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What’s not working? What I’ve been discovering over the past several weeks, actually months now – pretty much since mid June – is that there is a LOT of stuff that is NOT WORKING in my business – and a lot of STUFF I’ve been DOING and expending my time and energy on without getting a return. It’s felt almost like an extended Mercury retrograde over here – as I’ve been in the process of digging deep into every thing I do and tossing out everything that just hasn’t been serving. I’m getting down to the essentials now and I’ve been asking myself a LOT of Magical Questions.  Many of them have been QUITE revealing.  It’s started with how do I want to organize my life – because you see – life was getting a bit more complex than it needed to be.  The Universe gives us lots of signs – sometimes we listen with the first message – sometimes it takes the COSMIC 2 x 4 to get ourselves out of the habits, patterns and routines that are comfortable but stagnating and sapping our energy.

One of the most important things I did for myself was I began to get a better grip on what my priorities are.  I’m still a mom – I have a 15 year old who almost needs me as much now as he did when he was a toddler – it’s a different kind of needing for sure but the fact is he is still very much a priority in my life.  I realized too how important my environment is to me – and that my home – my environment needs me too – it needs my time, attention and loving care.

My business has been getting a lot more of me than I have been giving to any of the other aspects of my life – and I have become BOOB (Badly out of Balance) in relationship to my business.  As I’ve been reviewing my priorities I realized that I too need my time, attention and loving presence.  I need to make space in my life for creating art, for walking in nature, for tending my flowers, for painting my walls, for being present for my child, for reading, and tea with friends, for parties and mini-retreats.    Not only do I NEED all this but I want it too.

I am excited that I have made some really positive choices for myself and my life and my business in the past few months.  I’ve gotten a LOT clearer on why I am here and who I am to serve.  I’ve stepped into DIVINE Business Partnership with Mikael Sami-Kumara and I’m letting go – at first it was a struggle – a big self-induced dramatic struggle – and then I saw that I was doing that to myself.  I’ve decided to make an alternative choice.  I’ve decided to let it go easily.

One way I have been supported in this letting go easily decision is by working the Signature System that Mikael (my Divine Business Partner) and I have developed to SCORE Spiritually Energized Entrepreneurial Success.  The system we use is a powerful toolbox that empowers our passionpreneurial clients to be able to let go easily too – and not only to let go but also to fully energize and power up those aspects of their life and business that bring them the greatest joy and the highest access to Divine Wealth.

By applying the SCORE System to my own business I have had a lot of the imbalanced areas revealed to me – and have been able to make conscious choices about how and where I want to spend my energy – and what has just GOT TO GO!  We also use the Magical Questions minibook – a resource that I realized I had already created – to support our clients on the personal side of their journey into power and wealth.  It’s amazing what you can discover when you are called to create the time and space to do so.  You don’t have to wait for the Cosmic 2 x 4 though – in fact it’s a lot less painful for you if you listen early to any warning signals that you may be either straying from your path or have missed a turn that was designed to propel you in a positive direction.

Support is available for your passionpreneurial journey – support that allows you to SCORE both in your personal and your professional life – support that allows you to Dance in Divine Partnership with your business so that you can co-create together a legacy of Divine Wealth that supports positive and profound changes in your world for you and for generations to come.

We’d love to be able to equip you with tools for the journey – and we have developed some very precise criteria for embarking on the path – we understand the importance of traveling with “soul” family when you go in really deep and we want to make sure that the group and the work is a perfect fit for you.  If you are feeling the desire to join us on the journey – we invite you to visit our CORE Path – Energy Foundations for Divine Wealth Intensive information page here and apply for an opportunity to speak with one of us to determine if this work is right for you: scroll down to the bottom for the application button!  Love lights you, Peace is in you, Wealth is in You, Joy is your Birthright!


Amethyst Alas my new messenger mini-book, Magical Questions: A Spiral Journey of Spiritual Awakening books have arrived! Read the rest of this entry » Alas my new messenger mini-book, Magical Questions: A Spiral Journey of Spiritual Awakening books have arrived! Read the rest of this entry »

Yesterday’s post got some responses from several different directions and certainly stirred up some interesting feelings from those making comments – so today I wanted to talk about the difference between setting goals with clarity of intention vs. setting goals (and then Making Deals…) and what happens to your energy when you do that.DSCN5681

We all set goals for ourselves – both large and small, whether it’s to lose weight, exercise more, be more disciplined in our work, or to make millions, impact hundreds of thousands, change the world in a positive way, goals are often the impetus for our forward movement along our personal journey.  The questions that come up are :  Who’s goals are they?  How did they arrive in our consciousness? Why did we choose to pursue this over that? Why are we setting or striving towards this particular goal at this particular time?

When we start asking ourselves some of these magical questions of course others begin to emerge as well:  Are we making progress towards what we say our goals are? Are our actions in alignment with our intentions? Are these even the right goals for us?  Have we actually achieved the initial goal and failed to recognize it?  Is it time for a new goal?  Is it time to let an old goal go unmet?  What was our level of consciousness at the time we made the original goal?  Are we still in that same space or have we shifted so dramatically that we are energizing a goal that now is not at all related to what we REALLY want to be doing?  Are we compromising with this goal? Is it really too small  for us?  Are we bringing the fullness of ourselves to it?  If not, why not? What is blocking us?  Are we really passionate still about the goal and just completely stuck and not moving forward for reasons we can’t even begin to figure out?

Lots and lots of magical questions arise each one leading to another – and each truly important to ask ourselves because let’s face it – only we have the ability to choose and determine for ourselves how we are going to apply, spend, or invest our life force energy!  Here are a couple more good ones:  Does this goal make me feel ENERGIZED or BOUND?  Am I feeling JUICY about pursuing it – excited enough that I can keep this end vision in sight even if I’m having a day (or two or three weeks, months, years) of challenging experiences (otherwise known as learning opportunities!)

