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Door 26 - Portals of Possibility Series @2011 AW

Happy Holidays to all of our subscribers new and old!

Thank you so much for your support, your reception and your openness to the shifts of energy both within your own life and here in our world as well! My Divine Business Partner Mikael and I want to wish everyone the most JOYOUS and Heart FILLED TO OVERFLOWING season of Peace.  We are going deep this winter into the place of the Heart and we are going to end this blessed year by opening up a brand new door in our journey together!  Last month we announced that our Energy Edge Ezine had run it’s course – as the complement to our Energy Journey site’s evolution to our new brand The Empowered Messenger – we welcome you to open the door with us this month to our delicious new Ezine The Empowered Edge!  Here is the link:

I’d love to have you join us on our new site and subscribe to the blog there as well… Please visit and sign up for our goodies over there too!  This is a WONDERFUL time of year to sort out WHICH DOOR you are going to open yourself – sometimes that requires the help of a “KeyMaster” to unlock whatever might be holding you back – would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to take advantage of our end of the year LAUNCH 2012 special offer – isn’t it time for you to FIND YOUR VOICE and experience YOUR breakthrough?  If you don’t want to go through the web to book your breakthrough I invite you to call me DIRECTLY at 603-594-2744 and we’ll get you set up to start 2012 with a SUPERSpark!



If you are one who has connected with the information presented in the movie The Secret  and are interested in really bringing the principals of The Laws Of Attraction into your life and making them into a Habit – then you are in for a great opportunity.  Robert Evans – who was instrumental in the co-creation of the Conscious One website, developed Pass-along Concepts and most recently founded The Messenger Network is offering a life changing transformational 8 week workshop entitled The Habit of Attraction.    Employing a multitude of practices, exercises and practical guidance, Robert will coach you into bringing The Habit of Attraction into action in your own life.   The next session of this powerful tele-workshop is being offered starting on September 16, 2008.  All sessions are recorded and there will be several bonus calls on the program as well.  To find out more about how you can make The Secret into a Habit in your own life please follow this link to – The Habit of Attraction Teleworkshop Info Page.  Listen to the free info call recorded on September 8.  Tell Robert I sent you!  Peace and blessings,  Amethyst

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