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Kiva and I are over the top having fun with this project…..

Wait until you see what we have cooked up since our big Complimentary call last week.  Starting tomorrow you can hear the audio – but what’s even MORE interesting is the laugh fest that was happening behind the scenes!

In order to get the “skypeversation” which had both of us ROFL with tears streaming down our faces you need to let us know that you heard the call and what you received  for insights, lessons, blessings or breakthroughs!

We are having a Fabulous Feedback Frenzy contest – please post your insights on our new FAN PAGE for the WOW PROJECT which is located here:


We’re super excited about the folks who have already signed up for our Worthy, Wealthy and Wise Workshop Intensive and invite you to listen to the call and make your move ASAP if you are feeling like it’s time for you to join us on the journey-  the first 20 peeps are getting in with a $200.00 incentive on the enrollment investment.   Visit the site and listen to the call starting on Monday October 3 –


The winner of our Fabulous Feedback Frenzy will receive a free enrollment!

We are LOVING your LIGHT!





Join my colleague and WISE WOMAN Kiva Shuler Leatherman and me this afternoon at 4 – We’re going to have a “Virtual Afternoon Tea” and get DOWN and DIRTY sharing with you some powerful SPIRITUAL and PRACTICAL  steps to overcome the 7 fears that keep women from feeling worthy of wealth.   This call (and the preceding 7 part video series) is an unprecedented opportunity to join us as we BUILD a BRIDGE between these two seemingly disparate parts of our lives – our soul’s deep wisdom and and wallets!

Please register right away – we have already received over 500 women into the WOW Project Community!  Won’t you add YOUR energy and POWER to this call today?

Here’s the link:

We’ll be on twitter too! Here’s the hashtag:  #wowcall – we’d love to interact with you there during the call and get your live FEEDBACK!

In gratitude and service to the Feminine Divine!

Peace is IN YOU!!


Identifying The Seven Monsters that EAT your Self Worth!

When we are born we come to the world with a soul that is carrying lifetimes of experiences.  We choose to incarnate in order to fulfill some purpose – everyone and everything in creation has a purpose!  Sometimes we find ourselves feeling like we’ve been  “born into the wrong family” (or culture, or social system) and we feel at odds with everything around us.  We may experience lots of hardships, traumas, dramas or just all around hellish experiences that leave IMPRINTS on our soul. These imprints can cause us later on in our life time to suffer greatly, to question our value and to suppress our natural born ability to create the life we are dreaming of living.  These IMPRINTS can be tracked in the anatomy of the soul and healed with appropriate guidance and medicine.  The soul or Luminous Energy Field contains all the imprinting from your present life as well as your previous or parallel lifetimes – so  sometimes even if you were “born into the RIGHT family” you may discover that you are facing challenges that just don’t even make sense given the circumstances – in this case it’s probably a karmic or even ancestral, cultural or archetypal imprint that you are challenged with.

Imagine the soul is like playdough – every time a trauma or heavy experience occurs an impression is made on or in one of your major energy centers – the Chakras or it may even pervade your entire luminous field (sometimes called the aura).  Here are 7 distinct fears or imprints created by wound/traumas that will absolutely eat up your self worth and the energy centers where these “monsters” live:

Fear of Not Having Enough – Lives in your ROOT or Base Chakra – Survival Issues and Lack

Fear of Not Being Good Enough – Lives in your SACRAL or creative Chakra – Self Sabotage/Overdoing

Fear of Power/Success – Lives in your Solar Plexus or Power Chakra –  Boundary/Control Issues

Fear of Being Abandoned – Lives in Heart Chakra – Excessive Grief/Depression Feeling Empty

Fear of Speaking Your Truth – Lives in Throat 0r Creative Expression Chakra – Unable to Express Needs

Fear of Betrayal – Lives in Third Eye or Brow Chakra – Broken Dreams, Disbelief, Doubt, Distrusting

Fear of Loneliness/The Unknown – Lives in Crown Chakra – Fear of Being the Leader/Responsibility

Starting with the BREATH, there are certain techniques which are specifically and precisely designed to get to the core of your soul and your issues around self worth, to clear out these monsters and to Build a BRIDGE that restores your soul to it’s original Divine Blueprint of perfection.  When healed we are able to Thrive, Create, Be in Right Relationship with others, Love Unconditionally, Express our Needs and create beauty in the world with ease and grace, Dream BIG and Manifest and Lead ourselves, our families, our communities and our world into a future of bright promise.  We become able to recognize our true worth to the world as co-creators of this reality and can bring through and fully embody our Divine Wealth and exchange it for material wealth through embodying our unique and magnificent souls!

