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As promised I’m going to share the new Statement of Power that came to me yesterday about control – I think you’ll enjoy it:

“I relinquish control now.  I release all feelings of anxiety, apprehension, frustration and worry now.  I love and accept this situation exactly as it is in this moment.  I forgive and release everyone involved to go in peace.”


Jello Anyone?

I have been judging myself pretty regularly lately around my mothering capacity.  I have not been showing up the way I really would like to show up in this relationship and I don’t really feel like I’m doing a great job managing the transition between boy and man.  In my opinion I was SO much better when he was younger – I could be looking back in time with rose colored glasses but my feeling is I knew better how to just be with him.

I was reading a book sent by a dear friend to me right before the holidays about child rearing and the author said that raising a teen is like trying to nail jello to a tree.  I LOVED that – it cracked me up and really describes what’s going on here.  One minute boy, the next minute posturing as man – sometimes mean man, sometimes angry man, sometimes rude man, sometimes inconsiderate man – I’m waiting for Gentleman to show up!

What’s helpful to me to remember – besides working with my Statement of Power – is that underneath all the angst there is a beautiful soul that I dearly love and that this too shall pass!

Do you have relationships where you are being challenged?  What are you doing for yourself to take care of yourself?  What part of the disharmony are you taking responsibility for shifting?  Have you noticed any patterns of behavior that are holdovers from other relationships – if so this can certainly be shifted at the energetic level – seeking out the origins of patterns of behavior or experience that no longer serves is part of the Surfacing aspect of our SCORE for your Spiritually Energized Entrepreneurial Success System.

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