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I AM Hecate and I call upon you now to descend with me in to the sacred realm of the Lower World.  The time has come now for each of you that are engaged in this process of awakening and ascension to descend with me into the darkest corners of your soul where I will invite  you to shine the everlasting light of your awareness.

Here in the depths, in the nooks and crannies of your psyche many gifts, treasures and inner strengths lie awaiting your presence.  Here they wait in the patient stillness and inky darkness for you to come and to retrieve them.  Some say that the greatest fear among men is the fear of death and I say it is not death that most fear rather it is the fear of exploring these inner realms, facing the old wounds, and retrieving the lost gifts that is the greatest challenge for many.  For what would then occur if these gifts were found, retrieved and reintegrated within the sacred self? Why nothing less than the life of your grandest dreams!  Life, not death is more fearful.

The courage to go in and to explore these dark places is not awakened in so many out in the larger world.  They need beacons, navigators, heroes like yourselves, to guide and lead them through the twists and turns of the inner landscape, around the curving pathways of the labyrinth, into the chambers, passageways and seemingly blind alleys of the lost realms of the lower world.  They need the stories shared of deep inner work and self exploration. They need to know that as challenging and fear filled and strenuous as the journey may seem at the outset that the treasures retrieved and the strengths gained are valuable beyond measure.

All of you who are engaged in this work are being abundantly and infinitely supported by me and my sisters in light the Great Goddesses who know and can guide you easily and gracefully through this inner journey.  Know with each visit in and through the lower world you’ll become more and more familiar with the territory.  Make a map for yourself in your mind and return often to visit and update this map.  With each visit the terrain will become more and more familiar to you and you will experience greater ease in your ability to seek out and reconcile that which is calling itself to be reunited within you.  Each entry will strengthen and transform you further and will shift the energy of your field into greater and greater levels of alignment with your true destiny.  Each wounding healed each lost soul part returned, each gift retrieved will further enrich you at every level of your being.

Any challenge present in your outer world can be actively pursued to its core experience in your inner world and with the light of your awareness and active participation in its clearing and re-scripting can be shifted through all levels of your being transformed, transmuted and transcended.  This descent and clearing process is vital at this time and the call for it is showing up everywhere in your external creations.  Like  the tower in the tarot, crumbling and falling down, any creations that have been built upon an unhealed foundation must go and the healing, clearing, and integration of the lost or abandoned gifts and must take place in order for a more unified, stronger, more harmonious, prosperous and beauty filled creation to unfold.  No true ascension can occur without first making the descent, many times perhaps, for it is here in this work that the fuel, the energy, and the tools needed for the ascent are to be found.

Call upon me, call upon me often, come and visit with me, allow me to enfold you within my embrace.  I AM here and ever present to assist, to guide, to empower, to encourage, to strengthen, to sustain, to nurture, and to support you on these journeys.  Often I see the thought forms rise up in the mental body that say “But I don’t have the time, energy, finances, what ever, to pursue this work.” I say to you now you do and you can.  In fact you can not afford to ignore this work for it will call to you in ever stronger and more obvious ways in your outer world sometimes creating great pain and suffering until you do answer the call.  Some have called these experiences the dark night of the soul and so much fear has built up around this process.

This is a death of sorts of course.  It is the death of “playing it safe”, the death of living a superficial life, the death of excuses, the death of the slow death of those who are not really fully living up to their divine potential.  You may be fearful, but I am here to hold your hand.  I ask you now in this moment to take the leap of faith into your own ability to navigate these dark places, the fate in your own inner light to illuminate every corner.  I am with you and will guide you in each moment.   Come with me now.  Your treasures await!

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Butterfly Woman

Greetings of Love and Beauty to You Children of Illumination, I AM Butterfly Woman and I come to you today to speak of changes both Great and small that are ever in the process of unfolding in your watery world of reflection. As you know change is an ever present reality and can be faced by you in any number of ways. How you choose to navigate the clear and present changes now imminent in your journey can either strengthen or diminish your vital force.

The vital force that you have within you is your fuel, the fuel for your physical body and the fuel for your journey on this Earthwalk. There is a broad spectrum of change experiences that you will be called upon to navigate and a broad variety of responses you can choose to manifest from total resistance to complete acceptance and every point in between.

Notice when small changes are called for in your world. Notice your responses. Notice your thoughts and feelings around the very idea of change and unpredictability or uncertainty. Can you in your noticing discern another way? Can you learn in each experience and new way to dance-to dance with yourself and to dance with change?
Just noticing, at every opportunity, your own responses, gives you an invaluable gift. This gift, the gift of self-knowledge, has enfolded within it many other gifts. The gift of discernment, which allows you to see a situation for what it truly is; the gift of choice, allowing you the opportunity to try a different way; and finally the gift of awareness, awareness of yourself, awareness of your environment, awareness of the potential before you, and awareness of your own innate strengths, powers and capacity to draw to you and through you all that you need and want, to experience a life of beauty, joy, and bliss.

