Alrighty then!! Just did my first live stage speak to sell!! It was quite an interesting event – held in Boston – a “holistic expo” they had a double ballroom set up with exhibitor tables all around the room – there were at least 50 exhibitor tables and then in the center of the room a stage surrounded by four rows of chairs on each side except for the back of the stage.

The speakers all received an exhibitor table – and of the 50 tables 8 were speakers and there were about 4 other exhibitors – the other 38 tables were empty. The ‘audience’ for my talk consisted of the event coordinator, her husband, and about 10 other people – some of whom were exhibitors – 2 of whom were people already on my list.

I had a lot of fun and did a great talk – had only 45 minutes – didn’t leave enough time to review the offer (note to self) but got a lot of laughter, good response from the handful of audience I did have and I made everyone get up twice so there was good interaction.

I had a “table rush” of THREE PEOPLE (which I think was the whole real audience – cause the rest I believe were exhibitors). None were buyers – except for the fourth lady who came in at the tail end of my talk. SHE did buy – WOO HOO – so I “closed” 25% of the ACTUAL audience! Pretty good I think for my first gig in the flesh!

Thoughts and learnings –

*  Be prepared to be a pro no matter how many people show up!

*  Start and end on time (which I did – Lisa Sasevich you’d be proud – I kept it in the 45 minutes and paid attention to how much time I had left).

*  Allow more time for the offer.

*  Never underestimate the power of a good laugh. Don’t take the whole thing so seriously.

*  Be willing to give up parts of your presentation if the equipment isn’t available or doesn’t work (had planned a little dance music to start but there was no plug close enough).

* Be thankful and gracious to the host and pay attention to the people who you meet BEFORE you speak so if they sit in your front row you can name them and point them out (which I did with Irene who’s name means “Peace” and who had visited my booth prior to the talk).

*  Be aware that if you have a small audience the energy level is ALL on you.

*  Get grounded and go to the bathroom at least 10 minutes (not 2 minutes) before it’s your turn to go on stage.

* Be open for surprises and unexpected miracles.

*  Have FUN!

*  Celebrate with your Divine Business Partner after the event with dinner at a Thai Restaurant and be sure to order yourself a Sticky Rice with Mango for dessert!


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Peace IN!