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Peace In  Amethyst



Recently I’ve been in a place on my Journey where I’ve been called out of my home environment and been guided to re-engage and re-connect with the larger world in a variety of different locations and experiences.  In the last month and a half I’ve traveled more than I have in 7 or 8 years attending various live events and participating as a presenter at one.  What I’ve been noticing is that the energies are really supporting this outward movement and there have been a number of opportunities for making soul – brother and sistar connections and activations as well as earth healing and portal and vortex openings and clearings.

As a result of these travel engagements  during which I’ve been exposed to a much broader spectrum of the continuum of energies that are “out there” then I have been in my comfortable little “nest” at home I’ve discovered a few things that I feel are of great importance to share in this report.  First off – you may have noticed that I have not posted a report in several weeks – in fact the last report was as we stepped through the 11 11 gateway.  There was a real sense of separation from the old and leaving behind of the disintegrating paradigm energies as we passed through that gateway and immediately following the passage a sweet and powerful taste of the potential for sharing in the co-creation of the new.  This experience of  bright clear, centered, empowered, directed and focused energy that created near instant results was followed by a very rapid expansion and creation cycle, then a pull back and review.  The cycling through this process is markedly and exponentially greatly accelerated from the creation cycles we’ve become used to and have been playing with up until now.

The 11:11 marked a real turning point even more profoundly powerful then I was expecting.  There is a deep urging now to all Lightworkers to let go of the old thoughts of “I don’t know what I’m doing”.  You know VERY WELL what you are doing and it’s time NOW to literally “grow up” and use your intent, your power, your skills, your abilities to manage  & direct energy, your passion and your great gifts in service to your own Divine will, to the planetary matrix and to your ultimate destiny.  We are being asked, no URGED, to LEAP fully into our potential.  To embody at every level and to be in full alignment with the divine blueprint that holds all of our power and capacity to create.  We are CREATORS.  Creators – step forward now and CREATE!

The power of the paradox that I refer to in the headline of this post is this – YOU and YOU alone have available ALREADY within you to create whatever it is you desire AND paradoxically there are OTHERS with whom you are destined to connect with who will awaken, remind, illuminate, and assist in transmuting for and with you both all that you are and all that you are NOT.  You are an energetic being of light, take your power.  Take it NOW.  Stand in that power and be fearless.   Be a leader.  Take YOUR personal stand in whatever area you have been called to serve.   Be OPEN to receive.  Be OPEN to receive the gifts that OTHERS have been uniquely designed and activated to share and to give to YOU.  We are ALL ONE and no one is an island unto themselves.

This is important – so please pay attention here:  It is TIME to LET GO of scarcity consciousness and EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF thinking.  It’s TIME to share our gifts and EXCHANGE energy with each other.  It’s time to open and allow yourself to RECEIVE the gifts of others and to let your gifts also flow.  If you are still stuck in the “survival” mindset, the fastest way out is to start by finding one area of specialization that will SUPPORT you in moving forward with your light work, your business, your life plan.  Personally – I have taken a HUGE leap in the last two months in terms of investing in my self and in my chosen and destined vocation.  I am HERE to be a beacon of light, I am HERE to serve, I am HERE to activate, to initiate, to awaken, to validate, to translate and to facilitate for those who are called to be leaders.  I have taken the leap very concretely by freeing up what I had been characterizing as the “last of my reserves” “my safety net” in the form of the equity in my  home to support a RAPID and accelerated expansion experience of both learning and simultaneously HEALING in those areas where I have not been successful with my business and my life.

Very specifically for me the areas of  SALES, MARKETING, and MONEY have been areas where I have NOT been seeing any adequate or even FAIR return & results in my life and business.   I am tired of trying to figure this out – really I’m done with it.  Clearly there has been a huge block – an inability on my part to “Get it” and so it was time to me to seek out MASTERS to help me in these areas where I’ve gone as far as I can go with what I have been able to learn and teach myself on my own.  I have personally taken the risk and made these investments in the last two months ONCE Again to answer my mission’s calling.  For the last several years I’ve been learning and honing my skills as a healer and now it’s time to take the leap and learn and hone my skills as a genuine, authentic and WYLDLY successful entrepreneur  – because the fact of the matter is I have not quite yet mastered the skills for running a profitable business – and I‘ve been working on that one now for 7 plus years!  I’m at the end of  the reserves and its NOW or NEVER time! As a result of my choice to surrender my ego around those areas where I’m clearly NOT an expert, and to surrender the cash to pay for training to get more expertise and to surrender the need to do it all myself which resulted in my engaging a team of web based experts to help in those areas that I have just got zero desire to learn about, I had an almost INSTANTANEOUS response from the universe and from the INNERVERSE that allowed me to surface and clear blocks and trauma energy that would keep me from full embodiment and grounding of the gifts that I DO have and DESIRE to share in ABUNDANCE with the people who are here to receive from me!  Simultaneously I  MANIFESTED on the physical level an almost instant flow of cash back into my business that signaled that the Universe was responding to my new found desire to take this whole thing much more seriously and to really be a Big Girl about my capacity to CREATE.  We are HERE TO CREATE.  The challenge is to CREATE from desire – to get infinitely clear on what it is YOU WANT – in all aspects of your being – and to share in the act of both giving AND RECEIVING.  This whole giving and receiving thing is a TWO WAY STREET.  It’s an action of CIRCULATION and without CIRCULATION the only thing that can happen is STAGNATION.

