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Meet Kathy Williams – owner of Sullivan Farms – who graciously granted me permission to film in her orchard.  Now this is a woman who is ROOTED – she used that word all by her self!  How rooted are you?  You know it’s ok to move around – but you should always make sure that your energetic roots are connected to Mother Earth.

One of the pieces of medicine I’ve done with people in the last week has been working with past lives within which several of my clients were burned at the stake and when I examined their etheric body blueprint the feet were shriveled.  Masters and angelic beings came forth to assist my clients in re-wiring and re-forming a new blueprint for their feet – and then we worked on connecting them energetically to the earth.

I’ve found that it’s really important to unwind generational and cultural patterns that are connected with specific pieces of property or with “homelands” for some of my foreign born US clients.   Following this unwinding the guidance has been to ROOT to the heart core of the Earth herself.  This is very wise guidance – that way you will always feel grounded and stable no matter where you are on the planet!

Shamanic medicine work is such an amazing gift – I’m honored to be a part of the lineage of healers and to carry the seeds of light that the ancestors, teachers, and medicine people have stewarded through time.   I use shamanic as well as sound therapy techniques with my clients and in all my classes and workshops – I’ll be doing a free call Everybody Channels and You Can 2! in October – register soon – the last time I ran this call I maxed out the phone lines!!

So much has changed, shifted, morphed and cleared out in the last six months for many lightworkers.  Endings all around – in relationships, careers, home locations, endings everywhere – and of course as always happens in the cycle of life these endings are always followed by new beginnings.  It seems to many as if we have lived a multitude of lifetimes in just this one life – and in fact for many we have – this lifetime, this time in the course of time, we are being granted the opportunity to move through a multitude of lifetime experiences visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineat an ever more accelerated rate – including the opportunity to recapitulate and harvest the lessons and gifts from many past lives.  Things have moved quite quickly indeed.  In spite of the pace and perhaps because of it – we are being called now in this moment to slow for a bit – to perhaps even stop for a while – to go inward – to create that sacred space for ourselves that is the place where we find the healing.

Sacred space can be found or created anywhere – your favorite park, your bedroom, the tub, the porch out back, the ocean, the mountains, right inside your heart and mind as you sit on the bus or at your desk.  Stop – right now- breathe- make a moment for yourself – to pay attention to yourself.  What is happening for you? inside you? What can you let yourself receive in this moment?

I realized in the last few days how important it is to stop for a moment and allow my feelings to come through.  Rather than ignoring or pushing them down they must be invited to flow and flow and flow.  Feelings are funny – they stay in us for a long long time if we don’t make the sacred space to allow time for them to be processed.  Having recently split with my husband and also having had my mother relocate from a mile away to about 70 miles away I have been experiencing a lot of personal change (as have they and all who are connected to us) over the last three weeks.   Of course during intense moments of transformation we very often fall back on old habitual patterns that we’re conditioned to rely on when things feel out of control or chaotic.  This has been a perfect opportunity for me to see quite clearly how even those of us who might consider ourselves spiritually aware and awake can become caught in the illusion that we have some control over the changes.  For me the fall back habitual pattern is to pour my energy into areas where I feel I may have some control – such as my work.  Whatever happens in my work is really in my own domain or circle of control – at least that’s what the mind would have me believe!  However when we are acting from pattern rather than from an authentic desire to serve then quite quickly now because we are in a time of almost instant karma – the universe gives us the feedback that we are not on the right path – in the form of dried up business, doors closing, opportunities missed etc.

Can you Stop for a Moment? In Faith??

Can you Stop for a Moment? In Faith??

The only way to truly get back into the flow – to truly align with the higher river of energy and the benevolent Universal force – is to stop and allow.  To allow those feelings of sadness, to allow those feelings of loss, to allow those tears, to allow the memories to the surface and to give ourselves the space and the time to grieve.  Grieving is a good, true and beautiful process.  The process of grieving gives us the gift of releasing the emotions as well as the gift of honoring what was so that we can move forward cleanly and clearly without holding any residual energies that would just get carried forward and attract the same old story to us once again in a different form.  So now is the time – let yourself have the space – give in to the mourning – fully release the residue of fear, anger, disillusionment – let go of the old dream fully and completely – allow it to drift away like a cloud on a beautiful spring day.  Let your tears wash your heart and soul clean.  Empty your vessel.

And have faith – faith that the infinite source will always provide – faith that even if you are experiencing pain in this moment that this too shall pass – faith that the sun will come up tomorrow and if it doesn’t shine because it’s cloudy then that’s ok too – faith that every raindrop is here to support your nurturance and growth – faith that the lessons you have been brought were for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned – faith that everything happens for a reason and that there are larger forces at play then you can even begin to imagine – faith that your destiny is waiting for you to reach out and choose it – faith that you are here and present in this body at this time to create a whole new experience – a whole new species of being – one who is steeped in light, who lives in light, who emanates light, who radiates light, who shares light, who ignites light, who breathes light and who is seeding a planet of peace, harmony, joy, play, right relationship, unity and love.

Enjoy this little video slide show – Create some sacred space for yourself today and let flow all that is inside you and in the way of your becoming…..

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