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Original Vibrational Power Painting of Archangel Haniel @2006 by Amethyst Wyldfyre

I’m SO excited – today someone from Michigan acquired Archangel Haniel! Haniel is traveling to a new steward to bless and heal and ignite and blossom the hearts and beings of the people who will view her! In celebration I thought it would be nice to share some of the channeled messages that came through from Haniel after creation. Three written and one audio – over the next few days/weeks!

Here is the first: *(Excerpted from the book Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the Archangels- available now only in EBOOK form here:

Archangel Haniel

“Beloved children of the light, enjoy the quickening of the Beautiful Mother here in the Northern Hemisphere as Father Sun returns to warm the soil and loosen the earth for planting. Now is the time children, now is the time. Think and act with great care and clear intention for your dreams are manifesting at a most accelerated rate!

We in the Archangelic Realm are gently watching over and working with you as you grow, grow, grow, into the light of the New Day. Know that you are well and truly loved by your Creator and that all of heaven is surrounding you with Love-Light. Play beautiful music, surround yourself with early spring flowers, clear your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual space for the coming of the Golden Rays which will begin to penetrate your atmosphere and intensify your growing process so very, very soon.

Keep your hearts tuned to the light and remember that all is well and that peace prevails as you hold the vibration of peace within your matrix. I thank you for your beloved attention and send you angel kisses and wrap you in wings of love. Beloved Haniel, Archangel of Nurturance and Growth.

Let me know what your thoughts/feelings are as you receive this message – allow the frequency of Haniel’s words to echo through your soul – let yourself be in Divine Union with the natural rhythms and cycles of the Great Mother!

Peace is in you,


Icy Fingers 2 - Original Photo - @2007 By Amethyst Wyldfyre

My angels have been talking to me lately – they want me to get out more – see the thing is that I’ve been head down, nose to the grindstone, hiding out in my pjs, sitting at the computer for FAR TOO LONG.   Now I love my computer, and I love my life, and I LOVE that I get to share my dreams and visions and speak my truth on the telephone on a regular basis and I ADORE working with my Divine Clients on the phone, and I love my home and I spent most of this summer, fall and early winter repainting the entire interior but at some point the ICE-OLATION takes over and we become closed down and too inwardly focused and then everything starts to freeze up……

Finding that delicate balance between knowing when to act and when to be still is a life long journey.  Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Doo Doo Doo Doo (Remember the Jaws theme? Oh – maybe you are too young for that music – or too old – or maybe it just doesn’t matter at all – the point being – is it time to come out of the closet?)

What I’ve discovered this past year is that if you are overly FOCUSED on one area of your life – whether it’s your business, your relationship with someone or picking the lint out of your own belly button for endless hours – you lose focus on what is vital.  And you can actually ENERGIZE an already unstable, unhealthy or imbalanced situation and MAKE IT WORSE!  Yikes!!!

So the word on the street is get your BUTT out of the house.  Meet new people, go new places, dance, have some fun, play – be light, be joyful, be exploratory.  Find out what’s changed while you were in hiding……

Take this weekend for instance – my boy – who is 15 and suddenly enamored of the “plant” people was supposed to be at his Dad’s for the weekend – now I’ve been working this little experience of momming – letting go and holding space and holding on and setting boundaries (argh the paradox!!) simultaneously since April when I made this discovery.  I’ve been picking up the rope, putting down the rope, trying to control, losing control and searching desperately for the return of the Magic that was our relationship up until this year – but alas – as HE has changed and I have changed the call NOW is to establish a NEW way of relating!! And what that means too is figuring out what the new guidelines are for not only relating but also for how much of my time, personal presence and attention is warranted and how much I need to ALSO give to myself as I navigate these sometimes choppy waters.

Anyway back to THIS weekend – when he’s supposed to be at Dad’s those have been the times that I’ve “fed” myself – either by doing stuff I wouldn’t do with him – or by just trying to get caught up with my work or more importantly with my REST so that I can be ready for another week.  I’ve been staying home, on alert and walking in fear for a good part of this year and it has NOT been pretty.  As I stepped in to this NEW Year I made more than a resolution – I made a commitment to making a SIGNIFICANT change in how I am showing up in this relationship.