So I urge you to open up and to receive.  To receive and to EXCHANGE energy in the very concrete form of MONEY for services.   There was a time for exchanging through barter and that trade model can still operate from time to time and in very specific circumstances but if you have been holding out – in FEAR – sitting on your little NEST EGG and holding on for dear life to your “Savings” or equity thinking that this is going to be a means of your survival through this economic transition you are dead wrong and in fact you and your business or practice of light work is also probably dead in the water and going nowhere.  Now is the time to FACE FEAR and to WALK RIGHT THROUGH THAT ILLUSION that says as a healer you have to give all the time and if you are charging that you need to give it away for peanuts.  Take off your blinders and use all your resources to CREATE a THRIVING business, to MODEL being a THRIVING LIGHTWORKER.

How does this happen? By CREATING with INTENT what YOU want!  And by being acutely aware of YOUR GREATEST STRENGTHS and YOUR WEAKNESSES – there is NO SHAME in not knowing how to Do Every Blessed Thing (remember my post about D.E.B.T.) When you try to do that you DILUTE your own great gifts, you take away from your companions who are here to serve in those capacities, you do NOT add to the collective up leveling of the planetary vibration and you are in all likelihood acting in MARTYR Mode.  Stop right now.  Figure out where you want support.  Look around and see who is present in your world that is capable, skilled, perhaps even a MASTER at that area that you’ve identified as a weakness and GO PAY THEM TO HELP YOU!  You are not going anywhere until you do.  You are STUCK on your Journey and sinking fast into the muck of heaviness, depression and fear.  You are not in alignment with your destiny and you are kidding yourself if you think that suddenly out of nowhere you are going to have it all snap into place when you wouldn‘t know a sale or a financial report or a marketing message or how a back office shopping cart system is supposed to work (or whatever it is that you’ve identified as your business issues) from a hole in the ground.  Spirit sends help in the FORM OF OTHERS.  If all of this has stirred up some energy in you – if you are feeling like there is something there – some story, some trauma, some familial pattern or karmic contract underneath your inability to “get things together” in some area of your life or business then by all means GET SOME HELP from someone who are poised and ready and PAY THEM to do that work with you.

Remember – whatever is going on with you is also going on with your business.  Do you want to be a thriving light worker?  Are you really and finally ready to ground your greatness and to step into your highest level of service?  Is it time you got some HELP to do that quickly, easily, gracefully, and openly?  Are you ready to see financial as well as spiritual RESULTS in every act and every thing that you choose to do?  I am now enrolling only those who are ready to make the LEAP.  I have 8 places left in my telephone based (no traveling, planes, hotels, meals etc.) virtual CORE PATH intensive.  Surround yourself with success.  Join the class(soul)mates who have already aligned with the blockbusting vibration and intention and GET ON TRACK NOW to CREATE a THRIVING enterprise that supports YOU, YOUR CLIENTS and THE WHOLE WORLD with such power and ease you’ll laugh yourself silly when you look back at why you waited so long……  Here’s the link – The CORE Path .  We start December 15 and finish January 12 so that you can begin 2010 with your act together both energetically and entrepreneurially!

In loving service,

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Well here we are once again at another 11:11 GATEWAY!  This time we are really being called forth to LEAP LEAP LEAP into our highest levels of service.  The work of the last decade has been building up to this moment – all the pieces are in place and what remains for many of us who are lightworkers and have been actively and consciously applying ourselves to deep self transformation as well as earth healing is merely a refinement of our own spirits (Buff and Polish time!).  We are poised and have been the builders of the etheric architecture that is going to be the “safety net” that will support all those who are going to now be experiencing SUDDEN AWAKENINGS.  Waves and waves and waves of energy are now pouring forth that are going to be awakening, activating and initiating our brothers and sistars who are still embedded, engaged and entrapped in the dissolving paradigm.  The dissolution of course will continue and may be substantially more amplified in the coming year.

