How often do you find fault – with yourself, with your family, with your teachers, with your spouse, with your colleagues, with your community, with your home, with your country, with your circumstances?

Where are the “Fault Lines” in all of your relationships and how much energy, attention, time and focus do you put on these fault lines?  Did you know that where the thoughts go the energy flows?  If you take a moment to breathe and notice, breathe and notice, breathe and notice – to observe each thought, each word, each action – how many of them are directed towards focusing on what is WRONG instead of what is RIGHT?

Whenever you have thoughts about your experience you are in the act of creating – you create a pathway in the brain that is laid down with an electrical charge – and the more often you think the same thoughts about your experience – the more often you will re-inform and reinforce the pathway – this in turn will actually draw to you more of the same – a self fulfilling prophesy so to speak.

When you can STOP THE WORLD (including the world inside your head) for even a MOMENT – and actively choose to look at the situation, experience or thought in ANOTHER WAY – to find the GOOD, the GIFT, the BLESSING and the BEAUTY of what is right there in front of you then you short circuit the current of electrical activity that is reinforcing the “fault” line and you begin to use that ENERGY to lay out a solid FOUNDATION of energetic pathways in your own brain that reinforce the creation and experience of GOOD, GIFTS, BLESSINGS and BEAUTY – thereby drawing more of those kinds of experiences into your life.

Sometimes though we need HELP with this kind of practice.  Sometimes we need OTHER EYES TO SEE.  We were put here to be TOGETHER and we each come with specific and wonderous gifts to share with each other and the world.  When we are in trouble, when we are continually stuck in our own “fault lines”, that’s the time when we need the MOST help – but it’s equally important to let ourselves RECEIVE help when we are building those NEW pathways – to let ourselves RECEIVE the guidance, love, light and support that allow us to really INTEGRATE and SUSTAIN the creation of these new ways of think, being and relating in the world.

Are you ready to let go of finding fault – are you ready to end the habit of creating continuous EARTHQUAKES in your life that come from the abundance of stress and anxiety created from continuous fault finding with yourself and others?  Is it time to claim your power as a creator to create for yourself a life of peace, ease, grace and serenity.

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