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Join my colleague and WISE WOMAN Kiva Shuler Leatherman and me this afternoon at 4 – We’re going to have a “Virtual Afternoon Tea” and get DOWN and DIRTY sharing with you some powerful SPIRITUAL and PRACTICAL  steps to overcome the 7 fears that keep women from feeling worthy of wealth.   This call (and the preceding 7 part video series) is an unprecedented opportunity to join us as we BUILD a BRIDGE between these two seemingly disparate parts of our lives – our soul’s deep wisdom and and wallets!

Please register right away – we have already received over 500 women into the WOW Project Community!  Won’t you add YOUR energy and POWER to this call today?

Here’s the link:

We’ll be on twitter too! Here’s the hashtag:  #wowcall – we’d love to interact with you there during the call and get your live FEEDBACK!

In gratitude and service to the Feminine Divine!

Peace is IN YOU!!


Side by side with Success!

Wonder what it takes to really make your life, your business and your relationships work and work successfully?


Willingness to show up

Willingness to “look stupid”

Willingness to stand your ground

Willingness to speak your truth

Willingness to believe in your dream

Willingness to believe in yourself

Willingness to imagine and make believe

Willingness to play

Willingness to reach out and touch another

Willingness to say “I’m sorry”

Willingness to work things out

Willingness to be open to other people’s truth

Willingness to “drop the rope”

Willingness to see someone elses’s Sacred Point of View

Willingness to remember you are worthy

Willingness to receive

Willingness to take a big leap

Willingness to be coached or mentored by another

Willingness to recognize when someone else might have a piece of the puzzle for you

Willingness to be friends

Willingness to say NO

Willingness to say YES

Willingness to set and keep clear boundaries for yourself

Willingness to try new things, meet new people, go to new places, have new experiences

Willingness to move

Willingness to admit your mistakes

Willingness to rest

Willingness to surrender

Willingness to Fail – BIG

Willingness to SUCCEED!

Are you willing to make a choice for you, for your business, for your dream?  I have designed the Divine Worth, Divine Wisdom, Divine Wealth mastermind program for 2011 which is meant to catapult the women who choose to raise their hands and say “PICK ME” to leap into their highest level of service to the planet.   This Mastermind will be filled with hand-selected conscious Passion-preneurs who will be required to have a phone consultation with me and to submit a written application form for consideration.  The intent is to serve you both personally and professionally, to assist you to come more fully into your power, to remember that you are worthy of wealth, to connect you to your Source more powerfully than ever before and to teach you how to MASTER the art of attracting, containing and generatively channeling wealth.

Clients who work with me have consistently reported feeling LIGHTER and CLEARER than ever before – more WILLING to step into their greatness – better prepared to FOCUS on their life’s work and to lead the life they were meant to have – to contribute to the world in the most powerful and artful of ways – and to be kind to themselves and remember their true value and values.   My more well known clients include NY Times Best Selling Author and Spiritual Marketing Quest founder Suzanne Falter-Barns, The Queen of Sales Conversion Lisa Sasevich, Stacy Canfield of,  a Hay House author and Radio show host and many more.

I am looking for committed conscious cultural creative women entrepreneurs who know the value of working with a mentor, who understand how to collaborate with others in a small group to mutually support each other, who are ready to take their business and life into the next dimension and who are fully invested in their passionate purpose.   I am looking for women who’s work, business, message or mission would be a great case study for me to brag about and promote.  I am looking for dreamers who are working on the manifestation of their dream and know that their current reality doesn’t quite match with what they are dreaming.  Women who are looking for a BOOST of POWER to really get their business and life fully aligned with their highest destiny.  If these words resonate I am looking for YOU and I want to talk to you right away.  Please visit my special application site at and let’s LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE as we enter this brand new decade!  Are you willing?

Sometimes you just have to JUMP off the edge of the Cliff……

I’m delighted and honored to be performing the opening and closing ceremonies (and attending every minute) of the first ever Manifest Success and Peace Global Summit that takes place in San Diego from March 18 – 20.

This exciting event provides a unique opportunity to network with other conscious, forward-thinking, visionary entrepreneurs.  It’s all about creating a place where we can discuss innovative, fresh, and inspiring ideas with other like-minded individuals.

Join me and my colleagues including Deborah Chambers, Peggy McColl, Gail Goodwin, Chellie Campbell, Lauren Miller, Tamir Qadree, Ph.D., Adara An D’Rianna, Robert Butwin, Arthur Schwartz, Susan Birmingham, Rev. Dr. Ann Ronan, Tish Troutman, and Joe Kaspar.

You learn about profitable and successful marketing strategies, how to create opportunities that align with your values and create the results you desire, and about innovative products and information that your clients are eagerly seeking. You’ll hear from business leaders, financial planners, spiritual leaders and others who will be sharing all they know to help us tap into the unlimited infinite possibilities within your soul.

For more information about this event, or to sign up at early-bird rates, visit

See you soon!