The calling for the LEAPING LIGHTWORKER is to really FULLY embody all the light that you presently have access to and prepare your body to be even more capable of holding even higher frequencies.  Consolidating energy, concentration and focus are all UP.  Pull back from EVERYTHING that is draining.  Take OUTSTANDING care of your physical body.  Remember who you are and that you are amping up.  Amplifying the frequency creates an exponential effect and many of us are now being called into our divine partnerships,  triads, families and communities.    Just in the last few days as we passed into the Mayan 6th night there have been high level messages coming forth from “STAR COMMAND” in the dreaming as well as bleeding through into the 3D physical realm.  As the frequencies and the STAR Transmissions increase we are asked to finely tune our channel – to get rid of all the static and to be ruthless and courageous in stepping forth each and every time we are given the guidance to laugh in the face of the illusion and make the leap into the dreaming that we have been weaving for so long.visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline

Many of us are now perfectly poised and positioned to service the multitudes – realize that this service can take many forms and it is NOT necessary to think or imagine that this service is on a one by one basis – although that may be the path for some.  How to best LEVERAGE your LIGHT and your gifts and talents is something for you as a lightworker to begin to contemplate or if you have already begun this process to really step/leap more fully into this act of leveraging.  The more leverage you use, the more people you impact, the more light that you spread, the more peace and joy begins to be embodied and the greater your connection to (as well as your community’s connection to) the endless infinite limitless boundless source of abundance and creative energy.

Leap to that high level – get out of the way of those who are your students, understudies, proteges, let them step into the role that you have been playing, invite it, prepare to launch yourself out at light speed.  You may have received a WHOLE NEW MISSION in the last few weeks – you may have only received a slight, or a moderate course correction but doubtless if you are reading this you are being asked to look right now at this gateway and realize you are moving to a WHOLE NEW SPACE.   In this new space you will need to be incredibly clear and strong about your boundaries and you must remember that you have MOVED and there are places, experiences, work, relationships and interactions that you are no longer supposed to be engaging with – for several reasons.

One thing that I wish to share with you is this  – you need to have a really accurate perspective of the level at which you are presently vibrating – the amount of light that you are able to embody, ground, hold and use with intent is MUCH MUCH higher than it used to be – you have a VERY HIGH frequency pattern that may cause you to be “invisible” to some or more often BLINDINGLY LUMINOUS.   Imagine that Big Transformer where the energy from the electric company moves through and gets “stepped down” so that it can be usable in your house, once it goes into your house it lands in the Circuit Box and gets “stepped down” again so that you can plug your appliances in at the wall.   I invite you to consider where you might be in this.  Are you a BIG  TRANSFORMER who is trying to interact with toasters??  Are you the POWER PLANT itself and you’re trying to interact with the circuit box?  It’s important for you to be really aware of this and to leap in to your most appropriate present place in the system.

The Mayan 6th night is going to last from now until this time again next year (early November 2010)  and brings us the energies of really grounding and feeding our roots.  In feeding our roots we are simultaneously preparing our fruits – this past year (the 6th day of the Mayan Calendar) was the time of flowering – the 7th day which will begin a year from now will be the time of fruit.   How we feed our roots NOW – and that definitely includes how well we engage in supreme self care and self awareness – will be a direct determinant of how well formed, nutritious and delicious our fruits will be!    At the same time that the frequencies are being raised ever higher the energies are also there to support an even deeper grounding – as one of my mentors said recently in another context stand your ground – even if it’s only an inch wide – let it be a mile deep.  I would add that we’ll be going a mile high in terms of frequency too! We are invited to take a lesson 045from our friends the tree beings and the Apus (sacred mountains) – to notice how they root deeply and reach for the stars simultaneously.   Holding that high frequency, grounding it in to Mother Earth, embodying our highest light through the body, being where we need to be, giving ourselves permission to leap and getting the heck out of the way of those people who are ready to step into the foot prints that we’ve left to illuminate the path.

My new “mission” info is that I’m now being asked to help leaders to FEARLESSLY leap into their next level of service – which of course is what I too am being asked to do!   I am being called to withdraw into a deeper inner sanctum and to serve at a new, different and much more intimate level with a different segment of people who are now calling for the work that I am here to perform.    I am in the process of taking down from my various websites all opportunities for individual  private work with me and going forward will only be doing one -on – one work by application or following a strategy based screening process. I am preparing a few proteges to serve clients in various ways who have trained under me and am also in the process of creating several Self Healing audio products that will allow people to access the work at varying levels of investment.  I’m preparing to launch a radio show “Blazing Forth The Light” – the inaugural show is planned for 11/20 at 4 PM ET and I invite you to tune in (this is a way of leveraging my time and spreading light to more people over a long period of time since the shows will be archived and can be listened to at any time in the future as long as we are still using these technologies!) and finally I’m going to be launching a new site strictly focused on The Energy Journey – Energy Mastery for the Evolving Entrepreneur.