Women it’s time to Build the Bridge between the Spiritual and the Material realm and to help women to REALIZE (bring into reality) the fact that they are WORTHY of WEALTH  which is why I’m joining Kiva Leatherman of the Wise Women Network on September 29th to present a complimentary Teleclass called Worthy Of Wealth – won’t you join us?

Amethyst Wyldfyre – The Speakers Shaman and Divine Destiny Mastery Mentor is an EMPOWERED Messenger!  A Multidimensional Visionary Speaker, Author, Teacher and Artist, she specializes in serving visionary leaders and conscious entrepreneurs who want to feel Safe, Powerful and Ready to LEAP fearlessly into their highest level of service and who want to profit handsomely from following their Spiritual path.  She can be found at please help yourself to some free gifts for you at

Last month before she relocated up north to live in the beautiful lakes region with my brother,  my 83 year old mom asked me to go with her to her Women’s Club annual meeting and luncheon.  The leaders of the organization wanting to do something special to celebrate the annual meeting asked that everyone wear a hat – so we did!

ManyhatsWhen I got to the event I was astounded at the diversity, creativity, and beauty of the many hats – and felt palpably the metaphor being played out right in front of me of the many hats that we wear as women.  The various roles that we take on – mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend, partner, colleague, confidant, nurse, provider, washerwoman, housekeeper, business woman, speaker, author, artist, performer, designer, dancer, the list is endless – all the hats that we get to try on and to play with.

RE-member that these are all roles – and that we don’t have to get ManyHats Mom“trapped” in any one of them.  We are the actors, we are the owners and creators of the hats – we get to choose which one’s we want to wear now and which ones we can store in the closet for later.  We certainly do not ever have to put all the hats on at once (unless of course we are like the cap man in the book “Caps for Sale” remember reading that to your little ones’ or maybe hearing “Caps for Sale 50 Cents a Cap!” when you were little?)

I learned alot that day about myself, about being a woman, about my mom and about women interacting with and sharing with other women.  A lot of good medicine came for me from that day – many observations about patterns of behavior of my own that

Hamburger Hat - Talk about Creative!

Hamburger Hat - Talk about Creative!

I clearly “saw” during the course of the luncheon were passed on from my mother that I had not previously been consciously aware of.

It was interesting to observe that after being a member of this club for 46 years and this being her last time there (which she made known to the officers) that no one recognized that – however she also wanted to leave early so it’s impossible to determine whether there were plans for that which were thwarted by her early departure.  It also struck me how none of the other ladies chose to sit with her and I – it was starkly apparent to me that she really had no friends there at all and whether she was excluded or had excluded herself over the years wasn’t really clear.

In any event it was interesting to note and to put into my own medicine ManyHatsLilacswork – to look at the ways and the times in my own life where I have felt left out – on the edges, the wall flower, looking in on the fun but not really engaged in it etc.  The other thing that I have really been comprehending even more deeply especially since she has moved out of the area and the energy of her close presence has receded is just how deeply dysfunctional my mom is and has been all my life – I’ve known it for a while and done an enormous amount of healing around it, for which I’m incredibly grateful.

From my end I’ve forgiven all the “junk” that was there for me to let go of ManyHatsNetHatand I’ve harvested and given thanks for the gifts that were present for me from growing up in this particular family.  It can be a pretty painful process to admit to yourself that your biological family is toxic and that you need to create really strong and clear boundaries for yourself in order to have a healthy, productive and joyful life as well as finding good role (there’s that word role again!) models that reflect health, well being, prosperity and joy so you can learn what  just simply wasn’t in your world view or environment during your own process of  ManyHatsPinkRosesgrowing up.

