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Energy is at about a 3 tonight.  After yesterday’s crying party I spent the day pretty subdued – cancelled a couple of calls and just took some care of my self.  Did a little bit of cyber cleansing too – sorting out and deleting old emails and just doing stuff that didn’t require a whole lot of energy, focus or brain power.

Then I watched a movie with my son this evening – Far and Away with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise – a great story of grit, guts, determination and an unshakeable faith in your dreams. Delicious!  I could see where my own fire originates in my personal family lineage.  I had grandparents on both sides that came over from Ireland and England to the New World.  It was quite the journey and put a LOT of perspective on my own.

Thank you Ancestors for your courage and your willingness to take inspired action and BIG risks, for your willingness to do what it took to keep your dreams of freedom and a new start alive, and for adding your visions to the great American Dream of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all who land on our shores.  I appreciate you more than I perhaps ever have and I appreciate even more all that I have been able to accomplish building my life and my dreams using the gifts that were passed on to me through my ancestral lineage and leaving behind the story and the suffering.  Time for some new flowers on my ancestral altar.  Thank you for the opportunity to come into right relationship with you my ancestors!

Tomorrow and for the next three  days I am going into retreat – I will be RESTING – so that’s it for me for the Ultimate Blogging Challenge until the weekend or Monday.  I have posted 28 posts and have another 3 to go to meet the goal of 31 posts in 31 days.  If you’ve been tracking your energy I invite you to keep on going – track it for at least 60 -90 days to get a GOOD view of your ups  and downs, ebbs and flows and use this information to schedule your POWER Days and your please let me lie down days in your business and your life in alignment with YOU!


Do you have ancestral gifts that you have not harvested because of old stories of pain or suffering?  Have you honored and recognized your ancestors for their investment in Life itself?  Have you forgiven those who went before you and come to a clear understanding that they did (as we all do) the best they could under the circumstances?  Do you know the actual stories of your ancestors?  Did you know that you can carry ancestral patterns that impact YOUR life and your business and these can be both directly inherited or tied to an overall culture or both and that these patterns can be surfaced and cleared from your light body or soul matrix so that you are FREE to create in balance and beauty your own dreams and desires?

Want to know more about energy, releasing ancestral patterns of suffering and trauma and learning how to manage and master your personal power, match it up with your passionate purpose and create positive impact and profitable results?? Visit my OTHER Blog –! Take our SCORE your Business Quiz and get on our mailing list for our Monthly EZINE – The Energy Edge!

You may have noticed that I skipped posting on Saturday and Sunday – so I’m a little off track with my energy evaluations – I’d say that both those days were around a 4 for me – I seem to be moving through a midzone – tried to spend time resting and doing some paperwork in the office in preparation for tax season. 

Accounting work doesn’t thrill me – I spent many years of my life doing bookkeeping and accounting and am pretty meticulous about it when I do it – I just spent way too much of my younger years putting numbers in boxes – and when I walked away from that life I shut the door pretty tight!  In the last few years I’ve had someone doing my bookkeeping for me – and pretty much without fail at every year end I have to go through everything and fix a lot of stuff.  So after I spent a bunch of time in ceremony this weekend I chose to use the remaining quiet time counting the $ and making sure everything is in order for the tax preparation people.

Something that occurred to me as I was in this process is that accounting for your money and looking back on the ebbs and flows of income and outgo is just another form of energy evaluation.  In fact I can see just from the size of the monthly envelopes containing receipts, bank statements and check stubs just how “fat” or “thin” the month was for spending – which in general will correlate to how “fat” or “thin” the month was for income too!

I’ve been reading my colleague Chellie Campbell’s The Wealthy Spirit every morning since I started this year.  She’s wonderful – funny and brilliant as well as incredibly practical about money and financial stress reduction.  One of her biggest pieces of advice is to Count Your Money.  I was actually quite pleasantly surprised when I sat down with my books yesterday – I outdid myself for income quite significantly last year – I also outdid myself for spending too!