If you are a leader, if you are ready to make that leap, if you are feeling ANY fear AT ALL in any area of your life, if you are hearing the call that it’s time to make a move and you are feeling stuck then I would like to invite you to consider joining an intimate group of passion-preneurs who will be gathering together starting this December to clear, open, receive and energize on the C.O.R.E. Path.  Here is the link – I am only taking on 12 people for this small group coaching and energy shifting program.  1 slot is already taken and I’m confident that most if not all will be filled in the coming week as I move into the EVOLVE  Live Event that is happening next weekend in Phoenix.  If you are called to invest in your transformation NOW – you will know –  you will feel this deeply in the CORE of your being – and you will make that choice because you know that it’s the right time and you will be connecting with exactly the right people – of that I have no doubt whatsoever.


Interested in one of my self healing audio products?  The first one that I created was with Nicole Whitney of News For the Soul – Together we used the ancient shamanic healing technologies to move through a series of blockages around Money with the intent of assisting folks to reconnect to their own Wyld Abundance!   If you are feeling financially pinched why don’t you try it?  Wyldly Abundant is available for your access HERE

I just realized a few days ago that I started blogging about a year ago – in fact one of my very first posts was all about the 8/8/8 gateway and just last week we passed through the 9/9/9 gateway – so I took a look at what I’ve accomplished in the last year – and decided it was time for me to do a little happy dance celebration for myself! (Also a little chocolate cake photo for good measure!)Birthday Cake - candles lit

I’ve posted 155 times (this will be 156) and had over 11,000 hits to my blog – now I’ll tell you the truth – I’m really not one who is all gaga over statistics – in fact I sometimes wonder when people who are doing all that measuring have time to do anything else.  I also know there are people out there who blog on a regular basis and have HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of hits a day to their blog and that is just awesome for them!

One of the things that I do wonder about though is this – of those 11,000 hits – did anyone experience a life changing moment as a result of the energy, intention, images or information that I have provided?  This is not something that can be found in the numbers – it’s really a personal experience for people I think and not one this is often if ever measured.

The other question I have is for me – have I enjoyed the experience myself?  Has it been a joyful expression of me and who I am along with an invitation to the world to further connect with me and explore the gifts that I have to offer?  So far so good – I’m still here – I’m still sharing and tonight I’m having a little celebration – My good friend Mish is here – we took a 10 mile bike ride in the park today and then went to a local farmer and purchased golden beets and bartlett pears and created a Roasted Beet, Pear and Bleu Cheese soup that was TO DIE FOR Delicious (from the New England Soup Factory Cookbook – can I say I LOVE YOU Marjorie Drucker – you are an SOUPGasm QUEEN!) and tonight I’m writing this little post to say – Happy Birthday to you little Blog – you are over a year old now – almost ready to start walking – maybe even running (hm – could that be the reason I jumped on the bandwagon for the 30 day blogging challenge – perhaps it was just time….!)

By the way can I also please say THANK YOU!! To everyone that has both subscribed to my blog and extra specially to those who take the time to share their thoughts by commenting – I write for you!  If you have any feedback about what has been most meaningful for you since I started on this blogging journey please drop a comment – apparently those statistics machines LOVE that! (tee hee!)

istock_000003631521xsmall_thumb.jpgThere are a few – precious few – days of summer left – remember my PEA contest?  I decided to give away 7 peas last week – one for each remaining day of summer – there’s still time for you to enter and win a PEA for yourself (Personal Energy Assessment valued at $97.00 ) – just drop me an email with the words I WANT A PEA! in the subject line and outlining why you’d like to be a winner in the text!


Following a huge expansion of energies – which generally occurs after a period of deep clearing we find ourselves wondering where we are and what we are being called to next – for a little while we can feel like we’re in a sort of LIMBO place but the truth is that we are just so much bigger than we were before the process and it takes a little bit of time to re-orient to where we are in the space/time/physical world continuum!

So if you are feeling kind of adrift in a big ocean and you aren’t really quite sure what’s up and where you are headed just know that the energy right now is one of post expansion – and that you just haven’t quite yet noticed where your edges are.

