Recently I wrote a pretty extensive post about a shamanic ceremonial weekend that I engaged in during a brilliant weekend in October in New York.  As a shaman, a woman of medicine and a wounded healer I am constantly attending to and honing my own Spirit in addition to adding additional “tools” into my toolbox so that I may continue to enhance my abilities to be of service to those who are called to engage in their own deep inner work with me.

One of the things that has evolved for me over the past year is a clarification of exactly whom it is I am here to serve at this time – Evolving Entrepreneurs – like me – in the areas of interest that I myself have explored over the last several years – transformational coach/trainers, artists, speakers, performers, authors, and practitioners in the alternative healing arts.

In order to serve this segment of the marketplace and to further enhance and enrich my abilities as an evolving entrepreneur myself I’ve also taken to “honing my Spirit” in the area of entrepreneurship and to exploring those areas within my own business that I desire to strengthen and improve.  In the incredibly fast paced world we live in and in the arena of Internet marketing where I have chosen to engage in order to spread my message and share my services I’ve discovered there are LOTS of areas of learning that have come up for me to enroll in!

Over the past year (2009) I’ve explored Perfect Platform building with the multi-talented and undisputed expert of creating a solid foundation and web based presence Suzanne Falter Barns (which resulted in the creation of my new site The Energy,PowerArcing with Creator’s Guide Julie Ann Turner who created the space and asked the questions I needed to hear in order to remember that I’m a LEADER who LEAPS, Monetizing my Mission with Lisa Sasevich & Kevin Nations, Juicy Marketing with Lisa Cherney, designing my Signature Program with Shawn Driscoll (who ROCKS in a beautifully subtle and very powerful way to hone in on EXACTLY what to focus on), becoming more highly recognized and visible as an expert with the Incredible Social Media Medicine Woman Nancy Marmolejo creating Slideshow viral (I hope) videos and a Radio Show Blazing Forth The Light under the expert tutelage of Rob Schultz, jumped into the Big Sales, Big Mission, Big Life with the Queen of Sales Conversion Lisa Sasevich, hopped on board the Fast Track to Fitness with JJ Virgin (which wasn’t directly about my business unless you count the fact that without me there IS no business!), was seduced into the Prospect Seduction Blueprint by the Master of Seduction and Ambassador of Fun Kevin Nations,  and learned ALOT about my relationship with $$ from my buddy MONEY MANIFESTING EXPERT Andrea Hess and also from the Queen of Marketing to the Affluent Kelly ONeil (See soon to be published related post What Do Garbage Trucks, Hot Cocoa, Money, & My Mom Have in Common) for more on this one! ) and thought about many of the other programs and offers that were presented to me along the way.  2009 was my year for business education and preparation for taking the message and the medicine out into the world in a much bigger and very different way than I initially saw was my path!

So what does all this have to do with the title of my post???  Well one of the key components of any successful business of course is the ability to do sales – if you aren’t selling your products, programs or services, then you don’t have a business at all, you have a situation of all giving and no receiving and I’m sure you can see how THAT is certainly not an example of BALANCE and BEAUTY!  Getting back to that hole in the ground – if you check out my other post about the Fulacht Fia you’ll get more of this story – I had a HUGE healing in October around alcohol as Jameson’s was specifically called into service by the Irish Shamans as part of our medicine work

Now here’s the big INSIGHT that came for me the following weekend.  When I arrived at Lisa Sasevich’s event Big Mission, Big Sales, Big Life – as I walked in the door – the LIGHT DAWNED and I realized in that instant EXACTLY why I have not been successful at selling myself or my services throughout the entire last 7 years of being out COMPLETELY on my own in the world of business.  That’s right – for those of you who might be really perceptive – guess what my Dad (the alcoholic) did for a living??   He was in SALES – and so all the heavy energy associated with growing up as my father’s daughter was deeply intertwined with the activity of selling – causing me to avoid selling like the plague – I’d rather GIVE it away then have to go through connecting with that remaining pain was what was lurking for me in the subconscious aspects of my being!  And this after 7 YEARS of deep inner healing exploration with energy medicine (and over 20 years of deep psychotherapy too!)

The BEST part about this story is this…. After the energy shifted for me – specifically because of my willingness to engage in energy medicine work for myself ALL the charge was gone – not just the charge around alcohol, not just the charge around my Dad (with whom I’ve made peace and released with forgiveness) but around the activity of SALES as well – and THAT is a VERY good thing because what I’ve discovered is if you keep on giving and you never allow yourself to receive – eventually you become grossly unbalanced, in debt, and unable to support yourself and your family and certainly unable to serve clients in the highest way possible.  The universal laws won’t allow that to happen for too long without shutting things down all together.  Even those who you’ve been GIVING IT AWAY to will finally disappear because they’ll discover there is nothing left for them to get or they will decide that they just aren’t that desperate themselves anymore.

I’m happy to report that I’ve finally turned the tide on the sales aspect of my business – I’ve got all the pieces now into place and I’m going to be honing more and more my abilities to speak to sell and to sell to SERVE.  Because what I know for sure is this – I have a blessing and a gift to share with the world (and you do too) and in coming into balance around giving and receiving I can be of the highest level of service to those who are waiting for the medicine themselves.  When we each engage in our deep work – the world naturally becomes healed and whole once again.  As you contemplate these words and think about what investments you are going to make this year in yourself and your PASSIONATE entrepreneurial business, I would SO love to serve you.  If you’d like to explore the possibilities with me – please apply for a strategic orientation session by visiting my new Energy Journey Site and filling out the form right there online HERE or by contacting my team at and requesting an application form!