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Side by side with Success!

Wonder what it takes to really make your life, your business and your relationships work and work successfully?


Willingness to show up

Willingness to “look stupid”

Willingness to stand your ground

Willingness to speak your truth

Willingness to believe in your dream

Willingness to believe in yourself

Willingness to imagine and make believe

Willingness to play

Willingness to reach out and touch another

Willingness to say “I’m sorry”

Willingness to work things out

Willingness to be open to other people’s truth

Willingness to “drop the rope”

Willingness to see someone elses’s Sacred Point of View

Willingness to remember you are worthy

Willingness to receive

Willingness to take a big leap

Willingness to be coached or mentored by another

Willingness to recognize when someone else might have a piece of the puzzle for you

Willingness to be friends

Willingness to say NO

Willingness to say YES

Willingness to set and keep clear boundaries for yourself

Willingness to try new things, meet new people, go to new places, have new experiences

Willingness to move

Willingness to admit your mistakes

Willingness to rest

Willingness to surrender

Willingness to Fail – BIG

Willingness to SUCCEED!

Are you willing to make a choice for you, for your business, for your dream?  I have designed the Divine Worth, Divine Wisdom, Divine Wealth mastermind program for 2011 which is meant to catapult the women who choose to raise their hands and say “PICK ME” to leap into their highest level of service to the planet.   This Mastermind will be filled with hand-selected conscious Passion-preneurs who will be required to have a phone consultation with me and to submit a written application form for consideration.  The intent is to serve you both personally and professionally, to assist you to come more fully into your power, to remember that you are worthy of wealth, to connect you to your Source more powerfully than ever before and to teach you how to MASTER the art of attracting, containing and generatively channeling wealth.

Clients who work with me have consistently reported feeling LIGHTER and CLEARER than ever before – more WILLING to step into their greatness – better prepared to FOCUS on their life’s work and to lead the life they were meant to have – to contribute to the world in the most powerful and artful of ways – and to be kind to themselves and remember their true value and values.   My more well known clients include NY Times Best Selling Author and Spiritual Marketing Quest founder Suzanne Falter-Barns, The Queen of Sales Conversion Lisa Sasevich, Stacy Canfield of,  a Hay House author and Radio show host and many more.

I am looking for committed conscious cultural creative women entrepreneurs who know the value of working with a mentor, who understand how to collaborate with others in a small group to mutually support each other, who are ready to take their business and life into the next dimension and who are fully invested in their passionate purpose.   I am looking for women who’s work, business, message or mission would be a great case study for me to brag about and promote.  I am looking for dreamers who are working on the manifestation of their dream and know that their current reality doesn’t quite match with what they are dreaming.  Women who are looking for a BOOST of POWER to really get their business and life fully aligned with their highest destiny.  If these words resonate I am looking for YOU and I want to talk to you right away.  Please visit my special application site at and let’s LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE as we enter this brand new decade!  Are you willing?

Sometimes you just have to JUMP off the edge of the Cliff……

What’s not working? What I’ve been discovering over the past several weeks, actually months now – pretty much since mid June – is that there is a LOT of stuff that is NOT WORKING in my business – and a lot of STUFF I’ve been DOING and expending my time and energy on without getting a return. It’s felt almost like an extended Mercury retrograde over here – as I’ve been in the process of digging deep into every thing I do and tossing out everything that just hasn’t been serving. I’m getting down to the essentials now and I’ve been asking myself a LOT of Magical Questions.  Many of them have been QUITE revealing.  It’s started with how do I want to organize my life – because you see – life was getting a bit more complex than it needed to be.  The Universe gives us lots of signs – sometimes we listen with the first message – sometimes it takes the COSMIC 2 x 4 to get ourselves out of the habits, patterns and routines that are comfortable but stagnating and sapping our energy.

One of the most important things I did for myself was I began to get a better grip on what my priorities are.  I’m still a mom – I have a 15 year old who almost needs me as much now as he did when he was a toddler – it’s a different kind of needing for sure but the fact is he is still very much a priority in my life.  I realized too how important my environment is to me – and that my home – my environment needs me too – it needs my time, attention and loving care.

