I AM Hecate and I call upon you now to descend with me in to the sacred realm of the Lower World.  The time has come now for each of you that are engaged in this process of awakening and ascension to descend with me into the darkest corners of your soul where I will invite  you to shine the everlasting light of your awareness.

Here in the depths, in the nooks and crannies of your psyche many gifts, treasures and inner strengths lie awaiting your presence.  Here they wait in the patient stillness and inky darkness for you to come and to retrieve them.  Some say that the greatest fear among men is the fear of death and I say it is not death that most fear rather it is the fear of exploring these inner realms, facing the old wounds, and retrieving the lost gifts that is the greatest challenge for many.  For what would then occur if these gifts were found, retrieved and reintegrated within the sacred self? Why nothing less than the life of your grandest dreams!  Life, not death is more fearful.

The courage to go in and to explore these dark places is not awakened in so many out in the larger world.  They need beacons, navigators, heroes like yourselves, to guide and lead them through the twists and turns of the inner landscape, around the curving pathways of the labyrinth, into the chambers, passageways and seemingly blind alleys of the lost realms of the lower world.  They need the stories shared of deep inner work and self exploration. They need to know that as challenging and fear filled and strenuous as the journey may seem at the outset that the treasures retrieved and the strengths gained are valuable beyond measure.

All of you who are engaged in this work are being abundantly and infinitely supported by me and my sisters in light the Great Goddesses who know and can guide you easily and gracefully through this inner journey.  Know with each visit in and through the lower world you’ll become more and more familiar with the territory.  Make a map for yourself in your mind and return often to visit and update this map.  With each visit the terrain will become more and more familiar to you and you will experience greater ease in your ability to seek out and reconcile that which is calling itself to be reunited within you.  Each entry will strengthen and transform you further and will shift the energy of your field into greater and greater levels of alignment with your true destiny.  Each wounding healed each lost soul part returned, each gift retrieved will further enrich you at every level of your being.

Any challenge present in your outer world can be actively pursued to its core experience in your inner world and with the light of your awareness and active participation in its clearing and re-scripting can be shifted through all levels of your being transformed, transmuted and transcended.  This descent and clearing process is vital at this time and the call for it is showing up everywhere in your external creations.  Like  the tower in the tarot, crumbling and falling down, any creations that have been built upon an unhealed foundation must go and the healing, clearing, and integration of the lost or abandoned gifts and must take place in order for a more unified, stronger, more harmonious, prosperous and beauty filled creation to unfold.  No true ascension can occur without first making the descent, many times perhaps, for it is here in this work that the fuel, the energy, and the tools needed for the ascent are to be found.

Call upon me, call upon me often, come and visit with me, allow me to enfold you within my embrace.  I AM here and ever present to assist, to guide, to empower, to encourage, to strengthen, to sustain, to nurture, and to support you on these journeys.  Often I see the thought forms rise up in the mental body that say “But I don’t have the time, energy, finances, what ever, to pursue this work.” I say to you now you do and you can.  In fact you can not afford to ignore this work for it will call to you in ever stronger and more obvious ways in your outer world sometimes creating great pain and suffering until you do answer the call.  Some have called these experiences the dark night of the soul and so much fear has built up around this process.

This is a death of sorts of course.  It is the death of “playing it safe”, the death of living a superficial life, the death of excuses, the death of the slow death of those who are not really fully living up to their divine potential.  You may be fearful, but I am here to hold your hand.  I ask you now in this moment to take the leap of faith into your own ability to navigate these dark places, the fate in your own inner light to illuminate every corner.  I am with you and will guide you in each moment.   Come with me now.  Your treasures await!

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