It’s like anything else – energy shifting and expanding awareness after a while becomes a practice – and as you have had more and more opportunities and invitations to practice you actually get better and better at the process.  The better you get the more you are called forth and the more you are called forth the more frequently you will feel as if you are in unfamiliar territory.  Just like in yoga practice – Spirit is inviting you now to explore your edges.visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline

For me – being a parent has been the most perfect training ground for this process of shedding, growth, expansion, and then exploration of the edges in preparation for the next round of shedding, growth, expansion and exploration.  As we ascend – we are very much like children (or plants if you prefer that analogy) in that we are constantly in a process, an unstoppable process of growing into our next best selves, our next highest vision of who we are, and why we are here.

For those of us who are acutely aware of our mission and purpose as lightworkers I have a message for you!! You can lay aside the swords, you can take 5 and rest, you can let go of the idea of being a light WORKER for a moment (or more) and just allow the light to begin to Play YOU!

Yes indeedy – it’s time to be played by the Universe – we have moved an incredible amount of density, we have transmuted enormous amounts of old paradigm thinking and behaving, we have been building the rainbow bridge in earnest and many of us are now on the “other side” of that chasm in the process of actualizing and deeply living all the concepts, visions, new patterns, new thoughts and dreams that we have been co-creating for quite some time now.

I ask you all to just STOP -stop the world.  Take a time out.  Make sure you truly halt EVERYTHING and enter into the silence with me for a moment.   You have come to the end of a cycle in your journey.  Recognize that you are now in a NEW PLACE, and a very different place from where you started.  The old ways of doing things are over.  If you want it now you have to pick up your own PERSONAL POWER and act like the CREATOR that you are.  Spirit yes is always there – Spirit is always available to set things in motion and to align the forces of creation in your favor but truthfully you are now being CALLED FORTH as the creator of your own perfect dreaming for yourself and your planet.

Have you been journeying on Faith?

Have you been journeying on Faith?

STOP right now- look around at your present creation – what do you wish to keep ?(no sense throwing out the baby with the bathwater now) what do you wish to set aside for later? (it’s ok to have some things stored in the cupboard but don’t go overboard and be sure it’s really meaningful to you) what do you wish to completely deconstruct? (been there, done that, am not going there again!)

Feel your true power – feel your capacity – seek the new edges of your beingness – re-define yourself by those edges and as you do you’ll discover something really wonderful – there are others out there who are just waiting to fit their puzzle pieces into yours to make a magnificent picture! (look for more on that in my next post!)

Are you interested in figuring out the $$ Puzzle?

Are you A iStock_000002918709XSmallPassionpreneur who is following your heart’s calling and wondering about manifesting the money to support that?  You are not alone and I’ve got a special program starting up this Thursday just for you!  It’s called Energize to Monetize and is an outstanding opportunity to get energetically clear and to heal any Money Wounds you may be carrying.  If you don’t have all the money flow in your business right now to match your desires for yourself and your work then you have a Money Wound somewhere in that Light Body and I mean to help you illuminate that wound and clear it at the Soul Level once and for all!  Enrollment info for this transformational healing workshop can be found here —-> Energize 2 Monetize!

I had a free call last week to promote this workshop and you can listen in to it right HERE.

Hello all! Just a quickie note and short video to share with you…..

Would like to let you know that I’m going to be promoting my upcoming Energize to Monetize Workshop on not 1, not 2 but 3!! Count them 3!! free calls in the next week or so –


On Wednesday I’ll be Amirah Hall’s Guest on Lessons from the Light Radio Show where we’ll be chatting about Shapeshifting Your Business for Profit and Passion  Here’s the LINK for the show which broadcasts live at 1 PM Eastern Time 8/5/9


Then on Thursday at 1 PM I’ll be connecting with Shyness Queen Nancy Knettell THE LEADING expert on Business Shyness on her show Entrepreneur Energy Radio  Here’ s the LINK for the 8/6/09 live broadcast.


Finally on 8/13 I”ll be doing my own ***Free*** Call “Shift Your Energy Ramp Up Your Business! ”  Here’s the LINK for the information page about that call and to register and receive the phone number!


What??  You are ON VACATION – Outside – Enjoying Nature and can’t make the free calls?  And you are really excited about shifting your energy to monetize your business?  You can go RIGHT TO the information page for my next round of Energize to Monetize – HERE – be sure to check out the video testimonial from my last E2M workshop from Passionpreneur Karin Manske.

Time for a walk!  Looking forward to connecting with you real soon…. Peace and sunshine…. Amethyst

All those seeds that we were busy planting for the last several years, all those light seeds are starting to sprout all around us – have you noticed? I am seeing more and more people who are opening to their own gifts – more and more people who are craving the opportunity to serve a purpose – their own purpose! More and more who are remembering their true reasons for being here and more who are stepping really fully into the new skins that we have been growing all the while under all that old muck and dense energy that we spent the first half of this year shedding.