If you want to learn about how to tap into your inner power so you can create your own success and transform your life personally and professionally, then you’re not going to want to miss the upcoming International Telesummit hosted by Wilma Allan.

Beginning March 1, 2010, I’ll be one of 15 women entrepreneurs who will share how we created success. Speakers include Wilma Allan, Bernadette Doyle, Kelly O’Neil, Paula Gardner, Jenny Flintoft, Lisa Sasevich, Karen Knowler, Lisa Turner, Nicky Pattinson, Milana Leshinsky, Alexis Neely, Biana Babinsky, Laura West, Jane Kenyon, and yours truly!

This summit is geared towards those who may be struggling in their business or who have recently started one and don’t know the next steps to success. During this transformational event, we’ll be sharing our secrets which have created health, happiness, and abundance in our lives.

Visit for more information and to sign up to hear stories and strategies about tapping into your personal power! Success can’t wait—so join us on the calls!

See you soon!

Mark your calendars … Mar 1, 2010 – Mar 5, 2010 …

Join me and 14 extraordinary women entrepreneurs for the forthcoming free International Telesummit How To Harness Your Personal Power and Transform Your Life and Business.

You will discover how 15 extraordinary women entrepreneurs have created their own success. How their own personal stories have shaped their success, what they have done to overcome obstacles and tragedy, and key factors they believe have allowed them to harness their own inner power to ensure their success.

During this tele-summit you will discover:

  • How you can make consistent, on-demand transformations in your life, no matter what stage you are at, regardless of what’s gone before
  • How to take a new look at failures and how that can transform how you achieve
  • You will learn how to really understand persistence and what it can do for you and your business
  • All the things you didn’t know about taking decisions and how that will open doors you didn’t know were there
  • How to discover your ‘burning desire’ and why you need one

Here’s that link to reserve your spot:

EVENT: Sound Vibration Week (teleseminar series)
Date/Time: Feb 21 – Feb 26, 7 pm ET
Details: I’ll be speaking at this week-long teleseminar event on Tues, Feb 23, 2010 at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET.  Learn how sound, harmonics, and similar energies can heal your soul and create more health, happiness, and vitality.  More information:

EVENT: How To Harness Your Personal Power And Transform Your Life And Business Telesummit
Date/Time: Mar 1 – Mar 5
Details: Beginning March 1, 2010, I’ll be one of 15 women entrepreneurs who will share how we created success. This summit is geared towards those who may be struggling in their business or who have recently started one and don’t know the next steps to success. During this transformational event, we’ll be sharing our secrets which have created health, happiness, and abundance in our lives.  More information:

EVENT: The Perfect Platform Revival with Suzanne Falter-Barns (onsite event)
Date/Time: Mar 5 – 7, Austin, TX
Details: Join me for this event hosted by the amazing Suzanne Falter-Barns.  This event is geared towards helping and healing professionals who want to build their platform.  If you’re want to perfect your niche, brand and market yourself more powerfully, and shift your energy into high gear, this is the event for you. I’m conducting a special energy-shifting Despacho ceremony as an additional event right after the main event wraps up Sunday afternoon. I’m really excited to see everyone in Austin.  For more information:

EVENT: Coach-in-the-Moment Radio Hosted by Christine Laureano (radio show)
Date/Time: Mar 10, 2010, 12 Noon ET
Description: I’ll be discussing how you can Leap Fearlessly into Your CORE Path to live a vibrant, energetic life!   I’ll be sharing secrets about aligning your energy with your true calling so you can share your mission and message with the world. The CORE Path is the journey for individuals with higher awareness.  Finding and aligning with your unique path is key to tapping into abundance and  energy that will inspire you and your business. We’ll also be discussing challenges that you’ll likely meet along the path — such as fears and non-productive life patterns.  Not to worry!  I’ll show you what you can do to steer clear of these energy blocks.  More information:

EVENT: Manifest Success and Peace Global Summit (onsite event)
Date/Time: Mar 18 – 20, San Diego, CA
Details: I’m delighted and honored to be performing the opening and closing ceremonies (and attending every minute) of the first ever Manifest Success and Peace Global Summit. This exciting event provides a unique opportunity to learn from and network with other conscious, forward-thinking, visionary entrepreneurs. For more information, visit

EVENT:  Spiritual Rockstars Radio Hosted by Dan Hanneman (radio show)
Date/Time: Mar 25, 2010, 9 pm ET
Description: Join me as I discuss how to Clear Your Energy & Electrify Your Business.
Together, we’ll explore how you can shed what doesn’t serve you so you can serve yourself and your clients. We’ll discuss methods for conserving and utilizing energy to maximize results, and, finally, we’ll talk about boundaries. You’ll learn how to say “No,” fearlessly, so that you can free yourself to pursue your highest good.  And for listeners on the call, I’ll be offering a complimentary BEE – Business Energy Evaluation — that will help you shift perspective so you can shift into high gear. More information:

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