What I decided was that the best thing I can offer him is a mom who is able to walk in balance herself – to demonstrate a healthy regard for my OWN needs – to acknowledge that at 15 he is old enough and I’ve made clear enough what the boundaries are for me to be able to go out and enjoy an evening and leave him at home.  The angel cards Friday morning were BELIEVE and TRUST. 

So I did – left him on his own – last night and went out to an event where I was an Award Winner (Healthy Living Magazine Awards! – Thanks!!) for an act of sound healing that I offered several years ago freely to a woman who came to my booth at a Holistic Fair when I was making the rounds.  She turned out to have a healing release that was so significant that it opened up her remembrance of some sexual abuse in childhood and further opened up her desire to share that story to benefit others by writing a book!  She nominated me for the award because of that moment.  Love how what you put out there comes back – later in forms that you wouldn’t even imagine!

So what I discovered when I went out was that it was WAY PAST time for me to be out and about again – connecting with my local community – and being GIFTED by the SURPRISES that I would find there!

This past week I was on a Telesummit – Your Brand In Bloom Telesummit – hosted by Ally Piper who I found on Google when I was searching out opportunities for speaking gigs and discovered – would you BELIEVE – lives practically in my back yard (Concord is only about 30 minutes away!)  Ally has a great free report on her site about LOCAL marketing – so I’m really getting it team – seriously I HEAR YOU!! Get out and get connected LOCALLY!

Anyway back to last night’s event and what happened for both me and for my kiddo – while I was out – down in Randolph about an hour away – I was RECEIVING – I received a card reading, an acupuncture session, a zero point therapy session, connections with new peeps and re-connections with peeps I hadn’t seen in a while and in addition to the Award – I received the MOST AMAZING experience of HEART OPENING from the performer at the end of the event – who ROCKED MY SOCKS!  This guy Tony Vacca was the REAL DEAL – a man in his prime – fully ALIVE – fully engaged in his passionate purpose – fully RADIATING his PRESENCE and bringing it for the handful of people who stayed all the way to the end – I LOVED his performance and his POWERFUL MESSAGE of LIGHT.   Thank you angels – there ARE Angels Among Us….

Check out this vid of Tony from another event he did that is posted on YouTube: 

Oh and guess what – while I was out – the kiddo worked hard through the night to get his Rough Draft of his research paper done….. Gotta go out for Rhythm and Flow more often!!

Where are YOU STUCK??? If it’s time for you to change the world – why are you still on your BUTS??? (But I have a kid, am a single mom, have limited funds, have a mortgage to pay, don’t know what I’m doing, am unskilled, am afraid to be big, am confused about my direction, am going around in circles, have lots of ideas but many aren’t manifesting, am too busy doing stuff that isn’t really meaningful, whatever YOUR but is I know it – been there – done that – got the T shirt!)  Come out of the CLOSET – get out of your ICE-OLATION – Let somebody help you, ASK and YOU shall Receive!!

Ready?  Is it time??? Put your fingers on the keyboard and fill out the SEE Session application that you can find HERE – we’ll SEE if what we have to offer in the way of our unique brand of HELP might be a Fit for you!

Oh and By the way you can……..

I promise….. Everything is Well… Really!  It’s OK for you to come out and really really PLAY – FULL out!

Please let me know what you think of this post – comments are WELCOME (asking here – expecting to RECEIVE please!)

Oh and if you enjoy the photos above some are my originals (not the closet!) and Icy Fingers 2 can be made available for purchase on my FINE ART GALLERY site if you like it!  Please let me know and I’ll set it up – I have lots of photos – and can upload them there if people are interested – so that you can have an original in your home – this one was juried into a gallery in Lawrence a few years ago – one of the first times I had a piece juried and officially could call myself a “juried” artist!

When was the last time that you were willing to admit that you needed some help?

Would it  serve you now to get some help with some of your old patterns of thinking, believing, or behaving that just don’t serve you any more?  Are you now ready to face and to Break these patterns?  I invite you to consider getting some help… Fill out the SOS application form (see tab on the blogsite) and either I or one of my team will be in touch to schedule a time for us to connect for a complimentary Strategic Orientation Session!!  I know that 100% of the exact right people who are ripe for a change in their life or business will take action on this invitation…  Are you one of them??