Allow me to aid you in your journey. Allow me to be a model, a guide of sorts in the fine art of acceptance of what is and the embracing of the change process. The observe the life cycle of the butterfly notice the profound and magical alchemy that unfolds in this simple four part cycle of change. Take the lessons from this cycle to apply them to your own life cycles and challenges. Where are you in your process? Egg, Caterpillar, cocoon, or emergent winged one?

Self awareness of your place within the cycle will help you to move into a state of acceptance and grace and will allow you to support yourself within your own process. All around you the world is changing. Your own magical and unique process of change is a contributing factor to the global and larger universal changes that are now in process. At every level change is afoot. As you learn and experience a cascade of change opportunities you begin to harness your own power to direct your energy to effect change in a positive way for yourself and your planetary matrix. Each choice to accept the changes within and without, to surrender to the process of transformation, to go with the flow, to make the leap of faith and to embrace the journey results in greater and greater capacity to facilitate an easy passage for yourself and to model that way for those around you to see they have the choice to do the same.

Remember that there is an enormous amount of assistance available to you from all levels of light. Call upon your relations. Call upon your brothers and sisters in the many kingdoms, the plant, the mineral, and the animal kingdoms. Call on your brothers and sisters of light on your present plane of reality. There are more and more beings who have moved through a significant portion of the Universal change process who are
available to assist, validate, coach and guide you.

Send out the call when you desire help and know that a time may come when you too may be called to aid and assist others through their passage. Your personal passage story is a gift to share and a truth to reflect to all who come for service. Be open to the many varieties of paths of process and know that each individual is gifted with their own unique, one of a kind, customized experience of total transformation.

Gather the stories, the wisdom, the tools and the practices that have worked for others. Sort through them and find your own golden nugget to assist you in your navigation and to be integrated into your story. Begin to record your story, your journey, what works for you, in ways that you feel comfortable sharing. Writing, spoken word, poetry, art, performance; all are ways to transmit the energies, the knowledge, the wisdom, the gifts of your transition.

Remember too in the final moments of the journey that all challenges, all difficulties, all pain, all sorrow, can be easily and swiftly eradicated by the mere willingness to spread your wings and daring to fly. I AM Butterfly Woman and I Dance the Winds of your most Sacred Dreams.

@2010 – Amethyst Wyldfyre – Excerpt from Channeled Book in Progress!

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Meet my dear friend and evolving Goddess, Elizabeth Martel, on Friday, January 8, 2010 at 4 pm ET. We’ll take a look ahead at the new year as we share not only our stories and ancient wisdom, but also our healing insights, thoughts and visions for what lay ahead in the months to come.

From a numerological standpoint, 2010 is a “3” year.  In the Tarot deck, this number is represented by the Empress.  During our program, we’ll explore more about what this means to all of us as we start the new year off right.  And, that means by honoring the Goddess within!

Listen to us talk about life changing wisdom that has come to us by such modern day goddesses and mystics like Louise Hay and Carolyn Myss.  If you want to start 2010 in a GLORIOUSLY GODDESSY way, make sure to listen in on Friday!

Blazing Forth the Light Radio with Host Amethyst Wyldfyre
Friday, Jan 8, 2010 4 p.m. Eastern

Greetings and love to you dearest Children, Sisters and Brothers in Light. I AM the Mary of Magdelen & I AM Here today to teach you of the power and path of forgiveness. For ever so many of you , the pain and sadness of the experiences in your life that have felt harmful in some way are being carried with you into every single new experience and relationship that you enter. This pain,

Magdalene vibrates to the ruby ray of feminine wisdom. Join her. Embedded with Elestial Rose Quartz, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 234,567.

Magdalene vibrates to the ruby ray of feminine wisdom. Join her. Embedded with Elestial Rose Quartz, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 234,567.

sadness, emotional charge, creates a force field within your energetic body that automatically draws to you more experiences and relationships where the same underlying pattern of the initial wounding repeats and replays itself over and over again within this lifetime and oftentimes carried forth from previous lifetimes.

The one and only “cure” for this is the practice of forgiveness. For so many of you the mere idea of forgiveness is an anathema. How could this outrage, this insult, this injustice, this mortal wound ever be forgiven? The truth is that it can and must be for you to complete the cycle of energy that was created by the experience.

