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Peace In  Amethyst



Amethyst Wyldfyre ©2008 First Published in NH Mirror Magazine

Part of the path of awakening to your Spirit self is the renewal of your connection to the physical body.  Paradoxical as it may seem the physical body IS the vehicle for your Spirit on this plane.  Because there has been so much harshness in this realm, often we do not fully inhabit our physical bodies and do not have a strong connection to them or to the earth.

As we awaken to our Spirited Self, the most basic and fundamental process for becoming present is connecting with the physical body and becoming conscious of the wisdom that the body itself has to share with us.   The body has clear and precise messages that we can tune in to in order to maximize our health and state of well being.  Being closely connected to the signals of the body and following the body’s guidance can also assist us to manifest all that we desire here on the Earth plane.

There are many ways that we can tune in – one way is learning to overcome the cultural and familial conditioning we all have received around eating:  Were you brought up to eat 3 square meals a day? Did you get forced to clean your plate?  Did you ever have to eat something that you absolutely could not tolerate?  Were you trained to eat on a fixed schedule?  Were you forced to ignore your body’s signals when it was full or perhaps when it was hungry?  There are so many ways that we have been disconnected from listening to our own body and feeding it in the way that is best for its maximum health.

It may take some time but you can detach from years of conditioning and begin to listen to your own body.  It takes making a conscious choice and sometimes it can upset the familiar routines that have been established in your family or home life but know that in the end you will be healthier and will be a better role model for those around you if you begin to practice allowing the body to lead you in making choices about when and how you nourish yourself.

Here’s a great recipe that uses whole grains, nuts and berries and is a delicious treat that can be eaten alone or as a side dish.  Enjoy!

Wheat Berry Salad

1 Cup Dry wheat berries (yields about 2 cups – cook wheat berries for about 1 ½ hours in water about 1 ¾ cups of water to 1 cup of berries – simmer – it takes a long time – until the wheat berries are plumped up and soft)

Saute Green & Red Peppers & onion in about ¼ cup of Sesame Oil (the oil is important it flavors the salad)

After the veggies are tender add 2-3 Tablespoons of Honey/Maple Syrup/Rice Syrup and dump in about 1/4 cup of rice vinegar and then squirt about 2 times around some Liquid Aminos (soy sauce) about 2 Tablespoons and throw in about ½ cup of Craisins  – (dried cranberries) all as this is cooking on the stove.  Then take off the burner and dump into the wheatberries – mix up and add some of your fave nuts like pecans or pine nuts or almonds unless you are allergic to nuts then go without.

Amethyst Wyldfyre, MsD is a multidimensional healer, teacher, juried artist, award winning performer and best selling author living in the Merrimack Valley of Southern NH.

Now taking application for private group and individual clients – please fill out the SEE Session application if you are “hearing” its time! Amethyst shares her inspirational morning message of success, sweetness, and spirituality in the second episode of The Honey Party Series. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello Beautiful People!!


037 (2)I’m just back from an incredible INITIATION in San Diego – we were in the beautiful and majestic Mission Bay – in the Mission Ballroom for Big Mission, Big Sales, Big Life hosted by the Queen of Sales Conversion Lisa Sasevich!

Three days just PACKED with info, energy and connections – it was truly awesome!!  I’ll be posting a ton of pics on my Facebook Fan Page very shortly – but I wanted to share a couple of insights and decisions that I made at this event that were powerfully important for me and for my business!


First of all I decided it was time for me to take action on caring for and really supporting and nurturing the HEART of my business – en route to the event I was reading a book by Dan Kennedy and had an AHA moment which I jotted down on the edge of my boarding pass – which I ripped off the piece of paper and stuck to my inspiration wall beside my desk – the AHA message was “Invest WISELY in the Heart of Your Business – YOU!”

Now right before my departure I wrote a blog post about being ready to get out of DEBT – Doing Every Blessed Thing which is the experience I was having up until now – as well as debt in the more tangible real world form of being indebted to other people as well as to credit card companies and banks.  This was a powerful intention that I set and it set into motion some very powerful shifts that are already in the process of unfolding. 