So what does a light worker(player) do during the growing season?? Just like any good gardener – take the time to tend to the visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineseedlings, to cultivate the soil, to continue with the process of weeding, sometimes to thin out the plantings leaving behind only the best of the crop and letting go of anything that is going to be good but not really great in favor of energizing and nurturing the greatness.

What kinds of energies do you most align with, energies that you would like to focus and concentrate on cultivating within you and, if you have a business or practice already, within that? Are you a joy monger? Perhaps you are a healing light? Maybe your gig is getting people to step into being healthy in their body like my yoga friend Darlene.

Each and every one of us is here to serve in some way – what gets you grooving? What rings your chimes? What would make you want to burst out of bed in the morning to do because you are just so jazzed to do it?

One of the things that I noticed about myself and my own practice is that I’ve been called up! Called (again) to take it to the next level. The funny thing is – you get this idea, this inspiration, you follow the breadcrumb trail left by your guide teams – you think you are heading in a certain direction – you begin down that path with a certain destination in sight and suddenly it’s all about the destination instead of the enjoyment of the journey. So I’m going to ask you – right here, right now to stop – to take a pause – to breathe and to be for a moment – and to do something really important. Look around. Where are you? Where have you come from? What goals have you accomplished that you set out to do in the past? What dreams have you already manifested?

We are getting so good at manifesting now – at harnessing that power of the Universal Laws (and I mean all of them – not just the Law of Attraction) that it’s pretty easy most of the time to create and manifest whatever we want. Things fall apart when we fail to appreciate that we have this power and when we aren’t willing to acknowledge the actuality of the ease and grace with which we are blessed in our abilities.

The Back Deck - Nice Journaling Spot!

The Back Deck - Nice Journaling Spot!

One of the great things about journaling – recording in any form actually – whether it’s blogging, journaling, audio or video – is that you get to look back and get perspective. Sometimes we are so busy with our “story” either our “story” of woe, or our “story” of the heroics that we have brought forth from ourselves in order to overcome some of those old drama/traumas, that we fail to see that we’ve arrived – maybe not exactly where we thought we were going destination wise – but often somewhere quite a lot bit better than we could have imagined originally when we embarked on the quest.

So ask yourself – Where AM I? How did I get Here? What gifts and strengths did I muster in the process? What lessons have been learned? What is my present state of mind, of emotion, of material/physical nature, of my Spirit? What happened to those seeds that I planted? Are they growing? Do I need to thin the garden some? Am I enjoying this process? If I’m not in Joy – what can I do to get there?

Sometimes we need a guide, assistant, navigator or coach to lend us their perspective – to help us to see ourselves from another point of view – to assist us in the weeding process – to ask the questions or open & shift the energy channels so that we can more fully embody our highest nature. Is it time for you to get your channel opened wider?

Right now I’m offering an awesome 4 week workshop that starts on Wednesday the 22nd of July and will provide you with the extraordinary benefit of validating your own personal power to connect with Source directly for guidance, advice, and your own next best steps on the journey – and will connect you with a wonderful group of other like-minded individuals all questing to increase their own clarity, call forth their higher visions and boost their own confidence and ability to make great decisions and manifest magnificent and powerful dreams. Would love to have you consider joining us – Opening to Channel for Fun & Profits – find out more about this opportunity HERE!

Back with this week’s vibe from a week long break for both outer work and inner work.  The energy shifting is continuing apace and the call at visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolinethe moment for all lightworkers is to come to a place of reconciliation.

Reconciling the paradoxes is a huge theme in all the client work that I’ve been doing for the last 10 days or so – the two sides to every coin, the two sides to every story, the duality, the black and white – coming together – each side bringing gifts, each side offering a view point and each side making the step over the chasm to bridge the gifts and points of view and come into a DIVINE UNION.  A lot of the energies of these paradoxes are traced back to childhood and from there into past life circumstances – a lot of karmic reconciliation, clearing and cleansing now unfolding at every level.

Examples of what I’m talking about:

Worked with a client today who had been terribly disempowered as a young girl of about 9 by an adult woman who was very highly placed socially and monetarily.   We journeyed back to a past life where my client was in the “highly placed” or Superior position and the woman from this life time was  her servant or Inferior.

The gifts from the inferior aspect were strength, kindness, service and from the superior aspect responsibility, leadership and power.  When these two aspects came together in the center her heart and solar plexus both opened wide and she was filled with light and the message from the unified whole was one of trust.

