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Tonight my energy is still around a 4 – today was a slow day – did a lot of cleanup – electronically as well as around the house – I had to copy and send out some flyers for an event that’s being hosted by Lore Raymond next weekend in St. Petersburg Fl.  She’s the founder of Women as Visionaries and is holding her Create Your New Year’s Success Story event where she’s also honoring several visionary women.

I shipped out 111 of my award winning Divine Union CD”s to be stuffed in the bags from my manufacturer on Friday and a flyer that she’ll be bag stuffing too announcing a call to her community on February 16.  Please say a little prayer for me that the flyers and CD’s get there in time!  I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that there was a holiday on Monday….

Do you sometimes lose track of time – or do you sometimes feel like you are in a battle with time – my son a few weeks ago said “Time is not my friend Mom”  – he’s definitely on his own timetable – specially when it comes to getting  up in the morning and getting work done for school!

Time management is a part of the ORGANIZATION Pillar in our SCORE for your Spiritually Energized Entrepreneurial Success proprietary system that we move our clients through in CORE Path – Energy Foundations for Divine Wealth Intensive.

Icy Fingers 2 - Original Photo - @2007 By Amethyst Wyldfyre

My angels have been talking to me lately – they want me to get out more – see the thing is that I’ve been head down, nose to the grindstone, hiding out in my pjs, sitting at the computer for FAR TOO LONG.   Now I love my computer, and I love my life, and I LOVE that I get to share my dreams and visions and speak my truth on the telephone on a regular basis and I ADORE working with my Divine Clients on the phone, and I love my home and I spent most of this summer, fall and early winter repainting the entire interior but at some point the ICE-OLATION takes over and we become closed down and too inwardly focused and then everything starts to freeze up……

Finding that delicate balance between knowing when to act and when to be still is a life long journey.  Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Doo Doo Doo Doo (Remember the Jaws theme? Oh – maybe you are too young for that music – or too old – or maybe it just doesn’t matter at all – the point being – is it time to come out of the closet?)

What I’ve discovered this past year is that if you are overly FOCUSED on one area of your life – whether it’s your business, your relationship with someone or picking the lint out of your own belly button for endless hours – you lose focus on what is vital.  And you can actually ENERGIZE an already unstable, unhealthy or imbalanced situation and MAKE IT WORSE!  Yikes!!!

So the word on the street is get your BUTT out of the house.  Meet new people, go new places, dance, have some fun, play – be light, be joyful, be exploratory.  Find out what’s changed while you were in hiding……

Take this weekend for instance – my boy – who is 15 and suddenly enamored of the “plant” people was supposed to be at his Dad’s for the weekend – now I’ve been working this little experience of momming – letting go and holding space and holding on and setting boundaries (argh the paradox!!) simultaneously since April when I made this discovery.  I’ve been picking up the rope, putting down the rope, trying to control, losing control and searching desperately for the return of the Magic that was our relationship up until this year – but alas – as HE has changed and I have changed the call NOW is to establish a NEW way of relating!! And what that means too is figuring out what the new guidelines are for not only relating but also for how much of my time, personal presence and attention is warranted and how much I need to ALSO give to myself as I navigate these sometimes choppy waters.

Anyway back to THIS weekend – when he’s supposed to be at Dad’s those have been the times that I’ve “fed” myself – either by doing stuff I wouldn’t do with him – or by just trying to get caught up with my work or more importantly with my REST so that I can be ready for another week.  I’ve been staying home, on alert and walking in fear for a good part of this year and it has NOT been pretty.  As I stepped in to this NEW Year I made more than a resolution – I made a commitment to making a SIGNIFICANT change in how I am showing up in this relationship.

What I decided was that the best thing I can offer him is a mom who is able to walk in balance herself – to demonstrate a healthy regard for my OWN needs – to acknowledge that at 15 he is old enough and I’ve made clear enough what the boundaries are for me to be able to go out and enjoy an evening and leave him at home.  The angel cards Friday morning were BELIEVE and TRUST. 

So I did – left him on his own – last night and went out to an event where I was an Award Winner (Healthy Living Magazine Awards! – Thanks!!) for an act of sound healing that I offered several years ago freely to a woman who came to my booth at a Holistic Fair when I was making the rounds.  She turned out to have a healing release that was so significant that it opened up her remembrance of some sexual abuse in childhood and further opened up her desire to share that story to benefit others by writing a book!  She nominated me for the award because of that moment.  Love how what you put out there comes back – later in forms that you wouldn’t even imagine!

So what I discovered when I went out was that it was WAY PAST time for me to be out and about again – connecting with my local community – and being GIFTED by the SURPRISES that I would find there!

This past week I was on a Telesummit – Your Brand In Bloom Telesummit – hosted by Ally Piper who I found on Google when I was searching out opportunities for speaking gigs and discovered – would you BELIEVE – lives practically in my back yard (Concord is only about 30 minutes away!)  Ally has a great free report on her site about LOCAL marketing – so I’m really getting it team – seriously I HEAR YOU!! Get out and get connected LOCALLY!

Anyway back to last night’s event and what happened for both me and for my kiddo – while I was out – down in Randolph about an hour away – I was RECEIVING – I received a card reading, an acupuncture session, a zero point therapy session, connections with new peeps and re-connections with peeps I hadn’t seen in a while and in addition to the Award – I received the MOST AMAZING experience of HEART OPENING from the performer at the end of the event – who ROCKED MY SOCKS!  This guy Tony Vacca was the REAL DEAL – a man in his prime – fully ALIVE – fully engaged in his passionate purpose – fully RADIATING his PRESENCE and bringing it for the handful of people who stayed all the way to the end – I LOVED his performance and his POWERFUL MESSAGE of LIGHT.   Thank you angels – there ARE Angels Among Us….

Check out this vid of Tony from another event he did that is posted on YouTube: 

Oh and guess what – while I was out – the kiddo worked hard through the night to get his Rough Draft of his research paper done….. Gotta go out for Rhythm and Flow more often!!

Where are YOU STUCK??? If it’s time for you to change the world – why are you still on your BUTS??? (But I have a kid, am a single mom, have limited funds, have a mortgage to pay, don’t know what I’m doing, am unskilled, am afraid to be big, am confused about my direction, am going around in circles, have lots of ideas but many aren’t manifesting, am too busy doing stuff that isn’t really meaningful, whatever YOUR but is I know it – been there – done that – got the T shirt!)  Come out of the CLOSET – get out of your ICE-OLATION – Let somebody help you, ASK and YOU shall Receive!!

Ready?  Is it time??? Put your fingers on the keyboard and fill out the SEE Session application that you can find HERE – we’ll SEE if what we have to offer in the way of our unique brand of HELP might be a Fit for you!

Oh and By the way you can……..

I promise….. Everything is Well… Really!  It’s OK for you to come out and really really PLAY – FULL out!

Please let me know what you think of this post – comments are WELCOME (asking here – expecting to RECEIVE please!)

Oh and if you enjoy the photos above some are my originals (not the closet!) and Icy Fingers 2 can be made available for purchase on my FINE ART GALLERY site if you like it!  Please let me know and I’ll set it up – I have lots of photos – and can upload them there if people are interested – so that you can have an original in your home – this one was juried into a gallery in Lawrence a few years ago – one of the first times I had a piece juried and officially could call myself a “juried” artist! Success, Music and sound, Sweetness, Celebration, Inspiration, and a little touch of honey in the rough are great ways to kick off the morning. Read the rest of this entry » Success, Music and sound, Sweetness, Celebration, Inspiration, and a little touch of honey in the rough are great ways to kick off the morning. Read the rest of this entry »

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