Each experience, each relationship that you are a part of is perfectly and seamlessly designed to deliver to you a very profound gift. Understand that as you journey on your Earthwalk there are ages and stages that you go through, and that during each of these stages, initiatory experiences are presented for the lessons that your soul desires to learn and grow. Each experience is perfectly designed and each has within it a gift or lesson for you.

Whenever you are presented with a challenge, consider it an opportunity to revisit all of your previous challenges and to recapitulate for yourself the gifts of power that were hidden in those times or experiences. When you get caught up in your story of your present or past challenges and you nurse them they will grow and multiply and the Universe will continue to bring you more of the same. If you can stop for a single moment indulging in the drama of your story and instead look at what is unfolding, determine the emotional charge that is present and go back into your past, into your roots and find another time where this feeling was present, you can choose another path.

This new path, the path of forgiveness, is the path of power. On this new path, instead of nursing your wounds and feeding your story, you harvest the gift of power. Most often the gift of power will be found nestled in your heart. As you release past transgressions through forgiveness and you begin the process of harvesting all the nuggets of gold, all the gifts of power, all the lessons of light, your present lifetime will begin to heal and you will begin to blossom into the being of radiant light that you were destined to be.

Feed the seeds of love, feed the seeds of light with the mulch that you create in the letting go and surrender of old, dead layers of experience that have trapped your life force in endless cycles of drama and trauma. Allow yourself to receive your very own gifts of grace. Accept the nurturance and sustenance that is available to you in your very own soul coming from each experience of conflict and opposition that has been drawn to you for resolution and transformation into light.

I and all of my sisters in light – the Glorious Goddesses – are ever present and by your side to guide and protect you through this process . I Am the Mary Magdelene & I Love You.

The preceding channeled message from Magdelene is excerpted from a forthcoming book – Opening the Rose – Gifts of Grace from the Glorious Goddesses

Sometimes we need some assistance in uncovering old unhealed wounds from this or a previous lifetime – I am uniquely trained and qualified to assist in this work using techniques from the Shamanic Medicine tradition to assist you in illuminating that which no longer serves you so that you are able to acknowledge the wound, harvest the gift and let go of the energy that is keeping youtrapped in a cycle of trauma.  Please contact me to discuss embarking upon the Path of Fyre.

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Last Monday I had the pleasure of gathering with the SisTARhood of Sound once again – we have been cooking up a sound project together since late last fall – and we’ve been enjoying sharing our gifts and energies with each other immensely!

Bindy Browsing!

Bindy Browsing!

The four of us (Bindy Johnson, Sarah Elizabeth Whitcomb, Pam Nowell & myself) have all been working on moving through our “stuff”  – spiritual, emotional, mental, as well as physical.  There was a lot of focus on our Mother “stuff” – issues with our own mothers as well as with our mothering of others.  Powerful work!  We each had an opportunity to get up on the table and to receive from the balance of the group.  My gift was getting to go last and it was an infinite blessing to be allowed the luxury of extra integration time on the table.

In addition to our sound work together (we picked a name for our group!  Vessels of Spirit!!) we also came together to share and exchange our medicines in a Holistic Swap!  Here are some pics of the ladies sorting through the goodies and choosing their medicines.


Sarah Elizabeth Sorting 🙂

One of the things that I realized recently is that it was time to let go of a lot of things that are no longer mine to steward – including an array of powerful crystals who have of course a life and mission all their own.  Sometimes we get a little bit attached to their beauty and their powers to heal and transform.  I understand from my deep work with the crystals that they have their own unique mission and purpose and that I am a steward for them while they are in my possession, however when their work with me and through me is complete and they are ready to move to their next level of work I must allow them to go with grace and acceptance.


Pam Pondering

The beauty of connecting with all of our relations and moving through the phases of initial meeting, discovery, communion and releasement is a powerful and true process that describes quite beautifully the larger arc of the evolutionary process that we are all engaged in whether it’s consciously or not.  We can, if we choose, awaken to shining the light of awareness on where we are in our own personal journey and in doing so we are able to recognize and come to an easier acceptance of what is.

Are you being initiated into a new phase in your life/work/relationships?  Are you awakening to or perhaps remembering your multidimensional abilities/psychic senses/capacity to commune at a much deeper level with all of life?  Do you recall who you truly are? A limitless being in an infinite field of possibilities?  What is calling to you now? What is solidifying? What is begging to be released?  Can you let it go and move on to your next highest outpicturing of your sacred purpose here on this plane?    Can you focus and concentrate the limitless light of your awareness upon your own personal path while holding the vision of the collective dream that is for the highest good of all concerned simultaneously?

If you would like some assistance in these areas – I am at your service – please visit my wonderful website (courtesy of another magical medicine SiSTar Wendy Stevens) to access sacred sound, free attunement, my book, cd’s and more – feel the energy of Transformation pouring into your being and allow yourself to truly leap into living!