Wow I was STUNNED yesterday morning!!! Had an awesome surprise in my email inbox $$$ from ITALY!! Archangel Sandelphon has found a new home and is enroute at this very moment to ROMA!! Whee!! I’m SO excited….

Archangel SandelphonSo this actually happened to be one of my own personal favorite paintings – Archangel Sandelphon is the angel of sound and music and has graced my healing room since I moved in to my present house.  This particular painting has certainly been INFUSED with sound and healing energies!!

One of the things that is so TOTALLY cool about the internet is that I have the excitement of sharing my love, art, works, words, music, and teachings with people from all over this beautiful planet!  My most recent clients have come from Denmark, South Africa and the other day I worked with not one but two! people from Australia.  Truly amazing!

I still have a number of original Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ascended Mothers and Faerie Vibrational Power Paintings for sale – each has been embedded with crystals and infused with Reiki & Shamballa energies and has been toned by the crystal singing bowls and all but for Azrael have received a breath of intent from me that they bring forth healing in to the world (Azrael = being the Angel of Death didn’t receive the breath because death is when we no longer have the breath so it seemed fitting).  The paintings can be viewed at my little online gallery –

Archival quality prints of my paintings as well as a few of my photos (still working on getting more of those up online) are available at

Bon Voyage Sandelphon!!! I’ll miss you but know that you will be ENERGIZING Italy soon!!!


Did you Know that you were BORN with ALL the equipment to have a multidimensional Spiritual experience – and that you have the capacity to tap in and utilize your multidimensional senses – any time you like?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to access richer, more complete, more authentic information about anything at all you are curious about in your life?  Whether it’s a relationship, a new project, a job opportunity or some other life choice that you are contemplating – don’t you think that being able to get really CLEAR information about the choice and which direction to go that would be serve you the BEST would be an AWESOME benefit to you?  Why waste time, energy, money and life force going around in circles and continuing to make decisions (or not make them) in the dark?  All you need to do is OPEN your OWN CHANNEL and start to exercise those atrophied multidimensional extrasensory muscles!  If this is of interest to you then I would WELCOME your presence on my F.R.E.E. call that I’m hosting on Tuesday the 13th at 2:30 PM ET.  Join me and you’ll see why I KNOW that EVERYBODY CHANNELS AND U CAN 2! Get ready to Dial In to your own personal Higher Wisdom with me!

Info page for registering is right HERE!

Today is a very special day because I have the pleasure of announcing the launch of an innovative, all-inclusive, virtual Internet attraction! C.S.ONE -Cyber-Space Station ONE (for ONEness) – weaves together spirituality,metaphysics, holistic health, empowerment, self-exploration, and consciousness to create an inspirational, informative, and fun experience.

In addition to showcasing presenters, artists, and entertainers, the Station offers social gatherings, teleclasses, ceremonies and circles, meditations,spiritual readings, games and activities, shopping, radio and video shows,daily prizes, and much more – all for you to enjoy online right from your own home!

I want to share with you that this extraordinary space in the Cybersphere has been virtually single handedly created by a wonderful Light Being (not me!) who has dedicated most of the last three  years of her life to bringing this dream into reality – and I really want to give her a lot of support and validation for taking on this HUMONGOUS task and seeing it through to it’s birthing into the world!  Help me to help Cayce celebrate the birth of her BIG baby!!!

To celebrate the launch I am offering a special FR*EE Teleclass on 9/9/9 at 9 AM Eastern Time called Let’s Talk About Money – this is a $HEALING EXPERIENCE$ for everyone who signs on for the class.  Info about how to register for the class can be found HERE

We invite you to get on board and experience the energy… laugh… cry… get connected… release and rejuvenate… share your experiences… fall in love… expand your awareness… stir your soul… and have fun! We look forward to your visit.

Your Gateway to Conscious Living

Note: To find me onboard,once you’re on the Station, click the C.S.ONE icon in the top left corner ofthe screen! (One of the places you’ll find me is on Deck 7 Level 2 where I’m the Keeper of the Ascension Lodge! – I’m all over the station though so use the CSOne Icon to get a list of my locations as well as to see who else is on the station!)

