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Drinkin’ the Koolaid!

Been having lots of interesting conversations lately with people – people who have made some powerful choices for themselves – people who have INVESTED HIGHLY in their businesses and their dreams and desires – people who have sought the advice, guidance and wisdom of a variety of “experts” to help them in learning new skills, bringing in new technologies or otherwise expanding and growing their businesses.

I’ve discovered that there are two different “camps” out there – those who are making the recommended changes and those who aren’t.

Let me tell you about what I’ve learned – if you are willing to receive that is…..

The one’s that didn’t make the necessary changes are DESPERATE – they are stuck in their old ways – entrenched SO deeply that in spite of making this big investment they simply can not get out of their own way – and they are dying – perhaps their business is dying – perhaps their faith in themselves is dying – perhaps their relationships are dying as a result of this choice.  Maybe all of the above and more….

The one’s the DID make the changes – ACTUALLY DIED!!! They DIED to their old patterns of behavior, they died to  the relationships that didn’t serve them or their vision anymore and they died to having to do things “their way” for sure.  As a result – they got to be REBORN – into a whole NEW level of service, a whole NEW level of expertise, a whole NEW level of VALUE ADDED to their own work and to serving a whole NEW level of clients with upgraded, refined, polished and professional products, services and packages.

Rest In Peace.....

Either way if you “drink the Kool-Aid” you are gonna die – you can go the EASY way – willingly surrendering into the higher vision that your mentor, coach, trainer or counsel might have for you and your business (because truth is if you are investing with them they must have said or did something somewhere along the line that showed to you that they have some kind of understanding of YOUR PARTICULAR stuck point and that they THEMSELVES went through it and discovered a SOLUTION which they are now inviting YOU to invest in to get it without having to go through the days, months or years of it that they did yourself! Oh and another truth is – somewhere in you there was the recognition that this particular person is AHEAD of you on the path in that particular area!).

Or you can go the hard way – making the investment but not showing up on calls, not doing the homework or only doing it half assed, not showing up in the forums to give and receive support, not ASKING for help on the Q & A calls, maybe doing the work but bitching, moaning and complaining about how hard it is or how little time or attention YOU and YOUR BUSINESS are getting or about how “others” are so far ahead of you, or about how CRAZY you must have been when you made this choice, or how OUTRAGEOUS and UNREALISTIC the pricing of the program was or how you are NOT GETTING THE RESULTS that you wanted to get or whatever.  This creates a HUGE FIELD OF ENERGETIC MUCK around YOU, around YOUR BUSINESS and around your RELATIONSHIPS with your mentor and with everyone else in the program.  This MUCK is like Quicksand for your business – because here’s another truth – if you are in ANY KIND OF BUSINESS at all then YOU ARE ASKING OTHER PEOPLE TO INVEST IN THEIR OWN BUSINESS OR PERSONAL WORK through YOU!  So when you are in MUCKVILLE what happens???? Well either your potential investors all disappear completely because they “kinda liked what you had to say…. but ‘something’ didn’t feel quite right” or you’ll spend a LOT of time and energy talking to folks who then become clients but they themselves then start to play mirror mirror with YOU –  bitching, moaning, complaining, etc.  about how hard it is – maybe wanting their money back – whatever – Get the picture??? You get back what you give out.  Pretty Simple!

Here’s the deal – when you enter into the path of entrepreneurship – especially if you are “Called” to be an agent of change or a messenger of some sort – you are going to be guided by the BUSINESS ITSELF to learn, grow, expand and TAKE RISKS!! If you aren’t comfortable taking risks you are gonna get a GRADUATE COURSE in that little subject!  The work on the INSIDE is to get really open and clear around receiving guidance about the options for investing and growing that will BEST serve you and your evolving entrepreneurship.  The work on the OUTSIDE is to make the guided choice to TAKE INSPIRED ACTION and get moving in those areas where you MOST need the support in your business RIGHT NOW!