My business has been getting a lot more of me than I have been giving to any of the other aspects of my life – and I have become BOOB (Badly out of Balance) in relationship to my business.  As I’ve been reviewing my priorities I realized that I too need my time, attention and loving presence.  I need to make space in my life for creating art, for walking in nature, for tending my flowers, for painting my walls, for being present for my child, for reading, and tea with friends, for parties and mini-retreats.    Not only do I NEED all this but I want it too.

I am excited that I have made some really positive choices for myself and my life and my business in the past few months.  I’ve gotten a LOT clearer on why I am here and who I am to serve.  I’ve stepped into DIVINE Business Partnership with Mikael Sami-Kumara and I’m letting go – at first it was a struggle – a big self-induced dramatic struggle – and then I saw that I was doing that to myself.  I’ve decided to make an alternative choice.  I’ve decided to let it go easily.

One way I have been supported in this letting go easily decision is by working the Signature System that Mikael (my Divine Business Partner) and I have developed to SCORE Spiritually Energized Entrepreneurial Success.  The system we use is a powerful toolbox that empowers our passionpreneurial clients to be able to let go easily too – and not only to let go but also to fully energize and power up those aspects of their life and business that bring them the greatest joy and the highest access to Divine Wealth.

By applying the SCORE System to my own business I have had a lot of the imbalanced areas revealed to me – and have been able to make conscious choices about how and where I want to spend my energy – and what has just GOT TO GO!  We also use the Magical Questions minibook – a resource that I realized I had already created – to support our clients on the personal side of their journey into power and wealth.  It’s amazing what you can discover when you are called to create the time and space to do so.  You don’t have to wait for the Cosmic 2 x 4 though – in fact it’s a lot less painful for you if you listen early to any warning signals that you may be either straying from your path or have missed a turn that was designed to propel you in a positive direction.

Support is available for your passionpreneurial journey – support that allows you to SCORE both in your personal and your professional life – support that allows you to Dance in Divine Partnership with your business so that you can co-create together a legacy of Divine Wealth that supports positive and profound changes in your world for you and for generations to come.

We’d love to be able to equip you with tools for the journey – and we have developed some very precise criteria for embarking on the path – we understand the importance of traveling with “soul” family when you go in really deep and we want to make sure that the group and the work is a perfect fit for you.  If you are feeling the desire to join us on the journey – we invite you to visit our CORE Path – Energy Foundations for Divine Wealth Intensive information page here and apply for an opportunity to speak with one of us to determine if this work is right for you: scroll down to the bottom for the application button!  Love lights you, Peace is in you, Wealth is in You, Joy is your Birthright!



I’m in the Sassy Mastermind – one of Lisa Sasevich’s highly invested clients – this weekend is her big event BIG MISSION, BIG SALES, BIG LIFE – and I’m home.

I have to tell you it’s bittersweet – I’m here for a few reasons. First off I’m here because this is my weekend to be mom. Last year mom did a lot of traveling – mom made a mistake thinking that the boy was old enough now and could handle her absence – in mom’s absence some stuff happened – normal stuff – teenage stuff – stuff that is expected – but wasn’t really expected for some reason by me. It’s not my fault that the stuff happened but it triggered an old wound – another time when mom was absent – a time long ago when the boy was a toddler – and that old wound is still healing I guess. Guilt is a heavy thing – it can really hobble your forward movement. Working my own medicine on this one is part of what is happening while I sit here with my calendar clear on the days that were booked for me to attend this event.

I’m here because I made some big investment choices this year that just didn’t turn out the way I had planned. I invested my $$ in the creation and production of the 6 Figure Speakers Summit and while everything on the OUTSIDE looked like it was perfectly in place to be a big success – on the inside something else all together was going on – which was reflected in a big way in the financial results from the event. I invested heavily in Kevin Nations Love Mastermind at the Diamond level – a decision that was guided by my heart – and was completely irrational if you looked at it from the practical perspective – one that has already paid off and will continue to pay off for the rest of my life in terms of what I’m learning – and I’ve been sabotaging my own progress – repeatedly in this program. I invested in staying on with Lisa again for another year – again a decision guided by the heart and not really practical financially based upon my other present obligations – another choice that has paid off HANDSOMELY and will continue for the rest of my life to pay off – I’ve sabotaged myself here too – not following the program – but needing to do it “MY” way – has cost – Lisa told me in the spring to be careful of doing a summit – did I listen??? NO! (Old trauma with authority figures and teachers maybe?)

