"Off with her Head!"

6 today! 

I so hope you have been enjoying these posts – I’ve now created and posted 22 into the Ultimate Blog Challenge so I’m more than “caught up” with the program – that feels good to me – I don’ t know about you but sometimes I get “ahead” of myself and other times I feel like I’m “behind”.  Are you the kind of person who prefers to be ahead or do you prefer to hold back a bit and be more methodical, precise, cautious?

Do you find yourself really stuck in one or the other end of the spectrum?  We’re always moving and our energy and our “status” at any particular time is going to be somewhat random – but we do have patterns – that’s the purpose of this evening energy evaluation process (please go back to the first few posts in this series to see what I mean) .  Once you are AWARE of patterns you can use them to your advantage or make a conscious choice to change them!
The whole “ahead of yourself” thing I am sensing has a connection to our mind – our “Head” that is always chattering away at us – convincing us of what might happen, what needs to happen, what we aren’t doing right, and generally is always spurring us on in some way to keep us on some kind of an edge – in that state of anxiety and fear that are the cornerstones of the entire fear matrix – we each contribute to the fear matrix whenever we succumb to fears and over -react or speculate on what MIGHT happen!  Sometimes we’re so FEARFUL of LOSING OUR HEAD that we fail to recognize that our HEART has something valuable to offer to the picture – and often (actually ALL the time) when we are in our HEART space (our TRUE HEART space) and we allow our heart to guide and lead us – we are being led by LOVE!   How about realizing that no matter WHAT happens it’s all Divinely PERFECT!

I’m choosing lately to shift my pattern of overage – over committing, over doing, over promising, over whelming myself and my teammates!  I am choosing to slow things up a bit – put things on the back burner – let stuff simmer – leave well enough alone for a while – let things grow organically in my life and my business.   When I stop “getting ahead of myself” I can be SO much more powerful and impacting because I’m actually HERE in the present MOMENT which is where we have the greatest amount of power and capacity to create and to grow!

How do you manage and modulate your own flows of power and energy? Do you ever think about your own power, your own energy flows?  Do you ever apply your awareness and intent to coming into full PRESENCE in the present moment of NOW??  I’d love to hear how your energy evaluations are going…..

Loving your light,