Ah well – it is currency after all – it’s supposed to move in and out of our accounts and stay in circulation. I was thinking as I reviewed everything how incredible it was that my little company not only supported ME last year financially, and it not only supported a lot of my clients with their own personal and business transformation – it also supported a lot of other families – my assistant’s, my business partner, my affiliates, my mentors, my trainers, and my bookkeeper too!

My number for today is a 2 – I’m feeling pretty “thin” at the moment – and in fact just returned from my number one self care priority – a massage – I spent most of my afternoon in tears because of a financial decision that I made earlier last year that I was unable to fulfill in it’s entirety.  Where I presently am at with my own finances meant that I had to fore go a long planned and much needed retreat.  It was also time for a big breakdown with my son – I’m hoping that this is the BREAK THROUGH I’m really ready for – in both areas of my life where things have been BOOB (badly out of balance) for longer than I cared to allow to remain that way.

What do you do for yourself when you feel like you are close to running on empty energetically or otherwise?  Energy mastery means learning how to navigate both the ebbs and the flows with grace and ease.  Wasn’t too graceful today – actually I was pretty messy – and my nose is still runny from all of this crying.

How often do you find fault – with yourself, with your family, with your teachers, with your spouse, with your colleagues, with your community, with your home, with your country, with your circumstances?

Where are the “Fault Lines” in all of your relationships and how much energy, attention, time and focus do you put on these fault lines?  Did you know that where the thoughts go the energy flows?  If you take a moment to breathe and notice, breathe and notice, breathe and notice – to observe each thought, each word, each action – how many of them are directed towards focusing on what is WRONG instead of what is RIGHT?

Whenever you have thoughts about your experience you are in the act of creating – you create a pathway in the brain that is laid down with an electrical charge – and the more often you think the same thoughts about your experience – the more often you will re-inform and reinforce the pathway – this in turn will actually draw to you more of the same – a self fulfilling prophesy so to speak.

When you can STOP THE WORLD (including the world inside your head) for even a MOMENT – and actively choose to look at the situation, experience or thought in ANOTHER WAY – to find the GOOD, the GIFT, the BLESSING and the BEAUTY of what is right there in front of you then you short circuit the current of electrical activity that is reinforcing the “fault” line and you begin to use that ENERGY to lay out a solid FOUNDATION of energetic pathways in your own brain that reinforce the creation and experience of GOOD, GIFTS, BLESSINGS and BEAUTY – thereby drawing more of those kinds of experiences into your life.

Sometimes though we need HELP with this kind of practice.  Sometimes we need OTHER EYES TO SEE.  We were put here to be TOGETHER and we each come with specific and wonderous gifts to share with each other and the world.  When we are in trouble, when we are continually stuck in our own “fault lines”, that’s the time when we need the MOST help – but it’s equally important to let ourselves RECEIVE help when we are building those NEW pathways – to let ourselves RECEIVE the guidance, love, light and support that allow us to really INTEGRATE and SUSTAIN the creation of these new ways of think, being and relating in the world.

Are you ready to let go of finding fault – are you ready to end the habit of creating continuous EARTHQUAKES in your life that come from the abundance of stress and anxiety created from continuous fault finding with yourself and others?  Is it time to claim your power as a creator to create for yourself a life of peace, ease, grace and serenity.

Want to know more about energy, statements of power and learning how to manage and master your personal power, match it up with your passionate purpose and create positive impact and profitable results?? Visit my OTHER Blog –! Take our SCORE your Business Quiz and get on our mailing list for our Monthly EZINE – The Energy Edge!

Please comment on this post to if you are inspired to do so! I appreciate your feedback!

Making a Difference…..

(Photo Respectfully Borrowed from "" site

Sometimes making a difference in someone’s life requires us to be STRONG – to hold up a mirror that says I SEE the brilliance in you – to refuse to buy in to their beliefs about themselves and the world that are holding them back from fully embodying their GREATNESS.