Please help spread the word by forwarding this announcement to others…

Are You Tuning In??

Are You Tuning In??

Just last week I did an AWESOME call with over 100 people signed up called Everybody Channels & U Can 2!  to promote my upcoming summer workshop Opening to Channel for Fun & Profits!

If you have a few moments to spare you might want to check out the call – a great message came through from AA Gabriel too…..

Here is the LINK for the call!

The Opening to Channel Workshop starts on July 22 – hope you will consider joining me and AA Gabriel it should be a most excellent adventure into reclaiming your true gifts!


A couple of years ago I had to come to a very tough decision – after 2 years of trying to make a “go” of it with my Art Gallery/Healing Arts Center the time came to let it go and move on to what the Universe and my spirit had in store for me next.  What I discovered was after making the decision to let it go I had a sudden and enormous FLOOD of creative juice and began to paint again.  Funny how that works you know – I opened the store as an art gallery to display and sell my own work initially along with the work of a lot of other artists (31 to be exact) and I ended up not painting at all for most of the time I had the store open!

Decorated for FIREFest 2006

Decorated for FIREFest 2006

Anyway – as soon as I made the decision – paintings started to come – A LOT of paintings – 45 in a two week period – and they were unlike any others I had ever done before – these paintings had some really special characteristics!  Each of them are embedded with crystals, have been infused with reiki & shamballa multidimensional healing energy,  have a “resonant” number and every one has been infused with the sound vibrations of the crystal singing bowls and with the breath of intent for healing blown into them  (with the exception of the Angel of Death who received no breath).  Representations of various celestial and etheric energies – 15 Archangels, 17 Ascended Mothers,  7 Ascended Masters, 11 Fairies and 12 Peace Prayers all emerged eventually and then when the painting flow ceased the words started to come!


ISBN 978-0-9815594-8-3

Out of the ashes of The Amethyst Wyldfyre Gallery & Healing Center, a book was born entitled Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the Archangels and along with that birth I stepped into and claimed my role as an author.  I wrote and channeled these beautiful messages over about a six month period – 45 messages in all – each designed to assist, activate, ground, facilitate and guide your individual Ascension process. 

Then I went on to learn about self publishing and all that entails finally producing my first book – which includes 15 full color plates reproducing for the reader all of the original Vibrational Power Paintings that started the whole thing off to begin with!

Celestial Voices has already created some powerful shifts for people like Wendy Stevens of who says this book is her “Spiritual Rock on Paper”! Read more about Wendy’s thoughts on the book HERE.   Susan Sloane, author of Adam Awake, says on the back cover that Celestial Voices is “….an invaluable handbook of comfort, support & understanding as our reality transforms….”

Here is an excerpt from the book from ArchAngel Raguel (ArchAngel of Transformation among many other things) which is just one sample of the many ways the ArchAngels love us, support us, and guide us through this book:

Atomic fusion in action Raguel brings you transformation at the essential level. Embedded with Clear Apophylite, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 555,555.

Atomic fusion in action Raguel brings you transformation at the essential level. Embedded with Clear Apophylite, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 555,555.

“Faith the size of a mustard seed can indeed move mountains and more.  Have faith Children – Faith in your Creator, Faith in Creation, Faith in the Universal Cosmic and Sacred Laws of Love and Light.  Most importantly, HAVE FAITH in your own unique and perfect ability to Create all that you desire.”…

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book it is available in both printed and e-book format and may be purchased on my website HERE – or on HERE.

I highly encourage retailers to carry this book as it is an essential tool during this unique time of tremendous growth, shifting and changing. Please inquire directly by phone 603-594-2744 or email me at ISBN#978-0-9815594-8-3.

Interested in purchasing the original painting?  Please visit my online gallery site or for archival quality reproductions visit my gallery page on Fine Art

By the way if you enjoy visiting my website – Wendy from Gardenplum is the wonderwoman responsible for it’s beauty and flow – if it’s time for a new site for you maybe you should check her out….

Had a great weekend learning all about how to make slide show “movies”  – I’m on a ROLL!! It’s been so fun I ended up making three of them – and my first which I posted up on  the Slideshare site on Saturday was selected today as a Showcase pick by the editors for the Spiritual Catagory!! How do you like them apples?  I was pretty psyched…. Thought I’d share my fun here – Comments on the blog and/or the slideshare are MOST welcome!!!