Bonus Shots:  Bindy’s new Rainbow PJ’s and a shot of Pam’s Lunch Salad – AKA “Party in a Bowl”  Gratitude for the beauty of these wonderful women in my life!

Can You Dig It?? Rainbow PJ's!

Can You Dig It?? Rainbow PJ's!

Party in A Bowl!

Party in A Bowl!

The destroyer of worlds, Kali Ma discreates all, clearing & laying fertile ground for the seeds of new life to take root . Embedded with Black Lava this Vibrational Power Painting equals 3367

The destroyer of worlds, Kali Ma discreates all, clearing & laying fertile ground for the seeds of new life to take root . Embedded with Black Lava this Vibrational Power Painting equals 3367

As we move through this final week of the 1st of 4 Mercury Retrograde periods this year the energy is strongly favoring releasing at every level in every aspect of your life all that doesn’t serve you.  Dancing with Death will assist in this process greatly – working with the energies of Kali – Ma  invoking her powers to discreate – leaving behind the elemental particles that you can then source from as you begin the creation process anew.

As you do your own personal work (as I am also doing here) remember to look with your HIGHER vision at every single aspect of your life – not just your work but all your relationships. Be sure that you HARVEST the gifts from each of the experiences that you have had – energetically – go into the experience, good or “bad” and really carefully discern – is there a gift here that I missed during the experiencing of this experience? Make sure you HARVEST! These gifts will be necessary tools for the next stage of the journey so you want to make sure you are VERY THOROUGH.

Death Card From Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Death Card From Rider Waite Tarot Deck

I’m going through everything with a fine tooth comb so to speak – re-aligning and re-balancing with all my relationships – make sure that you honor anything that is definitely dead or dying too – have a little ceremony – a fire or some other kind of ceremony to honor the dead – maybe make a list of all your clients as an example – go back over the years – see what gift each one brought to you-what you learned about yourself by working with them-why they came in to your life as a mirror for you – the challenges you (or they) may have been facing at the time – notice how the transition happened – how they “flew” from your nest, the energies that surrounded their leaving you and how you felt as that piece of you was resolved. When you complete your list – go outside – make a medicine mandala – creating a circle on Mother Earth that is made of natural objects perhaps and put a symbol of each of them into it-giving thanks and asking that all energetic ties be dissolved and that any heavy or lingering energy from those relationships is returned to Mother Earth leaving only the gifts and the lessons for you to bring into your heart. When that feels complete you could hold a fire ceremony if you wanted to with anything burnable from the mandala.   You can do this same process with any area from your life – personal relationships, community commitments, finances, etc.  It’s really time to take that 360 Degree look at every single aspect of your life – a life review so to speak.  You may also ask your angels – particularly Archangel Azrael – the Angel of Death to assist you with this process.

Remember that much of this work may require that you really completely let go of “the way things work – or have worked” for you up until now – you are stepping into BRAND NEW TERRITORY – that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to carry all your tools with you if you want to but you may not need a lot of them because they may not fit with the new terrain. Sort of like if you had spent all your time living in Upstate New York – 4 seasons – you have your winter clothes & your summer clothes and your shovels and your hammocks, your snow shoes and your beach chairs and now all of a sudden you are moving to South Florida – you’d definitely leave behind fully 1/2 of your stuff wouldn’t you (maybe a lot more!)? That doesn’t mean that the old winter coat didn’t serve you and serve you well – it’s just that now it doesn’t make sense to have it at all anymore -right?

Choco-chinchi - Otorongo - Mother/Sister Jaguar - Queen of the Jungle!

Choco-chinchi - Otorongo - Mother/Sister Jaguar - Queen of the Jungle!

So be ruthless with your pruning work – call upon Jaguar medicine to help you sort and discern – She will help you to know what needs to die and she’ll take it all for you – all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs about who and what you are, patterns of behavior – everything! Dance with Death – let death inform your present inner and outer work – call forth Death to help you to reap and to harvest. Ask Death to clear your landscape and prepare you for the spring planting season – the mulch from this pile is going to grow you some GREAT BIG EARS OF CORN I can assure you of that – don’t hold onto anything – if you feel like you are attached to something – go in and have a chat with your fine self – find out why you are attached – what are you missing? Often you’ll find you missed the treasure – so honor even the attachments for they are showing you something that needs to be seen.