Sometimes making a difference in someone’s life means having a CONVERSATION – sometimes it’s a really tough or challenging conversation – sometimes we cringe inside even thinking about having to HAVE that conversation – and sometimes that CONVERSATION not only makes a difference in their life – more importantly it makes a difference in OUR life!

Sometimes making a difference takes energy – sometimes it takes A LOT of energy – sometimes it takes a LIFE TIME INVESTMENT of energy – sometimes it takes energy we DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WE HAD.   Sometimes it takes TAPPING IN to the SOURCE of ALL POWER and ENERGY and a willingness to become -even if it’s only for a few moments – a brilliant, pure, clear, radiating channel of LIVING LIGHT.

Sometimes making a difference makes you CRAZY!  Sometimes making a difference makes OTHER PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE CRAZY.  Sometimes it means letting yourself be CRAZY and letting other people have their thoughts about you and doing it ANYWAY.

Sometimes making a difference doesn’t happen – or at least not the way you wanted it to – and you have to LET GO of your ATTACHMENT to the outcomes and do what you have to do ANYWAY.  Sometimes making a difference can be a real ball buster.  Sometimes you can’t help it – you have no other choice – your soul is calling to you – you MUST GET UP OFF YOUR BUTS (BUT I’m not rich, pretty, smart, cool, available, skilled, ready, brilliant, passionate, good enough) and Make a DIFFERENCE Anyway.

Thank you to all the amazing amazing people who are in my world, who every single day come back to the playing field, who are consistent and persistent and resilient and ARE – one step at a time, one day at a time, one moment at a time, one breath at a time MAKING A DIFFERENCE.
I have far too many to name – you know who you are – I SEE YOU!!

If you are one who is called to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world and you are challenged in any way with having sufficient ENERGY to fully embrace this call – then it’s time for us to connect – we’d love to be able to SERVE and SUPPORT YOU!! When we help you to help others to help others who help others – everybody WINS and a DIFFERENCE is truly made in the world!  Visit our other blog/website – and enjoy 3 complimentary gifts that we hope will make a difference for YOU!

A 5 day – am kinda liking this energy of  the middle zone!  Even though I must admit that I’m often a “higher” energy type person and I do enjoy the rush of a great idea and being in a full on FLOW moment – it’s been restorative to me to be just allowing myself to be with what is and accepting.

I am learning myself in every moment how to be better at modulating – and at discerning – not only my own energy but also the more universal energy that we are all experiencing and traveling through!  Right now it’s the FULL moon and that’s usually a time for me of intense dreaming and releasing – we’re also receiving a cosmic wave of Platinum Rays that is really purifying and creating a frequency of unification of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies.  So it’s appropriate that I’m running at a 5 since that’s a nice balanced spot and indicative of my own resonance with this unification flow.
I wrote this morning about the “Mother Guilt” and I ended up not making the time today to further explore that – something that I could make my self additionally guilty over (not following through on my commitments to myself!) but I’m going to choose in this moment not to do that!

I’m going to RIGHT NOW in THIS MOMENT – make a conscious decision to release the guilt.  To LET GO of all guilt I may be carrying around my ability to be a good mother and to wash it away with a COSMIC Aquamarine BLUE Wave of Water energy.

Here is my new Statement of Power:

In this moment I am guiltless – I do my best – I choose to be present as fully as I am able – I make the choices that I believe in my heart to be the best for my self and my child – I trust in the guidance of my heart and I release my child and myself to the overlighting guidance and care of Spirit.  I believe that all is well, that all is happening for a reason that I am not yet fully and consciously aware of and that exactly on time I will know all I need to know.  I am resolved to be fearless in my parenting – trusting that between us – my child and I – will co-create exactly what we each need to learn and grow together.  I believe in the love I hold in my heart for my child and that love will prevail over all present illusion. I forgive myself and my child now.  I and my child are both innocent in the eyes of  the ONE Source and that is all that really matters.
Mmmmm…… That was a good one.  I can rest easy tonight.  All is well.

