything in our world. Every aspect of her life had to be reexamined and redefined. At one point, Author Susan Mavity’s immune system was so compromised she was unable to leave her house or even use a simple bar of soap. The days, months and years to follow taught her to rebuild her immune system using alternative therapies, so she could once again be in this world. Finally recognizing that her soul was calling out to her for healing, she was gifted a new path. Join Author Susan Mavity on an incredible journey of healing, faith and forgiveness.

Susan Mavity

Susan Mavity

Susan Mavity is a highly intuitive holistic practitioner, personal coach, workshop leader and Author. She holds a Masters degree in Metaphysics and Spiritual Counseling. She is owner of Inner Resources Inc. a company created to awaken the mind, body, spirit connection. She is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, Reiki and IET Master, Guided Imagery Therapist and Sound Healer.

Blazing Forth the Light Radio with Host Amethyst Wyldfyre
Wednesday March 2 4 pm ET

“Get out of your own way, NOW, not tomorrow!”

Join me and my special guest Wendy Yellen on Wednesday, February 16, 4 pm ET. Tired of getting in your own way and banging your head on the ceiling of your past successes? Today Wendy will use this cutting edge technology to show you exactly how you keep repeating your history and blocking your own success, and how you can stop, now!

Wendy Yellen, for the past 30+ years, has been helping people all over the world to transform and accelerate their success – to stop standing in their own way – and instead to sustain and support the powerful presence that they really are. Stop trying to “remember” how to be! No more sticky notes on the mirror reminding you how to live. There IS another way.

She mentors global leaders who want to make an even bigger difference – for whom she coined the phrase Tsunami Makers™. She helps Tsunami Makers™ (and those who want to ACTIVATE and IGNITE their Tsunami Maker™ cells) to break open the shackles of their history and shift their consciousness so they can lead with and from their whole heart and soul.

Wendy Yellen is an international speaker, mentor, and writer. She is one of the world’s top facilitators of one of the world’s top cutting edge, transformational processes: Eidetics.

Blazing Forth the Light Radio with Host Amethyst Wyldfyre
Wednesday February 16 4 pm ET

Unleash Your Power and Become an Authentic Magnetic Leader

Amethyst Wyldfyre interview Pamela Reyes on January 26th, 2011 at 4PM EST. Pamela will share how understanding your true talents and building them into strengths can unleash your power to become an authentic, magnetic leader. Pam is an expert at working with professionals to identify their true talents so they unleash their power and lead from where they are. After more than 20 years in various international leadership roles working with Fortune 500 companies such as Sun Microsystems, Hitachi Data Systems, Accenture, EDS and others, she left corporate America to put her talents and strengths to the test as an entrepreneur. Believing so many people lose touch with what they’re really goos at, Pam is committed to people playing and leading from their position of strength so they live their life on purpose, not by accident.

Blazing Forth the Light Radio with Host Amethyst Wyldfyre
Wednesday, Jan 26 2011, 4 pm ET



I have been blessed to participate in four life changing summits this January. If you are ready for a kick start to 2011 – check out these transformational events!

January 7, 1:00 PM ET- “Shift Your Energy, Electrify Your Business!” Your Brand In Bloom

**You may have missed my live talk today but be sure to sign up right away so you can receive the recording!

January 11 – Creative Spiritual Revolution

January 19, 7:00 PM ET – Heather Picken’s Money, Body and Relationship Breakthrough Secrets

January 20, 3:00 PM ET – Destined for Greatness Teleseries with Michelle Casto

You’re So Brilliant! Why Don’t They Buy?

Ann Convery

Ann Convery

Amethyst Wyldfyre interviews Ann Convery on Wednesday January 12th at 4 PM EST. Our unconscious mind triggers all decsions we make, and Ann will reveal exactly how to reach the unconscious mind in 10 seconds or less. With the unconscious mind as your ally, it is possible to immediately attract more prospects, business and income — and it’s fun.

Known for producing more prospects and greater income for her clients, Ann Convery has x-ray vision for spotting the hidden gems in every day language and turning them into gold.

For 17 years she prepared top professionals for Oprah, CNN, 60 Minutes, The Wall Street Journal, and numerous other media outlets.

Now, Ann enables her clients to generate up to thousands of dollars in business within weeks with her popular program “You’re So Brilliant! Why Don’t They Buy?”

Ann has delivered over 130 speeches and trainings for corporate and private groups in Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico City, New York, Chicago, Seattle, and California. She has guest lectured at UCLA Extension and The USC Marshall School of Business.

Ann has been interviewed in The Los Angeles Times, Elle, Cosmopolitan, ABC-TV, Woman’s Day, First for Women, Entrepreneur, Presentations Magazine, and many other media. Ann’s two books were published by Harper Collins.

Blazing Forth the Light Radio with Host Amethyst Wyldfyre
Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 4 pm ET

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