Personally until I feel really complete with my sorting, sifting, re-aligning and honoring work I am not going to jump into what’s next. It will naturally emerge exactly on time I’m quite sure and will be well and perfectly guided. Enjoy your Death Dance – (perhaps you can play some music to help you along with your process!)  For those who need a little added boost of assistance in dealing with what is crying out to die in your life – often times a shamanic medicine healing session is in order – now taking appointments!  If you like the painting at the top she is for sale – Original as well as FINE ART REPRODUCTION PRINTS

Today’s post was contributed to this stream of in -formation by another of my Soul SisTARS –Sarah-Elizabeth Whitcomb I am grateful for her words and her wisdom – What are You Gazing At Today?

Word play is up BIG time in my life. My husband of 11 years has always played with words, sounds and puns. Our children are both fast becoming able to twist words into new meanings with their tongues and their wits. This is a new exercise for me as my birth family was not one to mess around or joke about much of anything life had to offer. We were a serious family with serious activities to DO!


Recently I was listening to the news and found myself mulling over the words Gaza and Israel. And today as we were gathered together at Amethysts to play with the singing bowls the words came pouring out again:


Gaza. Gazing. Gaz in. Gaz out. Gaze in. Gaze out.


The funeral for 14 of around 40 people killed on Tuesday when Israeli mortar fire struck near a United Nations school in Gaza where many people were taking refuge. Photo: Hatem Moussa/Associated Press

Israel. Is Real. What IS REAL at this time and place? Here and now? What IS REAL about Then and There?


As we gaze at Gaza we see Is-Real. What are we seeing unfold between the two peoples of Ancient Palestine and Israel? For ages and ages the people of these lands have fought wars over who controls the rights to this part of the Earth. For ages and ages many parts of the Earth have been fought over for the riches the Earth births forth from the light of the Sun and the depths of her soils.

As we gaze at Gaza, we see that which IS REAL in our own lives. There in another part of the world THEY are fighting about the age old claims to land, self rule, choices of how to live, where to live and who can or can not be living along side the OTHER being. For those of us who are light workers, we know this story we hear is not only about THEM, it is also about US. THEY are a reflection of our inner lives. The part of our being which is struggling with the US/THEM within. Time has come to step within and gaze without to see what we might unfold from the depths of our own beings around this conflict thousands of miles away across the Earth’s surface. For many in the US, Gaza and Israel could not be much further from our minds, hearts and souls. Yet, as we hear the news stories or witness the photographs of children wrapped in shrouds, among their siblings, mother at their side, we are moved. Take these images inside your being and witness the bare naked response of your inner being to these images. Who’s children are they? Who’s nameless mother is this? Could it be this is OUR family laying on that mat, dead for all to see?

Mahmud Hams/Agence France-Presse -- Getty Images

Hilmi al-Samuli mourned over the bodies of his two sons and a nephew, reportedly killed during Israeli shelling early on Monday. The reported death toll of Palestinians passed 500 since the assault began, including 100 said to be civilians. Photo: Mahmud Hams/Agence France-Presse -- Getty Images


Breathe! We have the gift of life! We have the gift of another breathe to inhale and exhale. What will you choose to do with this gift of life? What will you choose to reflect on this day? Where inside your being will you travel?


Gaza. Gazo. Gaza. Gazo. Gazin. Gazout .Gaze in. Gaze out. Gaze in. Gaze out to see Is Real. As the breath goes in and goes out, notice. Notice your breath and notice the conflict. Notice where this conflict sits within your being. Does your heart hurt? Does your solar plexus feel tied in knots? Where do your legs fit into the noticing?


What do you see in the mirror of this conflict? What is the fighting for?What are the bombs, booby-traps and bullets carrying?Where, between the bombs, do you see the peace that people long for? Or is there a longing for power over, power struggle, struggle to hold onto every bit of the Earth that is there to be cut up, divided, shared or scarred? How do you divide your world? How do you divide your resources? Are your resources limited or limit-less? Do you have boundaries drawn within your being or do the energies of your being flow in and out with the breath? Gaze in. Gaze out. Gaze with in once more.


BE GENTLE as we unfold the images that are pouring through our beings. Shedding light on our darkest parts is not comfortable. Our light, when shined can seem to magnify what we ultimately are ready to see, witness and release from our inner being. Being a light worker does not excuse you from being in the dark. A light worker uses the light to notice those places which are not comfortable within. The light shines into the darkness revealing those parts of our selves we are not yet comfortable sitting with in our meditation. The Light is our tool to unearth the darkness, birth it forth into the light for transmutation. This is the cultivating of our soil. This is the compost of our lives. This transformation brings forth our flowering.


