Promised (made a commitment, set a goal) yesterday that I’d share with you today what to do to break away cleanly from those commitments/goals that you set without fully exploring the ramifications of your decision.

I’m all about personal responsibility and so often when we set a goal we feel obligated to fulfill it – but what happens when we do it mindlessly is that we end up over committing, over doing, over burdening, over whelming and over re-acting when the whole thing starts to blow up in our face as it will inevitably when we act from conditioning rather than from free will.  We can do this to ourselves over and over and over again and often do because we are “caught” in what we have been taught.IMG_0642

When I look at the luminous egg (or luminous body) of someone who has repeatedly done this I “see” a number of different things – usually I’ll see cords, bindings, shackles, ropes, and ties – these can be from this lifetime – but often this “habit” or pattern is carried forth lifetime to lifetime – that’s why even though you may “know better” you are energetically preprogrammed to keep making the same bad choices or unconscious decisions until you are able to “clear” this program at the energetic level.  In the hands of a skilled practitioner of the healing arts you can make a huge difference in your life and shift energetically to a place of total integrity when these old (often ancient) contracts are surfaced and eradicated or re-written to serve you in the present and future in a much more harmonious and clear way.

When we loose these binds our energy is freed – we are freed – and in our freedom we can discover that there is a LOT of energy at our disposal to now pursue the objectives of our heart.  So let’s just take a quick look at this lifetime and keep in the context of this thread of conversation that I started the other day – let’s say you’ve set a goal for yourself – let’ say it’s something really simple like vacuuming the dust bunnies from your closet floor (ok I’ll admit it I’ve been on a cleansing FRENZY in the last few weeks and I tore apart my closet – moved all my stuff over to the other side as well as released two bags of clothes, shoes and purses that just aren’t mine anymore) and you made that goal over a week and a half ago and you STILL haven’t gotten the vacuum up to the 2nd floor yet.  What do you think happens EVERY TIME YOU GO IN TO THE CLOSET???? – I think you can tell me now can’t you?? You think about that little goal you set that you still haven’t fulfilled.

What happens when you think about it?  What happens when that thinking leads to you feeling a certain way? (guilty, beating yourself up, talking bad in your head to yourself…) What happens to your energy? You are USING IT UP – and on what?? Dust BUNNIES of all things – never mind world hunger or creating peace on earth – how can you address any of those bigger issues when you are consuming your energy on something as silly as a little goal that you set about cleaning up the DUST BUNNIES for God’s sake??? Speaking ofdust3 Peace on Earth – remember that song? Let there be Peace on Earth and Let it begin with me?  Well when you can LET GO (surrender, release, erase, cancel, clear, delete) of all the little titchy unconsciously created goals that get up under your skin like a bee in a bonnet and just flow with life – then and only then will YOU be at peace with yourself and your world – and maybe then we can have some peace in our lifetime.  (Be sure to check out Lynne Hazeldon’s site for more on this Peace In Our Lifetime thing ‘K?).


Are You a Passionpreneur? Someone with a big, burning, heart centered desire to serve your clients and the world?  Need some help in Energetically releasing all that no longer serves you from ANY lifetime?  Want to get clear on what your goals REALLY are for your business and your life.  Let’s talk – send me an email ( we’ll schedule a BEE (Business Energy Evaluation Session) – just you and me and of course the BEE!  It’ll be fun – I promise!

By the way I’d love to invite you to join in this conversation with me – make a comment or two – pass along the ideas to others – see what emerges for you!  Thank you for reading and I enjoy and appreciate your support and attention – you have just consumed some of your energy in the reading and receiving of this work – my prayer is that I have served you!  I believe that I have – because Spirit would not have brought you here to receive this if you didn’t need it right here and right now!

Psst…. Did you hear….??? The Energy Journey is coming……