If you are enjoying these Energy Evaluations or any of my posts and wish to comment – please feel free to do so – I want to hear about your journey.  What’s surfacing for you?

This isn't us (I use for free stock photos) but it could be!

Today’s message is about the transmutation of GUILT – specifically “mother” guilt.  If you aren’t a mom you might just want to pass this one by – although if you’ve ever felt guilty about anything then this post could be of assistance to you!

I’ve been challenged by this emotion being DEEPLY embedded in my energetic field for far to long – it’s like a terrible cancer on the soul and it infected many of my choices and decisions throughout my experience of parenting.

I’ve been thinking about this for the last several days and drawing forth from the universe experiences that are allowing me to SEE clearly the remnants that are arising now within me that are ready to be shifted and released.

My relationship with my child has from the very beginning been fraught with guilt – his birth was an emergency and even before that I fell twice during my pregnancy right on my belly because I wasn’t present to what was going on around me – so the seeds were sown even before his birth.   Throughout his life incident after incident has deepened and widened the furrow of guilt and even though I’ve been “working” this one for YEARS and healing, clearing and releasing on a regular basis I’ve found that inevitably I’m still carrying an “affinity” to this feeling which periodically will get triggered once again sending me back into feeling that old familiar companion Guilt again.

Guilt is insidious in making you feel not good enough – and not good enough is like a giant block to the benevolent Universe that wants to shower you with all good things so it’s really been vital to me to unlock this energetically embedded affinity once and for all.  I think this morning in my meditation with my Divine Business Partner – I’ll ask for HIS help to see if there is some generational, familial, gender, cultural, or karmic pattern that can be discovered and unwoven around this guilt piece.

I’ve done so much work on this that I feel like it’s mostly gone – however there’s still a “danglie” in there somewhere – I can feel it…..
How has GUILT colored your decisions?  Do you experience Mother Guilt or any other form of guilt and if so what have you done to shift and release this emotion?  What do you think it would feel like to be guilt-free forever?  Do you have friends or relatives who “constructively criticize” you – that believe they are “supporting” you – but are in actuality adding fuel to the fire instead of calming the waters and REALLY supporting you by just being present?

Would love to have you share – and I’ll let you know soon what has unfolded for me!


Guilt is a “symptom” of an energetic imbalance, misfiring, block or disconnection – and it can really throw a Sticky Wicket into your Communications especially – Communications is one of the 5 Pillars of Entrepreneurship that we’ll be exploring this week on our complimentary Divine Wealth Community Call – Thursday the 20th of January, 2011 at 1 PM ET.  If you’d like to join this call please feel free to register here:  DIVINE WEALTH COMMUNITY CALL We would love to have you join us!

Oh and be sure to tune in TODAY to Jolette Jai on my radio show Blazing Forth The Light at 4 pm ET – she’ll be talking to us about how to CONNECT to our KIDS!


My Medicine Drum - Butterfly Medicine for TRANSFORMATION!

Today was a 5 day for me!!! Nice – even – steady.  I enjoyed my day – really!  It snowed again so we had another no school morning – which means I got to SLEEP – I love to have the right amount of sleep for me – sleep is so important – for beauty and for good health.

Sometimes I think our world is set up in a crazy way that encourages too much doing and not nearly enough resting – when I rest and especially when I DREAM – things – information – insights – healing – COME to me!  This morning I had a big Medicine Dream that I shared with my Divine Business Partner – in it there was a bunch of crystals including prehnite (which is a  pale green stone I’ve used before to assist in helping with a broken heart) and there was a man in the dream with the words HEAL on his hand – at the end of it a bunch of power animals came in and the last I remember was a Hare – and a Lion which made me think of Mane and King.  When I asked my Spirit for guidance on this I “got” that I needed to have the Mane focus be on the King.