Contemplate for a moment the lotus flower floating on the pond’s watery surface. Follow the stem of the lotus down, down, down to the bottom of the pond into it’s roots stuck into the muck and mire of pond life. Here in the darkness lies all that has been discarded by the animals, trees and plants in and around the pond. All that detritus settles around the stem of the lotus and from this muck and mire the lotus finds sustenance. Our lives are like the life of the lotus flower. As my teacher, the Reverend Stephanie Rutt often said, “We are who we are because of not in spite of all the mucky-muck of our lives.” As we look to the muck and mire of our lives it is possible to glimpse the possibility that we have come through the muck to a new place of understanding. From the muck of your life, take a moment to notice the gifts that lie within the muck. Notice how the muck nurtures your being, brings a safe haven or protects you in some way. These mucky, yucky, scary, sad, angry experiences are gifts we give ourselves to open when the time is right.

Are you ready to open yourself to yourself? Are you ready to see what you are holding within your being to bring into the light, to shine into the light? Can you see the jewel in your heart or does it need a bit of polishing? Take bold steps to notice yourself and the experiences you gifted yourself with in the past day or week or year or even from the beginning of your first days on this beautiful, wonder-filled planet we call Earth. If you would like assistance in this process, especially with regards to releasing physical issues from the body, please contact me at As a CranioSacral therapist and massage therapist I am available to facilitate the release of the issues from your physical being. When you are ready to take the journey within your physical body, journey with me at your side to explore the depths of your darkness. As a facilitator of healing, I hold a safe, warm, comfortable place in which you are allowed to explore yourself.Come dive into the muck and mire in order to shed light and release that which holds you back. Please view my website at: We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!


Peace, Love, Light and Joy,




“Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, fabulous, gorgeous, talented? Actually, who are you not to be?”

– Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love


Sarah-Elizabeth Whitcomb, MA, LMT

(603) 365-0852

Offices in Concord and Wilton, NH


What a WONDERFul day we had yesterday – Playing with Soul SiSTARS is such a gift – when you think about success it’s wonderful to look around you at all the people that are in your life supporting your forward motion – so here’s an interesting thing to contemplate…..Sometimes FORWARD MOTION Looks like you are GOING BACKWARDS!  Interesting that this insight comes as we are just entering into Mercury Retrograde – do you know about that?? If not – please look at my blog post from our last retrograde period to get more info on how it all works from the Archangel Raziel’s perpective.  Anyway it’s interesting to realize that any growth (and you’ll really be able to notice this if and when you have children) involves a period of regression that often happens just before a quantum leap forward.  The bigger the leap you are about to take the further back you have to go in order to retrieve the energy needed to thrust you forward – It’s kind of like bowling (not the kind of bowling I do with the Crystal Singing Bowls – the old fashioned kind with balls and pins) where you have to take a few steps back and then you move forward rapidly with purpose and focus upon your target.


Butterfly Woman Mistress of Metamorphosis Magic, Total Transformation, Caterpillar, Cocoon, Catharsis, activating the seeds of light within. Embedded with black Kyanite & Jet this Vibrational Power Painting equals 9 to the 9th power $999

It’s vitally important to honor this re-gression – or this going backwards phase – and more importantly to recognize it when you are in it – we spend quite a bit of time spinning our wheels and beating ourselves up when we neglect to shine the light of our awareness on where we actually are in our process – can you bring your consciousness to bear on where you are?? Like Butterfly Medicine – we are constantly in varying states of transformation – what stage are you at right now – the re-gression stage is similar in my mind to the cocoon stage – here is some audio to work with around Butterfly(Transformation) work :     Butterfly Transformation Meditation With Music

So one of the ideas and insights that came forth in our video yesterday was the realization that the honey has LAYERS of flavor!  Yum Yum – it was really impossible to describe the deliciousness of this Egyptian Honey – and of course the whole Egypt connection made me think of past lives – sometimes when we are in our re-gression work – we might go all the way back into our past lives in order to re-trieve the energy that we now need in order to make that quantum leap!  The work of the psyche is to go through layers and layers of our old stuff, to bring it all into the LIGHT and to re-integrate all the lost pieces of our souls.  When we do this Great Work – we are bringing healing, balance, and wholeness not only to ourselves but to the whole planet – since we are all ONE!  Be kind to your self when you find yourself in a regression period – know that this is a fundamental and necessary part of the cycle.  Use this time to actively engage in the actual work that is calling to you – not the to do list on your desk I can assure you of that.  The deeper you go the better you know and the more you are able to get back onto your True Path Of Destiny!  I encourage you to seek the assistance of a trained guide, facilitator or navigator to assist you in the Great Work – it can be a psychotherapist, an energy healer, a shamanic practitioner, a body worker – you will know what you most need in order to navigate and you WILL call the assistance forth from the Universe that is exactly right for you exactly on time I promise!