Another woman in one of my workshops worked with dominance and subservience – similar to the example above however it was more pronounced – the subservient aspect was a slave in a previous life – the dominant aspect was a pharoah – the slave aspect was playing out in this lifetime again and again but additional past life impressions were received that showed that the dominant aspect was also present – particularly in a lifetime as the captain of a pirate ship that rose to the surface.  Again the call was to reconcile and to glean the gifts from both sides of the equation and then bring them into union.
A third client had a masculine/feminine dichotomy going on and I myself worked through about half a dozen paradoxical and polarized aspects on the table last week with my own energy healing facilitator.   After a marathon session I came home on Thursday the 2nd and spent the rest of the day in bed resting and integrating – one paradox really challenged me for quite a long time throughout the afternoon – the robber and the robbed.  Finally I was able to discern the gifts after about 4 hours of rest and integration and to bring these two aspects to union within myself.


The full moon lunar eclipse of the 7th and the other eclipses that are going to follow in the coming weeks – a total solar on 7/22 and another lunar on 8/6 are giving us plenty of energy and opportunity to make major karmic reconciliations and energy shifts within our matrixes – deep ancestral cleansing, deep and wide karmic clearing, deep opportunities to raise up our vibrations to a much higher level of light in preparation for the 9/9/9 gateway.  This is a magnificent time to let yourself go and let yourself grow.  There is tremendous universal energetic support for coming into balance and right relationship through the heart.

I must comment too on the obvious shifts in energy in the last few weeks with the departure of major celebrities in particular Michael Jackson who clearly had a life of extreme paradoxes – an over the top – beyond the beyond successful musical and performing career that made him a living legend very early in his life path and a childhood that was mostly devoid of any of the “normal” childhood experiences – creating a wounded child complex that was played out larger than life on the world stage.  It is no surprise that as the energies of these times are calling forth the merging and reconciliation of our polarized aspects that those who are extremely polarized are mightily challenged and in some cases choosing to exit – because the new energies that are arriving are calling for unity – unity in the individual as well as in the collective and of course it all starts with U!

My CD Divine Union can be of immense support during this phase of our global shifting and the call for unity – it was chosen as a finalist for an award by the Coalition of Visionary Resources at INATS West!

Be sure to join me too on my free call on Wednesday 7/8/9 – Everybody Channels and U Can 2! As we reconcile our pasts and clear our karmic ties, debts and debris, we open simultaneously to receiving the gifts of those pasts – including our divine capacity to connect directly with Spirit!

I Want a PEA!

I Want a PEA!

Don’t forget too that I’m giving away a PEA (Personal Energy Assessement – Value $97.00) each week throughout the summer!  Enter this week’s drawing by sending an email explaining why you want to receive with the subject line I WANT A PEA! to


At the beginning of June we experienced a HUGE burst of energy – not unlike what a runner experiences when the pistol goes off and they start a race – there was a lot of anticipation as we came out of a pretty tumultuous late winter and spring period of releasing followed by a powerful Mercury Retrograde – we were all READY by the time June rolled around for a major shift.   And indeed that is just what we got!

A huge light infusion came in with a powerful surge during the first 10 days or so of June – there was a powerful and positive feeling of “finally” we have broken through and we’re free to fly!  What we got though was an equal dose of continued DEEP cleansing.  As we receive these higher light quotients we have the opportunity to utilize the energies for our highest good.  When we are consciously aligned with the process of our own ascension then sometimes that highest good is an even deeper and more thorough cleansing and clearing.

This light infusion really gave us a powerful kick in the butt to go even deeper and further then we had previously – moving deep into our family root system – our personal as well as our human family.  Lots of ancestral, genetic and historic memories came up for clearing and release – for ourselves as individuals and for the collective.  Be VERY aware that as a conscious participant in the ascension process you are not only clearing your own “stuff” but you are also doing work on behalf of the collective – so if sometimes the inner work feels HUGE – be assured that it is!!

Earlier this year there was a definite feeling that June was going to be a breakthrough month and of course the energies were definitely there – and exactly on time to support that – however what we may have imagined the breakthrough would look/be like may be a little bit different!   In fact it may feel a bit like there was a false start – you know when they start a race and someone jumps off the starting block before it’s time?  There is this great burst of energy and the other runners often jump off their blocks too then everyone has to go back – set up and get ready to start again – sometimes a false start can really “psyche out” a runner causing them to lose focus on the race and on what they are there to do.

Many lightworkers had this experience this month – the huge burst of energy and then down with either physical clearing in the form of illness mostly focused in the upper respiratory area (remember all those tree/lung posts?)  or the sense that the energy just fizzled out like a big firework exploding followed by those little fizzles….. So what I’d like to remind you of is this is a journey – this is a process and that you are exactly where you need to be right now doing exactly what you are doing.