Questioning ourselves can lead us to greater clarity – with greater clarity we are able to see ourselves for who we really are and determine for ourselves what it is we really want.  In shamanic terms taking the time to do this work is called “stopping the world” – we step outside of time and outside of our personal story.  When we do this we might be surprised by what we discover – if the goal is REALLY TRULY YOURS – if it comes from that Highest Place – the deep soul level of your being – when the dust has settled it will still be there – maybe even more shiny and enticing than it was before once all the cobwebs of the mind have been removed and it’s been more fully exposed.  kevinrosseel_26ABC

So what do you think happens to your energy when you set a goal (and then make a deal) – well of course you are conflicted on every single level – you have sent out a vibration to the Universe and then you’ve reeled it back in again – you’ve set yourself up for being unable to really be effective in reaching the goal and often you’ll end up in many acts both large and small of self-sabotage – leading to even further energy leakage and the accumulation of more dense energies in the form of guilt, self betrayal, lack of trust in yourself and more.  Eventually you get exhausted and either want to give up completely or end up unwell.   I’ll write some more tomorrow on how to disengage cleanly from goals that have been set or agreements made on autopilot and without full consciousness!

Sometimes we are served by having a guide to assist us on our journey – the journey of unblocking, clarifying, focusing or concentrating our energy body to be in alignment with what our true heart desires.  A navigator who can bring an objective light into the recesses of your soul can really serve to smooth out the bumps in the journey and expose the dead ends that will get you nowhere fast or have you going around in circles.

This fall I’m offering individuals a special 7 part “Blockbuster” program to do just that!  If you think you might be interested in the program I’d love to hear from you – email or give me a call at 603-594-2744.

And remember that I”m offering a PEA a day throughout this last week of istock_000003631521xsmall summer to a lucky winner – 6 PEAS left!  Apply today by sending me email with I WANT A PEA in the subject line along with a note explaining what’s UP for you and why you think it would serve for you to receive at this time!

Oh and by the way – last year I had a goal to create 3 minibooks – and I reached it!  One of the books was called Magical Questions – A Spiral Journey of Spiritual Awakening – you may want to check that out here:  Magical Questions

It’s pretty interesting because this little mini-book is connected to an online environment with a journaling system so you can make the experience of taking the journey your own – available in either print or ebook format.

Since I’m preparing to go away for a week I’ve been blessed with a number of guest bloggers who’ve dropped by to keep the stream of info fresh and relevant while I’m out of town connecting with Mama Earth & Mama Cocha (the Ocean!) Thanks to Ian Hyman for this lovely little post – He’s one of the most consciously aware and connected to his purpose people I’ve met so far on this journey and at 20 has himself far more together than most of the peeps on the planet!  If you are local try a Thai Yoga Massage with him or check out his schedule for Prana Dance (a dance/movement experience he created himself that’s sure to take him places he hasn’t even imagined yet!)

Saving the World, sounds like fun, eh?

The world is desperately in need of help, are you up for the job? People have forgotten their divine nature and therefore have become deathly serious. This is one of the worst tragedies that has befallen our lovely little planet. It’s like someone sucked the life juice out of the majority of the population and now they’re walking around like zombies. I know that sounds terrible, and that’s because it is!

Well fortunately the sleep walking days are coming to an end. As the frequency on our world shifts, the buzzing of the alarm clock keeps getting louder and the snooze button doesn’t work the same way that it used to. Times really are changing, I think everyone knows that, but people are pushing against the current in an attempt to preserve the “comfortable” world that they’ve known for so long. And that’s a whole lot of struggle for a whole lot of nothing in return.

The collective economic manifestation is pushing people in the direction of true fulfillment, or “lucid living.” Current times are forcing people to look at what’s really meaningful in their lives. This push is also motivating people to step outside of the box of conventional wisdom and explore new ways of going about things that they never would have tried on auto-pilot mode.

I think that in any given situation there is something for the soul to gain. The more we open up to the flow of the energy, the more things will fall right into place when we need them.

One of the essential things that our society has lost touch with, is the playful nature of the inner child.
That part of us that wants to enjoy, explore and experience life as it happens in the moment. The inner child is the very thing that makes us alive, it’s the source of joy and our connection to source.
Suppressing the inner child is like strangling our spirit. Our higher self will do anything it can to get us to re-connect to our inner child, even if this means putting us through painful experiences. Why?
Because our higher self loves us too much to let us waste time hiding the full expression of ourself from the world!

We’ve all experienced that feeling of flow that comes when we get creative and playful with life. As “lightworkers” we really need to lighten people up a bit. I mean really, what’s the point of being here (on
Earth) if you’re not having fun? That’s the kind of healing that really spreads, it’s just too contagious not too! I mean who doesn’t want to be part of a fun playful interaction? It’s the easiest way to connect people to their higher self, without having to explain anything “spiritual” to them. People see you expressing your emotions in a joyful, healthy way and it gives them permission deep down to do the same.

My point, is that your inner child is one of the greatest contributions that you can make to this suffering world. Not many are bold enough to let theirs really shine and that’s because no one’s given them permission. So, maybe it’s time to put down the spiritual “work” and save the world by showing folks that it’s okay to be playful. Be a trail blazer, you know you’re capable, start today!

Are You a Messenger Like Ian?  Do you think you might have an important message to share with the world?  If so you might be called to the Messenger Mini-book Program – Here is the cover of my soon to be printed – first Messenger Mini-book – it’s been a fun, easy and deeply transformative experience to create this mini-book in a process that united people from all over the world.  The next round of the program is starting in April – for more information you can visit my affiliate site which will be updated with the details for April’s program very soon!


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