A 5 day – am kinda liking this energy of  the middle zone!  Even though I must admit that I’m often a “higher” energy type person and I do enjoy the rush of a great idea and being in a full on FLOW moment – it’s been restorative to me to be just allowing myself to be with what is and accepting.

I am learning myself in every moment how to be better at modulating – and at discerning – not only my own energy but also the more universal energy that we are all experiencing and traveling through!  Right now it’s the FULL moon and that’s usually a time for me of intense dreaming and releasing – we’re also receiving a cosmic wave of Platinum Rays that is really purifying and creating a frequency of unification of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies.  So it’s appropriate that I’m running at a 5 since that’s a nice balanced spot and indicative of my own resonance with this unification flow.
I wrote this morning about the “Mother Guilt” and I ended up not making the time today to further explore that – something that I could make my self additionally guilty over (not following through on my commitments to myself!) but I’m going to choose in this moment not to do that!

I’m going to RIGHT NOW in THIS MOMENT – make a conscious decision to release the guilt.  To LET GO of all guilt I may be carrying around my ability to be a good mother and to wash it away with a COSMIC Aquamarine BLUE Wave of Water energy.

Here is my new Statement of Power:

In this moment I am guiltless – I do my best – I choose to be present as fully as I am able – I make the choices that I believe in my heart to be the best for my self and my child – I trust in the guidance of my heart and I release my child and myself to the overlighting guidance and care of Spirit.  I believe that all is well, that all is happening for a reason that I am not yet fully and consciously aware of and that exactly on time I will know all I need to know.  I am resolved to be fearless in my parenting – trusting that between us – my child and I – will co-create exactly what we each need to learn and grow together.  I believe in the love I hold in my heart for my child and that love will prevail over all present illusion. I forgive myself and my child now.  I and my child are both innocent in the eyes of  the ONE Source and that is all that really matters.
Mmmmm…… That was a good one.  I can rest easy tonight.  All is well.

If you are enjoying these Energy Evaluations or any of my posts and wish to comment – please feel free to do so – I want to hear about your journey.  What’s surfacing for you?