I’m also here because I need to be – I need to have some down time – I need to rest – I need to integrate – I need to re-focus – I need to let go of some more stuff inner and outer – I need to be ok with being here instead of being there – I need to accept that at least for the time being I have yet to master being in two places physically at the same time – and truth be told I need to SLOW DOWN and be much more mindful about exactly how and where I’m spending my time, money and energy. I have been making mistakes – too many of them for my liking – also exactly what I need to be doing – in order to have some learning – about myself – about what motivates me – about what I want to motivate me.  I need to forgive myself for all of them – every single one.

I’m sitting here in this space – happy too!  I am happy for the extra time with my son – who is now over my head and out the door most of the time – happy for the extra time with my Divine Business Partner Mikael Sami-Kumara – happy that we spent the second half of today in deep ceremony and ritual interacting with the energy field and the Deva of our divine business and happy that I have the opportunity to create some beauty in my home – I started painting my spare bedroom and beading area at mid-day – a lovely shade – Midwest Spring – a beautiful relaxing and invigorating blue – pictures to come!  I am happy I have some time to write too! It feels like it’s been too long since I wrote from the heart. I am happy that I made time to make a nice big pot of soup – Portobella Mushroom and Lentil – haven’t made that since last winter.  I’m happy doing all the little things that make me happy – even cleaned out the garage yesterday when I would otherwise have been flying – put all the  yard furniture away for the winter too.

Today I gave myself a little gift – to some it might not seem like one but to me it really was! I spent the morning – the morning that was booked on my calendar as a day to be sitting in one of those seats – sitting at my desk instead – I spent the entire morning – sorting through my pictures folder and uploading my favorite Rose photos to my Fine Art America online gallery. You know what??? I LOVED it – I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos – I’m not done yet with this little project and every folder I open is holding magical surprises for me – I am taken to the moments when the beauty was captured – I am taken out into nature into the time of abundant blossoming – I am returned to the early promise of spring and the growing season of summer – I am reminded of one of my many gifts – a gift that may or may not be as highly valued in the marketplace as some of my other gifts, but one that is CERTAINLY valuable to me. I am grateful that I have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. I know when it’s time to act and when to be still. I am returned to a remembrance of trust and knowing that all is exactly as it should be in this moment. I am at peace.

Love lights us! Peace is in you!
Joy is your Birthright – Beauty is to be Honored and Celebrated

Pink Butterfly

The other day a colleague and former client of mine Helen Kim posted something on Facebook – she specializes in Your Money Relationship.  Here’s what she suggested:

Helen Kim Very effective exercise. Take a bill out of your wallet (go ahead : ). Now ask it, “What do you have to tell me today?” Notice the tone of voice. Creating a space between it and you helps you hear your inner wisdom.

So I went and took out a $20 and had a  little sit with it….  Asked the Big Question – “What is in the way of me having a whole lot more of you?   Here’s the message I got:

Mindfulness and Respect.  Mindfulness of how you choose to SPEND not just your $ but more importantly your time, energy, and attention.  When you are out of alignment with what your deepest Soul’s values are you tend to chase after and become easily distracted (“Squirrel!”).

This is wasteful of your life force and resources.  When you lose mindfulness you lose consciousness and your fear programs that are unhealed begin to take over and run the show.  Cultivating a practice of mindfulness about choosing in each moment to spend your time the way you state, intend or claim you want to spend it will help you to be at peace within yourself and will prevent the wasting of life force that occurs when your actions are not in alignment with your intentions.

Respect is the other side of this “coin” shall we say?  When you have little respect for yourself and your own worth and value you also reflect that out in to the world as a disrespect for money.  When you don’t have any value on money you are negating the life force of your business which is in fact YOU!  When you allow yourself to fully respect who you are and the magnificent multitude of gifts that you are here to deliver you command respect in the world and your goods or services become more highly valued in the market. They begin to take on the energy of finely crafted, exquisite and refined things and they become prized and attractive to the world.