I myself of course am partial to seeing people INVEST in doing the INNER work FIRST – because it’s WAY less messy to clear out all those old beliefs, thought forms, behavior patterns or maybe even familial or ancestral “curses” that might be waiting in the depths of your being to SABOTAGE your dreams and your success.  It’s WAY cooler to get all that stuff clear by choosing to CONSCIOUSLY go IN THERE in my humble opinion than it is to “Play it OUT” with other people – mentors, colleagues or clients or even organizations like banks, the IRS, landlords, etc. – who end up taking on these funky roles in your personal drama to help you to FINALLY stop doing what you are doing and go IN to shift that old junk up to the surface and get some CLARITY for a change.

Clarity is DIVINITY!!

Wanna come by and have a nice cold glass of Kool-Aid?  I’d love to AID you – I think it would be really KOOL……

Before I take off for summer vacation I’m feeling like there are a HANDFUL of PERFECT PEOPLE who are REALLY READY to get the CLARITY that they desire and to make an EXPONENTIAL Leap in their own business.

People like our most recent Divine Client Elizabeth who had this to say after doing some LIVE in person work with us when we did a little test of taking our Core Path work into a live format:

“I became very clear…This work will impact my whole LIFE…. I have SO MANY tools now!”

Check out all that she had to say on this short video  !

Time for Chillin....

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Side by side with Success!

Wonder what it takes to really make your life, your business and your relationships work and work successfully?


Willingness to show up

Willingness to “look stupid”

Willingness to stand your ground

Willingness to speak your truth

Willingness to believe in your dream

Willingness to believe in yourself

Willingness to imagine and make believe

Willingness to play

Willingness to reach out and touch another

Willingness to say “I’m sorry”

Willingness to work things out

Willingness to be open to other people’s truth

Willingness to “drop the rope”

Willingness to see someone elses’s Sacred Point of View

Willingness to remember you are worthy

Willingness to receive

Willingness to take a big leap

Willingness to be coached or mentored by another

Willingness to recognize when someone else might have a piece of the puzzle for you

Willingness to be friends

Willingness to say NO

Willingness to say YES

Willingness to set and keep clear boundaries for yourself

Willingness to try new things, meet new people, go to new places, have new experiences

Willingness to move

Willingness to admit your mistakes

Willingness to rest

Willingness to surrender

Willingness to Fail – BIG

Willingness to SUCCEED!

Are you willing to make a choice for you, for your business, for your dream?  I have designed the Divine Worth, Divine Wisdom, Divine Wealth mastermind program for 2011 which is meant to catapult the women who choose to raise their hands and say “PICK ME” to leap into their highest level of service to the planet.   This Mastermind will be filled with hand-selected conscious Passion-preneurs who will be required to have a phone consultation with me and to submit a written application form for consideration.  The intent is to serve you both personally and professionally, to assist you to come more fully into your power, to remember that you are worthy of wealth, to connect you to your Source more powerfully than ever before and to teach you how to MASTER the art of attracting, containing and generatively channeling wealth.

Clients who work with me have consistently reported feeling LIGHTER and CLEARER than ever before – more WILLING to step into their greatness – better prepared to FOCUS on their life’s work and to lead the life they were meant to have – to contribute to the world in the most powerful and artful of ways – and to be kind to themselves and remember their true value and values.   My more well known clients include NY Times Best Selling Author and Spiritual Marketing Quest founder Suzanne Falter-Barns, The Queen of Sales Conversion Lisa Sasevich, Stacy Canfield of,  a Hay House author and Radio show host and many more.

I am looking for committed conscious cultural creative women entrepreneurs who know the value of working with a mentor, who understand how to collaborate with others in a small group to mutually support each other, who are ready to take their business and life into the next dimension and who are fully invested in their passionate purpose.   I am looking for women who’s work, business, message or mission would be a great case study for me to brag about and promote.  I am looking for dreamers who are working on the manifestation of their dream and know that their current reality doesn’t quite match with what they are dreaming.  Women who are looking for a BOOST of POWER to really get their business and life fully aligned with their highest destiny.  If these words resonate I am looking for YOU and I want to talk to you right away.  Please visit my special application site at and let’s LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE as we enter this brand new decade!  Are you willing?

