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There IS hope in every journey! When so many women are facing life-altering decisions & unexpected challenges, the opportunity to see inside the lives of women who have overcome obstacles to embrace the truth of who they truly are is invaluable. The intimate stories contained in Embracing Your Authentic Self are honest, funny, touching & at times raw. Get your copy today w/100+ free gifts

Ladies, the time is NOW to remove the false masks holding you back from leading an authentic, inspired life! The world needs you to shine your light. Meet these warrior women who share their intimate journey of self-discovery & transformation. Embracing Your Authentic Self is climbing the bestseller list. Get your copy today w/100+ gifts for your transformational tool kit.

Spiritual Psychologist Nicola Phoenix shares “As we shed the illusions of who we thought we were, the roles we thought we had to play and our beliefs about our own self-worth, we see that the greatest connection and most rewarding relationship possible emerges: our relationship with ourselves.” Get your copy of Embracing Your Authentic Self

Publisher Linda Joy shares in the intro of new book “I’ve always been drawn to the personal, intimate stories of women who have not only lived through their life experiences, but who came out the other side armed with wisdom, love and the heart of warrior women.” Embracing Your Authentic Self is now out – get your copy today with100+ Free gifts


I was looking back on my 6 Figure Speakers Summit which I produced last year – HUGE amount of work – very little financial return on the amount invested – returns though have kept coming and coming and coming in the form of social capital, credibility, and connections.

I’m now in my second “big launch” (or if you prefer birthing).  I’m working with a JV partner this time – an amazing and brilliant woman whose work is the perfect counterpoint to mine – Kiva Leatherman of the Wise Women Network – and we are a week away from the complimentary call ( We have a number of affiliates and are getting good signups for the call – and we’re being sponsored by Aspire Magazine – all great things –

Yesterday though was one of THOSE days – our VA and my partner had some miscommunication about some stuff we promised our sponsor and major affiliate – and our VA is also newly pregnant and having health problems and ended up in the hospital this weekend with heart issues. Since she had all our login info there was a teeny bit of stress (ok maybe not so teeny) but what I was able to do – since I’d been through the fire on my summit last year – was to encourage everyone all the way around to BREATHE (including myself) and I was able to stay really clear and present as to what the most important things were at the moment.

1) the health and worth of our VA – top priority
2) the relationship with our sponsor
3) my relationship with my partner
4) making some concrete decisions about getting back up support immediately for the rest of the roll out.
5) figuring out how to get data so we could re-outsource if necessary.

What I loved was my own capacity to lead through the chaos because of my previous experiences. What a gift! Here’s a little present for anyone who is in launch mania and needs a sec to just chill out and get their perspective and priorities straight – Enjoy!

Breathing In the Light….

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If you would like to become an affiliate and SHARE the Wealth we have a full compliment of multimedia promotional materials available for you to participate with us in getting the word out to all the women in your own world who might benefit from this great work of the Bridge to Build between spirituality and practicality – between Divine Worth and Divine Wealth!  Join us as an affiliate here:

Today is the DAY! A few months ago I was contacted to co-create something incredibly special with an old friend! Linda Joy and I have been connected since the early days of my “coming out” as a Spiritual Healer and Teacher and I was a writer for a long time in her magazine Aspire. Linda is an amazing light with a personal mission to inspire 100,000 women this year – so when she called to ask me to join her along with 40 other women in the creation of an anthology of personal stories to empower and inspire other women the answer was a resounding YES!

Today A Juicy Joyful Life is being birthed into the world and together all of the authors have a goal to get this book to make it to the top of the Amazon bestseller list! In order to do that I’m going to ask you to help us out by buying a copy of the book TODAY! Here’s where you can do that: A Juicy Joyful Life

When you make your purchase you are also going to receive 100 gifts from a huge array of leading inspirational women including myself – the gifts alone are more than worth the cost of the book but the true value lies in the deeply profound, transformational stories that each author has crafted to inspire and encourage women everywhere to seek out the Sweetness in every day!  I’d love to have your feedback on my own chapter – My story “Embracing Peace” starts on page 74!

Here’s to YOUR Juicy Joyful Life!

Love lights us…. Peace is in you!


Linda Joy

Linda Joy

Transforming Lives – The Power of Story

Join me and my special guest Linda Joy on Wednesday, August 4, 2010, 4 pm ET.  She’ll discuss with power of story and why she created Inspired Living Publishing to give women a voice and a venue to share their stories and transform lives.

Living her soul’s purpose, conscious entrepreneur Linda Joy is passionate about inspiring women to live deeper, more authentic and inspired lives and encouraging and supporting them to discover and connect with their soul’s purpose.

If you’re ready learn to learn more about the power of story and how it can transform your life, you’ll definitely want to listen in Wednesday!

Blazing Forth the Light Radio with Host Amethyst Wyldfyre
Wednesday, August 4, 2010, 4 pm ET

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