First Bath

Energy Mastery – the act of being a master of your own personal power is a lifelong journey – and for most of us consists of a lot of speed bumps along the path!  We come into the world shiny – bright – connected to source – ready to love and be loved – the embodiment of love in fact!  I mean really have you looked at, smelled or held a newborn lately??? We also come in pretty POWERLESS – powerless to get our needs met and put into the hands of people who may or may not be prepared themselves in every way to serve us into our becoming as powerful, divinely gifted contributors to the planet.

What happens more often than not is we are born into some kind of situation where there is drama – sometimes really HIGH drama – being played out.  We start off by taking on the role of the Innocent.  As we travel through our life we move through various experiences and transformations – and in our modern culture there are very few “ritual” rights of passage.  The ritual right of passage is a community wide recognition that you have moved on from one role to another.  When the culture has no real clear boundary lines between these stages of life what happens is you end up confused, energetically as well as psychologically about who you are, why you are here and what you are supposed to be doing with yourself and your energy.

From this confusion a lot of drama ensues – you become trapped – energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally in the Triangle of Trauma(Drama) – you move around this triangle playing the roles of Victim, Perpetrator or Rescuer – perpetually.  And you tell yourself stories that keep you in the triangle rather than get you out.  You may not ever want to think of yourself as playing the role of Perpetrator but I can assure you we play all three – most often we “perpetrate” upon ourselves because we don’t have clear boundaries – we don’t have signposts and models for moving in and out of roles and we don’t have any kind of training or significant understanding of our own energy and power.

I would like to encourage you to notice where the “story” is showing up in your life – what role are you playing?  Find where you are playing each and every role and see if you can track the origins that keep you trapped in this story, in this role.   If you are stuck – in any way – that means you are in the story.  You are in the story and you are not moving or if you are moving you are just going round and round in (or corner to corner!) in the triangle!

Sometimes you are playing all three roles simultaneously – this is the juggling act!  Maybe in your relationship with one of your parents you are playing the role of VICTIM.  Maybe in your relationship with the planet you are playing the role of RESCUER.  Maybe in your relationship with your children or spouse you are playing the role of PERPETRATOR.  Check out your story.  What is the story line?  Are you happy to be juggling – do you want to keep this plot going or is it time for you to “STOP THE WORLD”.  What would happen to your world if you did that?  What are you afraid might happen if you just decided – right now – that you aren’t playing that game any more?

Juggling fire can get you burned…..Or it can be HIGHLY entertaining.   Sometimes we feel so disconnected from our Source – so disconnected from who we really are and why we are really here that we like to DISTRACT ourselves with this HIGHLY Entertaining activity.  This consumes our energy.  Consumes our Personal Power.  Consumes our gifts and we are left at the end of it all – completely consumed – having left not much behind other than the perpetuation of this story line.

Is it time for you to STEP OUT OF THE STORY?  What would you like instead……

I have been shown that there are 4 women out there – you know who you are – you know as you are reading this that your time is now – you know that you are complete with the old story and ready to take up your power and create something beautiful out of your life.  You are ready to reclaim your gifts and to fully invest in the shifting of an entire system of belief in your chosen field of service.  You are ready to be fearless.  You are ready to lead.  You are ready to be reconnected to your highest aspects.  You are willing to invest the time, energy and money to make the leap.  You are hearing the calling….. You know who you are.   May I serve you?  I have a few openings this month in my calendar for a complimentary SEE session – please do not apply unless you are truly feeling called and ready to make a significant change in your story.  The Divine Wisdom, Divine Worth, Divine Wealth Intensive is reserved for the truly committed.  Here is the link to apply:  SEE Session Application