Respect your TIME.  Respect your needs.  Respect your body. Respect your unique gifts and Respect others as well.  Create boundaries and lines in the sand that will NOT be crossed.  Respect the mentors who you have chosen to work with.  Listen and apply their teachings with respect.  See what works and is authentic for you and if you disagree find another mentor or find those places where your values and theirs line up.  Respect your own guidance and inner voice above all else and respect your results too!

Notice if you are not achieving the results – where did you stray?  In your mindfulness?  In self-respect? or in following the teachings of those who you have agreed can and have assisted you in getting results?

Now it is time for you to go to respect your body.  (I had a yoga class I was scheduled to attend as this was coming through).  Do so with joy and gladness that you have a body that moves.

I am so grateful to Helen for posting this on Facebook  – She’s getting ready to birth her radio show on Hay House which manifested during our work together – I love it when my clients step fully into their greatness and presence and begin to deeply embody their gifts and share them with the world in the highest and best ways possible.  I am sure that Helen’s work will create immense positive impact in the world and I’m delighted to support her in the “birth” of this baby of hers!  Here’s where you can go to find out more about Helen and her new show:   Helen Kim On Hay House Radio Video

Speaking of mentors – I met Helen at Lisa Sasevich‘s big event last October – Big Mission, Big Sales, Big Life and we became colleagues in Lisa’s Sassy Mastermind.  Lisa’s an amazing teacher, model and mentor – she’s got the goods on how to actually MAKE money with your message –  and she is ABUNDANT with her sharing – and the resources that she makes available – all templated – simple – clear and easy to understand.  I’m working slowly but surely step by step through Lisa’s amazing work and have used her guidance to craft my strategy around my upcoming 6 Figure Speakers Summit event that’s happening in September.

Remember to Keep Your Head Up

Oh and that last piece from the money – that was pretty important to remember – that I have a body that moves – please pray for Cooper Doucette – a young man of 15 on my son’s team who was practicing for the upcoming football season on Saturday the 14th of August – he tackled someone with his head in the wrong position and broke his neck – the last news was that he was paralyzed from the chest down – the whole team is waiting to hear the results of his surgery last Tuesday.  Remember to honor and RESPECT YOUR body that moves.   It’s the vehicle through which all your dreams, visions, desires and imaginings are manifested.    Information about how donations can be made to the SuperCoop fund that was just established can be found by going HERE

Asking the Big Questions about the Big Conversations that create Big Money!

==========Tuesday, August 17, 2010 4 PM Eastern! =================

Are you in the launch phase of your business – struggling to gain some momentum?

Or are you established as a business but you are in a slump – not quite living up to the potential you know it has?

Want to know how to get back on track to success?

Join me and my most powerful and prosperous friends and mentors for a FREE preview call on August 17th called Questions, Conversations and Cash – Asking the Big Questions about the Big Conversations that create Big Money!

Reserve your spot now!

Here are some of the questions that Amethyst will be asking the panel of successful 6 figure speakers on this FREE preview call:

What was your number one challenge to finding your own message?

What was your number one challenge to finding ways to communicate your expertise?

What are the toughest conversations you’ve ever had in your business?

What are some of the challenges you have faced when communications or conversations went sideways?

What have been your greatest successes in your business communications and what were the steps you took that led you to the big AHA’s that helped you to turn your message and your mission into a 6 figure (or more) business?

What is the best advice that you have for any of our passion-preneurs who may be “stuck” at some point in their entrepreneurial journey.

…and many more!

Here’s that link again to reserve your spot in this powerful preview call.

“See” you on the call!

Love Lights Us!! Peace is in you,


Dave McDonough

I’m honored to be invited to speak at Dave McDonough’s Remove the Blocks Teleseminar Series

The GREAT thing about Spring is all of the beautiful blooms and all of the fresh new green growth that happens when the conditions are just right.

My favorite part of Spring is to see all of the fresh new buds and shoots on my existing plants and trees. Spring time is all about fresh new growth. Spring is also the time to think about fresh new growth for your business.

Just like some new flowers may need a little help like some fertilizer or a support stake to help the flourish, your business may need a little nurturing to help it bloom as well.

What are the things that may be blocking you and your business from experiencing the explosive new growth?

