Making a Difference…..

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Sometimes making a difference in someone’s life requires us to be STRONG – to hold up a mirror that says I SEE the brilliance in you – to refuse to buy in to their beliefs about themselves and the world that are holding them back from fully embodying their GREATNESS.

Sometimes making a difference in someone’s life means having a CONVERSATION – sometimes it’s a really tough or challenging conversation – sometimes we cringe inside even thinking about having to HAVE that conversation – and sometimes that CONVERSATION not only makes a difference in their life – more importantly it makes a difference in OUR life!

Sometimes making a difference takes energy – sometimes it takes A LOT of energy – sometimes it takes a LIFE TIME INVESTMENT of energy – sometimes it takes energy we DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WE HAD.   Sometimes it takes TAPPING IN to the SOURCE of ALL POWER and ENERGY and a willingness to become -even if it’s only for a few moments – a brilliant, pure, clear, radiating channel of LIVING LIGHT.

Sometimes making a difference makes you CRAZY!  Sometimes making a difference makes OTHER PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE CRAZY.  Sometimes it means letting yourself be CRAZY and letting other people have their thoughts about you and doing it ANYWAY.

Sometimes making a difference doesn’t happen – or at least not the way you wanted it to – and you have to LET GO of your ATTACHMENT to the outcomes and do what you have to do ANYWAY.  Sometimes making a difference can be a real ball buster.  Sometimes you can’t help it – you have no other choice – your soul is calling to you – you MUST GET UP OFF YOUR BUTS (BUT I’m not rich, pretty, smart, cool, available, skilled, ready, brilliant, passionate, good enough) and Make a DIFFERENCE Anyway.

Thank you to all the amazing amazing people who are in my world, who every single day come back to the playing field, who are consistent and persistent and resilient and ARE – one step at a time, one day at a time, one moment at a time, one breath at a time MAKING A DIFFERENCE.
I have far too many to name – you know who you are – I SEE YOU!!

If you are one who is called to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world and you are challenged in any way with having sufficient ENERGY to fully embrace this call – then it’s time for us to connect – we’d love to be able to SERVE and SUPPORT YOU!! When we help you to help others to help others who help others – everybody WINS and a DIFFERENCE is truly made in the world!  Visit our other blog/website – and enjoy 3 complimentary gifts that we hope will make a difference for YOU!