One of the immediate shifts I realized was that going into debt – or using debt creating options to manifest my work in the world needed to be re-framed for me – shifted from being a BURDEN – carrying the burden of debt – mentally – into being an INVESTMENT and the wise use of LEVERAGE which was my good credit and the blessing that the banks and credit card companies see me as being someone who is consistently trustworthy at returning to them their investment in me with INTEREST – which is how I got these cards and loans to begin with.  I have consistently paid my bills – being late has never been an option – and even when I wasn’t exactly sure where the $ was coming from (like for the last 7 years not being sure!) it always was there in one form or another to carry me to the next month, week or day.  In each moment there has always been enough.

023 (2)

The next shift that came for me was the realization – which has been a Big part of my healing process over the last few months – that I did in fact have a “missing” piece to the puzzle of my business – and that piece was the SALES piece – being comfortable speaking about my work and easily selling it – and of course without the sales – it’s kind of challenging for the business to grow.  Sales are a pillar of your business success map – if you don’t have that pillar firmly in place and fully grounded and activated you are just simply NOT going to have a balanced foundation upon which to build anything – you’ll be tilting over to one side – like the Leaning Tower! (See that beautiful tower picture above – imagine if one corner of the building foundation was missing?)  So I made the “perfectly guided and inspired from above and within” action step to invest wisely  in myself and my business by joining Lisa Sasevich’s Platinum Mastermind program and am embarking with her and 30 + other “guided” entrepreneurs on a journey that will I’m sure be incredibly transformative. (The fact that she had the opportunity delivered to us via two incredibly buff Tiki Men certainly was icing on the cake for the decision I had already made! – and if you look REALLY closely at the picture in it’s blown up format you can see the HUGE orb off to the right of Lisa’s head as well as several smaller orbs in this pic!)

The third shift/choice point was the decision to really step up and start to take INFINITELY BETTER care of myself – because guess what??? Without me there is NO Business!  Extreme self care is being called forth now for me in a variety of ways.  First of all – a pulling back of my energies – powerfully activated by using the magic word – NO!  This is being taken to a whole new level – because one of the ways I’m being called to say NO is actually saying NO to opportunities to receive $ as well as connections.  I had to say NO at least four times at the event to people who approached me at varying stages of their journey wanting what I had to offer but either unable to pay or unwilling to pay that I had to say NO to – in the form of saying Yes – which goes something like this:  Yes I can see that you are ready, Yes I can see that you have the capacity to make this change, Yes I can see the possibility of you working with me, and finally YES when the time is exactly right and you have exactly the amount of money needed (or are ready to take the leap and trust that the $ will arrive for you exactly on time) then we certainly can work together.  It was really empowering for me that’s for sure.  So setting BOUNDARIES and being infinitely clear on what my next most fully aligned and perfectly guided steps are was really big for me.  There’s a saying from Robert Frost I believe that “Good Fences make Good Neighbors” so I’m going to start a process of creating a little order in the chaos by fencing my self off for a while and withdrawing into my own inner sanctum to determine what will be shared, when, how and with whom. 


Along with the boundaries the other piece of taking INFINITELY Better care of myself was the inspired decision to sign up with JJ Virgin who was our highly entertaining, educational and FUN Master of Ceremonies at the event.  This woman has it GOING ON!! JJ is a Celebrity Fitness Coach who’s worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood – was on Dr. Phil for 2 years and is just an incredible powerhouse of common sense, good science and great inspiration.  I am on her 21 day Fast Track to Fitness and will be sharing my progress on that via video and journaling here in my blog!

