I’ve been back  for over a month now from Lisa Sasevich’s Speak to Sell Bootcamp and let me tell you what – I’ve received some pretty powerful shifts in awareness from being there. 

Not only did I discover that I needed to do my OWN WORK of shifting energy to get UNSTUCK from my own resistance to applying the teachings that Lisa so Masterfully conveys and models consistently every time I have the opportunity to witness her delivering her blessing, but I also was invited to “SEE” where I am now in relationship to where I was a year ago!

One of the things that Lisa invited us to do was to create a bio for speaking – and in the crafting of that bio she encouraged us to be both authentic and unabashedly promote ourselves so that we can in fact be SEEN as the EXPERTS that we ARE!

The beauty of this little exercise for me was that I actually was able to recognize and realize that I have done A LOT of great stuff in the last year.  I was able to SEE just how many wonderful people that I have shared the stage with and to recognize that I’m actually UP THERE WITH THEM – and not still down in the audience wishing, hoping and visioning!  I actually got to SEE that I have moved – Powerfully so – into my own vision!

When I sat down to review the past year I discovered much to my surprise and delight that I have “shared the stage” with some of the biggest experts in both the conscious entrepreneurship and internet based marketing arena as well as in the alternative healing and consciousness raising new thought arena.  When I took a look at the list I had to stop and catch my breath for a minute and say WOW!  I mean REALLY – WOW! (check out the list below!)

As someone who believes fully in the joy being in the journey I think that sometimes we get caught up in the mechanics of the journey part and might miss those all important stopping points along the path that allow us to celebrate our accomplishments, to rest, to restore our energy for the next leg, and to reconnect with either our original vision or with Spirit to check in to see if the vision has been updated and upgraded.

Thanks Lisa for helping me to Get Perspective – as one who SEES myself I often am in the position with my clients to help them to reveal those things within their own business where they are either stuck or hung up thinking that they can’t change, let go or move onto a new venture or playing field.  Part of what I help my clients with is teaching them to keep SCORE in their business.  I use my signature SCORE System which is taught in the Core Path Intensive to lead them through a variety of Power Point Practices that not only help to clear the fear but that they can also integrate into their own routines so that when another paralyzing challenge comes along they have the tools in their tool box to at least begin the process of handling any fears that may arise.  Keeping SCORE is the way that we can determine whether or not we are succeeding against the goals that we have set for ourselves both at the physical and the spiritual levels.  Because the SCORE system is both deeply intuitive as well as highly structured my clients are able to achieve astonishing results and enjoy their own Spiritual Energized Entrepreneurial Success.

This fall I‘m planning a big tele-event which you’ll be hearing more about shortly – If you are stuck in the conversations or communications aspects of any area of your business this event is packed with powerful mentors and teachers that will be delivering outstanding training and coaching as well as offering opportunities to go deeper with them.   Be sure to look in the blog for more details as the summer wanes.

After my event is concluded, I do intend to take on new clients again for another Energy Journey through the Core Path Intensive – which is delivered in a small group format – I am very choosy about who I work with – my clients must be invested in every way in their desire to be of service through their own work and so I have a very thorough vetting process to ensure not only a high degree of success but also a high caliber of peers with whom to share the journey.  I have found in my own journey that when you aspire to something it’s important to seek out those mentors and peer groups that will grow you rather than be content to leave you sitting in your comfort zone of “everything’s fine” mediocrity.  I welcome your application if this type of group work is of interest and if you feel you are ready to take your game and your business to the next level.  Please fill out the application HERE and one of our team members will contact you to initiate the vetting process.

Here’s the list of some of the peeps (there’s a few more that I haven’t yet recorded in a spreadsheet!):

Dr. Bernie Siegel
Robert Scheinfield
Jack Allis
Anita Pathik Law
Christine Kloser
Christian Pankhurst
Guy Finley
Marcia Weider
Robin Rose
Eva Gregory
Marcia Bench
Tamara Kleinberg
Jean Adrienne
Deb Scott
Elizabeth Barbour
Jennifer Urezzio
Lissa Boles
Lucia Rene’
Kari Joys
Charlene Proctor
Barbara Joye Ratcliffe
Marcia Martin
Michelle Casto
Barbara Galbrunson
Kathy Jo Slusher-Haas
Karen Russo
Doreen Agostino
Jackie Lapin
Andrea Costantine
Dr. Peter Rogers
Lorraine Cohen
Ken Foster
Lori Leyden
Dr. Rick Moss
Ken Robinson
Amirah Hall
Joanne Macko
Chaney Wiener
Beca Lewis
Rev. Joan Newcomb
Molly Luffy
Maya McLaughlin
Peggy McColl
Christie Sheldon
Diane Brandon
Kimberly Marooney
Catherine VanWetter
John Welshons
Amoda Maa Jeevan
Rev. Anne Muelleman
Iris Benrubi
Linda Howe
Doug De Vito
Richard Mekdeci
Leesa Barnes
Dave Dee
Max Simon
Vrinda Normand
Andrea Hess
Mark Silver
Mary Kay Morgan
Darius Barazandeh
Jeneth Blackert
Baeth Davis
Sue Painter
Nancy Marmolejo
Elizabeth Marshall
Suzanne Falter-Barns

Jeffrey Van Dyk

Wilma Allan
Bernadette Doyle
Paula Gardner
Jenny Flintoft
Lisa Sasevich
Karen Knowler
Kelly O’Neil
Lisa Turner
Milana Leshinsky
Alexis Martin Neely
Biana Babinsky
Nicky Pattinson
Laura West
Jane Kenyon
Edwene Gaines
Michael Sasevich
Natasha Abudarham
Helen Kim
David Neagle
Kevin Nations
Richard White
Patricia Wilson
Michele PW
Wendy Howard
Hannah McNamara
Julie Ann Turner
Ellyce Killoran
Maria Simone
Patrick Combs
Caroline Sutherland
Kim Kirmmse
Marcia Reynolds
Tuck Self
Suzanne Holman
Susun Weed
Carla Brown
Kerrie O’Conner
Elizabeth Hilts
Raphael Cushnir
Gary Kehoe
Dr. Eric Honing
Rosalyn Adams
Pamela Tames & Marcellas Reynolds
David Wolfe
Tim Wedrosky
LeLa Bryan
Carole Cross
Dyan Garris
Jen Irishu
Christy Whitman
Victoria Moran
Dr. Rita Louise
Marie Whelan
Constance Arnold
Elizabeth Grant
Sarah Maria
Nan Akasha
Michelle Prince
Monique Chapman
Dr. Toni Lamotta
Debra Berndt
Tracy Boyce
Rhoberta Shaler PHD
Karen Luniw
Jeanna Gabellini
Heather Picken
Biba F. Pedron
Mary Rivas
Jennifer McLean
John Beaulieu
Jonathan Goldman
Steven Halpern
Mark Romero
John Morgan
Jodi Hume
Allison Maslan
Lou Bortone
Stacy Karacostas
Alton Jamison
Ric Morgan
Beverly D. Flaxington
Lisa Nicole Bell
Erin Blaskie
Michael Margolis
Kara Brackney
John Tinghitella
Scout Wilkins
Dr. Kirk Prine
Donny Lobree
Lisa Cherney
Chellie Campbell
Adara An D’Rianna
Lauren Miller
Tamir Qadree
Robert Butwin
Arthur Schwartz
Cyrus Kaslef
Wade Hinderks
Joe Kasper
Jayne Mosfitt
Tish Froutnam
David Nettles
Amy Lynn Frost
Jeanette Joy
Andrea Lee