You’re So Brilliant! Why Don’t They Buy?

Ann Convery

Ann Convery

Amethyst Wyldfyre interviews Ann Convery on Wednesday January 12th at 4 PM EST. Our unconscious mind triggers all decsions we make, and Ann will reveal exactly how to reach the unconscious mind in 10 seconds or less. With the unconscious mind as your ally, it is possible to immediately attract more prospects, business and income — and it’s fun.

Known for producing more prospects and greater income for her clients, Ann Convery has x-ray vision for spotting the hidden gems in every day language and turning them into gold.

For 17 years she prepared top professionals for Oprah, CNN, 60 Minutes, The Wall Street Journal, and numerous other media outlets.

Now, Ann enables her clients to generate up to thousands of dollars in business within weeks with her popular program “You’re So Brilliant! Why Don’t They Buy?”

Ann has delivered over 130 speeches and trainings for corporate and private groups in Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico City, New York, Chicago, Seattle, and California. She has guest lectured at UCLA Extension and The USC Marshall School of Business.

Ann has been interviewed in The Los Angeles Times, Elle, Cosmopolitan, ABC-TV, Woman’s Day, First for Women, Entrepreneur, Presentations Magazine, and many other media. Ann’s two books were published by Harper Collins.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 4 pm ET