Just like a Spring Tulip needs to break through hard ground and rock before it can sprout and Bloom, You and your Business also need to break through some blocks and barriers in order to Bloom and Thrive.

This is exactly why my good friend Dave has organized an awesome teleseminar series with 10 of the Country’s leading Personal and Business coaches (Gardeners) including myself to help you with what you need to do to break though the hard ground and rock to experience the personal and Business growth that you desire.

Join us for this complimentary teleseminar series where we will show you how you can break through the blocks that are preventing you and your business from experiencing the explosive growth and success that you know you are capable of. More information:

I’m so excited to be attending the upcoming Prosper Now event taking place on April 24th and 25th in Long Beach, CA.

Two of my friends and mentors, Kelly O’Neil and Kevin Nations will be speaking at this event so I’m especially looking forward to re-connecting with them. And, of course, there are over a dozen other fabulous speakers to enjoy and many of my friends, colleagues and clients will be there, too.

This event will help you understand how to overcome money issues as well as how to turn your passions into cash. But, before all that can happen, it’s so important to get crystal clear on what you really want to do.

The Prosper Now event will help you understand and execute change in your income, network and mindset while following your higher purpose and helping those you were meant to serve.

If you’re ready to network with others, listen to and learn valuable tips and techniques from fantastic speakers, and create a life of abundance and prosperity, this may be the event for you…

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Is it time for a BIG change in your life??  Does resisting change really cause you a lot of heartburn/heartache and pain? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to adapt and you’ll be STUCK or LEFT BEHIND??  Do you find it challenging to RAISE YOUR HAND and say YES to investing in yourself and your own dreams and desires?? Is it time for you to BREAK through the fears that are cementing you in place and keeping you from your joyful journey?

Would it  serve you now to Break your old patterns of thinking, believing, or behaving that just don’t serve you any more?  Are you now ready to make the adaptations that are being called for in order to really get going on the mission, purpose and life you were born to lead?   Have you already made that big LEAP and lo and behold you have discovered that there are STILL areas where things aren’t adjusting, adapting or aligning quite the way you had planned??

We’re getting ready now to lead the next Energy Journey Core Path Intensive – we are going to CAST OFF into the great Dark Seas of Awareness – into the very depths of YOUR unique Soul Blueprint and we are going to come back with TREASURES you can’t even begin to imagine!!  Only 20 people will fit in this particular canoe…. Is one of them YOU?   Applications for a berth on the ” boat” are available  now – please click HERE and one of our crew members will be in touch to schedule a time to connect for a complimentary Strategic Orientation Session to see if this is a fit for you and for the soul family that is already gathering for the journey!!  I know that 100% of the exact right people who are ripe for a change in their life or business will take action on this invitation…  Are you one of them??

Where are you out of alignment??  Are you PETRIFIED of actually stepping out on to the bigger stage (Platform) that you are being called to stand on?  Petrification is when we turn to stone.  When you are Petrified you are NOT MOVING, you are barely alive, you are certainly disconnected from your True Purpose and it is incredibly difficult to attract the people that you were born to serve!  Is it time for you to BREAK through the fears that are cementing you in place and keeping you from your joyful journey?

Would it  serve you now to Break your old patterns of thinking, believing, or behaving that just don’t serve you any more?  Are you now ready to align purpose, platform and passion so that you can truly PERFORM?? I invite you to  CAST away thinking and believing that you must do this all by yourself!! Consider getting some help… Fill out the SOS application form (see tab on the blogsite) and either I or one of my team will be in touch to schedule a time for us to connect for a complimentary Strategic Orientation Session!!  I know that 100% of the exact right people who are ripe for a change in their life or business will take action on this invitation…  Are you one of them??

When was the last time that you were willing to admit that you needed some help?

Would it  serve you now to get some help with some of your old patterns of thinking, believing, or behaving that just don’t serve you any more?  Are you now ready to face and to Break these patterns?  I invite you to consider getting some help… Fill out the SOS application form (see tab on the blogsite) and either I or one of my team will be in touch to schedule a time for us to connect for a complimentary Strategic Orientation Session!!  I know that 100% of the exact right people who are ripe for a change in their life or business will take action on this invitation…  Are you one of them??

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