I Am of course available to assist you on your journey if you desire to do some deep work – Shamanic Medicine Work includes soul retrieval, past life regression, cutting karmic ties and more – if this calls to you please feel free to connect and set up some time to tend to the work of your Soul!

If you like this painting – she is Available for Sale (hanging beside my desk at the moment!) You can also get archival quality prints at Fine Art

Honey in Episode #20 – Egyptian El-Tempsah Honey Activity, Strength & Lively – Gift from My GORGEOUS SOUL SISTAR Bindy Johnson who received from her Iranian Mother – Don’t you just love the beauty of our connections around the world?  Like any mother any where – Iran, Iraq, Gaza, or Nashua NH we all want nothing but SWEETNESS for our precious children.

Recently on Twitter (follow me on Twitter @AWyldfyre) I “met” a wonderful Goddess who had some amazing words about valuing your work – whether you are an artist, a healer or anyone else who is self employed I feel that these words were quite valuable to contemplate – so I invited her to be a guest blogger – let me know what you think (comments are VERY welcome!)   leonieavatar1

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Abundant Goddess: Sacred Pricing

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

Today I got an email from a beautiful soul who is starting on the path of selling her artworks, and wants to know how on *earth* to price them. Do you pull a number out of thin air? Work out your costs + projections – deductions + profits x headaches induced by lefty-brained logistics = perfect price?agoddesshergypsyheartgoodsmall

And I started thinking about how this isn’t just about pricing artwork. This is about every time we need to put a number value on our work. You don’t have to be an artist to have this question. Maybe you’re a healer. Or a massage therapist. Or a babysitter. Or a designer. Or any kind of businesswoman, really.

So let’s circle… and talk Sacred Pricing.

The time I didn’t honour Sacred Pricing.

So, once upon a time, Leonie didn’t sell her artwork. She gave it away. Whenever anyone mentioned they liked her artwork, she gave it to them. Even relative strangers.

Why did Leonie do this?
Because she thought that was the nice thing to do.loveistrue
Because she loved making the artwork, so she wanted to share it freely.
Because she was uncomfortable with putting a price on her gifts.sacredpricing

All the above is true. In fact, I gave artwork away up until four years ago. I felt fairly okay about the whole arrangement – but I had little bits of sadness about it. Like the part where I felt a little bit used up by it. And the part where I felt like I hadn’t honoured my paintings properly. And like I’d just given away my babies to families that I wasn’t really sure about.

I was starting to feel in my soul that maybe this wasn’t the right way to do it anymore. Like there had to be a better way for me, for my spirit, and for my art.

The words that changed me.

As they say – when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. One twilight, I was driving back from a labyrinth. It had been my first outing with my women’s circle, and I was bundled up in the back of a car with my two mentors in the front. {I’ll use totem names here, as I’m more comfortable with that today}.goddes-melly

Eagle Woman turned to the older Jaguar Woman and said “Leonie’s been having problems charging for her artwork. I told her you would be the right one to speak to about that.” Jaguar Woman is beautiful – silver white hair, wide blue eyes. She turns to me, and in her Scandinavian accent asks me “What is this problem Leonie? What are you charging right now?”

I blushed. And stammered. I tend to do this when caught off guard by honesty. “Ummm… nothing. I give my art away.” “And why do you do that?” “Because it’s… easier. I don’t have to think about it then. If people want it, they can just have it.”

Our headlights glowed along the stretch of road. We were driving through a large paddock, kangaroos and farm houses and old trees visible through the soft light. Jaguar Woman began to speak, and I listened.

“You must charge for your art. In everything – everything – there needs to be an exchange of energy. An equal one. One that fills me up. One that fills you up. If I give you a massage that nourishes and sustains and relaxes you, I ask you for money to nourish and sustain my life too. We must both be involved in the exchange, otherwise it is one sided. We must both be invested, so we both receive value. If I do not allow you to pay money for my service, I do a disservice to myself, but also to you. You must contribute too, in order to be fulfilled. You will value the things you pay for more. And my life will be better because I have helped your life be better. And your life will be better, because you have helped my life be better too. Everything – everything – must be an equal exchange of energy. It is sacred. Money is the manifestation of energy. Money is sacred too.”

Pricing to sustain and enrich you…

Since Jaguar Woman spoke those words to me four years ago, my mindset has been changed about money, and charging for my gifts and services. It is continually being tweaked, changed and evolved – as most things are in life. As we evolve, so do our attitudes and our insights about the things around us and in us.

My advice in pricing is this – price your services and products so that it sustains and enriches you. Price so that you feel happy selling at that price. Price so it feels like a true energy exchange – that what you are giving to another – they are giving the same value to you. Price so your life will feel joyful from it.artimitateslife1

Leonie’s tiny bit of pricing practically…

From a practical level, make sure you include all your costs in, and then work out if the profit number sustains you.