Sometimes you just have to JUMP off the edge of the Cliff……

Well this is it for a while – the final episode of the Honey Party Series – I’m fresh out of Honey unless some more shows up on the scene – you never know!! I’ve really enjoyed doing the Honey Party Episodes – Some are corny, some are a little more serious but over all the whole thing was totally a blast!! 

So let’s explore the whole idea of Inspiration a bit more shall we??? Inspiration for me starts with the breath – getting connected – deeply – to the life force, the prana, that is present in the air that we breathe, being connected to my own breath, breathing deeply, deep into my chest and abdomen is one of the easiest ways to clear the mind, to calm the emotional body and to invigorate the physical body.  Everything from the moment you arrive on the planet – starts with the breath.  You are coded to breathe and when you breathe shallowly – as most people do – the body thinks that it is dying – the end of the life force in the body comes with that last breath.  So any body that thinks it’s dying is going to have most of it’s energy focused on survival. 

When your entire being is focused on survival it’s nearly impossible to be creative, innovative  or successful.  Another wonderful way to calm the body and the mind and make it a hospitable place for the Spirit (inspiration – IN – get it? the spirit comes IN – In to the body!) is to spend time in Nature – connecting with Mother Earth – go outside – look around you – even in Naked November there is still plenty – watch the wildlife, notice the birds, the squirrels, the foxes, the fish.  Look at the ocean if you live near one, see the vastness, notice all the trees, the stones, the elements of creation are all around you.  You can be a master of the material world if only you are willing to connect to the elemental forces that create it!  Talk to the Faeries, the Gnomes, the Dwarves, The Rivers, The Birds, The Bees, the Stone People, the Tree People.   You might find yourself INSPIRED just by a walk out into Great Spirit’s Art Studio!

Finally remember your human connections – we are all connected – it is through our human relations and relationships that we receive our greatest gifts and our greatest learning experiences.  Give thanks today for all of the beautiful people in your life.  Having friends is God’s way of bringing angels into our lives every day.  Who are the angels in your life? Can you acknowledge all that they bring to you to enrich your experience of this plane of reality??   How about your family – I know many of us have experienced a lot of pain with our family of origin but if you can pause for just one minute and shift your focus out of the pain for just a tiny second see if you can find the gift in that painful experience – did you become more courageous? – was your gift greater sensitivity? – maybe it was a “backwards” gift – you saw what you didn’t want to be and became something else instead?  Whatever it was – there was a gift there I can assure you!!

So as we come to the end of this season’s Honey Parties I want to say thank you for your support and for Sharing Sweet Success with me!  If you felt that these little videos and blog posts helped you in some way and you’d like to share them with others please feel free to pass them along – comments on the posts are always great too because then the “webcrawlers” (some mathmatical program that scans the internet for “hot” topics) will be able to help more people get to see them.  If you have your own blog – feel free to use some of my material with appropriate credits and link backs to me either here on this blog or on my website.  It’s been really great!  Here’s to Your Success!!


Honeys 13-16:

Episode #13 – Fiore di Miele Italian Chestnut Honey from the Piemonte Region Bought at Earth Energies in Nashua, NH

Episode #14 – Moorland Pure Country Tupelo Honey Moorland Apiaries Littleton NH – Bought at Earth Energies in Nashua, NH

Episode #15 – Savannah Bee Company Winter White Honey Bought at Cooking Matters in Downtown Nashua, NH 

Episode #16 – Chilean Tiaca Honey – The White Honey – A gift from the Faerie of Fun – my biggest fan and one of my most fervent supporters – Darlene Pina (and a FABULOUS YOGI too!)