I have a treasure trove of more information to share about the event, all that I learned about myself and all of the fabu peeps that I connected with – but my “upstairs team” is advising me that it’s time to move on to the next thing – so I want to leave you with this – when you have a LIFE CHANGING experience and then you come back into your own world – it’s important to remember to connect once again and ground in all your energy so that the shifts can begin to take root and grow positively, abundantly and magically in the soil of your own home base.  So here’s a little video I’ve done for myself and for anyone else who’s coming in for a landing in this brand new world that we’re creating as we go!




May all your flights be majestic and your landings smooth and easy!!!


Love and infinite light,


Recently I’ve engaged in a “challenge” 30 blog posts in 30 days.  Sometimes we say yes and only afterward realize what we have committed ourselves to.  As an Energy Master I have a duty to myself to be clear and focused on what it is that I choose to do with my energy and because I myself am still “on journey” I’ve been given the opportunity once again to “discover” an old pattern of saying YES Uh Huh I’ll do that Seems Like a Good Idea – before really taking even the smallest of moments to breathe, scan, discern and determine if this is the right choice for me right now.Numbers 2082 (4)

The intent behind this challenge is to help those of us who have agreed to join in to get into a regular habit of blogging – and as a result of that habit of sharing our information, wisdom or offerings to simultaneously build our business because the theory is with more blogging we’ll get more attention, more information or content out there and thus more opportunities to connect with the people who may be a fit for our services.  All good in theory – perhaps another story in practice…

So I find myself right now a bit at odds with some of the things I know to be true:

1. – Whatever I need is always there for me all the time

2. – Those who are supposed to connect with me will show up – and be ready, willing and able to connect with the work that I have to offer – Exactly on Time

3. – I choose to allow the flow of people, money, connections, and opportunities to come to and through me with ease and grace – and I have in fact experienced this many times.

4. When I try to force the river – efforting, struggling, or pushing to create something whether it’s a blog post, a piece of music, a work of art or a harmonious relationship then I end up not only not really accomplishing what I desire but often times I end up burned out, used up, exhausted or unwell.

5.  My creative process is well known to me at this point – when I create – it comes in spurts – I’ll sit down and make 27 pieces of jewelry in two days or 45 paintings in three weeks or write 5 books in one year and then when the flow is complete I’m done – I walk away and I might not touch the writing, the paintbrush or the beads again for weeks, months or maybe even years!

6.  My work – when I bring the fullness of myself to it – is truly impactful – it is deep, profound, life altering work and the people who choose to connect with their own energy journey by investing in themselves through me are achieving phenomenal shifts and exponential growth in both their business and personal lives.

7.  I must honor myself above all else – caring for my needs first – in order to be of the highest level of service to all.  Do I need to do all these posts? or is ONE QUALITY post going to serve as powerfully as 30 little snippets?

So what is a shamaness to do when she discovers that perhaps she’s signed on for something that is not fully in alignment with what she knows to be true about herself? (or anyone for that matter??)

First I’ve decided to share my truth – here in this post and also with the person that I made the commitment to (that would be me! because in actuality when we commit to another we are committing ourselves!)

Secondly I’ve decided that I will blog when I feel the urge – when I feel that there is something of VALUE that I have to say – not just for the sake of blogging or of living up to some “challenge” or expectation that I have set for myself.

Thirdly if there comes a moment in the next 23 days where I decide I’m not going to be reaching this goal I will gracefully and easily give myself permission to back off – to take myself back from the edge (like we do in yoga) so that I don’t injure myself or send the energy of pushing too hard to do too much out with my posts.

Fourth I’ll ask myself to remember the next time someone sends me an invitation to jump on board and commit to something to take a breath AND a little journey along the choice/destiny lines to see into the future (I can do that you know – you can too) and determine if this is the right thing at the right time for me.

Discernment and self-knowledge are precious gifts – and they are to be used – not stored in the cupboard for when special company comes to visit!

Please feel free to comment on this post if you feel that it speaks to you in any way.


In celebration of the last week of summer I have decided (after careful discernment and sitting with the idea for about a week) that I’ll be picking 7 people to receive a free PEA (Personal Energy Assessment – Valued at $97.00) – one for each day of this final week before the Autumnal Equinox – to be considered for this contest please forward me an email to – put I Want a PEA in the subject line and be sure to let me know why you feel it would serve you at this time!  (PEAS will be scheduled over the next several weeks for the winners!)