I remember selling prints a couple of years ago. I forgot to work out prices of postage for the kind of tube I was sending. In the end, I lost $4 for every print I sold. That profit number obviously didn’t sustain me. 🙂

Just remember – every sale has a cost. Write up a scratchy list of them, so you know what energy you are truly giving out and receiving in.

A little note on gifting.

I’m so not anti-gifting. What I’m into is giving when it feels conscious and energy-filled from both ends.

Sometimes I still *gift* artwork to dear friends and family – but now I only do it because I WANT to do it. Not because I’m uncomfortable with the putting-a-price part of it. Not because I think I SHOULD. I do it when it’s true for me.

Passing the talking stick…

Over to you, gorgeous goddesses, if you’d like to share your experience or questions about sacred pricing… All words are held in a container of love.

Just like you.

Wishing you deep abundance always ~

Byline ~
Leonie Allan is a Goddess Guide, artist, writer and photographer of spirit. She runs Creative Goddess e-Courses and Circles to help women all over the world embrace their creativity and spirituality. You can find her at

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Maat  Goddess of Fairness, Justice & Balance she weighs our deeds on a scale with a feather on the other side.  Her guidance will assist you in walking softly with no regrets.  Embedded with Snowflake Obsidian & Double Terminated Clear Quartz this Vibrational Power Painting equals 888,888 $888

Maat Goddess of Fairness, Justice & Balance she weighs our deeds on a scale with a feather on the other side. Her guidance will assist you in walking softly with no regrets. Embedded with Snowflake Obsidian & Double Terminated Clear Quartz this Vibrational Power Painting equals 888,888 $888

There are days when I am so filled with Spirit and other days when things are going a little sideways and I find myself out of the stream. I’m particularly finding myself challenged in the areas of connecting through technology and in my personal relationships with the men that are closest to me in my life – my husband, my brother, my son. Sometimes I feel quite overwhelmed by all there is to learn – that’s when I know it’s time to walk away, to let go and let God and to get re-connected to my true Source.

Recently I was having a Twitter conversation with a follower – he was saying that he connected with me energetically but at the same time felt I was sending confusing messages and was from his point of view really detached from the people who I was seeking to inspire.

So how do we maintain balance – I need some help here – I want to shine my light, to be the instrument of Spirit in the world in whatever way Spirit would like me to show up. Am I attached to how many people are following me? How do I share my light if no one is connecting? I can connect with many people and touch many hearts with my words and my energy but the paradox is that there’s only so much of me to go around (at least in physical form at this time in our evolutionary process) and while I understand the elasticity of time I am still on my path to mastering it.

Any one out there with words of wisdom to share – I welcome them – I will remember that my highest guidance comes from within and will remind you that the same is true for you but I’m certainly open to whatever support you might like to offer.

Fairness, balance, justice, boundaries, clarity, and truth are all values that I wish to share and to model.   Of course it all starts within.  As someone recovering & rebalancing from far too many years in co-dependant relationships and navigating the waters of connecting with many more people in a much bigger way I am continually being reminded to stay clear within myself around where and when to place my boundaries and around how much or how little of my personal storehouse of energy is shared and with whom.

Last week I was gifted with a very strong message about this in the form of a skunk who made her way up my

Respect my Boundaries!

Respect my Boundaries!

walkway and into a shrub to pass from this world to the next.  Skunk medicine is a potent reminder to set clear boundaries and to keep a respectful distance.  It is a great balancing act to be more in the world and at the same time to not get caught up in all the drama, stories and trauma that is spun in the web of illusion.  To be highly effective it’s important to be able to make a clear connection and at the same time to be totally detached from the “story”.  This too shall pass is a beautiful mantra that has played in my head quite a bit lately and seems to have a calming effect on my mental body.

I try to be sensitive too to others boundaries – I mean really – how many emails, posts, tweets, links, notes, etc. can any one person  actually read and bring the fullness of their attention to?  We all have to be super discerning about how we spend our time and energy – myself – I hope I am filling the world with light and positive energy with each message that I send – that is my intention and my prayer.

If you find yourself working on boundary issues or issues of balancing all the varied aspects of your life and work perhaps you would be interested in a Clarity Coaching Session with me!  If you find yourself in a “stinky” situation – you might need more energetic assistance with extracting yourself and your energy – Shamanic Healing Sessions can be particularly useful in this area – illuminations, extractions, soul retrievals & Mythic Mapping are just a few of the services I offer drawing on tools in my “medicine bag”!

Do you like the painting above?? She’s Maat and is available for sale – original $888 framed or unframed art prints at