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Today I’m all about Innovation!! This is such an amazing time that we live in – yes I know there is a lot of fear out there and some people are really experiencing difficult situations but I look around me everywhere and see what an abundant Universe we live in and I observe how endlessly creative we are and I can help but be enthusiastic and hopeful.

Sometimes the best time to be successful is EXACTLY when everything seems to be falling apart.  It’s a great time to look around and see what’s working for you in your life – cultivate that, nurture it, shore it up, and give it plenty of energy.  And what’s not working??? Well throw that right out – this is the Tower time if you are someone who connects with the Archetypal energies of the Tarot.  The Tower is when everything that no longer serves comes crashing down.  So what’s not serving you anymore?? Is it old thinking patterns?  Is it old emotional wounds that are being triggered again?  Is it failure to appreciate the beauty of your own mind, heart and hands to be creative as well as innovative?

Innovation is the gift of seeing something that is already in existence and improving upon it in some way – sometimes it’s a totally new take on an old idea – sometimes it’s just a tiny tweek that makes things work oh so much better.  If you are a parent you will know exactly what I’m talking about here – how many of you have seen the unbelievable proliferation of absolutely GREAT ideas to help keep babies entertained, more comfortable or safer just since your own child was first born?  In just that one market there has been incredible innovation over the years sometimes within a few months a new product will arrive that just takes the “mommy & daddy” market by storm. 

Want to be successful but you aren’t quite sure that you have it in you to come up with something totally brand new?? (whether it’s an idea, product, or service) – Well look around in your particular area of interest.  How many times have you heard yourself say – “I wish someone would come up with a better way to _________(fill in the blank) – THERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY!!!  Get yourself a journal and brainstorm – allow as many fanciful and wonderful ideas as arrive to land on the page – maybe do some doodling – be a little crazy (like I am in today’s video!) – give your self permission – let those juices flow. 

It’s when we stop up our juices – with ugly words and thoughts like – “Oh I couldn’t possibly do________ ” or “I don’t have the _______(time, money, energy, etc)” that we get into really big trouble.  Sometimes we get so stuck in our own maze of mental or emotional tapes that we need a little illumination or navigation assistance.   Sometimes we aren’t even playing tapes from our own lives – often we are replaying the tapes of our parents and grandparents and occasionally we are playing a generational tape, a story embedded in the DNA and in the family myth that sows seeds of negativity that entangle us and trip us up whenever we are trying to take a step forward.

So if you feel like you’ve done your own work – if you feel like you’ve cleared up your own personal wounding and you are still coming up with the same patterns of defeat, depression or desolation then maybe it’s time to have some outside help – Shamanic healing is particularly powerful in assisting with this work – The shaman can journey to your lower world and bring back a lost soul part, clear generational patterns, release archetypal binds and assist you in drawing a new map, creating a new myth and stepping into the destiny that you were born to manifest.  

Not sure you need to go that deep and you’d just like to get a little clarity to help you to “see” better and to be more proactive in dreaming your world into being?? Clarity Coaching is another great option – or maybe you’d like an Answer From Your Angels – psychic readings are fun and informative and can lead to healing work you didn’t even know you had to do. 

Sometimes we can use a little outside help to be able to see our way to Sweet Success!  Final week for getting on a ***Free*** Teleclass introducing my new Phoenix Rising Coaching Program 9 Weeks to a New You!  REGISTER HERE FOR EVERYTHING IS CHANGING AND U CAN 2! 2 Free CALLS this Tuesday!

Missed the TUESDAY calls??? You can still check out the 9 Weeks to A New You Program and Register if you are ready to make the change!!  Starts January 6, 2009.   Won’t you join me on the journey??

Look for Honeys that I haven’t posted yet on my next post about success!

By the way I forgot to mention in today’s video that this particular honey is from the delicate wildflowers near the North Pole – Imagine that??? I am eating NORTH POLE Honey!! What a world we live in…….

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