Sometimes we forget our connection to Source and we need a little assistant to Remember that we can be WYLDLY ABUNDANT – be sure to click that link and connect with the program that I did with Nicole Whitney of News For the Soul Radio fame if you would like to re-connect to your birthright of living a WYLDLY ABUNDANT life!

I so enjoyed making these videos – I did about 8 or 9 in all in the orchard – this one is about Trusting and Sharing with the Earth.  One of the things that can happen for those of us who are highly creative or passionate about our business or purpose here is that we get SO many ideas!  When you are tuned in to the Universal Mind – of course you’ll be able to access that flow and receive ideas all the time – the challenge then becomes are you going to try to chase after all of them? Or can you let some of them go – sharing them with others or returning them to Source?

This Apple Tree series is focused on helping you to shift your ideas and beliefs about abundance – if you’d like more help in that area – deeper energy shifting can be had through a 4 week teleworkshop I’m offering starting next week – Monergy Medicine info can be found HERE!
Thanks to Sandra Martini one of my Mastermind SiSTARS in Nancy Marmolejo’s Women Making an Impact Mastermind for challenging us all to write ON!  I joined her 30 day blog challenge – I’ll be blogging every day now for the next thirty days (maybe 2 posts or more in a day so I can have the weekends off 🙂

Be Like the Apple Tree 2 – Are You Having Faith in the Seeds YOU’VE Planted?

Heavy with Fruit? Time for your Harvest??

Here’s the second in the Apple Tree Series – keep tuning in – more to come…..

Cultivation of patience is a vital aspect of the faith and manifestation process! Choose what you need weed, what you need to release, what you need to fertilize! What are the seeds you planted? A spiritual Harvest is About to Happen!

Love and infinite light,

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Enjoy being Wyldly Abundant – !!

Be Like the Apple Tree! 1 – Apples — Abundance!

What kind of Visionary plants seeds that will grow trees that will feed generations?? Are YOU that kind of Visionary – are you ready to plant seeds that will sustain not only you but those who are yet to come?? Can you see that YOU are HEAVY with Fruit just like this beautiful tree? (feel free to tag yourself and share!) (Oh BTW you might want to check out WYLDLY ABUNDANT HERE –> co-created with News For the Soul Host Nicole Whitney to help Heal YOUR Abundance Wounds…)

Have been spending a bunch of time playing with video and enjoying nature – August is a great month to get out doors!

Enjoy the series – more to come…..

Love and infinite light,


Ready to become Wyldly Abundant?

Are You Tuning In??

Are You Tuning In??

Just last week I did an AWESOME call with over 100 people signed up called Everybody Channels & U Can 2!  to promote my upcoming summer workshop Opening to Channel for Fun & Profits!

If you have a few moments to spare you might want to check out the call – a great message came through from AA Gabriel too…..

Here is the LINK for the call!

The Opening to Channel Workshop starts on July 22 – hope you will consider joining me and AA Gabriel it should be a most excellent adventure into reclaiming your true gifts!

Had a great weekend learning all about how to make slide show “movies”  – I’m on a ROLL!! It’s been so fun I ended up making three of them – and my first which I posted up on  the Slideshare site on Saturday was selected today as a Showcase pick by the editors for the Spiritual Catagory!! How do you like them apples?  I was pretty psyched…. Thought I’d share my fun here – Comments on the blog and/or the slideshare are MOST welcome!!!



REMEMBERING (This was the “Showcase” pick!)


Tree Vessel

Tree Vessel

Celestial Voices

Celestial Voices


Celestial Voices

<——- By the way – I still have a few copies left of my first printing of this book – get em before they are all gone!!  Buy HERE Mention that you saw the video or read this blog post and I’ll give you a special deal – free shipping – only while they last!!
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