REMEMBERING (This was the “Showcase” pick!)


Tree Vessel

Tree Vessel

Celestial Voices

Celestial Voices


Celestial Voices

<——- By the way – I still have a few copies left of my first printing of this book – get em before they are all gone!!  Buy HERE Mention that you saw the video or read this blog post and I’ll give you a special deal – free shipping – only while they last!!

visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineWhew – what a few weeks we’ve been having – Upgrades all round for all Lightworkers – it’s been an intense period – and will continue to be so up until the Vernal Equinox just ahead for massive re-wiring, re-aligning, re-attuning, re-positioning, re-awakening and re-union with the highest levels of your lightbody template. One would almost think that we were in a Mercury Retrograde period – however we don’t enter in one of those again until May!

So much is UP for clearance now – you may discover that you are having spontaneous releases of odd and old energies at various times of the day or night – this past full moon was an especially potent one for releasing soul fragments, entities and energies that are bubbling to the surface and ready to head towards the light.  House, land and light body clearings are happening at an accelerated pace – there is a harvesting of “souls” so to speak – disembodied and ready to let go of clinging to the earth, to structures and to psychically open individuals who’ve been hosting them as the energies for re-union with Source are present in full force.

Shamanic Extraction work can be extremely beneficial if you are feeling that there is “someone” or “something” that’s in you wanting to get out – recently I held a three day workshop on a completely different topic however it was the “opening” that Spirit needed in order to facilitate the releasement of some 27 or so different entities & energies that were being carried by the participants – it was a bit of a surprise for me as the work began to unfold – however I’ve been appropriately trained to respond to what is before me rather than to be hung up on wanting to “stick to my agenda”.  In the end we managed to complete the workshop in it’s entirety – everyone received exactly what they came for and then some and we were able to facilitate the return to the light of all of these entities and soul fragments as well.

In the wake of the clearing work you may also be called quite frequently to stop what you are doing – to lay down and to receive – you may end up in bed for a few hours or even a few days as a complete and total re-wiring of your entire luminous energy field may be unfolding – you will feel energy moving, shifting and re-aligning or you may be “put out” – in a state of sleep for the work – be with it – if you struggle against your soul you are sure to end up exhausting yourself for no good reason – let it all go and invite in the new energies – you’ll find yourself much more highly energized and with a greater ability to navigate and stay in the clear if you just surrender and let yourself receive!

Be aware that the VIBE IS UP for sudden, unexpected, unplanned and unusal experiences – do NOT beat yourself up or expend an enormous amount of life force/personal energy trying to “make it work” the way you want it to – remember SURRENDER – Spirit is in Charge!  You will be delivered perfectly, wholly (holy) and completely to your destiny, exactly on time.  Let go of the little stuff, the minor irritations, the frustrations, the egoic need to have things turn out “your” way.  It’s time to even more FULLY surrender to the highest calling of your Spirit and Soul.  For those lightworkers who have been “doing” the work at an advanced level – rest & prepare – your services are going to be called upon more than ever before – all that you have been waiting and preparing for – all the effort, the time, the energy, the work, the training, the faith that you’ve held about your self and your true purpose will be paying off in spades before you know it.  You will be supported and rewarded richly for your service to your brothers and sisters in light who are  ready now to be activated into their own personal transformation process.

Chaos to be sure is all around, confusion too – stay in your sacred center – be clear – do your own inner work – seek assistance if you are called to do so – get regular attunements, healings, clearings, activations – invite Spirit to come in for the cleanse – be easy with yourself – reach out to others and share energy as appropriate – be clear on boundaries and have a strong program of extreme self care.

Let me know if I can be of service in any way – Sessions available in person, by phone or in a group format.

Live Event – March 21 Manchester NH – Manchester Metaphysical Spring Fling – I’ll be on site all day doing healing/readings.

Live Event – March 22 Marshfield MA 2:00 – 3:30 PM- Introduction to Crystals and Crystal Medicine – Contact me for more details directly at or by phone at 603-594-2744.

Be sure to visit and subscribe to my other blog too – Angel Answers for periodic channeled updates from the Angels!

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