The solstice brought about a sense of balancing things out and grounding everything.   The message here is to keep focused – to stay focused on enduring without suffering (love that phrase – came from a client session!).  Realize that its not about this particular race – or that particular event or some other particular outcome that you had in your head that you wanted or expected to transpire.  Realize that it’s about the steady progress that we have all made and that we all continue to make in bringing greater and greater quotients of light to earth.  Realize that the work is to anchor, ground and embody that light and realize that in the process of bringing in more and more light we will continue to illuminate that which has been in darkness and is now ready to come to the surface for resolution and transmutation.

This is the time of the Great Turning – the Great Shift.  You came here very specifically for this work – you are an integral part in the process and you have done an outstanding job in making tremendous leaps in consciousness in a miniscule period of time.  Be easy with yourself.  Be gentle, kind and nurturing to yourself.  Be clear on your boundaries. Know when you have had enough and be sensible enought to take a time out.  You have worked and played incredibly hard at the game of Ascension – it’s ok to stop the world for a bit and enjoy a breather.  All the finest athletes know the importance of rest.

If you are feeling drained or have been struggling through the last few weeks of ascension work – it may be time for you to receive some energetic assistance – I invite you to consider the Ascension Activation Attunement series which can offer substantial support to you during this time!
Don’t forget to ask for a PEA!

I Want a PEA!

I Want a PEA!

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I Want a BEE!

I Want a BEE!

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A couple of years ago I had to come to a very tough decision – after 2 years of trying to make a “go” of it with my Art Gallery/Healing Arts Center the time came to let it go and move on to what the Universe and my spirit had in store for me next.  What I discovered was after making the decision to let it go I had a sudden and enormous FLOOD of creative juice and began to paint again.  Funny how that works you know – I opened the store as an art gallery to display and sell my own work initially along with the work of a lot of other artists (31 to be exact) and I ended up not painting at all for most of the time I had the store open!

Decorated for FIREFest 2006

Decorated for FIREFest 2006

Anyway – as soon as I made the decision – paintings started to come – A LOT of paintings – 45 in a two week period – and they were unlike any others I had ever done before – these paintings had some really special characteristics!  Each of them are embedded with crystals, have been infused with reiki & shamballa multidimensional healing energy,  have a “resonant” number and every one has been infused with the sound vibrations of the crystal singing bowls and with the breath of intent for healing blown into them  (with the exception of the Angel of Death who received no breath).  Representations of various celestial and etheric energies – 15 Archangels, 17 Ascended Mothers,  7 Ascended Masters, 11 Fairies and 12 Peace Prayers all emerged eventually and then when the painting flow ceased the words started to come!


ISBN 978-0-9815594-8-3

Out of the ashes of The Amethyst Wyldfyre Gallery & Healing Center, a book was born entitled Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the Archangels and along with that birth I stepped into and claimed my role as an author.  I wrote and channeled these beautiful messages over about a six month period – 45 messages in all – each designed to assist, activate, ground, facilitate and guide your individual Ascension process. 

Then I went on to learn about self publishing and all that entails finally producing my first book – which includes 15 full color plates reproducing for the reader all of the original Vibrational Power Paintings that started the whole thing off to begin with!

Celestial Voices has already created some powerful shifts for people like Wendy Stevens of who says this book is her “Spiritual Rock on Paper”! Read more about Wendy’s thoughts on the book HERE.   Susan Sloane, author of Adam Awake, says on the back cover that Celestial Voices is “….an invaluable handbook of comfort, support & understanding as our reality transforms….”

Here is an excerpt from the book from ArchAngel Raguel (ArchAngel of Transformation among many other things) which is just one sample of the many ways the ArchAngels love us, support us, and guide us through this book:

Atomic fusion in action Raguel brings you transformation at the essential level. Embedded with Clear Apophylite, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 555,555.

Atomic fusion in action Raguel brings you transformation at the essential level. Embedded with Clear Apophylite, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 555,555.

“Faith the size of a mustard seed can indeed move mountains and more.  Have faith Children – Faith in your Creator, Faith in Creation, Faith in the Universal Cosmic and Sacred Laws of Love and Light.  Most importantly, HAVE FAITH in your own unique and perfect ability to Create all that you desire.”…

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book it is available in both printed and e-book format and may be purchased on my website HERE – or on HERE.

I highly encourage retailers to carry this book as it is an essential tool during this unique time of tremendous growth, shifting and changing. Please inquire directly by phone 603-594-2744 or email me at ISBN#978-0-9815594-8-3.

Interested in purchasing the original painting?  Please visit my online gallery site or for archival quality reproductions visit my gallery page on Fine Art

By the way if you enjoy visiting my website – Wendy from Gardenplum is the wonderwoman responsible for it’s beauty and flow – if it’s time for a new site for you maybe you should check her out….

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