When I awoke I asked for further insight and guidance and “got” that I needed to spend our morning meditation time with my Divine Business Partner – focusing on HIM (if our Divine Business were a Kingdom – he’d be the King and I the Queen) so we did a really powerful piece of inner work that involved an Extraction (I’ll talk more about this later!) and then I invited him to ask his own Queen (his life partner) to do some ‘Hands On’ medicine with him today!

All this juicy delicious info and healing came through SPECIFICALLY because I stayed in bed this morning – because I didn’t have to get up and drive my son to school – because I was able to stay with my own sleep rhythms rather than on a societally based rhythm that expects us to be up at a certain time, performing at a certain time and resting at a certain time.

I teach my clients all the time about honoring their OWN natural rhythms and cycles.  This Evening Energy Evaluation is one way that we are discovering natural rhythms and cycles together – how is YOUR evaluation going?



Image BORROWED from the Let's Go Digital Site to illustrate a point - Boy has a Samsung Phone

Today’s message is all about the stories we tell ourselves about what’s going on in our world!  I had the most interesting experience in the last few days with my son.  Friday he came home from school and announced that his phone was dead.  Here’s the story that he wove for himself:

Him: “My phone is dead.  My dad is an A**hole.  He shut me down.  I’m not speaking to him until he turns my phone back on.”

Me:  “Well how will you let him know how you feel – you’ll have to talk to him in order to let him know”

Him:  “No – I’m not bending to his will – I will not speak to him – he can wait forever as far as I’m concerned.  I’ll speak to him when he get’s over himself and turns my phone back on.”

Me: “Well I’m not sure exactly how that’s going to happen – if you don’t let him know and won’t speak to him about getting your phone turned back on – I don’t see how the phone will ever get turned back on.”

Him: “I don’t care – I’m not speaking to him”

This goes on for a few days and then I go out on Sunday – when I return I find that the boy has spoken to the dad on the house phone.  He suddenly received a call on his cell from a friend and discovered his cell was back on again – so he answered the phone when the dad called.  The real story was that his dad had lost his phone in a parking lot somewhere and when he called the phone company to report it lost they shut off service to both phones.
What’s REALLY interesting to me was how quickly my son made up this whole story in his head about his dad shutting him off and being an a**hole.  How quickly do YOU jump to conclusions and make up stories in your head?  How often do you SHUT DOWN the lines of communication and are unwilling to even INVESTIGATE other possibilities for what is happening?  How many times have you JUDGED and discovered later that you grossly MISJUDGED a situation or another person?

If you have any of what we call “POB’s” (patterns of behavior) going on for you-you may be playing out an OLD story – in fact it may not even be a story from THIS LIFETIME!!! Just off the phone today with a brand new client – she was deep in panic mode after having made the decision to move forward with us in our CORE PATH – Energy Foundations for Divine Wealth Intensive.  As a signing bonus because she made the decision right on the first phone call with me I had given her a complimentary full hour with me that she could use anytime between her decision and three months from now.    Well that sure came in handy!  Part of her panic was over whether she could handle the financial commitment and still fulfill her “responsibility” to mothering her daughter.

We discovered that she was carrying not just an Old Story of her own – but she was also carrying a GENERATIONAL story – from her mother line  – AND a KARMIC Contract from a previous lifetime – In an hour we unthreaded this tangled web and transformed her story of panic, fear, apprehension, unsafety and deep need for CONTROL into a brand new Statement of Power:
I Am Wise, I am Strong, I Am Fearless, I have CHOICES!

Wowie Zowie – now there’s an SOP (Statement of Power AND Standard Operational Procedure) that I can seriously APPLAUD in a big way!  What is true for her can be true for ME too!! That’s what I LOVE about my work – I LOVE LOVE LOVE that when I do work with someone else – because in truth we are ALL one – I am healing that part of me too!  Isn’t that DELICIOUS?

