As another year comes into it’s ending – Please know that I am sending out infinite blessings to you of love, light and appreciation for spending whatever time you have with me in 2010.  There are so many ways that our attention can be pulled and our choices about how to spend our time and energy is always subject to competition from a massive variety of outside sources and so I want you to know that your choice to spend time with me is a great gift! 

Many times this year people have mentioned to me that I’m a wordsmith – writing being one of the multitude of ways that I invite Spirit to flow through me.  I do love words – Scrabble is one of my favorite games – making up words, using words, sharing words, writing words.  In the beginning there was the WORD.  Sound, that first sonic wave that initiated the origin of our universe, is a creative and vital force for life.  How we choose to use our words is something to be mindful of because of the creative power inherent within each and every syllable.

The ending of this year has brought with it the chance to re-connect with family and friends and often we are brought back into situations that we may find filled with opportunities to choose how we will engage.  Will we re-visit and re-play endlessly those old dramas?  Will we choose instead to stop a second, breathe, notice the feelings, allow them to flow through us and be absorbed by the earth, recognize the one in front of us as a messenger of Spirit, as a fellow traveler, as a brother or sister in light and acknowledge the light that is within them?  Can we choose to hold our tongue and speak only words of wonder to our fellow man?  Can we speak our truth without trampling upon another’s?

As we step into a fresh new year – let us remember we are at choice.  We ALWAYS have choice.  We can be co-creating heaven in 2011.  May you wish it, may it be so!

Peace and joy of the season to you and yours…..Be kind to yourself, love your fellow man, cultivate the seeds that are planted in this season so that you will have a life time of peace and joy to nourish you in the coming years!


All is calm, all is bright,




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