Another observation that bubbled to the surface was the non-stop judgmental commentary from my mom about “these women” and how snobby they were which was really masking a feeling of  being either “not good enough” or “too much”.   I personally didn’t feel that way but I was definitely observing that my mom was waffling between the two feelings and I must admit I’ve felt them myself more than once in my life – that nasty habit of judging ourselves pretty harshly in relationship to others or the even nastier and sometimes more subtle habit of judging others about whom we know nothing at all!


I was also brought to the awareness in recent weeks that these feelings are challenges for other women too – I’m in this wonderful Mastermind group that meets weekly and during last week’s meeting there were two powerfully successful women who were spotlighted – both of them working with the same coin – just on opposite sides – one seemed to be struggling with the “not enough” energies – she has been trying for a long long time to get the “Magic Words” that will define her business and make her stand out – and her frustration with the wait for this to emerge from the Creative Matrix for her was really evident – she seemed on the verge of tears – really not happy with herself and her “inability” to just get this – and underlying  – the feeling I got was one of fear – that she better get this and get it soon – that fear of not having enough, of not being good enough, of not doing enough – in fear that she will be invisible, too small, that the right clients won’t be able to find her.

ManyHatsTOOMUCH The other woman in the spotlight was on the “TOO MUCH!” side of the coin – for her the energies were playing out around keeping her “Edge” in the closet – for fear of being too overwhelming, edgy, sharp, or to the point and yet by her own words her clients really wanted this.  The interesting thing about her story was that “edge” was what had made her very successful in her previous career and now in her new career as a coach she’s been “trained” to let her clients find their own way and not tell them what to do – and yet they want that from her – and I’m guessing somewhere deep down those clients are very specifically attracted to her because they can sense that underneath the “softer, kinder, gentler” hat that she is projecting that there is this wonderful no holds barred, edgy, masterful, strong, kick butt and take names coach who can really push them to their next best level – yet here she is ‘afraid to let that out of the closet’ – in fear of being TOO MUCH, overwhelming, overpowering  (Back!! Back With you Into the Closet!! Don’t you dare be TOO MUCH) – in fear of driving people/clients away.

How often do we try to fit ourselves into what we believe is what “THEY”

Plain Hat Decorated With Pins!

Plain Hat Decorated With Pins!

want – whoever “THEY” may be – our ideal client, our kids, our spouse, our parents, our teachers?  How much energy are we expending trying to surpress parts of ourselves or to force something to come when it’s just not time yet (and may not even be necessary!) ?  How many experiences with coaches, teachers, parents, well meaning friends and relatives do we have to have where we listen to well meaning suggestions but end up going astray and losing our own compass that will always point us in the right direction?

Time to take a break!  Time to stop the world! Time to drop the roles!  Time to take off and maybe even throw out or burn up some of the Many Hats!  Time to accept ourselves in all our beauty! Gentle, Wise, Nurturing, Edgy, Ferocious, Strong!  Time to take all of our attributes and merge them  powerfully and masterfully, integrating all of our qualities in harmony and Divine Union!   Time to realize that when we trust ourselves  and let ourselves be open and aware in each moment that we’ll always know which hat to put on, which attribute to bring out, which piece of ourselves to share and with whom!  Time to be who WE REALLY ARE – Limitless, Light, Perfect, and Exactly where Monetize Your Mission Trip 019we need to be on our own profoundly unique journey.

By the way for any men who might be reading this – I believe you may benefit from these words as well – although (at least in this lifetime) I can’t speak for your perspective I would welcome your thoughts and observations around the subject as well!

Do you find yourself drowning, treading water, overwhelmed, feeling left behind, exhausted, depleted or drained from all the roles that you have taken on?  If so Energy Medicine Work can assist you in sorting through what makes sense to keep and what you can let go of – often there are past life, karmic, ancestral, generational, or present life experiences embedded in the energy field that attract experiences or catalyze patterns of behavior that may not even be your own and yet will cause you to lose life force and spin around in circles wasting your energy and not really moving forward on your epic journey. For Passion-preneurs I’m offering a Business Energy Evaluation Summer Special for $197.00 – if you would like to book a BEE please send me email along with a payment through paypal to with I Want a BEE in the subject line.

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