Thanks for reading – please comment if this Story has some resonance for you!

Oh and if you have an interest in exploring more about Energy and Energy Mastery – please visit my other blog site at

The last few days (including yesterday when I didn’t evaluate) have been chugging along at about 4 on my energy meter.  Don’t know whether it’s the cold, the snow, the lack of extended daylight, what I’m eating  or the ebbs and flows of the global energetics and likely it’s some combination of all of the above but the last few days I’ve definitely felt more like sleeping than jumping up and down and producing stuff.

When I’m down in the four zone I can tend to get a bit lost in trivial things like sitting at the computer most of the day and being drawn into the labyrinth of Facebook, Twitter and Email and feeling like I’m just bailing my boat out with a cup instead of a bucket.  What would probably serve me better is to go lie down and take a nice nap!   Alternatively perhaps it might serve better to go do a nice little yoga routine to start to move things around a bit that have gone sluggish!  What do you do for yourself when you are down in the lower zone energetically?

Have you been tracking your own energy along with me?  I’d love to find out how that’s going for you!   I am loving the greater levels of awareness I’m bringing to my own life and work by doing this on a daily (cept for Sunday!) basis.  I have a tendency personally to overcommit when I’m energized and then to feel overwhelmed when my energies are ebbing.  So the more conscious awareness I am able to bring to my own cycles and rhythms the more effectively I can respond when asked to be a contributor or when choosing whether or not to say yes to someone who is requesting that I share my gifts and my energy with them.  The most important relationship of course is the relationship you cultivate with YOURSELF!

Want to know more about energy, statements of power and learning how to manage and master your personal power, match it up with your passionate purpose and create positive impact and profitable results?? Visit my OTHER Blog –! Take our SCORE your Business Quiz and get on our mailing list for our Monthly EZINE – The Energy Edge!

Please comment on this post to if you are inspired to do so! I appreciate your feedback!

Checking in from SNOW COVERED NH – Man o Man we have about 18 inches – Winter has OFFICIALLY arrived!

My Radio Show!

Thanks God for the plow guys – they came twice and because I like to take EXTRA SPECIAL care of my plow guys I decided this afternoon that I’d back some cookies after I finished my radio show (did you get a chance to listen in to the show?? Today’s was a good one – Ann Convery talked to us – her talk was “If I’m So Brilliant – Why Won’t They Buy?” lot’s of JUICY info in this one – Blazing Forth The Light )

So right after the show I started cooking and wouldn’t you know – the plow guys came and started the driveway – just before I took the first batch of choco chippers out of the oven they finished up my walk – I gave them each an apple, a bottle of water and a plate of warm fresh from the oven oooey gooey cookies.  Now that’s the way to ensure that I receive SUPERIOR Service this winter while SIMULTANEOUSLY acknowledging that these men are people too and deserve to be honored for their service to me!

Fairly exchanging energy is really important to me – sure they are getting paid – and sure I’m getting the snow cleared – but why not just add a little LOVE to the mix and send them back out into the world with a bit of Light to share with their next customers?
Energy Evaluation – today was about a 5 – pretty even keeled and steady all day long – a quiet day but productive.   I felt like I was just chugging along.  Had our first BRIDGE THE GAP call today (find out about that at )  It was really awesome and I did some channeling from the Element of Water while my Divine Partner – Mikael Sami Kumara did a dharma talk on the I AM presence.  We added in some sounding too with the crystal singing bowl.  A good solid day of connecting, writing, serving, painting and cookie baking.  Satisfying!

Want to know more about energy and learning how to manage and master your personal power, match it up with your passionate purpose and create positive impact and profitable results?? Visit my OTHER Blog –!   Take our SCORE your Business Quiz and get on our mailing list for our Monthly EZINE – The Energy Edge!

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