The other day a colleague and former client of mine Helen Kim posted something on Facebook – she specializes in Your Money Relationship.  Here’s what she suggested:

Helen Kim Very effective exercise. Take a bill out of your wallet (go ahead : ). Now ask it, “What do you have to tell me today?” Notice the tone of voice. Creating a space between it and you helps you hear your inner wisdom.

So I went and took out a $20 and had a  little sit with it….  Asked the Big Question – “What is in the way of me having a whole lot more of you?   Here’s the message I got:

Mindfulness and Respect.  Mindfulness of how you choose to SPEND not just your $ but more importantly your time, energy, and attention.  When you are out of alignment with what your deepest Soul’s values are you tend to chase after and become easily distracted (“Squirrel!”).

This is wasteful of your life force and resources.  When you lose mindfulness you lose consciousness and your fear programs that are unhealed begin to take over and run the show.  Cultivating a practice of mindfulness about choosing in each moment to spend your time the way you state, intend or claim you want to spend it will help you to be at peace within yourself and will prevent the wasting of life force that occurs when your actions are not in alignment with your intentions.

Respect is the other side of this “coin” shall we say?  When you have little respect for yourself and your own worth and value you also reflect that out in to the world as a disrespect for money.  When you don’t have any value on money you are negating the life force of your business which is in fact YOU!  When you allow yourself to fully respect who you are and the magnificent multitude of gifts that you are here to deliver you command respect in the world and your goods or services become more highly valued in the market. They begin to take on the energy of finely crafted, exquisite and refined things and they become prized and attractive to the world.

Respect your TIME.  Respect your needs.  Respect your body. Respect your unique gifts and Respect others as well.  Create boundaries and lines in the sand that will NOT be crossed.  Respect the mentors who you have chosen to work with.  Listen and apply their teachings with respect.  See what works and is authentic for you and if you disagree find another mentor or find those places where your values and theirs line up.  Respect your own guidance and inner voice above all else and respect your results too!

Notice if you are not achieving the results – where did you stray?  In your mindfulness?  In self-respect? or in following the teachings of those who you have agreed can and have assisted you in getting results?

Now it is time for you to go to respect your body.  (I had a yoga class I was scheduled to attend as this was coming through).  Do so with joy and gladness that you have a body that moves.

I am so grateful to Helen for posting this on Facebook  – She’s getting ready to birth her radio show on Hay House which manifested during our work together – I love it when my clients step fully into their greatness and presence and begin to deeply embody their gifts and share them with the world in the highest and best ways possible.  I am sure that Helen’s work will create immense positive impact in the world and I’m delighted to support her in the “birth” of this baby of hers!  Here’s where you can go to find out more about Helen and her new show:   Helen Kim On Hay House Radio Video

Speaking of mentors – I met Helen at Lisa Sasevich‘s big event last October – Big Mission, Big Sales, Big Life and we became colleagues in Lisa’s Sassy Mastermind.  Lisa’s an amazing teacher, model and mentor – she’s got the goods on how to actually MAKE money with your message –  and she is ABUNDANT with her sharing – and the resources that she makes available – all templated – simple – clear and easy to understand.  I’m working slowly but surely step by step through Lisa’s amazing work and have used her guidance to craft my strategy around my upcoming 6 Figure Speakers Summit event that’s happening in September.

Remember to Keep Your Head Up

Oh and that last piece from the money – that was pretty important to remember – that I have a body that moves – please pray for Cooper Doucette – a young man of 15 on my son’s team who was practicing for the upcoming football season on Saturday the 14th of August – he tackled someone with his head in the wrong position and broke his neck – the last news was that he was paralyzed from the chest down – the whole team is waiting to hear the results of his surgery last Tuesday.  Remember to honor and RESPECT YOUR body that moves.   It’s the vehicle through which all your dreams, visions, desires and imaginings are manifested.    Information about how donations can be made to the SuperCoop fund that was just established can be found by going HERE